Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

September 13, 2007


Today, Rosa received the Message through a locution.

“Today, Mary is telling the world that since 1917 in Fatima and also at La Salette, She has been telling man that if he didn’t change his way of living, great things would happen to humanity because man doesn’t want to listen to anything that comes from God.  That was how it was in those times. 

“Many people say that the Bible was written a long time ago.  The Bible was written for all times because the Bible has no date.  Many people say, ‘How is it possible that God can manifest His Glory to the people of today, to a small creature?’  I say it is possible, because in the Bible it says that He chooses the innocent children, like the children of Fatima .  He chooses people who don’t have wisdom, who are not theologians; they don’t know about anything, they don’t know the Bible, just like myself.  I used to fall asleep when I was listening to the priest talk about the Bible because I didn’t understand.  I didn’t understand the Bible until God opened my eyes.  He removed the veil that covered my eyes, my mind and my soul.  Now I can tell you hat I still don’t understand it, but that He is the One Who makes me understand it.

“The things that are happening nowadays were foretold in the Bible.  The Third Secret of Fatima is written in the Bible.  It begins in Matthew 24.  Obviously, He has to guide you; you have to search the whole Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, so you can understand and write what He tells you, and He tells you to write what is between the lines.

“There are people who think that if they can’t see anything happening, they cannot accept that God can talk to others.  How did God speak to Abraham?  He talked to him internally and he saw the signs.  He sent him signs in the sky, in the moon, in the sun, signs in the clouds, in the water.  That’s the way He spoke to Abraham.  How did He speak to Moses?  How did He speak to the prophets of the antiquity?  Through signs.  Moses never saw God; he saw the Light that never goes out, the Flame that is never extinguished, and the Voice came forth from that Flame.  Moses was the one who heard It and who made It known to the ones who followed him.

“The ones who followed Moses were very nonconformist; they did not believe in anything if God did not give them proof.  How did God give them proof?  By sending manna from Heaven when they were hungry and by making water flow from the rocks when they were touched by the staff, so they could drink.  But after several days passed, they did not believe anymore.  That is why God didn’t give Moses the gift of crossing the Jordan River to reach the Promised Land.  The Promised Land was only one week away [from Egypt ], but it took Moses forty years to reach it so that all the ones who did not believe would remain in the desert.  Only four of them arrived in the Promised Land and two stayed there and two went back. 

“I explained this to you so you can understand why I say that Jesus and Mary talk to me.  They speak inside of me and sometimes They speak through my mouth.  He wails inside of me.  The groans that He had in the Garden of Gethsemane are the same groans He had when Lazarus died.  Jesus wails inside of us when He chooses us. 

“I say that no man, no human being, can give you the Holy Spirit, only God can.  When you hear some people say that they went to a gathering and received the Holy Spirit and that He talks within them, say that this is not true, that only God can give that power; only God and no one else.  That groan that comes out of you can only be given by Him; no one else can give it to you. 

“Yes, I can say that I see Her, many times.  How wonderful it is that God allows a person He chooses to receive the gift of seeing the Virgin Mary and that he or she is able to see Her.  He makes that statue truly transform and then the person can see Her exactly as She is.  I can say, along with all the visionaries that exist in the world, that yes, we see Mary and we see Jesus.  When Jesus truly appears to you carrying His Cross, because He always appears while carrying His Cross, He asks you, ‘Will you follow Me?’  You can’t say no to Him and you become like a grain of salt that dissolves in water.  ‘Will you help Me carry the Cross or will you abandon Me, as I was abandoned 2,000 years ago?’  Who can resist that Voice, that Image full of blood and so disfigured when He makes you see It for the first time?  That is how you can understand that It is truly Him.

“For one year, I believed that I was crazy.  My children left me, my husband left me.  They wanted to put me in a hospital, telling me that I was crazy, and I came to believe that I was.  I could not believe what I was seeing and feeling.  He told me, ‘You are not crazy, little one, before your generation was born, I chose you in your mother’s womb.  Nothing is coincidence; you are not crazy.’

“One year later I could open my mouth and give testimony, and many people passed through this place.  They could see Her in the windows, they could see Her everywhere, and this is why I can say that I see Mary. 

“Many times I see Her in another person.  She takes on other personalities, as do Jesus and the angels.  You don’t know when Mary will become a human being, to see what you are capable of.  Many times Jesus can appear to you disguised as a man, as a beggar, as a drunkard, as a person of color.  He can take on that personality to test your faith, to test what you are capable of, to see if you are capable of being charitable without thinking about what they will do with what you give them. 

“Many times Jesus presents Himself as walking besides us and we don’t know it.  Many times He walks in front of us, guiding us, and we don’t see Him.  Many times we mistreat a human being and an elderly person in a hospital or a nursing him.  We abuse a child, we kick a dog, and those are His Creations.  He says, ‘When human beings did not want to save themselves, I saved a pair of each species of My Creation; the plants are also My Creation.’  This is why Jesus says to you today, ‘The one who mistreats a tree, whose role is to give shelter and to clean the lungs, does not understand that trees are the lungs of the earth and that man is destroying them.  You can find medicines in all the arboreal plants that are in Colombia , Peru , Venezuela , Ecuador – everywhere.  All the countries have natural medicines for saving man today, but the scientists contaminate them and they don’t save anyone, on the contrary, so Jesus comes today to say that all who are here and who came in faith to receive the Message must share it with other human beings so they can prepare themselves. 

“This millennium is a very important millennium for humanity and for God.  Many events will occur in this millennium that will be witnessed by many persons and they are witnessing them even now.  Nature is God, the ozone layer is God, everything is God.  God manifests Himself in the sea by making it roar and come ashore, because man is killing all the marine life, which is where the cure for cancer and many other illnesses can be found.

“You have recently seen a lunar eclipse.  When you see signs in the sky, the earth shudders; the earth suffers the consequences of those signs, and two of them have occurred.  Six months before and six months after these events occur, we risk seeing horrible crimes in society, sexual abuses against women and children, because the sexual deviants are watching the little creatures and looking for the virginity that women have lost, the virginity that women of today don’t have.  They are looking for it in the children, in the males and females alike, and He tells us that every mother must raise her children under her wings, like the hens take care of their chicks, because the sexual predators are always watching for the right moment to attack.

“We are living in the times of the Triumph of Mary.  Confess before going to Communion.  Do not profane the Body and Blood of Christ in your hands.  Bend your knees and open your mouths; your hands are profaned by the world, they are not clean enough to receive Jesus.   That is why Mary cries Blood and why Jesus cries Blood.  Every time you take Him in your hands you are crucifying Him again. 

“For God, Mary asks each of you to understand that every time you give a Rosary as a gift, you are evangelizing and you are gaining indulgences.  When you teach someone to read or to say the easiest Rosary, one Our Father and ten Hail Mary’s, you are evangelizing and you are gaining 350 indulgences.

“May God bless all of you.  At this time, you have heard the voice of My little creature, who was guided by the great priest, the best of all the popes, John Paul II who is up in Heaven, and by Jesus, Who is the highest priest of all. 

“I hope that today’s Words have not fallen on deaf ears.  Wait and see how in the next six months after the signs appeared in Heaven, great events will take place, and you will see great governments fall.  I received understanding that two leaders will be assassinated.  One of them is already dead and they have not yet revealed it, but there is another leader who will be killed.  Wait, because everything He says will be fulfilled; the antichrist cannot triumph on the earth, only God, only Mary, only the Holy Spirit, can rule the entire world.

“When something happens, please don’t say to anyone, ‘Where was God when so many children fell and were killed?’ because He will then ask you, ‘Where were you when your child was abused after you married a man who is not the father of your children and he sexually abused them?’

“May God bless each one of you.”