Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

January 13, 2007


“Your Loving Mother has been here in this place for a while, and She wants to speak to all of you.  All this time, your Loving Mother has been searching everything you have in your hearts.  When you feel the breeze that God brings from Heaven, from infinity, it is the Holy Spirit Who is with each one of you and it is He Who takes away many pains, many worries and many sicknesses.

“Today I speak through My little creature [ Rosa ], who receives the Message you need on this day.  I know there are only a few people who come to the encounter of your Loving Mother, but God says that those who are here are the ones He needs to be here.

“Even though your Loving Mother has performed many miracles through your Well Beloved Jesus in this place, the people still continue to be skeptical.  Many people have received from your Loving Mother the love of the Well Beloved, the One Who manifests His Glory so each of you can return again to God. 

“Man refuses to follow the Path of Jesus through your Loving Mother.  A moment will come when this small place, which great in miracles, will not disappear, but it will be kept for healings so all who come here can receive them.  The doors of this Sanctuary will open for those who need to receive healing of body and soul, because the little one [Rosa] has been left alone on this long, long road that God has given her so she can give everyone His blessings through her small hands.

“Your Mother chose the Mystery of the Birth of the Well Beloved to ask each one of you, which of you who is here knows the meaning of the Birth of Jesus?  Who among you remembered to take a gift to the manger?  Which of you put a petition to the Divine Child on the tree of life that is symbolized by the Christmas Tree?  The Divine Child is the One Who brought the Light to the world that lived in darkness, because they adored idols and objects that in reality, took them into that immense darkness.  Who among you remembered to take a gift to Jesus and to tell your children, ‘There is the Light Who came into the world so each one of you would not continue to live in the darkness in which you are now living?’  Who among you remembered to teach your children the meaning of the Birth of the Great Shepherd, the Master, the Lord of Lords?

“I would like each of you to search in your hearts and answer Me:  Who among you did not run to those great places [shopping malls] so the little creatures could choose what they wanted the most, which are things that take away the innocence of believing in the Three Kings, whom many of you do not believe in, but who did exist?

“Remember that Jesus came to the world so each of you could celebrate His Birthday.  Your Loving Mother used to ask Joseph, ‘Joseph, Joseph, how do they love our Son now and how will they love Him and honor Him in the future on that day?  Mary cries so much when She sees that with the passing of time, the Child Who was born in Bethlehem in a manger is left without gifts, because now the children are like adults.  They don’t believe in anything and they’re not taught anything. 

“I’ve told this preface about what the Birth of the Well Beloved, the One you are here for today, meant in the past and what it means today, because many come out of love, others come to receive, some come to give and others come out of curiosity to see if this apparition of your Mother really exists.

“Jesus says in the Sacred Scriptures, ‘These people, not those who are here, come asking for signs, but they don’t deserve to receive anything.  Your Mother watches the tribe of the Lord during these times.  She watches because the moment will come in the treat temples where His Glory is manifested through the Sacred Eucharist.  No one will be allowed to come to pray, to ask, to humble themselves before Him.  This is when you will go to far away places where there is or has been a Marian apparition. 

“I don’t want to tire you, but I will talk to you.  After receiving the locutions, you can ask questions and your Mother will respond.

“Today I want to say that this year is very important for humanity.  Your Mother has come to tell you to be prepared, because moments of darkness and pain will come to the world because the confusion that is in man today makes men apostates.  They are apostates because after knowing the Light, they return to the darkness of the world.

“I want to tell you this because you believe in the Garden of Gethsemane , where Jesus, with His three apostles at His side, sweated and cried Blood at that crucial moment of His life.  I want each of you to inscribe this on your hearts so that when your Mother listens and you ask and She can remove those doubts that you have in your hearts.

“You must explain because in that garden, Jesus cried Blood.  You have to respond in your hearts, because those apostles who followed Jesus during three years of the public ministry of His life were Peter, John and James and they saw Him cry and sweat Blood.  They didn’t understand that the Blood that Jesus shed from His body and His eyes was the blood that would be shed in the world and for His own Blood that would be shed on the Cross because of the betrayal of the men and women of those times who followed on the Via Crucis and on the Way.

“How many of those who followed Him witnessed the miracles?  Everyone abandoned Him; they denied Him, they said He was possessed, a drunkard and a glutton.  How many other things did they call Jesus –diabolical, demonized!  How many things have they said about the small creature [ Rosa ] who today is serving, leaving a piece of her heart in every moment of service to Jesus?  How many things do they say about everyone who God chooses to be apostles, the prophets of these times in which you are living?  

Crucial moments are coming for man.

“Today, the countries, all those peoples who are zealous in glorifying the antichrist in many places, who do everything they can to eliminate everything that is said about God, everything that is said about the Loving Mother, will end up destroying themselves.  The more they try to do this, they will end up destroying themselves, which will lead them to embrace idols, because out of embarrassment, they won’t be able to go to the holy places where God also manifests His Glory to bless His Church.    

“Today I ask you to pray for peace in the world, for the peace that still doesn’t exist.  Peace doesn’t exist.  Man has destroyed that true peace by adoring the antichrist and being governed by it through themselves.  The people will turn against their own governments.  Everything that was started by adoring the malignant one will turn against themselves and against their own peoples.

“Remember that when Jesus died on the Cross, the elements, the nature that is God, was shaken.  There were tremors, tornadoes and volcanoes.  The ocean, the sea will take back all that man has snatched away from it, the mudslides will destroy everything that man has built because man offends God by mistreating and humiliating the children.  They abandon them and violate them, and for all that, God will ask an account from each one of you.

“I’m going to stop now, so each of you can open your hearts and permit your Loving Mother to respond to your questions.  At this moment, forget the marvelous Rosary that you are praying for your Loving Mother.  Your Loving Mother is here and is speaking to you – listen.  He who has ears should listen to those who will now speak, because they can give testimony of Her and Him.  Amen.”

We did not continue to pray the Rosary because Our Lady wanted to answer questions from the people.  Many people asked questions and Our Lady answered them.  Two persons explained how they were cured of cancer after being anointed by the Holy Spirit through Rosa .  Another person explained how she survived a terrible accident after being blessed by the Holy Spirit through Rosa at the hospital.