Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

April 13, 2007


Locution:  Mary comes appearing all over the world to give man the Teachings that today are not given in the Church that He left so that you would listen to the Word through the Sacred Scriptures.  God chose His children and His people.  He chose them on the day of the crucifixion; that is where He knew who walked with Him and who cried for Him.  He chose and saved those people when Israel , Jerusalem , was destroyed.  He chose not only His children, but also His priests, whom He calls pastors, not priests, to graze His sheep.  Today, man does not want to believe that those priests are prepared to guide the flock.  Therefore, because of the circumstances we live in, the priests also are being contaminated with the aberrations of the world:  incredulity, evil, hatred and little faith.  They do not believe in anything.

Today, the Church has been contaminated because they have allowed other religious cults that nothing to do with what Jesus left to us, to enter into It.  That is not to say that there isn’t anyone in those cults who truly serves the Lord.  God is for the whole world.  God is One Divine Spirit Who guides all men. 

In Baptism, God gives the Holy Spirit that penetrates your hearts.  No one should be ashamed of that Divine Spirit Who is conceived in you through a Call.  When Jesus calls a priest, He does it through the Virgin Mary.  That is why priests are called Oblates of Mary and are faithful in service to Her.  Not everyone receives the gift of listening to His Voice, of hearing His revelations; not everyone.  Those who don’t receive that Divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit can’t understand what it is, and since they don’t receive it they turn against Marian apparitions in many places of the world.

The Virgin has the Power that is given by God of appearing to each one She calls to the service of Jesus.  No one can explain a Marian apparition.  My little ones, no one can do it.  Marian apparitions are something sublime, something that has no flesh; it’s only a Divine Spirit that forms the Body of Mary in a cloud that no one can touch.  She speaks to us of everything that Jesus indicates to Her, calling His children to a total conversion.  Everything has to be through the Marian apparitions.

The Virgin:  “Each one of you has a mission to accomplish during these times.  You have to respect the Cross that many deny and do not dare to show, because for man, It is an aberration.  You have to venerate the Cross that signifies sacrifice, the sanctity of Him, Who gave everything for each one of us.  Do not deny the Cross; during these times, those who carry and venerate the Cross of the Well Beloved will be blessed.  You must love and respect the Cross; you cannot carry the Cross without loving It and without saying, ‘Thank you, Lord, for carrying Your Cross.  Thank you, Celestial Father, because of this life you have given us, for this sentiment of love that our Mother has awakened in each of His children so we can adore It in the Sacrament of the Altar.’

“Today I have surprised you, not only you, but also the little creature [Rosa], who speaks to you about the significance of Marian apparitions so you will understand that everyone receives in their hearts the Words of our Father through our Loving Mother and many times through Jesus, the Well Beloved.

“Those who kiss the Cross three times a day are saying, ‘Jesus, if you are with me, who is against me?’  That is the faith of you, the Christians, those who receive Baptism in the Holy Spirit through the priest and not through men who do not use the habit and who are not consecrated to God. 

“It is faith if you say, ‘I have faith, I believe in Jesus and His Gospel.’  You must remember that that faith must be accompanied by charity, lots of charity.  Faith without charity, faith without works, is not faith.  It signifies that you are empty, that your hearts are empty and that you do not know what it means to say, ‘I have faith.’  You must say, ‘I have faith and I have works,’ but Jesus says through our Blessed Mother, ‘Do not hold your works in front of you, because then I cannot see your hearts when you approach Me.   If you truly have that faith and that charity, they must be accompanied by hope.  If any of you perform a work of charity, you must do it with the most infinite faith and the most detached love, so God can multiply that charity.

“I want to say to each of My little ones, that each of you has to help the people of Jesus, those who come to the churches, to the temples; you have to help the priests, the pastors I left to guide you to the Path of Light, so they will return to that Path.  No one, not even the priests, can divert the faith of even one of My little creatures who comes to the places where our Loving Mother gives blessings as a gift to each of you.  The Well Beloved says, ‘Go throughout the world, preach My Gospel, impose hands, perform healings, because today the pastors I left do not impose hands on the sick or go to the hospitals to see the terminally ill so they could give them faith in a new life, not only on earth, but in eternity.  Only the elderly nuns can take the Sacred Eucharist and replace the pastors.  Men who have women and children cannot give the Sacred Eucharist or take It out of the tabernacle and they cannot Baptize; only the priests.’

“My little ones, open your eyes.  Everything has been said in the world, everything will come to pass, everything is happening now: daily crimes against innocent creatures; you will see more volcanoes awaken, you will see more earthquakes in the world, you will see countries revolve in their wickedness, trying to impose the system of the antichrist that will govern the world for seventy-two hours.  But this will not be the end of evil, because God will [eventually] come to rescue His Church and His true priests. 

“The predictions of your Loving Mother and the Well Beloved should not cause panic; I only come to warn you to be prepared for what is approaching.  The punishment will come if the path of the malignant one that corrupts humanity today isn’t stopped and if the you continue to follow the antichrist; and if that antichrist continues converting the people and the nations, the great depression will arrive and you will need to have money so you can buy the food that will be depleted in all places.  You are living with a brutal terrorism that contaminates everything so that no one can survive.

“Pray, pray for the Church, pray for yourselves, pray for your children, for your countries, for your governments, pray for the little creatures who are taken by parents and friends within two weeks of being born so they can satisfy their sexual desires; these are little creatures who do not know what is being done to them.  

“You are receiving information beforehand about the things that are approaching.  Remember today that all families are against their own families.  Sons are against fathers, fathers are against sons.  All of humanity is living in a brutal rebellion and all of this is in the Sacred Scriptures.  All that you are living through today is written in the Sacred Scriptures.  Today, the visionaries who receive the gift of healing – they are not the ones who are healing, but God through Jesus, His Beloved Son – have to take the place of those priests who refuse to go to a place of apparition.  But man will have to give an account of all of this to God.

“Do not be afraid; your Celestial Father is calling.  Fill all the temples and make the priests change their attitudes with your attitude of making a single line where they give the Eucharist, and take It only from your priests.  Bend your knees and take It in your mouth, and when they don’t want to give It to you, those whom Jesus chose so that in His Name and for His Name they could give you the Sacred Eucharist, they will feel ashamed and will have to return to the True Path, which is Jesus in the Father, in the Son and in the Holy Spirit.  Do not take the Eucharist in your hands.  Every time you take the Eucharist in your hands it is an aberration and you are crucifying Jesus again.      

“Blessed be His Holy Name, through Him, with Him and in Him.  Amen.”