Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

August 13, 2006

            “My little creatures, many of those small creatures who are found today in the wombs of their mothers and have not yet come into this convulsed world of criminals and assassins who prevent them from being born, are assassinated in the wombs of their mothers.  Those mothers are indiscriminately procreating creatures who didn’t ask to come into this world only to abandon them later, if they are even allowed to be born, or they abort them as if they were a piece of intestine that is in your womb when you abort.

            “There are many mothers who want children, but God does not give children to them.  God tests the creatures to see if they are converted to Him and good enough in that moment to receive the grace that God gives them, and then they forget that contract and obligation that they acquire from your Loving Mother.  You don’t know that the owner of each woman’s womb is your Loving Mother, Mother of the Eucharist, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Partner of the misfortunes of God on His Path of Sacrifice on earth through the Well Beloved.  There are mothers who don’t even kiss their children.

            “God gave a gift to you in the cave where the Light was born.  He gave you the wonder of procreating in order to form the sacred families that today are dispersed around the world.  Children are kidnapped, sexually abused, criminally abandoned, orphaned due to war; they are victims of the entire world.  Man does not understand, he doesn’t want to understand, that the Birth of Jesus is something sacred for humanity.  That is why God can’t bless those marriages of the same sex, because God made man and woman to procreate; there can’t be procreation between a man and a man or a woman and a woman.  That has been cursed by God since the time of Adam and Eve, whom He joined together after the original sin.

            “God destroyed men in the ancient times at Sodom and Gomorrha because they traded women and their male companions among themselves.  He cursed this and said to mankind:  I will transform man into woman and woman into man.  That is why I say, little ones, that those who fall into that divine curse and are born homosexual, are not to blame because they fell into that curse, but those who make themselves this way are called degenerate.  Avoid them, run away from those who could make you fall into that sin of living together with someone of the same sex, and I say the same thing to women.

            “Man will destroy himself through nature.  Every day they commit errors and they don’t know how to rise up from the mud and ask pardon from God.

            “For those of you who are in this place, even though there are few who come to hear the Message, everything has been said in the Sacred Scriptures.  There will be upheavals everywhere and everything will come together.  Those who have not walked in the Light and have not respected the Law will not know where to run to hide from Justice.

            “Everything has been written, nothing is hidden from God’s Eyes.  The moment will come for each one of you when you will have to give an account to your Celestial Father for each one of your sins, for each one of your faults, and those who do not approach the Holy Eucharist and the pastors whom I left to give you pardon, will have no reason to be saved.

            “Everything has been said, everything has begun.  Man is running in a reckless race towards his own destruction.  Everything that your Loving Mother has been saying for a long time in this place and in all the other places of apparition is that you must be prepared for the Justice that is coming for each one of you.

            “Look around you in the entire world, everything is convulsed, the antichrist wants to govern humanity.  Before that happens, many countries will fall before the Divine Justice for having denied God in the lives of their citizens, in their towns, in their hearts, in their temples, without respecting Him.  Remember that the malignant one is loose and that he barks and barks and will enter into each one of your hearts if you don’t cover yourselves with the Armor of the Holy Spirit and walk in the Footsteps of Jesus.

            “Jesus is your salvation, the salvation of the world.  Jesus will call you by your own names and there will be many who won’t hear that call.  They drift away, they drift away from the Truth, they drift away from love, they involve themselves in risks and skepticisms, they embrace false gods and tattoo their bodies with animals and reptiles.  They can’t be identified as men or women or whether they are beasts or human beings.  All those creatures take the mark of the beast on their bodies with each image that they make on those divine temples of God, each one of which they should respect.

            “Don’t cry like women when they are in labor and asking:  Lord, Lord, save me.  Jesus will answer: I don’t know you, I have never heard you give Me an expression of love, not in your homes, not in your temples, not in the sacristies, where there is perpetual adoration of the Body and Blood of the Well Beloved.

            “You are seeing how nature is charging a price for each wound that you have caused it.  The earth will continue to convulse, the oceans will rise up from the seashores and devour entire towns and volcanoes will continue to awaken from their sleep.

            “Until man returns his eyes to God, you will see how in a small country that has denied God, not only in the temples, but in the homes, that the hearts of the youth who were born in that small country will suffer the consequences of their abandonment of God, because a people without God is a people without a soul. 

            “A heart without love for God is a heart that can’t love anyone, not even your own children, because first you must love God above all things, you must love your neighbor as yourself, and you must never dishonor the Divine Spirit that comes to live in you when you are baptized.  Jesus died on the Cross to take away all your sins, but you have forgotten this and you allow yourselves to embrace other cults that have nothing to do with what is written in the Sacred Scriptures.  Open your eyes, wake up to the love that Jesus is offering you.  He is calling you from all places.  Honor Him, glorify Him, praise Him, ask Him for pardon through the Loving Mother, Who said yes to God so She could conceive the Divine Spirit in Her Virginal Womb so you could be saved.

            “Keep the memory of these words that I speak to you today in each of your hearts.  Times of tribulation are coming, times of tears, of gnashing of teeth.  Times are coming when each of you will have to take refuge in a place where you can adore the Well Beloved.  Difficult moments are coming when you will lack everything because man has destroyed everything to construct great consortiums, great sanctuaries where Jesus is not found. 

            “Jesus is in each heart, in each human being.  Open your hearts; let Him enter so He can direct your lives and the lives of your loved ones.  You don’t know if you will see again when they leave your homes.

            “Terrorism means not knowing where the enemy is; he could be right around your own homes.  There is a type of terrorism that you have not noticed, called urban terrorism, that occurs where each of you live.  It’s where those who rebel against society use drugs and confront destructive sicknesses in order to infect people who pass nearby, inserting them into the mail you receive.  You must be careful and consecrate yourselves and your children every day to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

            “Pray; prepare yourselves so Jesus won’t find you asleep in your vices and aberrations, in your lack of love and charity for all men.

            “I know, I read in your hearts that many of you are saying, ‘How long this is.  Jesus is talking for such a long time.’ Many of you don’t know what a Marian locution or a locution of Jesus is, but when you see the things that are coming to the world, you will remember this small place and the insignificant creature who lowers herself to allow your Celestial Father to talk through your Loving Mother, Whom God has loaned to you to save each one of you.

            “I know that you are tired of listening, but you will hear much more until you bend your knees and give glory to Jesus of Nazareth , that same Nazareth that man wants to destroy.  But when that place is touched, justice will fall on the world because of the destruction of the One Who came to bring the Light to all men in this world.  Amen.”