Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
April 13, 2006


“He was conceived so you could look at the Face that God doesn’t have.  You never see the Face of God, because God was made man in the Virginal Womb of Mary so that you could know Him one day.  How could the world and man know the Path of God if not through the apparitions of that Divine Spirit that guided all His people from Egypt through the desert who were prisoners of the Egyptians, working in slavery.

“If you don’t believe that what is written in the Sacred Scriptures is true, then why do you follow the Path that is written?  Today they say it’s true and tomorrow they say it’s not true.  You will have to bend your knees before the Celestial Father at all times in order to give thanks to the Lord and to glorify Him, but today you bend your knees before true aberrations, which are money, the mammon of idolatry and fornication.  Today, women lose their virginity as easily as if it was a dress that can be changed daily, and they don’t truly believe in anything that is pleasing to God.  Everything is a lie in the eyes of man and that is why the Celestial Father will one day come with His Wrath, His Just Wrath, to punish all those who have disobeyed what is written in the Sacred Scriptures.

“Today we are together in this place which is holy, not because the small creature [Rosa] has made it holy, but because it is God Who manifests His Grace in the small ones, in those who don’t know anything, in order to humiliate the great and powerful ones who truly mock what is happening in the entire world.

“If you don’t believe that what is written in the Sacred Scriptures is true, how can you ask [advice from] the pastors that I left to guide the flock that is lost and diverted towards cults and adorations that are not true?  We can ask, ‘Why have we been following the same teachings I left in the Sacred Scriptures for the past 2,000 years?’  True apostates are those who were baptized in the Light, know it, and then deny it.”

God the Father:  “By denying the truths of the Celestial Father, it is easier for man to believe that everything is a lie and that nothing that is written is true, because in order to believe in what you are listening to, you have to open your hearts so the Holy Spirit can enter and illuminate each one of you. Let the Well Beloved enter your hearts so with the Holy Spirit, He can make you feel the truth that is hidden from the eyes of those who don’t want to see.  Don’t worry about the small creature [ Rosa ].  The Father uses her vocal cords to manifest His Glory on a day like today that is great for humanity, when all should gather en masse in your temples to ask pardon from the Holy Sacrament for all your errors and to show Him that He is not being left alone [isolated off to the side] like He is in the Sacred Eucharist.  You must always ask the Celestial Father to forgive the denials of the truths that are written for all times.

“Repent, bend your knees and don’t continue to offend the Son of God Made Man, Who gave His Body, His Blood and the Water that Flowed from His Fountain of Glory to wash away your sins.  I read the hearts of many who are here in this place, and I see that even they are not capable of believing what is being said. 

“When the day arrives that is being prepared for men to change their ways and believe, many will gnash their teeth and shed many tears and it would have been better if they had never been born.

“Open the Sacred Scriptures to Isaiah, Chapter 41, Verses 10-13.  Make the Sign of the Cross before you read:  ‘Fear not, I am with you; be not dismayed; I am your God.  I will strengthen you, and help you, and uphold you with my right hand of justice.  Yes, all shall be put to shame and disgrace who vent their anger against you;  Those shall perish and come to nought who offer resistance.  You shall seek out, but shall not find, those who strive against you;  They shall be as nothing at all who do battle with you.  For I am the Lord, your God, who grasp your right hand;  It is I who say to you, “Fear not, I will help you.” ’

“I assure you that you will be witnesses of the great events that will occur in America and in this country that all the world hates, but which all the world wants to enter. 

“I will leave you in a few minutes, but I want you to remember this:  Mary, Joseph and Jesus were immigrants.  They immigrated because they were being persecuted in order to kill them and kill Jesus, the Well Beloved.  Remember that before God took His people out of Egypt , they were scattered all over the world.  They were persecuted in Egypt and were being killed.  They had to escape from there, because God had given them the Promised Land.

“The immigrants will return to their countries when the trumpets begin to blow, but it is not yet time.  All the countries are at war.  When you believe that everyone is at peace, that will be the time of the gnashing of teeth and the shedding of tears.

“Little ones, be obedient.  Don’t do anything that is displeasing to God, because everyone who do things that are displeasing to God cause Him to send lightning, thunder, earthquakes, mudslides, floods and tornadoes.  You are in the time when you remember that when Jesus died on the Cross, all the elements woke up and even the dead came out of their tombs.  That is why, when the time that you call Lent arrives, nature begins to revolt, and with it, each human being.  Some of them will be lifted up in the rapture.”

Virgin Mary:  “My little ones, repent and turn your eyes to the Well Beloved so you will understand that your Loving Mother leads you to the encounter with Jesus through the Rosary.  I love you and I want to save you.  I appear to you in all parts of the world so that you could repent and pray with your families, with your children, so you can keep them under your wings.

“Do not dress the children as if they were adults, because you open the eyes of the serpent, who is vigilant in each man who wants to abuse them.  Take care of your little creatures and be aware of the signs of the times.  Look at the skies when the sun darkens and there is an eclipse.  My little ones, the earth trembles and reclaims all that man has done to it.  Remember that the earth is sitting on a hill full of gunpowder that can explode at any moment.  My little creatures, you have to be prepared so your Loving Mother can bring you onto Her lap and so you won’t see the Wrath of God.

“I bless all who are here in this place.  I give thanks to all the little creatures who make sacrifices to come to this small place that is ignored by many, but venerated by others.  Remember; don’t judge in your hearts any of your brothers in the faith. 

“Remember that everyone is called by their own name.  You should not be called in any other way than by the name that the Well Beloved gave you at Baptism, through your priests.

“Don’t be afraid.  During these times there will be many torments and even the chosen ones will fall.  Pray for the Church, for the Pope, for the sanctification of the Holy Father, John Paul II, who was a saint on earth and who continues to be a saint in heaven. 

“Pray so that one day Padre Villaronga, a priest who saved many marriages, who planted love in his community and whom the Virgin loved intimately, can be beatified.  Remember him always.

“Today, the priests who are old are being removed, but remember that in the antiquity, the ones who were very old and could no longer perform many of their duties, continued to hear confessions.  There are no priestly or religious vocations because the moment is approaching when the columns will tremble and fall and only the Well Beloved will raise them up and put them back in their place of glory.

“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”