Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

December 13, 2007


“My little creatures, how many things have to happen so your Loving Mother can come close to you and bring you the Message that the Beloved Jesus prepared today for each of His creatures!  Today I bring a Message of love for each of you so you can receive it in your hearts and so through it you can glorify the Well Beloved, Who suffers so much for each one of you.

“Many things await man, this incredulous and apostate humanity.  You have to prepare each of your hearts to receive what you have made.  This world is full of people of little faith of little hope.  This incredulous humanity is where men destroy each other as if they lived in a jungle, where many times the animals are more intelligent than man, who was made by God in His own image.

“Your Loving Mother has been coming to warn you for a long time in all the places where Her Beloved Son is glorified, so that you will prepare yourselves for the great events that are coming to humanity.

“You have to know that Latin America will convulse.  I have told you that the rock that resembles the head of the evil one will crumble and that many others will crumble after it. [ Rosa is referring to dictatorships.]  Many towers of Babel will collapse; many persons will have to suffer in agony because of the apostasy that governs humanity today.  Latin America will convulse and you will see how many heads will roll within that convulsion; you can’t imagine it. 

“I have been announcing for a while:  remember that prophecies are not for the day they are given, because there is no date or time [in heaven], but each of you who are here in this place will witness how those heads will roll in your countries which are convulsed by the antichrist and by evil.

“Great catastrophes will continue to occur, not only in Latin America , but also here in your own backyard [the United States ].  Nature will continue to punish man for each of the abuses that he has committed against it.  You will see how the ocean will overflow in time and out of time and will demolish many places.  Tornadoes will occur out of time and there will be rain and hail of unimaginable size.  There will be death and disaster in this country, but there will also be death and disaster in your Latin America .

“The heads of those who are guilty of the anti-Christian activity that currently prevails within humanity will roll.  Great illnesses that can be cured will end the lives of people, because the seven plagues are being poured over the world.

“You have to prepare yourselves with food, as I have told you before.  Prepare yourselves with food that will not rot in your homes. 

“The abuses will continue among the young ones, there will be many crimes committed by them and to them, because society does not respond to the calls of the creatures that need good teaching and care.

“Your Mother tells you on this day:  Don’t be afraid; walk in the Light.  Each of you should carry the cross that God gave you and you should not renounce it.  That cross will accompany you in life and on the road towards the Rapture so you won’t see the evil that will occur in humanity.

“Pray, My little ones.   Don’t become tired of praying in the sanctuaries where the pastors are, those whom I left to advise man that God is not only Love, but also Justice, and that God will make each of you pay for what you have sown. 

“You don’t get roses from cacti and you don’t pick flowers from the mud that will inundate humanity from the great mudslides because of the great abuses against the little creatures whose innocence is killed before they reach puberty.  Man will pay for each of those creatures who are sexually abused, those whose innocence is killed before they can walk and before they can understand what is happening to them through the fault of their parents for not raising their children under their wings like the hens who shelter their chicks.

“Pray.  Great signs will appear in the sky.  Be watchful for those signs that I have spoken about.  When you see them in the sky, great disasters will occur on the earth and you will not be able to avoid them.

“Your Mother does not have to cry tears of blood or shed oil through Her images all over the world, because up above, there is no suffering, only Light.  But your Mother cries and suffers for each of Her children in the world, for each one who offends Her, for each one who tries to destroy the image of the Mother of God Made Man, the Mother of the Word Made Man and Spirit. 

“Pray, and when you see the Wrath of God being poured out, don’t look out of the windows or doors.  God does not like you to see His Wrath.  Cover up all the cracks through which you could see the Wrath.  It’s much better to bend your knees and pray so you will be able to bear what is coming for man; man is afraid to talk about it.

“I have always told you that the little one [ Rosa ] is delicate, but your Mother will not leave you unprepared because of this.  She [Rosa] was born to bring the Message of Love and Reconciliation to each of you and as long as she’s alive, she will continue to be the receptacle of your Loving Mother so you can prepare yourselves for the events that will occur and that you will be witnesses of.

“Pray, pray for this country and see how Jesus trembles on the Cross as He carries the Cross of all who refuse It, because they are ashamed of wearing It around their necks.

“I bless you, My little one and observe.  Observe that the signs of the times are coming close to mankind.  Everything will occur.  Even though you don’t see them at this moment, they will arrive and surprise you like a thief in the night, without you even suspecting them.  They will surprise you.

“In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen, amen, amen.”