Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

November 13, 2007


“My little ones, My beautiful little ones, you don’t know how great this Mystery is through which your Loving Mother wants to bring you the Message of Love of the Well Beloved.  Pay attention to all the things that are being said in this Mystery of the Coming of the Divine Spirit of God, when the Divine Spirit shed Himself over each of the apostles in the first grotto where your Loving Mother celebrated Her first Rosary of conversion with the Divine Spirit who had ascended and descended.  At Pentecost, She instructed the apostles who were secluded in a grotto and blessed all who were gathered in that place so they could go two by two to evangelize humanity.  God was made flesh and Spirit in Jesus and Jesus told them to go throughout the world and to preach the Gospel, to impose hands and to make miracles.  Do you know how much mystery is locked up in those small Words of the Well Beloved: ‘Go and evangelize’, build My Church?  He didn’t say to build churches, He said to build the Church, because after the apostles received the Divine Spirit of God, He sent them out to baptize.  Every time they baptized the creatures, they would be converted.  The Divine Spirit penetrated their hearts and they became messengers of love and the Gospel.  Each of you who will be baptized in the Holy Spirit will become Church.

“That is why you must understand that the life of Jesus on earth brought about many Gospels and was fruitful in sanctity, honesty, love, patience, but also in the obligations that each human being acquires by being baptized in the Holy Spirit.  Go throughout the world and evangelize, but do not fear, the Holy Spirit will go with you and wherever you are not well received, you must shake the dust off your sandals and continue on your way.  This would be wonderful, but what is happening today?  Because the Gospels have been totally changed in many of the Sacred Scriptures, today what is bad is good and what is good is bad and you can’t even say ‘I bless you’, the Words of Jesus and Mary.  Be aware that the enemy is present and vigilantly watching every step that a convert makes to make him fall and crumble, to attack anyone who speaks with the Word of God.

“Today I surprised the little one by giving her messages to be transmitted to each one of you.  The world approaches great events, not only natural events, but great events that will destroy parts of the earth, and many people will perish, but not all will have the opportunity of seeing the Face of Jesus.  Great Justice will come for those who believe they are God and who twist the laws of nature.

“While great riches and treasures are being accumulated in the great sanctuaries, the miserable ones on earth, those for whom your Celestial Father decided to come to the world in a cave, are dying of hunger, epidemics and great illnesses.  Those miserable ones on earth who are the true children of Jesus, those who really pay the consequences on earth, are rewarded afterwards in heaven.

“Only the nature that God left will change the outcome of those epidemics, those great uncontrollable illnesses for which there is no cure.  Many pharmaceuticals are manufactured in laboratories to destroy the human organism.  Many epidemics come not only for the dispossessed, but also for the rich in the great hospitals where the patients, the poor and the miserable ones, are not taken care of with love and charity. 

“God gave man life.  God gave man riches so he could share with the poor on earth.  God gave man poverty, but this does not hurt the humble ones, what hurts them is man’s wickedness.  God gave health to humanity, but man forgets to give thanks and to ask for forgiveness for all his wrongdoing against humanity.  God gave man illnesses, because that is where Divine Justice manifests Its Glory and tests the faith of man.  Jesus suffered for each of us in His Body until death on the Cross for all that He created with His Power.  He made man to serve God, but nowadays, they serve the mammon of the world, which is power, avarice, evil, jealousy, horror, crimes, abuses, tortures and persecutions for those who believe in Jesus of Nazareth .

“You will be witnesses of events that will occur right before your eyes and you will be petrified.  If man does not repent before the Holy Sacrament of the Altar, he will not have time to ask for forgiveness.

“Do not take the Sacred Body of the Well Beloved in your hands.  Because of man’s silence, Jesus and Mary will continue to speak through the rocks [holy statues], shedding oil from their eyes, shedding blood and suffering for the souls of those who die without asking for pardon. 

Pray for the Church.  Pray for those priests who are still following the Path of Jesus, the missionaries, the Carmelites, the Capuchins, the Franciscans, those whose sandals wear out and fall apart while they bring charity to places where the rest of them don’t go, those who instead rejoice in the great sanctuaries that are filled with luxuries and vanity, where Jesus is truly not present.  Jesus is in the poor, the humble, the hungry, the injured. 

“In reference to the Three Days of Darkness that will envelope humanity, each time a catastrophe occurs in the world, there are more than three days of darkness [sufferings], My little ones.  You will be witnesses of the changes that are coming to governments and nations.  You will be witnesses, because evil will not continue to prosper in humanity.  The angels are sounding their trumpets on the earth.  You need to follow those angels and to hear those trumpets that are making a call to evangelization and to Christianity and not to the antichrist, who is governing now and who wants to continue to govern.

“While My little ones continue the Rosary, My little creature [ Rosa ] will anoint each of the persons who need it.  But before that, your Mother wants to give a special blessing to each of those creatures who have helped to make this place, which is small but great in miracles, to continue forward through all obstacles.  I also bless all those creatures who provide food and donations for the poor, to which My little one and a small group of people takes the charity to places where those who have luxurious cassocks don’t go.

“Pray for the priests so they can be poor like Jesus, that their vestments are humble, but that their works are great.

“I would like those creatures to come forward who have been able to maintain this place and who have helped to mitigate the great needs that have occurred here for so many years.  I will bless everyone.  It will be a blessing for all, but especially for all those workers who have been here for many years, and also for those new angels who come and who make it possible that in this place the Word of God will continue to be preached and to be taken into your hearts while we knock at the door in time and out of time to evangelize man and to return the Church to the Ancient Rite so that God can pardon His Church and so the columns won’t continue to crumble.

“I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen, amen, amen.”