Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

March 13, 2007


“My little creatures, your Mother, My dear children, suffers a lot during these times.  Your Loving Mother has come to this world for a long time, brought by the Infinite Love of My Beloved Son, Jesus.  Your Mother always brings in Her Hands the blessings that you want to receive, but many deny the love that your Mother has brought for a long time. 

“Your Mother wants you to remember the first apparitions of Mary in the world.  In the critical moments of humanity, your Mother has brought salvation for all the creatures of the world.  You do not know what’s coming for this humanity, who are tyrants, incredulous and deniers of the Truth.  For a long time, since 1864, 1865, in those first Marian apparitions in La Salette, Lourdes, Guadalupe, Fatima, your Mother received all Her children who came from all over the world looking for the Charity of Jesus that She brought in Her Hands.  During the last century, She warned humanity of the great catastrophes that would come to them, the great aberrations for men, the destruction of homes, the contamination of the youth by drugs, the illnesses that would not be cured, all for choosing the path of darkness.  During the last century, your Mother told you in all Her apparitions around the world about what would come for humanity, not only for humanity, but also for the Church.  The Church is each one of you who respects the Baptism where Jesus gave His Holy Spirit so each of you could walk with that temple in your hearts and so you would be able to know the Truth from the lie. 

“Since the beginning of the last century, your Mother has been saying that if you do not consecrate Russia to your Loving Mother, the world would crumble.  As in a game of cards, humanity will be destroyed and little by little, the Church will also be destroyed.  The priests deny the Truth.  They will hide the great prophets of these times in the same way they hid the prophets of the antiquity centuries ago.  They will deny Marian apparitions even though they positively know they are true, that your Mother is brought by the Holy Spirit, that same Spirit that was given to the apostles at another time so they could preach the Gospel, impose their hands and heal the sick.  It is your Mother Who has called at other times through the Holy Spirit Who moved among you and converted the apostles of those times and of today so they could preach what was coming to the world if men did not respect the Blood and the Sacred Body of My Well Beloved in the Eucharist.  Today the Eucharist is being profaned by taking It in your hands all over the world.  The youth, the children and the elderly are being taught to take that Body that is in that small piece of Bread in their hands.     

“For centuries, men have always tried to distort the Truth of Jesus to human beings to make them incredulous and to make them lack faith, love and charity.  The pastors I left are tempted daily by the malignant one who makes them deny what is written in the Sacred Scriptures and which is revealed to those the Well Beloved chooses to bring the Messages to the world.  The Church does not talk about Divine Justice, but only about Love, but it is written in the Sacred Scriptures that you cannot change even a dot of what’s written about the times to come, and that time is coming close.  Those who distort even one dot of what is written will be erased from the face of the earth.

“Since the last century, the Virgin has been advising you to rejoice in the love of Jesus, to rejoice in the Sacred Eucharist.  Pray, pray, pray.  Do not become tired of praying because you do not what will fall from the sky and how great and powerful it will be.  Fire and sulfur will fall from the sky; there will be dark nights, mud and water, and men will not be able to hold onto the sand, the mud or the stars when you see them fall.  Who will you pray to if many of you deny that the Divine Spirit of God moves within and reads the hearts of each human being and that at any moment He can make you see the true state of your hearts?  There will come a time when you won’t have a place to pray.

“My little ones, your Mother sheds Blood in all Her images around the world, in the Church, in the sanctuaries, in the Divine sanctuaries that bring the Truth that your priests hide, those priests who deny Marian locutions.  These locutions are incredible and indescribable because they come out of human beings through the mouths of those who are chosen to bring the Messages that not even they can deny.  The Pope, Holy Father Pope John Paul II, had a vision before he left.  It warned about a secret that you do not know about and that will be revealed today.  The Pope received a vision and a locution from your Loving Mother in which She told him what would happen to the Church during this century that is now beginning.  A great darkness will fall over the world and over the hearts of all who deny the Truth.  The Pope warned his Curia and asked them whether they truly believe that your Loving Mother appears all over the world to save the Church, to save the pastors that the Beloved left so they would not continue to deny that which is undeniable.  He told them that the darkness would envelop them inside [the Church] where they should be safe, because they deny the Truth to the sheep that are dispersed and who become lost because they do not tell them that Mary comes to call all Her children: the black ones, the white ones, the blond ones, the yellow ones, all the sheep.  She wants all to be saved.  She does not want them to continue to deny Her.  Your Loving Mother sheds Tears in all Her apparitions and Her Eyes shed Blood so men will believe that the Divine Spirit is truly there, which man cannot deny.

“I, your Celestial Father, warn you that if you do not obey everything that’s written in the Sacred Scriptures where the Truth is, you will be swept away and you will have no time to repent of all the damage that you have caused the little creatures.  When have you seen so many aberrations in the world?  So many abused children, so many promiscuous youth who are contaminated, so many natural disasters!  For man, it is nature, but your Loving Mother asks, Who is nature?  It is God.

“This is a time of seclusion [Lent], a time to confess all your errors so you can be counted among the portion of humanity [one quarter] that is predicted to be saved.  Come close to the Light that is in the Eucharist, not to the darkness.  Receive Communion, but first go to Confession.  Few have come to the Call of Mary, but it is not the fault of Jesus or your Mother, but of those who truly deny that She brings you the true Messages here and at other places where She appears.  The Church does not dare to spread those Messages out of fear or cowardice and they deny the small creatures whom God chooses who are Biblically illiterate and not theologians to give the Messages that they do not want to give. 

“Pray, pray for the Church.  Pray for the priests who are left who are good, but who are not allowed to talk.  Always remember that the malignant one is loose and that he is destroying the homes, the children, the youth with drugs, with apostasy and denial of God.  The antichrist is governing all the nations of the world.  Pray so that the catastrophes that await you do not come during the night. 

“I love you, My little ones.  I will be here until the little one closes her eyes; she is the recipient of your Loving Mother.  In the same way that a priest is a priest for his entire life, a visionary is a recipient for all of his or her life.  Even if she doesn’t want to, the little creature will continue to serve as a bridge of love among all the poor of the earth.  Many doors will close in the same way they closed for Mary when She brought the Light to the world that lived in darkness.  Today those who do not believe in apparitions close their doors to Mary, but others will open them and they will continue forward while dusting those who do not believe off their sandals.

“I love you, My little ones.  I will touch all the sick with the hands of My little one.

“Now I will leave, but I smile because I know that you have paid attention in your hearts to the Messages of your Loving Mother.  I love you, My little ones.  I see many faces that have been coming here for a long time and I say welcome to all who have come for the first time.  I love everyone in the entire world.  Amen, amen, amen.”