Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
February 13, 2008

“My little ones, My little creatures, I am so happy, so happy.  The Mother surprises the little one when she doesn’t believe that I will speak.

“My little creatures, today, on this day, your Celestial Mother wants to talk about something very important, so that you will engrave it in your hearts, in those hearts that many times are lukewarm, and at other times are cold and hot.  You have to remember when Jesus said to the apostles, ‘I like those who are cold or hot, because I will vomit the lukewarm out of My mouth.’  The lukewarm are those who are on both sides of the fence in knowing the truth from the lie.  When they understand, when they receive the true sign, is when they will see and believe, but it won’t be through faith, it will be because they see, they see the miracle fulfilled. 

“I want to say, My little ones, that on this day or during these days, the priests are preaching in all the sanctuaries, in all the churches, about the forty days when Jesus was in the desert being tempted by the evil one.  He, who was God of all gods, the Only Begotten, wanted to prove that as a human being, He could be tempted.  Everyone, everyone, at any moment, is tempted by the evil one because he walks alongside you, the evil one walks alongside the Truth.  Remember that there are two paths, the Light and the darkness.  Those who choose the Light will always be with Jesus, even though you don’t see Him, and many times your Loving Mother will make the little creatures, like the one who is speaking, able to receive missions and to give testimony of the Truth, that Truth that today many are silent about, some so they won’t lose faith in the Church.  But even by having doubts, they are already losing faith and by not understanding what is written, even those whom God has chosen to spread the Word, will also stumble and fall and will be tempted by the evil one.   Jesus, My Well Beloved Jesus, was tempted in the desert when the evil one came to Him and said, ‘If You are the Son of God, change these rocks into bread and eat.’  Jesus said to him, ‘Man does not live by bread alone, but by the Word of God.’  He was tempted on three occasions; he ordered Him to throw Himself off the mountain so the angels would bear Him up and Jesus said, ‘Depart from Me, satan, don’t tempt your Father.’ 

“My little ones, all men are tempted at any moment by satan, who is trying to snatch those who walk in the Truth, who walk with the Well Beloved.  Remember I have told you many times that these times when you celebrate or commemorate or remember that there are forty days when Jesus was suffering in the desert for each of you, for each human being in the world, you know that Divine Justice is coming to man because what is written is written; that each of the Words that is written in the Sacred Scriptures will be fulfilled; that is where the Truth is.  The Truth is there, for those who want to understand.

“These are times of gathering together, times of observation, times of meditation, times of charity, you can do charitable works with others, these are times of prayer, of teaching those creatures who don’t know how to pray.  Every time you give a gift of a Rosary to someone and teach them how to pray, you will receive three hundred and fifty indulgences for your lives, but man is ashamed of prayer.  Remember what your Celestial Father says: Men, women and children – man doesn’t want to look at the signs of the times and doesn’t want to come close to the Holy Sacrament, which is where Jesus is waiting for each of you to repent and humiliate yourselves before Him, admitting your needs, your sins, your sufferings.  He is always listening to you and waiting for you there, but He is always alone, hidden, when He should be in the Sanctuary, in the Tabernacle, there on the Consecration Table, not touched by women or by men who aren’t priests for their entire lives.

“My little ones, these are days of suffering; all nations roll in their own mud.  No one wants to listen to God, no one wants to see that the most difficult times are coming for humanity because disasters are coming that none of you can imagine and they will be poured out all over the world, not only in one place, so that you won’t have time to go to assist any group.  No, in all parts of the universe, Justice is being poured out, which you call punishment.  But it’s not punishment, it’s Justice because of the wickedness of man who grapples with vices, with drugs, with alcohol, with gluttony, not only gluttony of food but gluttony of ambitions of power, of contempt for the most needy, contempt for those who suffer while bedridden, forgotten by those whom they love the most. 

“When your Mother stops speaking to you, She will knock at the doors of your hearts through the Sacred Scriptures.  You will have listened to the Message that I have given in those Mysteries that she will read to you later [St. Matthew Chapter 24, Verses 1-44].  This Mystery is to touch each heart, in good times and in bad, so you understand that no one knows the time of the Coming of the Lord.  No one knows it, not even the angels, only God, and He will find you doing those things that you normally do.  He will come as a thief in the night.  Pray that it won’t happen like this and that it won’t happen in winter, because if it was not for the elect who are everywhere, at every Marian apparition through which our Loving Mother speaks, no one, not even one human being, will be left alive.  He does not want it like this, but He will surprise you.  

“Your Mother appears to us in all places and in all places She gives signs of Her existence and that of Her Well Beloved Son.  Those places will be where Mary, together with the Well Beloved, will choose Her true pastors, those who don’t deny the Truth so as not to make their congregations afraid.  No, Jesus will put new pastors there, to serve in those great Sanctuaries where today there are riches, but no charity.  Jesus has always said, ‘I will come as a thief in the night, I will surprise you and those who don’t have the time to repent, will not receive pardon, absolution.  It is necessary for you to come to the Sanctuaries en masse to go to Confession, to Communion, to receive the Body of the Well Beloved in your mouths and not in your hands and to bend your knees; even though the priest doesn’t want you to, you have to do it.

“My little creatures, Jesus is in each human being, walking with you, waiting for you to open your eyes and look around you so you can see Him before you.  You do not understand that Mystery that I will give you in the End Times.  I will give visions to men, children and each of the elderly ones.  Don’t wait for it in the churches that are in the world, you will not hear that Truth from your priests.  They are also afraid of telling the Truth.  This is why today, there are so many, many youth and so many elderly who are assassinated or abandoned, and so many children who are aborted and not wanted, and who are sometimes not even allowed to be born.  This is why the priests that I left, like pastors of the Church to guide the flock, have instead dispersed them.  Our Celestial Father, Who is Jesus and the Holy Spirit Incarnate in Him, has said, ‘I did not make the world to end it, but for man to rejoice in it.  Remember always that faith comes jointly with charity and that men who are not capable of looking around them and noticing the poor and the miserable ones alongside them and do not have charity, their faith is for naught, My little ones.  That is why your Loving Mother cries tears of blood throughout the world and why Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, being a King, was born in a manger to demonstrate to man that He is found wherever there is charity and poverty.

“I bless you, My little ones, and I ask for prayers, not for yourselves or for your families, but for what you don’t know about.  Remember that in each of the wretched ones on the earth, in each of the poor ones, in each of the sick ones, you will find the Face of Jesus, and if you aren’t capable of having compassion for those who are around you, you won’t receive that compassion from Jesus.  Remember that He is Love, but also Justice and that He gives everything, but also takes it away.

“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  I bless you, My beloved ones.  Amen.”