Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

July 13, 2006


            “My little creatures, the Heart of your Loving Mother is crying tears of blood today for all the blood that is being shed in this world, which has been transformed into a war of terror and abuse.  Your Mother doesn’t know how to present Herself more in the world so men will believe.

            “Wherever your Mother appears, She brings Her pain and sorrow for the things that are happening to humanity.  In each of your hearts, you suffer the consequences of the evil of this apostate humanity that only thinks about death and about fulfilling all the ambitions of each of those men who govern this world.

            “Your Mother doesn’t stop crying, My little ones, for each of you.  Each of you suffers in your hearts from the weight of the cross that the Well Beloved carries for you.  You don’t want to hear your Loving Mother in all the places where She offers the Messages, so that in true recognition of each of your sins, you could save people with your prayers, the prayers that come truly from your hearts.  

            “Follow My Love, My Beloved Jesus, Who is carrying the crosses that each man puts on His Shoulders. Follow your Loving Mother, Who is insisting, touching each of your hearts so you will return to love, to the true love that Jesus wants from you so that one day you could find yourselves face to face with Him.

            “I have made a Call to you in all places: to open your hearts to love, to sacrifice, to prayer.  How can you believe that Jesus will give you the opportunity of pardoning men if men don’t bend their knees before Him?  Follow Jesus, Who is struggling along on His Feet, dragging along His Body and carrying your crosses, those you don’t want to carry.

            “Follow Jesus, Who is shedding His Blood there [in Israel ], where everything began and where everything will end because of the arrogance of man.  Follow the Way of the Cross of the Well Beloved, the Way of the Cross of your Loving Mother, that Way of the Cross that has not ended.  Your Mother has to continually touch your hearts so you will put aside your egoism, your ambitions and the apostasy of being baptized in the Light and then later denying it to embrace other cults that have nothing to do with the Well Beloved.

            “I assure you that none of you truly believes in your hearts anything of what is preached to you in all places.  Man will be abandoned in the same way that He has been left in the Sacrament of the Altar: apart, alone, waiting for someone to come and recall that He exists there, alone in a little room, when He should be at the center of the altar so that everyone will come and adore Him on their knees.

            “As long as man does not return to bending their knees and going to Confession so they can receive Communion from the apostles that He left to pardon each of your sins, the Well Beloved will not hold back His Powerful Hand from falling upon man so you can acknowledge that He is a God of Love but also a God of Justice, Who will ask for an account of the least deviation of your hearts from the faith.  He will remind each of you of what you have done since you were in the wombs of your mothers. 

“Jesus holds in His Heart a photograph of each one of you and of everyone in all places, those who come to test and to ask for proof and those who come and truly surrender their hearts in a true prayer of love and humility towards Him, the One Who gives everything and Who takes everything away.

“Today I bring you a very special Message.  Repent, so you can receive, with the love of God, the trials that are coming for man.  One day your Mother told you that this is the time of trials for man and for the Church.  The Church must return to her ancient rite; she must cease the dancing and the profanations towards the Sacred Eucharist so that God will not continue to make the columns of His temples tremble.

“Man lives only to hoard welfare and he only thinks about what he can obtain, but he doesn’t remember those who sleep on the banks of the rivers, those who are covered with plastic and who are hungry, those who are abandoned, the children who are aborted and thrown in the trash.  That is why Jesus will make His Powerful Hand fall on the world, and this has already begun.

“You will see what is approaching because of the disobedience of man.  Your Loving Mother reads your hearts and sees that many are tired of hearing the Message that She brings.   But I smile occasionally in My Heart and I ask you, isn’t it the same Message that the ancient prophets and the apostles of the Well Beloved brought two thousand years ago?

“Straighten your Path, straighten it and make an Act of Contrition, remembering each of the errors that you have made, just like those that the great prophets made, who were great sinners like the men of this world, like the apostles who Jesus uprooted from alcohol and from sexual aberrations to tell them:  ‘Follow Me and serve Me.’

“All who Jesus chose from the world when He was God and later when He was Son were great sinners and great abusers like Paul, who fell to the ground when he was called and touched his head to the desert sand and repented from all that he had done.  The prophets of that time were not saints either; they had both defects and virtues.  You also need to remember that the priests are not saints; they are men who He left and sanctified because they are Oblates of Mary.  They lead you to the Loving Heart of Jesus so they can pardon you when you confess to them and they consecrate you through the Sacred Eucharist.

“Always remember: in the world of the past and also of now, no one is a saint; now the saints are all in Heaven and those who are chosen on the earth must suffer the insults, scorn and abandonment that Jesus suffered in order to purify themselves and live as the Well Beloved lived.

“To finish, remember that your Mother told you that there is no faith without charity and that charity begins by everyone forgiving themselves in their own hearts and loving themselves so you can give love to others, because the times are approaching and will surprise you like the bridesmaids who were left without oil and who couldn’t wait for the light enkindled by the bridegroom.

“All who follow Jesus and your Loving Mother are betrothed to Jesus and Mary, and Jesus and Mary are jealous of those whom He chooses.

“I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”