Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

June 13, 2007


“My little ones, you know that today your Loving Mother comes with great joy.  Today My dress is pink in celebration of one of the small pastors of the Well Beloved coming to this place and bringing a blessing to each one of you.  Don’t think that it was coincidence; nothing that happens in any part of humanity, and less so in this place, is coincidence.  Everything is written; one who has never been here before has come without the little one [ Rosa ] knowing it and the Message of your Loving Mother is imprinted in his heart.

“One of the small things that your Mother has been preaching about everywhere in the world is to confess, receive Communion and to not take the Body of the Well Beloved in your hands because every time you do this you are nailing Him on the Cross again.  That is why She cries in many apparitions around the globe.  But there are other things that your Mother wants to warn you about: My Beloved Jesus will bring great signs in the sky.  Many of you will see those signs; you will see the moon become covered in red and the same will happen with the sun.  When you see those signs in the sky the great catastrophes will occur for humanity. 

“The earth will shake and huge waves will cover many parts of the world again because of what man today scientifically calls the hole in the ozone layer that man has produced by damaging every Divine creation.  He does not remember that that layer of ozone is God Himself.  When Noah came and made his Ark , he was warning man that great catastrophes would come for humanity and that man would not have the opportunity to take shelter and save himself, even in the deepest part of a cave.

“You need to pray.  Pray for this world that is full of evil, selfishness, ambition and idolatry so you could be pardoned before the Celestial Father, Who after the disasters, will bring you the great Second Coming of the Well Beloved that man will not believe in.

“Man, My little ones, does not believe.  He does not want to believe that your Father is sending him signs so he could change his ways.  Little ones, He is sending the Luminous Star of Heaven Who is your Loving Mother coming to protect you under Her Mantle so that no destruction that will come to the world and so no evil will snatch you.  You will not have time if you do not repent beforehand; you need to pray together with your families and your children so the destruction that will come when you least expect it will not find you sleeping. 

“You need to remember that no one believed Noah.  He was called crazy, drunk, possessed.  They did not want to believe that the Celestial Father could send them signs through water, the sun, the wind and fire.  Fire is the Wrath and the Spirit that is never extinguished.  You need to remember that God is Love, but that He is also Justice.  If you do not fear the Celestial Father Who has been correcting you all the time so you could change the way you look at life, I cannot guarantee that your Mother will be able to save you. 

“You are churches.  When you go en masse to the Sanctuary where the Holy Eucharist dwells, you must bend your knees.  Bend your knees so your Father can listen to you.  When you open your hearts and repent of the evil thoughts, the ambitions and evil that you keep in them, He can make you convert your hearts into honey so everything the Celestial Father gives to you, you will be able to share with those who live in complete misery and who don’t even have water to drink, and water, My little ones, was brought by God into the world to kill the thirst of all the creatures of humanity.

“Remember that you yourselves can teach the pastors I left to you, the Oblates of Mary, those who teach you once again to take the Eucharist in your mouths after having confessed everything you have in your hearts so He can forgive you through the pastors I left to guide the flock that does not want to listen to anyone.  Those pastors are guilty of the flock dispersing towards places where your Beloved Jesus is not present.

“My little ones, the Church will have to return to humility; it will have to be humble, it will have to put on the Sandals of Jesus.  Those pastors I left should leave the places of wealth and leave the large offices where they isolate themselves.  They should take off their wealthy vestments and dedicate themselves to following the same Path that the Well Beloved trod.  You must see to it that after paying the tithe, all the donations are used to satiate the hunger of the poor, to give medicine to the sick and to bless those who are sick in body and soul.  My Church has to remove the riches where the Beloved is not found because He was born poor and in a manger to teach each one of you that that is where sadness is, where pain is, where anguish is, where desperation is, where abandonment is, where the naked and barefoot child is, where the abused child is, where the violated child is, where the Child, the Child Jesus Himself is in each one of those creatures that man abuses, violates, kills and where those women who forget that they are mothers, kill them in their own wombs.

“Your Mother does not have to suffer in this world or cry blood, and your Celestial Father has no need to see Jesus crucified every time you commit any kind of sin.  She cries for you in the world for the pain that comes to Him.  You know that your Loving Mother has sent angels to a small country that is not so small, but is great in evil and where nowadays, the antichrist dominates.  She has sent the young of that place to start sounding the trumpets of freedom, of Christianity, which is dying in each one of you and in each one of your countries.  Jesus is dying every day because you deny Him and embrace evil, the devil in person, whom your Loving Mother will crush. 

“Today, those trumpets sound in that small and great country.  That country is small because the grandeur of the world no longer exists.  Those who are small in body and soul take control of the society in which they live to make the hearts of that small nation hate God and everyone who talks about Him.  The angels are sounding the trumpets and they should be felt by each one of your family members and each of the government leaders of the world so you can defend the Christianity of everyone who has been Baptized and to convert those who have not.

“Sound the trumpets, little ones.  Sound the trumpets of Jesus together with the angels and make the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus triumph again in each country and in the hearts of each human being, because the great events that are coming to humanity will be huge and you cannot imagine them.

“I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”