Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

July 13, 2007


“To My little ones, My little creatures, all My children in the entire world, today My Heart cries very much for all the people of the world.  My little one, the men of these times sin a great deal before the Immaculate Heart of your Loving Mother and the Sacred Heart of the Well Beloved.

“Remember always what Beloved Jesus promised you on the Cross and on the entire Path that He traveled with all the apostles and the seventy-two persons who followed Him.  He told them that the temple would crumble and that He would raise it up in three days.  You don’t know that the Well Beloved was referring to His Own Person, Who was the Sacred Temple .  It would crumble, but It would rise again.

“He Resurrected and is alive in each of His children’s hearts, those who receive the Holy Spirit in Baptism.  He had to die so that He could give you the Holy Spirit, Who will live in each of your hearts to give testimony of His Life on earth with you.

“Your Loving Mother suffers and cries.  She cries blood in all the images around the world because Her children abandon the Cross.  The Well Beloved has been abandoned, and today, in the great sanctuaries that are crumbling, you deny those saints who walked in the antiquity, in the Christian community, and made the Truth known to you.

“Today the sanctuaries are empty.  The Sacred Body of the Well Beloved was on the Cross, and even though He has Resurrected, He left that Cross for all times so you will remember that He died there and that He carried all your sins so you would live in happiness, free from all malice and filled with the love that He gave you on the Cross.

“Do you carry the Cross of the Well Beloved, that Cross that the Father gave you so you would help Him on His walk, on His falls, and through those hours of suffering that He went through for each of you on the Path of Love that He left by each of His falls?

“The Virgin, your Loving Mother, knelt behind Him and cleaned the Blood that fell from His Body.  She covered it within Her lap as if it was the Body of the Well Beloved.  But you don’t remember anything that your Loving Mother went through during each of Jesus’ hours of suffering on the Cross.  He promised that He would bring you from all corners of the world and that He would make a new people, so that with repentance, you would return to walk in the Light that He left so that you could regain possession of His Love.

“There is no salvation if there is no repentance from each of you in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  There will be no redemption for man if he doesn’t respect the Body and Blood of the Well Beloved in the little piece of Bread that He gave at the Last Supper when He was with His apostles.  The world will tremble with the great events that are approaching humanity, because they deny that Sacred Blood of the Lord of lords, the King of kings, in that little cup of Wine.

“Every time you profane the Body of the Well Beloved and take Him in your hands, you make the Well Beloved bleed once again on the Cross.  You come from the world and your hands are dirty with the malice of humanity.  You don’t realize that you continue to sin, taking the Eucharist in your hands.  Follow the pastors that I left to guide the flock to the True Path of the Well Beloved, even though they forget all that He taught and all that your Mother taught after the Well Beloved Ascended to sit at the Right Hand of the Father.  There, He will put at His Right Hand those who walked in the True Light that Jesus brought when He came to the world, the Light that you deny today in all places. 

“Your Mother has taught you in each apparition in the world and will continue to appear until She brings all Her children to redemption, so that when the Well Beloved returns He will find you in the place where you should be in the Church that He left us. 

“Remember, those who followed Him when He was with you were called followers of Christ, and afterwards they are called the Way, because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  During these times, don’t depart from that Way; days of darkness are coming, days of fire that will fall from the sky, days of turbulence in the ocean like at the time of Noah.  The angels of light will come once again to separate and to call with their trumpets those who truly walked in the Light and who obeyed what was written in the Sacred Scriptures.  Don’t depart from the Truth; not even a dot can be removed from It.  He who changes what is written will have plagues fall on him; not only on him, but on all his descendents.

“Your Loving Mother assured us that She would continue to appear in all parts of the world to convince and to touch the hearts of each one of Her children and so She would not lose even one of Her sheep. 

“Prepare yourselves in prayer, Confession and Communion.  Take Communion in the mouth; don’t take It in your hands.  Don’t touch that Body and Blood of the Well Beloved, and only the priest, the pastor that I left, will be the one to give you Communion. 

“Remember to bend your knees before Him.  He says, ‘Before Me, all knees should bend and each head should bow.  Look for the signs in the sky that I will send; you will recognize them.  Each sheep will recognize the Voice of the Well Beloved and will be saved.’

“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”