Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

September 13, 2006


“The Virgin says that those who deny the Crucifixion are denying the Redemption.  Jesus tells us through the Virgin Mary that He will revive all of us at a determined time.  There are three ways that you can be sure to be counted in the congregation of the Lord: belief in God, going to Confession and going to Communion.  If you don’t go to Confession before the shepherds the Celestial Father left to pardon each of your sins, you can’t receive Communion.  If you don’t take Communion and you act as if you were at a restaurant and you don’t eat, you will remain hungry. 

“The same will happen in the Church that your Celestial Father left so that each one of you will bend your knees and recognize that there is only one baptism for the forgiveness of sins, only one faith where you can rejoice in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and in the Eucharist of that same Heart where His Blood was shed for each of you for the salvation of the world and for man, who is revealing himself at this moment as being against everything divine, everything that signifies following Jesus Christ.

“Follow Jesus, My little ones.  It’s very important, but difficult to follow the Path of your Celestial Father, who through the Virgin Mary, tries to bring you to the Path of Love.  God gave each of you free will to choose the path that you want to follow.

“I have come to warn you, through all times, that difficult moments are approaching humanity and that each one of you will be responsible for all of your own acts, and that the time is shortened day by day when you will see not only the Love, but also the Divine Justice of the Father fall over all the world.

“The Celestial Father has had patience, waiting for man to change his way of thinking, his way of acting.  No one wants to sacrifice anything to follow Jesus.  Following Jesus means wearing His Sandals and following in His Footsteps with the Armor of the Holy Divine Spirit, Who accompanies those who know how to renounce everything that surrounds them and to forget whatever they leave behind, because He will forgive that abandonment.

“He will take care of all who renounce themselves to follow the Path that He has indicated.  The small creature whom the Well Beloved has used for so long in this place and in all parts of the world to take the Messages to us, doesn’t want to be convinced that she is only an instrument and that she can’t direct the Divine Spirit of God.  The Spirit will come when she least expects it.

“I will rejoice in the hearts of all who are in this place and in those who are far away.  I command everyone to go two by two from all places to serve the Well Beloved.  Everyone who leaves all they are tied to in order to follow the Path that He has recommended will be blessed by God.  There are many who don’t want to follow Christ because they have to renounce the material things they have in their homes, in their consciences, in their hearts.  They are in all the world and they can’t serve two masters: the world and God.  You have to accustom your hearts to what is of God, the First and the Last for each one of you.  Not even one hair on your heads can move if your Celestial Father doesn’t will it.

“I tell each one of you that you must be kneeling with your hearts before the Lord of Lords because of all the events that are expected for the world.  Many of you will be witnesses of those things that will come, because God has a Long and Powerful Hand and when He lets His Justice fall, it will fall upon everyone, the good and the bad, the millionaires and the poor, the sick and the healthy.  Remember the parable of Jesus when He said, ‘You can’t pull the weeds out from the wheat, because you will damage what is alongside it, which is the good grass.’

“Thus is God with the world and with man.  He sends the Divine Spirit to each person who comes to this place to honor and glorify the Lord and your Loving Mother.  You will receive what you came looking for.  Each of you makes requests in your hearts and if you come with faith, your Loving Mother will search your hearts through My Eyes in your eyes; nothing is hidden, Jesus sees everything.

“Today I want you all of your hearts to be united in prayer, in an unceasing prayer for peace, for that peace that has never been able to prevail in man.  At times, God asks, ‘Why have I made man in My Image, if he has never been in agreement with what God has left in the Old and New Testaments, where the Truth is found and where not even a dot can be changed from those ancient Books?’

“Today, all the Sacred Scriptures have been contaminated and changed.  But those persons from the past who preserved them and did not ruin those Sacred Scriptures where the Truth lies, can be compared to some who are walking in the world today.

“After you pray Mary’s Rosary, I want to indicate to you some signs that are in the Sacred Scriptures so man can see how many ways there are to be wrong in interpreting them.

“Pray.  Prayers can change any prophecy.  Remember that at the last vigil that we had here [September 8, 2006], it was said that there would be a great earthquake, but that the predictions could change.  Thus it was; there was a gigantic earthquake that included this State [ Florida ], but the Virgin covered us with Her Mantle and the tidal wave [tsunami] that had been prepared to destroy many parts of the place where you are now, did not arrive.  [On September 10, 2006, a 6.0 earthquake occurred in the Gulf of Mexico that was felt from Texas to Florida and as far north as North Carolina.  It occurred on a fault that scientists did not know existed before the event.]

“You must pray abundantly for the freedom of those countries that are under the slavery of the antichrist, because he destroys peace in each of those places, where there are so many deaths and so many accomplices.

“In the Rosary, all of you must ask for those millions [of dollars] that man spends to investigate where he has no need to investigate, that it is spent on ending hunger in Africa, in India, in Haiti and in all of your countries that are full of unscrupulous rulers to whom we lend money, but who receive it and use it for their own satisfaction and not for the works for which it has been given; those millions that are spent on themselves and not on their people.

“Many people who are here today are suffering from problems with their sight.  Those persons must put in their eyes their own saliva, before they wash out their mouths.  They must put it in their eyes and then take the water that is in the miraculous fountain and wash their eyes with that blessed water; then they will see miracles.  These are the miracles for which your Mother comes, brought by the Lord so you can rejoice in Their Love.

“At this time, I will stop giving the locutions to My little one.  Remember always that the signs you see in the sky will convulse the earth and also remember the feelings that men have with their mates, their children, their neighbors and their fellow citizens each time there are signs in the sky.  There are telluric movements in the world; there are floods, mudslides, snow that falls from the sky before it’s time and after it’s time.

“Unite yourselves in the Love of Jesus in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar and pray for the priests.  The Church is living in the greatest schism in its history and no one realizes it.

“You are seated on a powder keg and you do not know when it will explode, because God gives neither a time nor an hour, and neither will He warn you.  He will surprise you in the night, when you are not prepared.

“I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”