Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
July 13, 2008  

“My little ones, you must always bless the Sacred Blood of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of your Loving Mother in your hearts for giving you the opportunity to receive the mystery of the revelations that the Well Beloved gives you through the small creatures who do not truly recognize the path that you must follow to send this Message of Beloved Jesus to each one of you.

“Every day, each one of you should bless in your hearts all the sufferings that the Well Beloved had to go through, not only when He came to the world, but also when He was crucified at the Altar of Sacrifice for love of all of you.

“When you were baptized, Jesus, the Well Beloved, gave you a name and each of you will be called by the name that He gave you in Baptism.   

“You don’t know what it meant when your Loving Mother presented Him and offered Him in Her Arms to those pastors who were the great teachers of the Law at the great sanctuaries and temples of the world.  Those who filled themselves up with pride in those times, truly denied the birth of the Well Beloved in that temple where Mary, your Loving Mother, presented and offered Him to men as the Light that had come to the world to bring the light so you would no longer be in darkness. 

“In that opportunity, your Loving Mother knew that by presenting Him as the Light of the World, He would be the Light that would come to all humans in their lives and that He would walk with each of you in your hearts.  But man, even today, does not recognize the coming of Jesus to the world as the Light that would guide you and give testimony to the greatness of His Mercy. 

“Mary, by saying yes when the angel Gabriel announced that She would bring the Light to the world and that God rejoiced in Her as the Servant of the Lord, accepted that gift that God had given Her through Her Virginity.  Today, man does not allow women to maintain that virginity to be given as a gift, as an act of love, in marriage.  That is a gift that each woman gives to a man.  Today, men in general do not respect virginity as God respected it when He was conceived in the Virgin’s Womb as an act of love.

“He suffered and died on the Cross and became the Holy Spirit so each of you would be saved at the hour of redemption.  Each of you will reach that time, the redemption or the eternal condemnation.

“The learned ones of the Law did not respect the Light, did not walk in the Light, and did not accept the Light of the One Who was presented in the Sanctuary.  Today, man still does not recognize that Light.  This is why you continue to live in darkness; this is why I continue to tell you to prepare.  Prepare for all the tribulations that will come to men for their disobedience and for being apostates, for after knowing the Light, they are not able to give testimony of It in the world or to the pastors of today, those who read the Sacred Scriptures and still don’t truly believe what is written, because for them, the Divine revelation is hidden. 

“When each of the pastors prays to the Holy Spirit of God, they receive the blessing of the Holy Spirit to consecrate that Holy and small Eucharist that becomes the Body and Blood of the Well Beloved, so when you take It from the Pastor, you are vindicated when you go into the presence of the Master.  The true shepherds who guide the flock throughout all times, in the antiquity and also today, those who recognize Him, will receive the spiritual presence of the Well Beloved in their hearts.  All who justify the Well Beloved in front of others will also be justified before the Great Priest, Who is Jesus.

“Your Mother has always come to advise you to walk with the Hand of Jesus.  Give testimony to others that He is your Savior, the One you received in Baptism from the pastors who today don’t know how to guide the flock, and instead divert them from the Path to embrace other cults that have nothing to do with the  Gospel of Jesus.

“Great events will come to the world and you say, ‘The Loving Mother only comes to bring fear to men.’  But no, My little ones, no.  Your Loving Mother brings the Message of your Celestial Father to each of you. 

“When you receive the Body and Blood of the Well Beloved, each of you receives the Sacred Blood of the One Who died on the Cross to save everyone who truly walks with Him.  Remember, God is the One Who sends Justice for each man and that you will harvest what you have sown.  When you hear the Voice of the Father, you will recognize It.  Wherever you hide, Jesus, the Divine Mercy, will be there.  He will come to each of you and He will touch each of your hearts so you can truly awaken and give testimony that the Celestial Father is the One Who helps each of you.  He guides you on the Path of Love through each Message that your Loving Mother brings, those Messages that you hide in the rooms where you sleep and that you don’t use to confirm the True Justice that God brings to each of you.

“Remember that you are in the times when the Apocalypse will be revealed in many forms through each of the manifestations that your Loving Mother and your Celestial Father will bring to each of you.  Remember, My little ones, that wherever each one who walks in the Light is, your Celestial Father will help you to leave the path of darkness and will take you to the Path of Love, the Path of Justice, the Path of Truth, and that each of you will give testimony to others and will be justified before your Father by Jesus, Who was crucified on the Cross.

“Only God can give the Gospel through the Sacred Scriptures, not the ones that have been changed, but those from the ancient times that were written by the apostles through the true revelations of the Holy Spirit given in the grotto when your Loving Mother was praying with the apostles of those times who were called to spread the Truth.

“Remember, My little creatures, that your Loving Mother appears in many parts of the world to gather Her children from all places – from the North, the South, the East and the West – to gather them all together in one Gospel, one faith and one Church, which is each of you when you receive Baptism from the pastors He left, those who also have to straighten out their paths.

“Your Celestial Father does not want to see His pastors in golden temples, He wants to see them like the apostles in the antiquity – preaching the Gospels, baptizing, imposing hands and healing in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – so each of you could be saved in the faith.  You need to remember that faith is greater than obedience and that many times, My little ones, errors are committed in the name of obedience by obeying man and not your Celestial Father.

“Pray, pray all together, in your homes, in all places of apparitions, in the great churches where the Body and Blood of your Beloved Jesus are truly respected and venerated.  Remember that prayer saves, purifies and exalts the faith of human beings.  Remember that everything your Mother has told you in this small place is written, and that everything that’s written will be fulfilled.  Many faces of the great traitors of the true Christian faith will be discovered in the world and they will fall like rocks, guided by the Power of the Justice of the Celestial Father.

“I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”