Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

February 13, 2007


“My little ones, your Beloved Mother gives you Her blessing from the deepest part of Her Heart through the Well Beloved.  Remember that it is He Who brings Me to give each one of you the Message that He wants to give each of your children from the deepest part of His Heart. 

“Do not think that your Loving Mother is happy today.  No, She is not happy; your Loving Mother is not happy.  Her Heart is full of sadness for every blow She receives from Her children in Her Immaculate Heart.  My Beloved Jesus has His Arm raised.  His Arm is up towards the Infinite, where there is no time or hour, where time is only governed by the Divine Spirit of God.  That Blessed and Loving Hand, is full of wrath, even though your Mother tries to hide the aberrations that Her children in the world commit, not only with their brothers in faith, but also with the Holy Eucharist. 

“For a long time Jesus has permitted your Loving Mother to come, guided by the Divine Spirit, Who is He, Himself.  You do not understand that the Divine Spirit searches each one of your hearts and reads them, and that many times My little one has told you that God has a picture of each of you in His Heart and that He truly knows how you are.  It is only He Who gives you the opportunity to rectify when you commit one of the great aberrations that can exist in the hearts of men: sins of the tongue, gossiping about your brethren, jealousy.  It is because of jealousy that Jesus, the Well Beloved, was crucified.  One of His followers betrayed Him and handed Him over.  If he had repented, My Well Beloved would have forgiven him.  Even though He was dying on the Cross, My Well Beloved would have absolved him from all his sins. 

“The Holy Spirit, My little ones, is the One Who guided all the great prophets of history throughout the Old Testament.  During those times, they did not have the technical advances that exist today to write the great messages that God gave the great prophets, but there was papyrus and the skin of lambs they used to kill to thank God and consecrate all who walked with Him.  Everything was written with small pens that were made from bird feathers.  They knew how to preserve the Old Testament. 

“In the New Testament, the Son of God Made Man by the Holy Spirit, entered the Virginal, Immaculate Womb of your Loving Mother as a Divine Spirit, and He left that Womb as a Divine Spirit, making Her the Mother of the Living Eucharist, Who is Jesus.  Your Mother walked as if suspended and carried that small Creature in Her Virginal Womb, Who was the Light that would illuminate the world so men could follow that Light.  At that time, your Celestial Father was conceived in the Womb of your Mother to become the blessed Fruit, so that after dying on the Cross, He could became the Holy Eucharist and you could repent of every bad thing you may have in your hearts.  Through that Eucharist, He was taken to the people of the ancient world and also to this modern world of men who are apostates and deniers of the Truth.  My little ones, do you know what the word apostate means?  I will tell you.  Apostates are those who, although they know the Light and were baptized in It, they leave It and separate themselves from It by embracing other religious cults that have nothing to do with the Well Beloved. 

“Men of today don’t want to hear anyone talking about God, Jesus or Mary.  Even the columns that support the temples of the Well Beloved are collapsing.  They have removed the saints from the sanctuaries, the ones who truly sacrificed their lives for Jesus, the ones who followed Him and made those who did not know Him become guided by the Spirit to proclaim the Truth of what’s written today in the Sacred Scriptures, which men dare to change as they want and for their own convenience.  When a pastor who guides the flock of the Well Beloved denies the existence of those saints who are venerated by all humanity and removes them from the sanctuaries, they are also removing and denying Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.  When a pastor I left to guide the flock gives men the Holy Body in the Bread, I’m not talking about the Wine and the Blood that is only given to some creatures, and he gives It to men in their hands, he is profaning the Body of the Well Beloved.  When you receive Him from women who have their menstrual periods, the pure blood that comes from their bodies; when you receive Him from those who serve on the altar and are married and not consecrated exclusively to the service of the altar and the priest, you are committing an aberration of the Truth of what is written.  Only the priests, as you call the shepherds of today, are the ones whose hands are consecrated to give you the Sacred Body of the Well Beloved; only these.  Men should kneel before that Sacred Bread so they could be sanctified by the Body and Blood of Jesus.

“You know that the Wrath of God will fall upon man and that afterwards, filled with horror and shame, they will run around without finding any place to pray.  That is why your Mother has always said, ‘Come close to the sanctuary that is consecrated to Jesus, to the great apparitions sites of your Loving Mother around the world that will remain open as refuges for all who repent and who will come with their faces red with shame to kneel before the One Whom they denied and did not believe.’

“Jesus will continue to send great signs in the sky, in the wind, in the sea, which will recover all that men have taken from them.  Mudslides will continue everywhere.  The volcanoes will awaken, warning men that their wrath will fall upon the surrounding towns. 

“Pray, pray for all the visionaries in the world, those who are the ones who today bring the Messages of the Celestial Father through His Beloved Son and your Loving Mother.  Come close to where He is in the Eucharist.  Always remember, do not open your hands, but open your mouths and bend your knees to receive the Eucharist so you do not continue to offend the Well Beloved and so He will have compassion on you.  Your Mother cannot hold back the Well Beloved’s Arm of Justice.  My little ones, prayer is the only thing that remains.  Remember, there are three very important things in which God glorifies Himself:  Faith, Hope and Love with Charity.

“I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  My little ones, I love you.”