Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children  
August 13, 2008

“My little ones, My divine creatures, your Loving Mother always gives and brings the blessings that the Beloved Son sends through your Loving Mother, Who is rejoicing today.  Even though time exists in that world in which you live, time for your Loving Mother and the Beloved Son is different for the creatures who govern this congested world.

“Your Mother wanted to visit you at the moment when She said yes to God in order to conceive the Sacred Eucharist in Her Womb, the One you take each time you celebrate the adoration of the Sacrament of the Altar.  Many of you forget and don’t remember that when your Mother conceived Jesus in Her Virginal Womb, She said yes to God.  She was the first Sanctuary, the first Tabernacle, the Sanctuary where God shelters Himself to later be converted in man.  He walked among you to teach the Gospel to each of His apostles so they could take It around the entire world, recognizing the Living Word Who became Flesh, the One Who lived among you for a long time and Who today you don’t even remember.

“Today your Mother wants to tell you to always remember what She preaches in all parts of the world.  Pray.  Remain in prayer in your families.  Come en masse to all the Sanctuaries, where the pastors I left consecrate the Body and Blood of the Well Beloved so that each one of you who walks in the faith that My Beloved Jesus planted in your hearts, can sprout and give fruit by preaching the Word of God, Who is Jesus.

“Today, your little one is rejoicing, because one of the servants of your Mother [a priest] is visiting this small place to bring you that Body and that Blood of Jesus to share It with each of you.  Remember, My little creatures, that today many people have taken Communion without being prepared.  Always remember that you have to open your hearts to the pastors He left, so that after confessing, you could receive the Body and Blood of the Well Beloved always on your knees, because before Him every knee should bend.  Today, man doesn’t remember that.

“Your Mother comes to tell you on this day when you are all together, that great events are coming to man.  Many of you will witness all the adversities that will be presented to humanity because of the disobedience of man through lack of faith and lack of love towards each other.  Man invents fratricidal wars where many innocents die, but then they don’t know how to end those wars.

“Anti-Christianity is governing the world, and this country will pay for its innocence.  It will pay for giving confidence to those who want to dominate humanity by turning their backs on the One Who died on the Cross and Who shed His Blood for each of His creatures.  Jesus suffers on the Cross for everyone who commits great crimes in this humanity; each time a child dies of hunger, every time the legs of a child are destroyed by those international criminals who exist in this corrupt humanity that has separated itself from God to enter a New Age that has nothing to do with the Well Beloved.

“Always remember that your Mother appears in all parts of the world trying to gather all Her children and to reunite them at the Cross, where Jesus shed His Blood for each one of you and where He is still shedding It.

“The Immaculate Heart and the Eyes of your Mother still shed Blood for each of Her children who separate themselves from the Church.  The Church is all of you.  Upon receiving Holy Baptism you become the sanctuaries of the Holy Spirit, Who lives in each of His children.  But they all close their doors and don’t let Him in.

“Follow Christ, My little ones.  It is not easy, but it is the duty of every Christian to walk in the Light and to separate themselves from that path of darkness where they are dragged along by alcohol, drugs, concupiscence and sexual aberrations.

“Remember that today, the tentacles of the evil one are swallowing up all the nations in order to take them to atheism, to denial of God, to unbelief in the sublimity of an apparition, which is possible through Jesus.  He sends your Mother to shelter everyone under Her Mantle like the hen shelters her chicks, in order to save everyone from the evil that is coming to the world.

“Remember, little ones, that God is Love, that God is Jesus, and that God pours out His Justice over humanity.  Each time you see signs in the sky the earth trembles, and nature will make you pay for each of the abuses that man commits with the nature He creates.

“Remember that water purifies the earth and takes away all the bad things that are in her.  Fire purifies and the wind is the Divine Spirit, Who comes to manifest His Glory so man can learn to see the signs that He gives through the Well Beloved.

“You should pray in your homes and with your families united together, and there should be at least a moment of reflection where you read the Sacred Scriptures, the place where the Truth is written.  Everything that is written in those Sacred Scriptures will be fulfilled, My little ones.  You are at the end of the time that God made so that man would have time to repent and to come to the Sacrament of the Altar en masse while bending their knees to ask for pardon of each of their acts.

“Remember that everyone is at fault, that no one is innocent, and that the small creatures will pay for all the sins of their elders.  In your hearts you think that this is not fair, but Jesus says that it was not fair when He was taken to the Cross and abandoned and that only your Mother was there to receive His Body and to shelter It in Her Arms while giving up the idea since the time He was conceived and born that She would keep Him forever, because He would save humanity from so much evil, so many vices and so many aberrations.

“Men today look to the innocent ones for the innocence that women have lost, and they look for virginity in the little creatures who have no illnesses and who are virgins.  Man in general has lost all of that virginity that should be preserved for marriages blessed by God, so that it could be given as a gift to the one taken as a spouse, not as a partner.  Those who do that are like the beasts, the animals.

“Pray in time and out of time.  This is the time to pray; it is the time to pray for the Church, for the pastors He left, those who today hide what is written in the Sacred Scriptures through fear or obedience.  Remember that faith is greater than obedience and that because of obedience, many sins and many injustices have been committed in humanity.

“I bless you, My little ones, I bless you.  Rejoice and give thanks to the Lord of lords, Who gives you the opportunity to receive the blessings that your Mother, together with Jesus, bring to you in all places.

“In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”