Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
January 13, 2008

 “The little creature is too ill to welcome your Loving Mother; that is what she thinks, but she does not choose the moment, the conditions or the efforts she has to go through to receive your Loving Mother as usual.  The small creature is rebelling against the Divine Commands of your Celestial Father.  She knows that your Loving Mother will come to the Call wherever and however she feels, because She does not govern herself.

“My little one is weak but she will be able to do the work of the Well Beloved in each one of you and she cannot prevent it.   Remember that it is the Will of the Celestial Father that makes it possible for your Mother to accomplish what She brings to humanity in these times of aberrations, crimes and anti-Christianism that exist in humanity.

“I choose this Mystery, this wonderful Mystery when the Light of the world manifested Itself to your Loving Mother.  That is the True Light.  The True Light manifested Himself in the Womb of your Loving Mother so that within Her the Celestial Father could become the Word, could become flesh, could become man, to save humanity from the great catastrophes that would come to all who never walked in the Light and would not have time to repent of all the harm they had done to themselves. 

“The Light was announced to the world through your Loving Mother by the angel when the Celestial Father was conceived in the Virginal Womb of your Loving Mother to bring that Light to the world that was living in darkness, in darkness of faith, in darkness of love, because in those times they used to adore idols.  Today those idols still exist in humanity and men embrace them and separate themselves from the Only Light and the Only Path, which is your Celestial Father. 

“Everything that is written in the Sacred Scriptures will be fulfilled one by one and man cannot prevent it because what has been written, has been written; everything will be fulfilled.  My little ones, this year is important, not only for God, Who will triumph at the end, but for all of humanity.  It is a year of cleansing; it is a year of recovery and destruction because God will try to purify the earth from so much evil and abuse.  Men have destroyed and continue to destroy every day the nature that God created to give each of us salvation through great the remedies of healing that exist in nature and that man refuses to recognize. 

Latin America has embraced the antichrist.  Latin America has the calf of gold in their hearts and today they adore evil more than Jesus, Who came to the world to save them.  He came to save everyone from the crimes that are committed against children who are born and who are yet to be born. 

“The beast disguises himself by possessing human beings to make them commit great aberrations against the children who have not asked to come to this world.  But men, through fornication, sexual aberrations, drugs and alcohol, conceive creatures and then assassinate them in the wombs of their mothers.  Children are tortured, kidnapped, abused, hungry, they are victims around the entire world, while men gather wealth in great quantities and forget all about the hunger, the misery, the sickness and the lack of education in those creatures who did not ask to come to this world.  That is why God pours out His Justice every day.  The Hands of your Loving Mother ache as She holds Jesus back from not fully pouring out the Power of His Justice over mankind.  Men only preach about love, but they forget that love has to be accompanied by justice and charity and not by the supremacy of human beings.

  “Today, the people of Latin America roll in their own filth and they will continue to roll in it until none of those who follow the antichrist by embracing the beast of the seven heads is left.  Listen well to what I’m saying.  An anti-Christian can never be forgiven because he will never ask for forgiveness or repent from his faults.  All who embrace the antichrist, all who give him a hand or who give power to that urban terrorism, to that terrorism which is everywhere, assassinating at close range and  causing so many abuses against humanity, will not be forgiven because they will not have time to repent.

“This year you will see great signs in the sky.  When you see those great signs in the sky at the wrong time, the earth will tremble, will convulse.  There will be great mudslides, great floods.  Remember that water purifies and cleanses and that fire destroys what is thrust in its path, in the Path of God.  Remember that fire represents the Divine Spirit of God. 

 “Great events are coming, not only for Latin America , but also for this country.  This country will be governed by someone who does not truly believe in Jesus.  This country, with all its goodness, will be governed by someone who does not have compassion, but hypocrisy, because it will not be governed by a true Christian, a Christian who was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

“Great signs will be given and when you see these signs do not look out your window because God does not like you to see the Wrath of the Lord.  Close all your doors and windows and rejoice in prayer.  Remember, the Rosary is a powerful weapon that can defeat evil and can hold back the Hand of Jesus.  He is Love, but also Justice. 

“Always remember that the Church needs to return to preaching the words of love and justice because God is Love, but also Justice.  There is no father who will not discipline a disobedient child; a father who does not discipline does not love.  The Church needs to preach the True Divine Message:  go to Confession, receive Communion in the mouth and not in the hand, return to saying the Mass of Adoration of the Holy Sacrament in Latin, the language of the angels in the Church that God created so that each of you could kneel before Him and receive His Blessing.

 “There will be no escape; no one will escape what has been written to occur during these times.  Even if you hide your head in the sand in the dessert, the Powerful Hand of God will reach each one of you who do not walk in His Light, because He, My little ones, is the True Path, and not the darkness.  

“Remember always that your Loving Mother will continue to appear all over the world to warn at every moment and at every instant everyone who wants to listen to the Word, to the Divine Word of the Teacher, to the Good Shepherd, to Yahweh of the Armies, so you can take precautions, so you can be prepared, so you can have provisions in your homes that you can use during those days of darkness that will come to humanity. 

“There will be a great recession in this country and all over the world.  Remember that when this country is in agony, the rest of the world dies. 

“I bless you.  Remember that before I go, those who need the Divine anointing, will receive it.  She is not the one who touches you, it is Jesus, and those who believe will receive.  Amen.

“In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”