Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

August 13, 2007


“My little creatures, how much effort is needed to arrive at this small place that you elevate and enlarge the Heart of your Mother with your presence!  How much suffering I bring you when I come, but also how many blessings!  How many blessings from the Well Beloved for each one of you!

“Remember that it is the Divine Spirit Who makes your Mother appear.  You cannot see Him, as you cannot see the wind or feel it or touch it.  She is with each one of His children, those who truly honor Her and do not offend Her. 

“Today I bring you a special Message.  You need to live the faith of the Well Beloved, the One Who, at the Cross and while carrying His Cross, also carried each of your sins.  You do not know what an apparition means, the sacrifice that the Spirit of Truth makes this small creature [ Rosa ] commit.  You come here looking for the faith that from the bottom of your hearts, the Well Beloved has planted in each one of you.  Faith what cannot be seen, but what you hope for.  It is through faith and not through obedience that each human being is always obliged to keep quiet so as not to hurt or offend other creatures who do not truly come close to Jesus through your Mother.

“No one has ever seen the Celestial Father, no one, not even the great prophets of the antiquity.  I communicate the Messages that I bring you through internal revelations that begin in the interiors [of the visionaries] as groanings until they come out of their mouths.  In this same way, the great prophets of the antiquity had the faith of the One Who freed them from slavery through the desert, but many of them remained behind and only four reached the Promised Land because of their faith.  The rest of those who remained behind did not have the faith to reach it.  They did not believe in anything that Moses explained to each one of them so many times. 

“Faith, My little ones, is something marvelous and untouchable that you feel in your hearts so that God can reveal Himself to each of you at the moment that the coming of the Savior of Humanity is being prepared for this apostate, incredulous and evil humanity that lets their hearts become penetrated by the head with seven horns, who instills envy, evil, ambition and lack of charity in each one of you.  Those who do not have faith cannot have charity.  Only those who have faith have been given the gift of charity in order to take it to all who are dispossessed, not by God, but by man himself, who plants hunger, injustice and illnesses made in laboratories in order to leave the creatures created by God defenseless.  One day God said:  ‘I regret having created those men who are so full of indifference, so lacking in faith, so full of evil, and who are capable of making a golden calf in forty days and adoring it as if it was God Himself.’

“Today, God reveals Himself everywhere in the world.  He sends the great Evangelizer everywhere, Who is your Celestial Mother.  She is hated, despised, offended and hurt by many, just as the Church, who is each one of you, is hurt. 

“When you receive Baptism, you become sanctuaries of God Himself. 

“You are living in difficult moments of apostasy that are caused by those who separate themselves from the true Way that Jesus came to bring to you through His Life, His Passion and His Death, a vile death on the Cross that occurred while He was betrayed by those who followed Him and saw His miracles.  Today’s miracles are made by little creatures who have no knowledge of the Divine Laws and who are capable of serving as instruments through Her Hands and Her prayers so that many can receive healing.  Each one of you who comes to receive what your Mother brings must have faith in what can’t be seen.  I know that many are observing the little one [ Rosa ].  Close your eyes, fill your hearts with that faith and feel that your Beloved Jesus is at your side waiting for you to rest your head on His Chest so He can give you what you ask for in your hearts.

“When you want your Celestial Father to listen to you, close your eyes and imagine that Jesus is before you.  Put your head on His Knees and He will touch your head and give you the blessing and the healing that you long for.  I tell you, hope is expecting God to make the miracle of healing for those who are sick, of receiving that amount of dinarii that you need to be able to pay off the critical situations that you are going through, of expecting that Jesus will come one day and receive all the repentant hearts of each of His children with open Hands.  Hope is raising your eyes towards Him and returning to the Sacred Sacrament of the Altar where He is truly present in that little Bread.  It is hoping that all the pastors that the Well Beloved shelters in the Sanctuary will rejoice while giving the Sacred Eucharist to each of the sheep who are on their knees after having confessed with that same pastor I left to intercede for each one of you. 

“Bend your knees and humble yourselves.  Be humble, confess and receive Communion in your mouths and not in your hands, because if you, even though your Mother has been telling you this throughout the world, do not repent from taking Him in your hands, which are full of the sin of the mammon of the world, God, Who is Jesus, will continue to pour out His Justice upon the earth in nature and in the sanctuaries where the pastors, who should honor that Body and that Blood, are profaning Him by giving Him to His servants in the hand as if He was a piece of cookie or bread. 

“I warn you, as I have been doing all this time, that evil will manifest itself in airplanes, interrupting flights through that little apparatus that many times is the one that guides those birds that fly while the others sleep and rest.  Those great computers, as you call them, of airplanes, trains, buses and tunnels through which My little ones commute, will cause destruction and death in the society of this world because of the disobedience, only because of the disobedience, of man for not wanting to return to the Old Rite of the Mass that truly honors the Body and Blood of the Well Beloved on the Altar.  Make sacrifices and bend your knees before Him; if not, your Loving Mother will continue walking in other places where you will listen to the Message and share it will others or take it to your homes and teach your children to respect the Divine Law.

“I leave you now, but before this, I warn you that great events will come to humanity.  Up above, there is no hour or time, neither night nor day, and as a thief in the night, the Well Beloved will come and touch your hearts so that when you open them He will be able to enter.  Remember that if you do not open your hearts, neither you nor the ones He chose to bring the Word through the Sacred Scriptures will ever be able to see the Face of Jesus anywhere.

“When the little one [Rosa] stops feeling the presence of your Mother and you finish the Rosary, she will teach you what the Well Beloved says for these End Times that you are witnessing in the only Church that the Lord left when He said to his apostles at Pentecost, forty days after He ascended: ‘Go throughout the world, form the Church and evangelize.  Lay your hands on the sick and in My Name, they will receive healing, if you have faith.’

“I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”