Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
January 13, 2006


“Remember, all of you, the blessing of Jesus for all of His tribe, the tribe that He gathers in this place and in all the places of apparition around the world.  He gathers all His children, a chosen people, to reveal Himself through a small creature so men can return faith, love and charity for all men to their hearts. 

“Today the Virgin Mary says that all men who call themselves true Christians because they follow the Well Beloved are those who are baptized in the Holy Spirit through the waters of Baptism and by the Oblate pastors of Mary whom I left through the twelve apostles, so they could institute the true Church.  Those men baptized so you could receive the Divine Spirit of God in your hearts and open your hearts to the Light so you would no longer walk in darkness. 

“Those who separate themselves from the Light will be lost in the darkness and in the sands of the desert.  The world of today is a desert inhabited by beings who don’t have true devotion and who walk around as if they were zombies.  Remember Atlantis?  It disappeared because men turned other men into monsters without souls or hearts.  They invented all types of chemicals in order to make monsters, monsters that went throughout the world sowing pain, hunger and death. 

“Today I want you to listen, through the internal Messages of the little creature, so you can understand that many misfortunes will come to the world.  Everything will be multiplied, because instead of man inventing food and potions to cure and save lives, they invent drugs that kill the body.  But you will never be able to deaden or kill the souls of those who truly believe that God is the only One Who no one can imitate. 

“My Well Beloved says, ‘I give you wisdom so you can plant charity and love and so you can plant [crops] in the soil that you inherited from the Celestial Father to harvest the food that will nourish your bodies.’ 

“This is what My Well Beloved says:  ‘You celebrated many orgies in this year that just ended, but you did not celebrate the true feast of the Birth of the Light, the Birthday of the Well Beloved.  You did not bend your knees at the manger where the Divine Child was.  You only cared about distributing gifts and more gifts, but you did not concern yourselves with distributing the true gift, which is Jesus of Nazareth . 

“Persecution is coming to all men who believe in a God of love and justice.  They have killed the faith in many places of the world.  In the churches that I left, there are only a few who give the true teaching that they know and that is written in the Sacred Scriptures.  You know that God chose a people in exile and said to them:  ‘Remind your children, engrave in your minds and place on your foreheads the teaching that the day of justice will come at an appropriate time and at an inappropriate time; that the day of justice will come, the day when a Powerful God will manifest His true self, a God Who is love for all men, bad and good, white and black; for the whole human race.’  But He also said that He is a God of justice and that He will ask for an account from everyone at the end of time.

“Don’t think that it’s the end of the world.  It’s the end of a large part of humanity due to lack of food, because men are destroying the animals that nourish you and they are not inventing the medications in laboratories that would save those animals.  They prefer to exterminate them, even though many men and children are dying of hunger in many places.  Those animals that are being killed today will be needed tomorrow.

“God chose a people and He chose His priests, the Levites.  He told them: ‘You will serve at the altars and administer the blessings at the altars.  You will offer the sacrifice for forgiveness of sins because you are the ones who will receive the inheritance of My people.’ 

“The churches that celebrate the Latin Mass manifest the true angelic glory of God at the altar.  The true descendants of the Levites are there.  Today, modernism and anti-christianism has entered all the temples.  Today, no one bends their knees to receive the Sacred Eucharist.  After men see all the profanations that will be committed on the altars of His sanctuaries, what will then come to the world will make everyone bend their knees because the moment will arrive when only a quarter of humanity will be saved.  The ones who remain are for the glory of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. 

“My little ones, I call you all around the world.  Respond to the call, because the people of these times will throw down the idols that men have formed and will ask for an account from their governments.  There will be disturbances all around the world.  Landslides will occur in many places, volcanoes will awaken and there will be floods and lightning.  Remember, nature rebels against man and nature is God Himself. 

“When Jesus died on the Cross, all of nature tossed and turned.  The earth and the heavens opened up and the dead came out of their tombs.  The same will happen during these times.

“Open your hearts and listen to the Message. Repent and consecrate everything to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your Loving Mother, and to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.  Amen.”