Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
March 13, 2006


“My little ones, My beautiful creatures, your Loving Mother works hard today to reach this small place where your Loving Jesus gives you the privilege of allowing your Mother to give you the Message that He saves in His Heart for each of His creatures.

“Your Mother speaks in different places of the world to try to convert the small creatures that are far from the Sacred Heart of the Well Beloved.

“Man does not comprehend the greatness that the prayers of the Rosary contribute to allowing the Loving Mother to appear and bless us and manifest the glory of the Well Beloved in this place.

“Today many persons have come, many children who are away from the true significance of this time.  This time is a time of prayer and hope, that waiting period when the Well Beloved was tested in His Truthfulness, in His Mysticism, in His Sacred Spirituality as the Son of God.  He was tempted and is being harshly tempted now so He can demonstrate to the malignant one that the Well Beloved truly exists.  He is Truth, He is Light, He is Power, He is Glory and He is Wisdom, to help the small creatures who do not understand what is written in the Sacred Scriptures. He speaks to us through revelations, through locutions that the Loving Mother gives us so we will come closer to Him.

“The mystery of the Cross is a Divine mystery, it is when God, Who was converted into the Son, offers us His Blood, His Body, His Water that flows from His Fountain of Glory so you can nourish yourselves and be saved.

“Your Loving Mother suffers the same Calvary and rises spiritually to the lap of Jesus, Her Well Beloved on the Cross, for being the smallest of His servants who give Him honor and glory and She receives a gift from His Heart, which was wounded for all of you.

“Do not believe that Jesus died only once on the Cross, Jesus dies daily on the Cross each time one of His children moves away from Him and commits sexual aberrations, aberrations committed through abortion, aberrations committed each time an innocent one is murdered.

“Your Mother cries tears of blessed oil so that each one of you who touches them will receive Her blessing.  Jesus, My little ones, dies on the Cross each day in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar when man does not prepare himself by confessing and bending his knees before Him to receive His Body with dignity in the mouth and from the only ones who can give It, which are the priests, the shepherds that He left to guide the lost and wandering flock.

“Jesus, My little ones, dies on the Cross each day when He sees man going to the sacred temples and not giving respect to the hierarchy that priests truly deserve.  Through fear, they have to hide in the deepest part of their beings so they will not offend the brothers of other religious cults who attend the true Church where the Blessed Sacrament and His Body and Blood are exposed.  Everything has changed.  The temples are empty, the Cross is far from the altar and the priest gives the Body in the hands of the faithful who come to receive It.

“The Truth is written in the Sacred Scriptures.  Those who take the Sacred Eucharist indignantly take it for their own perdition and disgrace.

“No one understands the significance of the piece of bread that I offer you in the Holy Sacrament.  Each one of you condemns yourself when you take it improperly.

“You will witness everything that will come to the world at the End Times that are approaching humanity in gigantic steps. 

“Today you have converted this world into a world full of evil, avarice and apostasy.  After having been baptized at the altar of Sacrifice, you leave and embrace cults that do not truly speak through the Sacred Scriptures.  May all who have ears understand.  The time will come when you will receive what is written for the End of Times.

“Repent and turn your eyes to God through the Hand of your Loving Mother, Whom I bring for the joy of each one of you.  All of you who straighten your path and stop embracing the darkness will be saved and should not be afraid of anything, because nothing will happen to you.

“The Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world is sheltered in the Immaculate Womb of your Mother and came to the world to die on the Cross for the sins of each one of you.  I will ask for an account of each of your actions when you come to be in the presence of the Lord.

“Pray, pray, My little creatures.  Pray with your families, it is the instrument that you have to step on the head of the malignant one who rejoices in the hearts of human beings, trying to separate them from the True Church .

“Pray, pray with your families, unite with your children, with your spouses.  You don’t have to knock on anyone’s door, knock on the doors of the hearts of My little creatures who are already united and who will receive the true love that I bring through Him with each bead of the Rosary that you pray.

“Pray, My little ones.  Pray, pray, pray.”