Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

December 13, 2006


“My little creatures, your Mother’s Heart suffers when She sees the disobedience of man, the small creatures in this world where My Beloved Jesus gave you the Path so you could follow it and not deviate from it.  Your Mother suffers because all the creatures that the Well Beloved gave to Me to conduct to that Path of Light, deviate from it; they leave it.  The Well Beloved is left alone, as He was many years ago when they left Him abandoned on the Cross and when they didn’t care when My little creature Jesus was born in Nazareth when the Light was born into the world.

“Your Mother brought the Well Beloved, Who was conceived in Her Womb so that when He was born in the world, He would bring the Light to illuminate you and so you would no longer be in the darkness in which man lived more than 2,000 years ago.

“You all are consecrated when you venerate the Loving Mother under one advocation.  Advocation means that the Mother takes the appearance of the place where She appears.  The Holy Spirit is moving at this moment in this place.  Your Mother appears in the advocation of the person to whom She is appearing and of the place where She appears.

“Today there is only one Mother, the Mother of Jesus, under many advocations.  Your Mother doesn’t have only one face, your Mother has millions of faces.  She can be an ancient person with white hair and blue eyes or a brown-skinned person like the Virgin of Czestochowa , like an African, or She could be Chinese.  She could be a brown-skinned Indian like Our Lady of Guadalupe, the One you venerate, or like the Virgin of Charity, the Virgin of Cobre Who appeared to three men named John in the ocean to warn them about what was coming to that small country [ Cuba ].  The significance of the boat and the men in it is the equivalent of what is happening today when men leave that country in small boats, because that small country abandoned your Mother and God and took Them out of the hearts of the people.

“That is why terrible moments are happening today.  All those countries that today give praise to the antichrists who are dressed in fancy clothes and suits and ties, but embrace antichristianity, is what will provoke the great events that are coming to humanity.

“Many heads will roll in that convulsed America where there are many creatures who love the Virgin, but because of obedience to men, they separate themselves from Her and God, denying what is good and denying God in all places.

“Your Mother suffers for you, because My children do not embrace Jesus in the small manger of the cave where He was born, where I brought the Light that illuminated the world.  Everyone separates themselves; everyone leaves, just as they abandoned Him on the Cross and as they abandon Him today in the manger.  You don’t teach your children, your little creatures, the significance of that small Creature Who is the Light Who came to the world, the Baby, the Child, the Little One, Who with His smile, came to bring peace, love, faith and charity to the world so that all, united, would walk in the Light and would not embrace the darkness that your countries are embracing today.  You are denying Jesus and not bending your knees before the Holy Sacrament, that small Eucharist before which you should bend your knees and which you should not receive in your hands.

“You know that you should remember this day, engrave it in your hearts and mark it and write it in your minds so you will be witnesses of what will happen in America .  Instead of following the Light, men embrace darkness. 

Today I bring this Message of your Loving Mother through the little creature [ Rosa ] so I can bring it to you with the most infinite love, the love of God, so you will embrace the Light, leave the darkness and carry the Cross that each one of you is assigned to carry.

“You don’t know what it means to carry the Cross of Jesus of Nazareth .  You don’t know that during these times the malignant one governs man, and if you don’t bend your knees before Him, before Jesus, and if you separate yourselves from the Light, you will never find It again.

“I will leave you with this Message.  Pray in your homes, pray, pray.  Pray so that Jesus will listen to you.  He came to bring forgiveness, love, faith, hope and charity to man. 

“My little ones, each of you should embrace the Cross, which is also the Cross of Mary.  Even though you don’t believe it, She also carried the Cross.  She walks with you, by your side, listening to your petitions and your prayers. 

“Your Mother asks those who are sick to stay where they are seated, because the Holy Spirit will bless them and touch them.  Those who believe and have faith in their hearts will receive Him.

“Continue with the Rosary to your Mother, Who is the only one who can crush the head of the beast who is loose in the world.  Men will continue to multiply abuses against the children, whom the mothers don’t know how to protect.  Crimes will continue to multiply, along with aberrations, because I said that the malignant one walks around trying to see how many souls he can take away.  He disguises himself in many forms so he cannot be recognized.

“Pray for all the countries that are at war against Jesus and the Church.  Pray for the priests, those who are good and those who are bad, and for those who are alive and those who are in eternal sleep.  Pray in time and out of time, because the events that are coming to man are fast approaching so you will bend your knees before Him.  Many will be witnesses of those events.

“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”