Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

October 13, 2007


“My little ones, your Loving Mother didn’t think that She would come today.  The evil that exists in humanity wants to prevent your Loving Mother from manifesting Her Glory around the world.  The evil one will never triumph as long as the Well Beloved continues to shed His Blood on the Cross as He did 2,000 years ago.  Jesus will never, never forget His creatures, those for whom He gave up His Life as a gift of love and for those who come in generosity to look for blessings wherever your Mother appears.

“Nothing will prevent your Celestial Father from allowing your Loving Mother to come to your hearts so She can touch you with the fire of His Love, because it is He Who touches you, it is He Who calls you from the Cross.  Each of you should remember that it is very beautiful and a source of much pride for each of you to wear the cross of the Crucified One around your necks.   

“Many of you don’t wear the cross out of shame or out of respect for others, which the Church teaches.  He left the Church for each of you so you could bend your knees before the Holy Sacrament, the first Tabernacle that your Father left so you could ask for forgiveness for each of your acts.

“Today your Mother appears everywhere and She will continue to appear in each corner of the earth until She convinces each of Her children that an apparition cannot be invented, because the fruits that are given are visible and are the same as the Father made when He walked among you on the earth.

“Remember that when Jesus walked with all His apostles, your Mother followed Him unnoticed so they would not see the pain She kept hidden in Her Heart because of Her knowledge that the Celestial Father had to fulfill what had been promised:  ‘I will send you My Son so that through Him all will be heard and forgiven.’

“Your Loving Mother comes to the world to bring the Messages and to bring blessings to all who want to receive them.  Open the doors of your hearts to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

“My little ones, today He manifests Himself by crying Blood, as does your Mother.  All the statues will cry Blood because that is the Blood that He shed for each of you and for your sins.

“Man doesn’t want to believe, doesn’t want to bend his knees before the Holy Sacrament.  Not even the chosen ones are capable of bending their knees to preach the True Gospel.  God is a God of Love, but also a God of Justice.  If you don’t fear the Justice of the Celestial Father and you don’t have faith, what can He do in your hearts?  Faith is what saves.  Faith is greater than obedience.  Man commits the most atrocious crimes because he doesn’t fear Divine Justice. 

“Men leave the Sanctuaries where the Body and Blood of the Well Beloved are found.  They embrace religious cults that have nothing to do with what He offered up on the Cross.  Embrace the Cross and carry your own crosses.  Help Jesus to walk in all places and to help those who don’t want to carry His Cross.  Not many of you want to wear it around your necks; not even the Father’s chosen ones wear the cross nowadays.  There is no Cross without Jesus and no Jesus without the Cross.  That Cross was born with Jesus. 

“For everyone who is mistaken, for those who go around the world preaching the words that do not exist in the Gospels – the Light that came to the world is Jesus.  Jesus is the Light Who illuminates the hearts of each human being to bring them peace, love and the acceptance of carrying the cross that He gave to them.  Don’t despise that cross.  Blessed are those who suffer because they will receive the Kingdom of God .  God manifests His Glory through the sufferings of each human being.

“Do you remember how Jesus sweated Blood in that garden because He knew that He would die for your sins?  How Jesus suffered from each of the lashes that tore His Body!  They were for each of the sins of the world.  When He was crowned with thorns, He bled and suffered through each of His five senses.  When He carried the Cross, He carried It not only for the people of the Jerusalem of that time, because the Sacred Scriptures are written for everyone, until the end of times.

“The Blood of the Crucified One redeems mankind so you will humiliate yourselves before the pastors He left and confess your sins so He will hear you.

“The Bible is written for all of you.  The revelations that the Father gave to Abraham, to Moses, to Isaiah, to Zechariah, to St. Joseph , are all there.  How can you imagine that God the Father was able to manifest His Glory to each of the prophets of the antiquity if it wasn’t through Divine revelation in their hearts?  This is how the Holy Spirit moved in those times.  He did not have a Body, but It was Him Who guided the great prophets to bring the Message that a virgin would conceive, as one of the best of My prophets said, the whom My little one calls Isaiah. 

“Isaiah announced the coming of the Virgin who would give birth to a creature that the Virgin would nourish with the curdled milk that you can make in your homes with honey, which is an antibiotic.  All the Jews of the antiquity made this and they still do today.

“You know that through the Cross, if each of you has an infinite faith that burns your hearts, He will give you everything you ask for, because it was on the Cross where He redeemed men and where He redeemed the apostles.  They were as sinful as you are today and as incredulous as you are, but He prepared them to guide the flock and to guide the Church, where He reposes in the Sanctuary. 

“The Tabernacle was formed by the Womb of Mary so She could walk with the Eucharist, which is Him, and so that one day when He was crucified for love, He could give Himself to all of you.

“How can you think God can hear you if you are not able to respect the Body and Blood of Jesus?  You take Him in your hands, which are dirty from the mammon of the world and from the bacteria that you bring on your hands when you enter the Sanctuary where He reposes and waits for each of you.

“He won’t listen to anyone if you don’t learn to bend your knees and to ask Him with humility, with true love, to forget your sins so He can make you reborn into a new world, a world where there won’t be so much pain, so much crime, so many aberrations, so much denial of the Truth and so much denial of God.

“Don’t you know that God is the nature that moves and that one day soon it will reveal itself like when He died on the Cross and the dead came out of their tombs, lightning fell, the earth was flooded, and there were earthquakes.  The volcanoes awakened on that day and will awaken again to judge those people who today deny the Path of Jesus.  For many, these are dreams or invented legends, but none of this can be invented.  The air can’t be invented by man, the water can’t be invented, the food that you consume can’t be invented. 

“Embrace the Cross, My little ones.  When the darkness comes to humanity, the men who have not turned their eyes to God will not have time to repent.  Many of your countries are embracing the antichrist, the heads of the evil one, who is everywhere.  When He pours out His Justice, you will see how the towers will fall like the Tower of Babel fell and everyone will be confused.  Don’t think that God made the world to end it, but the disasters that are coming for humanity will amaze man and amaze the True Church, which today has removed Itself from doing the true charitable works for which God made It.

“Everyone will tremble, because God says through His Son and through His Spouse, the Virgin Mary, that all men are sinners and are to blame for all their acts, and that it will be the faith in their hearts that will resurrect Jesus again and that faith is what will save you and those who are left of the humanity that is apostate and deniers of the Truth.  Faith will make women return to being mothers, will make men return to being husbands, will make leaders for the children in their own homes so they won’t look for them in the streets, where the evil one sleeps and can wake up to drag them away.

“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”