Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

November 13, 2006


“My little ones, your Loving Mother wants to tell you that on this day, My Heart cries bitterly for all of the children who are separated and far away from the Holy Sacrament of the Altar at the church.  They don’t go to church; they turn their backs on the servants of God on earth, those through whom Jesus can forgive you when you confess and take Communion from them.  

“This time has been difficult for your Loving Mother to appear because the malignant one surrounds this place and all places of apparition in order to take souls and to prevent the interpretation of the Messages that your Mother wants to give to you.

“Repent; visit the Holy Sacrament.  Pray with Him, Who is abandoned in a small room and Whom no one remembers is there to pardon you and listen to you, so you can open your hearts to the Message your Loving Mother brings.

“The world will not end.  Everyone needs to return to bending their knees before the Holy Sacrament of the Altar so God can listen to you.  He is separated there; abandoned by everyone, even by His own servants.

“Many of the small creatures don’t sacrifice anything to come to an apparition.  They don’t know when or if they will be able to take refuge in a Holy place. 

“This land is convulsed and full of atheists, unbelievers, sinners, sorcerers, witches, adorers of charts, adorers of stars and the moon.  They arrange protection for themselves in order to be saved without knowing that when Jesus was crucified on the Cross, He took on all your sins; but you continue sinning.

“In every apparition, God chooses His people, His priests, His nuns, His servants.  He selects and He tests the hearts of each person who comes, not only at this place, but at all the places of apparition in the entire world.  He wants the eyes of men to turn to Him and to repent of all the things that they are doing so He could listen to you when the moment of tribulation comes, when the bad herb grows together with the good and He has to take away both the bad and the good. 

“He will put at His right hand those who truly endured the suffering, insults, aberrations and denials of God; all those will be seated at His right hand.  At His left in Gehenna, will go all who don’t see the suffering of the Well Beloved on the Cross and on Calvary, those who dared to abandon Him to follow other paths, hoping to see another luminous star that would guide them to the true path.  That will be the moment when God will surprise each one of you in whatever you are accustomed to be doing.

“My little ones, man doesn’t believe in anything that the Celestial Father brings so He could bless them, so He could deliver the Message He offers so that before Him, knees will bend.

“You don’t understand the Marian apparitions.  Everything that is written in the Sacred Scriptures has been fulfilled.  All that has already been written has been written.  Nothing is left to be fulfilled.

“The world will not come to an end, but the generation of apostates and deniers of God will end.  The great epidemics that today invade the bodies of My little creatures in those great hotels they call hospitals, that are full of children and the youth, infect their blood with bacteria that will never be controlled.  Until they turn their eyes to God and become true medical workers, those whom God gives the intelligence to make an oath with Him to save the bodies and souls of the people, the bacteria will continue in people and in the hospitals and nursing homes.  Man must turn his eyes to the old medicines, which are the ones that will save the world.

“God gives to man millennial medicine and the intelligence to use it, so that with the herbs that are in natural medicines in all the places of great vegetation, with the great barks and roots, they will know that they are to be used to save all kinds of sicknesses, but man has discarded them and contaminated them.

“Your Mother assures you that the moment will come when you will respond to a true exhibition of faith before the Lord of Lords and you will humble yourselves, bend your knees and dressed in sackcloth, you will repent of each of the errors you have committed in your homes, in your lives and with your children. 

“The children will continue to pay the consequences of the great errors and evils of humanity because the mothers today compete with their life partners.  Today they don’t call them spouses because each of them approaches their partners as animals approach theirs.  They don’t look for men in order to form a home and to marry before God, but they look for partners to pair themselves up with.  For this reason there are so many children who are displaced, who far away from their homes, because they don’t have anyone to respect or anyone to obey.  Blessed are the wombs that give birth and who know how to educate [their children], because the Sacred Family is what they want to be.  The Sacred Family will bless those homes and will not permit the malignant one to gain entrance to them.

“Pray for the little one [ Rosa ] and for everyone who will travel with her as pilgrims to that small country [ Ecuador ], where God glorifies His Name through her ignorance.  She doesn’t know anything; she is surprised by everything, but there will be many more things that will surprise her because she follows Jesus.  The Divine Spirit is touching the doors of the hearts of each human being so they will open them up and invite them to enter their homes, together with Jesus.

“On this day I advise you not to forget that each one of you should make a small chapel in your homes that is dedicated to the Lord of Lords, to the Crucified One, to the Virgin Mary, to the Sacred Family, to the Divine Child, so that each home, through the merits of the infancy of Jesus, will take care of the small creatures, because the moment will come when no one will be able to go to the churches to ask for pardon because the pastors I left to guide the flock will be dispersed and you will have to resort to that chapel in your homes to pray in your families, to pray and venerate and give glory to the Celestial Father, Who is Jesus Himself, the One Who died for you on the Cross and Who rose on the third day so you will know that death is not the end of life, but the beginning of light with Him.

“Before I go, your Mother will touch everyone who is sick and in need because Jesus is at My side with the Crown of Thorns for all of you who are suffering.  It depends on you whether Jesus continues to rise from the dead in each of your hearts.  It depends on you whether Jesus continues to suffer on the Cross.  Educate your creatures in the love of God and in respect for the Virgin, Who is your Loving Mother.

“My little ones, I leave you with a special blessing on this day when all the angels are concentrated to remove the malignant one from being in this place. 

“Remember, each one of you, that all the saints are intercessors for each one of you.  Each time you pray, mention your preferred saint and ask him to intercede for you, because there will come very difficult times for humanity, for the homes and for men.

“I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”