Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
April 13, 2008

    "My little one, My little creatures, how happy the Heart of your Loving Mother is when you gather in this small place to give thanks or to make your petitions to the Well Beloved, Who always will be with each one of you in the hearts of those who truly believe and have faith.  Remember, My little ones, that your Loving Mother, although you do not see Her, walks at your side, listening to each moan, to each whisper of the hearts of all persons who truly have faith.  The little one brings the Message that fills the hearts of those creatures who truly believe all that’s written in the Sacred Scriptures by the great prophets of the Old Testament and the great apostles of the New Testament.  Everything that is written will be fulfilled.     

                “The moment approaches when man will have to give an account to God for each of his aberrations, for each of his abuses, for each of his errors against the earth, that earth that God blessed so He could leave it to you as a sanctuary for life, as a sanctuary for salvation through each of the plants that He left so man could put an end to his illnesses and so you could feed yourselves with what mother earth gives to each human being so they can have life.

                “Your Mother knows that in all the small places where She appears to bring you the Message of the Well Beloved, not everyone walks with Him, not everyone is certain in saying that it’s true.  Many ask, ‘Is what I am seeing the truth?  Is it true that the small, insignificant creature can glorify the Well Beloved?’  But it is through the little ones, those who don’t know anything, the ignorant ones and those who walk around the world unknowing, some of whom don’t know how to read or write, who God, through the Well Beloved, nevertheless gives signs so man will believe and open his eyes and not close them to the Truth that is alive today in humanity.

            “Today I want warn you and I want to speak to you of the Church that you all are; those of you who are baptized in the Holy Spirit, you are Church.  You are Church, but that Church must be blessed.  You have to respect It by dressing appropriately when you go to the Sanctuary where the Sacred Eucharist is present.  There, kneeling down before Jesus, you can ask for forgiveness yourselves and you can learn to ask for forgiveness for all the errors that humanity commits, starting with the Church that the Celestial Father made with His apostles.  They went throughout the world baptizing, and through the blessings they gave with their hands, they would heal people.  This gave proof that the Holy Spirit had truly descended upon them and had taught them how to anoint each person who was sick and to impose their hands upon each person who needed a prayer.

                “Today those columns I left in the temples to guide the flock, those columns who are the priests, do not dare to touch a sick person or to give the Eucharist in the mouth because they’re afraid of infection.  I tell you, they don’t believe that the Holy Spirit descends in that Sacred Eucharist.  If you think your hands are dirty and that you can receive an infection through the mouths of the ones who receive It on the tongue, you need to know that the Holy Spirit has already purified It.  When those columns [the priests] in the Church give Communion, which is truly the Body and Blood of Jesus, but do not believe in It, those who receive It, receive It with faith in Jesus and can glorify God.

                “Always remember that I have said that in order for you to receive Communion and to receive the Sacred Body of the Well Beloved, you must first go to Confession.  You should bend your knees before a human being like yourselves.  Even if you don’t believe in them [the priests], they were chosen so you could humiliate your pride by having to confess before another human like yourselves so that all your errors in life, all your sins can be forgiven by Him, Who gave the best gift on the Cross that any human being could give for another, His Life, His Blood, His Sacrifice.  

“Jesus, the Well Beloved, My Beloved Jesus, still cries on the Cross because you still crucify Him every day.  Every day you crucify the Well Beloved with each aberration that is committed in the world, with every offense that is committed towards another person, with every Communion that is taken sinfully.  He is crucified with each offense that is committed towards your Loving Mother without remembering that Her Sacred, Virginal Womb was the first Tabernacle on the earth.  God had to use the Virginal Womb to give a Face to His Spirit, which did not have a Face, so that by looking at the Face of Jesus, you would be able to contemplate the Face of the Celestial Father.  Remember that he who sees the Father, sees the Son and that he who sees the Son, sees the Father.

“Jesus has resurrected and is alive among you.  Jesus dies again every day whenever one of His little creatures breaks the laws of the Old and New Testaments.  Remember, you cannot forget that both of them are united.  The Pentateuch revealed the greatness of the Father and Jesus revealed the great Truths of the Son.  Remember that when Jesus resurrected, many of the apostles who walked with Him did not recognize Him or believe it.  Remember, Saint Thomas said that if he didn’t touch His Wounds and put his hands in the Wound of His Side that he would not believe, and that Jesus appeared so that he would believe, not to give him proof, but to give him signs.  Remember, the apostles that walked towards Emmaus were crying and lamenting because Jesus had died and they did not believe in the One Who said, ‘I will destroy and raise in three days the temple that you have built over many years.’  Remember that Jesus can take the appearance of any human being and present Himself to any human being to try your faith.  Also remember that when they were crying on the way to Emmaus, He presented Himself to them and asked them, ‘Why are you crying, why are you lamenting?’  They responded, ‘You live in Jerusalem and do not know that they crucified the Master, the one who was going to defend us?’  Then Jesus spoke to them and that is when they turned and called Him Master.  Then Jesus revealed Himself to them so they would believe that He would be with them until the End of Times.  Remember that the Scriptures were not written only for 2,000 years ago, they were written for all times and for all the generations of the world, for those who would recognize the Good Shepherd and for those who would deny Him on the Cross.

“You know that Jesus is still nailed to the Cross for all of you, from the smallest creature [ Rosa ] to the most insignificant one who walks in the world.  He is in each one of you, searching internally to see what men are capable of doing.

“His Coming is near; Jesus doesn’t say when He will come and not even your Mother or the angels of the Celestial Court know when.  Jesus will not warn us when the great manifestations of His Wrath and His Glory will come so that man can learn to walk in faith, because faith is greater than any obedience that a human being can have.

“Your Loving Mother can only smile at the priests, the pastors that My Well Beloved left, who today are saying that Hell does not exist.  She says to them, ‘Blessed be God that one day He will give you the greatest revelations that any human can hear or see, that Hell exists and that it is horrible.’  My Beloved Jesus gives the privilege of the revelations to all who receive Marian apparitions and the apparitions of your Celestial Father through Jesus.  They can see Hell, they can see the Glory, they can see Purgatory and they can see Limbo, where Abraham is caring for the children who are not baptized.

“I will end with what I am going to say now.  I don’t want to tire you because when your Mother finishes the people run as if they were being chased by the malignant one.  Great events will occur in America .  Governments will rejoice during this moment of evil, but their heads will roll and what the Father said will be fulfilled:  You will give an account in Heaven for everything you do on earth.  You will receive the first punishment here for each one of your acts, the first punishment and the first justice.  This world that is convulsed, that is full of aberrations, and that denies the Truth will receive punishment.  Many of you who are in this place will see the Justice of God and will see how It falls upon men because men today create hunger, misery, evil and aberrations against the creatures, against the children, against the elderly, because they don’t share what God has given to each of them.  They don’t give charity to the poor or to those who make sacrifices in order to live.

“The Justice of God will be great and many of you will see It.  Many of you will see people wallowing in the mud like the pigs that received the demons from the possessed persons and that fell into the abyss because they lead men to the antichrist around the world.  He is the one who wants to govern, the antichrist, the seven heads, but he will not be able to defeat the Cross.  That is why each one of you should wear the Cross around your necks, but they should be blessed by a priest.  Many priests are disobedient, but many do believe.  Or you can take it to a Marian apparition site and it will be blessed by the Holy Water that is in that place.

“Remember that the little creature said before that your Mother will be in this place, but when no one wants to visit Her in this place to receive the blessings that I bring in My Hands to give to each one of you, the little creature will continue her path like the apostles and will go to wherever they want to receive her, and God will be with her.

“I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

Our Celestial Father:  “Tell My little creatures that the great darkness is coming to the world, but that this will not be the end.  It is very near and many will see it because many parts of the world will be in total darkness.  Your Celestial Father tells you that those who believe need to prepare themselves with blessed candles.  This will not be the great darkness, because that great darkness that will cover the world at a given moment will also be in your hearts.  Amen.”