Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

May 13, 2007


“My little ones, My little creatures, today your Loving Mother visits you in all Her avocations because this is the day of a special avocation, but all avocations are the same Virgin Mary.  Each one of you will recognize your Mother in the avocation that you venerate.

“This time in which you are living is the time of the Good Shepherd, the Shepherd Who was born to bring the Light to this convulsed world that is full of evil and denial of all who speak about God and Jesus.  The Light was born when your Mother said Yes.  When the Woman without a legal husband announced that She was expecting a baby, your Loving Mother said Yes, behold the handmaid of the Lord, do with Me according to Your Will. 

“Your Loving Mother is concerned about each of the creatures to whom God gave the gift of the power of conceiving in their wombs the virginal seal of a child, because today’s women are being converted more into women than into mothers.  Now, the young girls who are supposed to be playing or studying have children and they believe that they are toys they can play with, without realizing that they are divine creatures of God.  Many of those young girls who have sexual relations without sanctifying their unions, conceive children that they abandon or kill through abortion.

“Today, your Loving Mother comes in all avocations, as the Loving Mother, the Mother who shelters at Her Breast the King of kings, the Sacred Eucharist.  Your Loving Mother walked all the time with the Eucharist in Her Virginal Womb, that Eucharist that you don’t respect today and that you don’t take with the proper respect and humility. 

“Today, your Loving Mother is the Mother of the Word, that Living Word that She sheltered in the first Sanctuary of God on earth.  God was conceived in the Womb of your Loving Mother when She said Yes and made the first Tabernacle of Love where God was made into a small piece of Bread without yeast to have the power to free each of you when He died on the Cross in that cruel death where He was converted into the Bread to feed your spirit and your body.  Today, men don’t recognize the meaning of that small piece of Bread in the Sacred Eucharist.  Today, men don’t want to hear anything about God.  Men turn their backs on the events that happened two thousand years ago by which your Celestial Father had to become man and die for each of you to save you from your sins.

“If you remember, ever since She appeared at La Salette to the two little shepherds, your Loving Mother has said all the time, in all the apparitions, what would happen in the world if men did not convert and did not consecrate all the people to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  The same happened at Fatima , where She asked for conversion, prayer and sacrifice.

“Mary has been giving warnings around the world about the great events that will come to man because of his disobedience and wickedness.  Your dearest Mother, the Mother of mankind, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of the Holy Rosary, appeared as the Virgin of Guadalupe to Juan Diego, My little creature who had no knowledge of the meaning of an apparition, and advised him what would happen to mankind if man did not stop offending God with his acts, his aberrations, his fornications, his lies, his egoism, his witchcraft, and bending his knees and adoring idols that have nothing to do with the True God.  When man places God before himself and consecrates everything he has every day and gives thanks to God, and until men do what your Mother is asking through Jesus, the signs will not change through nature, which is God, and they will continue to be given so you will turn your eyes once again to the altar where the Holy Sacrament is with the pastors he left to pardon your sins.

“Remember, My little creatures that your Celestial Father says:  ‘Bend your knees before Him.’  Humble yourselves, confess and repent so the evil one, who is now unleashed in the world and is trying to drag down all the souls that he encounters on his path, will sleep once again.  When the mothers hide and dress their creatures properly so they do not awaken the evil ones that are vigilantly waiting to kidnap, rape and kill their children; until women remember that they are mothers more than women, God will not stop pouring His Justice out on the world.

“To finish, your Loving Mother has already said what is to come – contamination of food, mudslides, fires, floods, waves that wash over the towns and take away whatever they can.  The worst has not yet come.  Each one of you will reap whatever you have planted.  The sea will continue to reclaim the seashores and destroy living nature, fires will continue to come from heaven and sulfur will continue to come from under the earth.

“Every time you deny God, you are denying the Divinity and the Divine Majesty.  Repent, convert, confess your sins, receive Communion and guard your chastity until you find the true partner who respects your body and your dignity as a woman.  Women should not continue to be a symbol of fornication, prostitution, denigration of the body that doesn’t belong to her, but to God. 

“Soon you will see how your America will become convulsed.  Remember that I have always told you to save non-perishable food and to have cash in your homes because the moment is coming during which you will not be able take money out of where you have it [the banks] to pay for what you will need to eat. 

“You will see how America will become convulsed.  In a vision that I gave to the little creature [Rosa], the government of that little island [Cuba] will soon open the doors of the sea and the government in those great cities [of the United States] will be concerned about giving shelter to those people who will come to create a catastrophe in the United States.  Pray, pray and remember that the tyrant of that little island no longer exists; he is sleeping.

“I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”