Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
January 13, 2001

            "My little ones, your Loving Mother is dressed today in pink, the color of love, because I want all of you to cover yourselves with the Armor of Jesus, which is love among all men on earth.

            "My little ones, your Loving Mother has appeared today, because it's one thing for My little one [Rosa] to think, and another thing for Jesus to Think.  She [Rosa] did not want to feel the Presence of your Loving Mother in her today.  She wanted to escape this moment, the moment when your Loving Mother appears through her [Rosa’s] being.  My little one is tired and sad because only a few people came here today to this Little Garden of Eden.  She is tired and has asked the Lord for your Loving Mother not to appear here anymore.  As the human being that she is, she suffers the attacks of the malignant one during the days prior to the apparitions of your Loving Mother.  She suffers the same things your Loving Mother suffers when she sees the people Glorifying Jesus and your Loving Mother in the temples, beating themselves on their breasts, but not Glorifying God with their lips, their mouths or their actions.  This is why, My little ones, that the people of this world will suffer the consequences of their lack of faith and love.

            "Your Loving Mother wants to sweeten your hearts with a Smile.  My little one has to serve My Beloved Jesus like the prophets of the antiquity and the new apostles of these times, who are the visionaries.  This is why your Mother Smiled when She came to her [Rosa] today.  Not only does she [Rosa] have one gift, the gift of receiving your Loving Mother in her home, but she also has a gift that few people have in this world.  I don't say this for her to glorify herself or to become exalted, but to Glorify God through the healings that My Beloved Jesus performs when His Hands touch hers.  At that moment it is Jesus, Who Heals, not her.

            "None of you can escape this apparition, and I will tell you why.  Even though it is being persecuted, not only by the Church, but also by man, the healings that Jesus has made in this place and in the places where Jesus sends My little one, are great enough and convincing enough to bring incredulous hearts and hearts full of evil here.  I say, 'evil,' because men are full of evil, which corrupts their hearts with selfishness, pride, hate and lack of love.

            "In this Mystery where My Beloved Jesus is Crucified, He gives a great Message of Love to humanity, because in this Mystery, He Sacrificed Himself by giving His Life for the sins of man.  These sins continue in the world today, destroying homes, destroying the hearts of the infants, destroying the elderly and destroying the youth, because the angels of darkness are among you until what needs to be fulfilled is fulfilled.  This Mystery of the Crucifixion of My Beloved Jesus, together with the Mystery of the Disappearance and the Finding of Jesus in the Temple, are Messages of Love for all of you.

            "Men do not know how to live the Epiphany.  ‘Epiphany,’ My little ones, means when the Gentiles, the Three Wise Men, came to bring incense, gold and myrrh to the King of Kings, Who had been Born.  Epiphany means, My little one, the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist and Epiphany means the first miracle that Jesus performed through your Loving Mother at the Wedding of Cana.

            "During these times, you have to walk hand in hand with your Celestial Father, remembering the Way of the Cross and carrying His Cross with Him, helping Him during His Crucifixion, His Scourging and His Crowning with Thorns.  When one of you gossips about a neighbor, does not give shelter to the sick or to the homeless and the hungry, you Crucify My Well Beloved again.

            "Your Loving Mother will end by telling you to pray.  Jesus wants you to make a Chapel in your homes, because the Church entered into a universal crisis right after the pope's Midnight Mass.  Pray for the pope.  The Church entered into a universal crisis where everyone will be persecuted by Her, the same way that they persecute My little one.  Make a Chapel in your homes.  All you need is a Bible, a Rosary, an Image of Mary, and a Cross with the Crucified One on It, because the cross is never empty, it always has the Crucified One on It.

            "Pray for your children, for the youth, for the doctors  who are inventing so many atrocities to make themselves like gods, for the epidemics that are in the world and that are devastating humanity and for the things that will happen this year that will bring darkness, hunger and misery to many peoples.  Pray for this country and its new president.  Pray for all of those who commit the sin of omission when they see an abuse and don’t do anything about it.

            "I bless you, I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
February 13, 2001

            "My little ones, My little ones, again today your Loving Mother wants to give you a Message through the Divine Spirit Who is inside each one of you, refreshing you with each breeze, with each scent of the roses that I want to present to you on this day.

            “I have brought you a Message through all the apparitions in the whole world to reconcile you to the Holy Trinity so that each one of you, My little ones, knows that in your hearts, the wings of the Holy Spirit flutter, bringing you the Message of Love of My Well Beloved Jesus.

            “Remember always that your Mother does not appear by Herself in any place.  The Power that Her Son gives Her is to bring Her to visit each place of apparition so that through Her, they will bring a Message of Reconciliation with the Church that He left you and with the Law that He wants you to follow.

            “Your Loving Mother, My little ones, is the Smallest of the Servants of Jesus and of this Small Garden that you love.  Many come by chance, others are looking for things they have not yet found – the Path of Reconciliation, the Path of Conversion.  This is the only Message that I am brining during these times.

            “Recognize, My little ones, that the only One Who Saves is My Well Beloved and that when there is a repenting heart, He makes it possible for faith to flourish.  I ask for reconciliation with the Church, with the priests.  If you do not confess, you cannot go to Communion and if you don’t go to Communion and do not take the food that is that small piece of bread where the Glory of My Well Beloved is manifested, if you do not feed yourself with the Body and Blood of My Well Beloved, then going to church is for naught.  Reconcile yourselves through the pastors, through the prelates, through the priests that My Well Beloved left.  In the Eucharist, you will find the peace and the spiritual nourishment that each soul needs.

            “Pray for the victims throughout the world, My little ones, because the worst has not yet come.  Your Mother comes to announce the great Signs that will appear in the world as a warning so that you can reconcile yourselves with the Heart of Jesus.

            “Your Mother reminds you that each time you take the Body of My Well Beloved in your hands, you are Crucifying Him again.  Coming to an apparition means nothing if you don’t confess your sins to your pastors in the Church and don’t receive the Holy Eucharist.

            “Great events will come to the world and each one of you has to be prepared to receive those Signs that God will send.  Remember always that your Celestial Father left you a Law that you have broken, but that if you admit your sins and your insurrections in front of the altar of the Sacrifices of My Well Beloved, He will listen to your prayers and He will forgive you.  His Love is Infinite, and so is the Law that He left to each one of you.

            “Pray the Rosary of your Mother in your families.  Every time you pray the Rosary in your homes or in any place, you will receive great blessings in your families.  Make small chapels in your homes and meet around Jesus on the Cross.

            “Remember always that the family that prays together stays together.  Pray, so that the Holy Spirit will always rejoice among you and listen to you.  Learn to listen to the Lord in your hearts.

            “Pray for the Holy Father.  It is important that you pray for the Holy Father and for priestly vocations, because the Great Lord will bring saintly priests.

            “Now I will bless you in the Name of My Well Beloved, because I left a Message through the Sacred Scriptures so that God and the Holy Spirit will reconcile you.  It is Wisdom, so that your acts will be moved by the Holy Spirit of  God, Who is in the Baptism that He left to you.

            “Open, My little ones, to The Book of Wisdom, Chapter 9, Verses 1-6:  ‘God of my fathers, Lord of mercy, you who have made all things by your word and in your wisdom have established man to rule the creatures produced by you, to govern the world in holiness and justice, and to render judgment in integrity of heart:  Give me Wisdom, the attendant at your throne, and reject me not from among your children, for I am your servant, the son of your handmaid, a man weak and short-lived and lacking in comprehension of judgment and of laws.  Indeed, through one be perfect among the sons of men, if Wisdom, who comes from you, be not with him, he shall be held in no esteem.’

            “May this Message be planted in your hearts and may you always reflect on it.  May God bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

Special Message
March 11, 2001

 Rosa:  “In answer to the priests who try to change the meaning of the Sacred Scriptures by saying that today’s times are different, Jesus says, ‘Everything will pass, but not even one dot of the Sacred Scriptures can be changed, because They are written  for all times.’ ”

            Jesus:  “I say to all the shepherds that I left to guide My flock:  If the times have changed, why then do you keep preaching the same Teachings that were written 2,000 years ago?  You should then change what’s written, but if you do, then the writings would be made by man, not inspired by God, as were the Teachings that were given in locutions to the great prophets of the antiquity, like Moses, Abraham and Jeremiah.

            “Since you are not teaching the Truths of 2,000 years ago, and if what you say is true, [that the times have changed], then you should teach My small creatures not to obey the Ten Commandments, because they are also old.  Then you must also erase the Sermon on the Mount from their minds, in this new age of evangelization made by man.

            “If you say that the Sacred Scriptures relate to ancient times and are old fashioned, why don’t you make yourselves like wise men and form a new gospel made by men?

            “My chosen ones continue to provoke the Wrath of the Lord.  Don’t you see the Signs that I send so that you won’t continue to sleep in your faith and to hide the Truth that is written by God in the Sacred Scriptures?  

            “O, My shepherds, those whom I left to guide My flock, repent and guide My flock to the True Path of My Love and not to the path of perdition and lies!

“Woe to those who change what is written in the Sacred Scriptures, because they will be cursed!  Amen.”

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
March 13, 2001

                   "My little ones, My Heart suffers bitterly, My little ones.  I will speak a briefly.  My Beloved Jesus is with you.  It is He, Whom you are seeing.  It is Jesus, Who is talking.   Pay attention.  You must kneel before the Well Beloved.

“I am the Good Shepherd and I know My sheep.  I live in the hearts of each one of My creatures, but you do not want to look inside your hearts.

            “My little ones, I announce to you that today, the world is convulsing with the events that await mankind because of their disobedience.  Men believe that they can continually make fun of the Laws that I left in the Sacred Scriptures, but this is not true.  As a Good Shepherd, I know all My sheep.  This is why I tell you to study with your priests so they can teach each one of you what your Father says in the Sacred Scriptures.

“God is Love and also Divine Justice, but man has erased [from their minds] the great [instances of] Justice that God has made in the world throughout all time.

“Tell your pastors that not one word of what is written in the Sacred Scriptures can be changed.  The Justice of God will fall over anyone who changes what is written in the Sacred Scriptures, even though they may be one of My pastors.

            “I have advised you that the evil one is in many people, not only in one person.  The evil one is extending his tentacles to the Christians in order to weaken your faith.  The way the earth trembles and floods is the same way your hearts are flooded with wickedness, doubts, disobedience and schizophrenia and this is how he makes you embrace other idols, including yourselves.  That is to say, how he makes you believe you are gods.

“You must adore only One God, the Creator of what is visible and invisible.  No one will escape Divine Justice.  You are at the point of rendering an account to your Celestial Father.   Repent!  I ask you for repentance.  Return to the temples with the pastors that I left.  Confess and receive Communion and don’t pay attention to the distrust that some of those in the temples can sow.  Look for your salvation through the Sacred Eucharist, which is the agape that I left you to save you from your sins.

“I tell you, My little ones, that the Resurrection means that each one of you should resurrect to the True Road of Love, which is the Celestial Father.  He has sent your Loving Mother to you throughout the world.

“I have made a Call of Love through the Holy Rosary, which She has taught you.  There are few who pray because many are called, but few are chosen.  You don’t want to renounce worldly things to Glorify and follow your Celestial Father.

            “Great Signs will appear in the sky and on the earth.  Many persons will embrace false anti-Christian cults, which will destroy your faith.  The foundations of each nation will see destruction through the manifestations of the Wrath of God, which will Chastise human beings for their apostasy.  Pray for everyone.  Pray for the Church, which will be tremble, but I will raise it up and make a new nation, and each one of My sheep will listen and recognize My Voice.

            “Pray, My little ones, because great events are coming close to humanity, like the darkness that will surround you and make many of you reconsider.  Many hearts will change because of this, but for others, it will be very late and they will not be able to straighten their twisted roads because of their lack of faith.

            “Remember that faith is a dogma that you cannot see or touch.  If each of you could see what is around you, you would be surprised, because there are many angels who are watching over those creatures whom God wants to preserve so that they will become His new nation.   Remember what I tell you.  God Glorifies Himself in the small ones and in those who don’t have wisdom, in order to humiliate the powerful and the wise.

            “My little creature [Rosa] received a vision that I will relate to you in a few words.  She received a vision of a subterranean cave in a desert.  Within it, she saw a table made of rock and many bottles on top of the table.  Many men dressed in tunics were working with the bottles.  My little one asked, ‘What are they doing?  Are they filling the bottles with oil for healing?’  Your Celestial Father responded, ‘Look and see what they are doing and listen to what the man who is directing them is going to say.’  This is what he said:  ‘You will see the destruction of humanity through all of those bottles on the table.’ 

            “Do you know what that means?  It means that on a whim, man has made great chemical [bacteriological] weapons in order to destroy the world.  Many will perish, but those who survive will be blessed by God.

“I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
April 13, 2001     

            There was no apparition of the Virgin Mary on April 13, 2001, because it was Good Friday.

Special Message
May 3, 2001

            “Dear daughter, My little one, I know that you don’t want to write.  It’s been a long time since you have done it.  Remember that if men or the apostles wrote down everything that Jesus said to them, there would be not be enough paper or enough places to store all His Teachings.  This is why I said in The Letter to the Philippians, Chapter 2, Verses 12-15, Line 5:  ‘…with fear and trembling work out your salvation.  For it is God who worketh in you, both to will and to accomplish, according to his good will.  And do you all things without murmurings and hesitations;  That you may be blameless, and sincere children of God, without reproof, in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation; among whom you shine as lights in the world.’  

            “Go to Deuteronomy, Chapter 32, Verses 5-6:  ‘They have sinned against him, and are none of his children in their filth: they are a wicked and perverse generation.  Is this the return thou makest to the Lord, O foolish and senseless people?  Is not he thy father, that hath possessed thee, and made thee, and created thee?’  

            “As you can see, My little one, God spoke the same in the Old Testament as in the New Testament.  I clarify this to let mankind know that God spoke through the Sacred Scriptures for all times and not only for the generation of 2,000 years ago, when My Well Beloved walked among you.  I also say this, My little ones, for those who grumble and say, ‘Why does God manifest Himself in a creature who lacks knowledge and wisdom, instead of manifesting Himself in the pope or in the priests at the altar when they consecrate the Eucharist?’  

            God says to those who murmur, ‘I remind you that I will manifest Myself only to the ignorant ones, to those who are without knowledge and to the humble ones.  I will raise them up from nothingness in order to humiliate the great and wise ones.  

            “Perhaps you did not understand the recorded Message given to you by your Celestial Father, your Divine Mercy, to amaze the world?  My little creature [Rosa] is afraid to share this recorded Message with everybody else because she knows how twisted the mind of mankind is, particularly the minds of the pastors that I left to you and to whom I gave the knowledge of how to discern where the Truth abides and where the lies dwell.  They, as well as your own nature, are full of resentment and they deny the Truth.  That is why they have committed many injustices throughout time.  Because of them and their incredulity, they have converted the Lord’s sanctuary into a platform for the malignant one.  Pray for them; whatever they do not say, I, your Celestial Father, will say through you.

            “I am your Celestial Father, your Divine Mercy.  Amen.

            “Note:  Write from Deuteronomy, Chapter 32, Verse 2:  ‘Let my doctrine gather as the rain, let my speech distil as the dew, as a shower upon the herb, and as drops upon the grass.’   Amen.”

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
May 13, 2001

            The Virgin appeared in white and blue in the Image of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, which is how She usually appears in this place.

            “My little creatures, My little children, children of the Immaculate Heart of your Loving Mother, today is a marvelous day for you in this world in which you live, and it is also a day of rejoicing for your Loving Mother.  Your Mother suffers in each one of your hearts and today She brings you a message of Love, a Message of True Conversion for all men.

            “Today, I surprised My little servant.  She wanted to speak while remaining conscious and she suggested to My Well Beloved that it be arranged that way, but it is not she who speaks, but the Holy Spirit of My Well Beloved, through your Loving Mother.

            “I want to say, My children, that today you celebrate a day that you call ‘Mother’s Day’.  Take some time to understand what the word ‘Mother’ means.  

            “My Loving Jesus gave you your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, to be the Mother of you all, the Mother of the Church, the Mother of all the priests who are true Oblates, as the Virgin Mary calls them.

            “‘Mother’ is an immense word, because it is a word in which God rejoices in a creature like the Virgin Mary, who was the smallest of all the children in Jerusalem.  She was humble, simple, without any ostentation, without any grandeur, and the smallest of the small, because this is how your Mother is.

            “Imagine the day that your Mother said ‘Yes’ to the Call of God.  Imagine, each one of you women of this world, women of Jerusalem, as He called the women at His Calvary, on His Way of the Cross.  He said, ‘Don’t cry for Me, but for yourselves.’  Remember, this is in the passages of the Sacred Scriptures. 

            “Remember when your Loving Mother said ‘Yes’ to God at a time when women who were consecrated to matrimony had to be pure, virginal and immaculate in order to be wed.  For Mary, this was difficult, because She did not know man when She said ‘Yes’ to the angel who announced to Her the Pregnancy of the One Who was Begotten and not created; not created by man, but by the Holy Spirit.  He was Begotten in Mary, that Humble Woman who would be called the Mother of the Word, the Mother of God, to redeem men with that bit of Light that She would bring to the world to redeem you from all of your sins and from all of your aberrations.

            “He was a Child Conceived by the Divine Spirit of God, Who Incarnated Himself in Her and Who was Hidden in the Virginal Nest of your Loving Mother.  She had to hide the Greatness of that Love that God has for men, who was Begotten in Her as Spirit, as Son and as Word, so that after His Death, that Seed could give Fruit to the whole world through His Gospel.

            “Today, many mothers should not be called mothers, because they have confused an act of love, an act of surrender, an act of love and purity, a holy matrimony sanctified and blessed by God, with an act of aberration and surrender to a ‘partner’, which is what you call people who are engaged to be married.  You say, ‘This is my partner.’  Jesus says through your Loving Mother that the only ones in the world who are prepared [to be married] are the animals.

            “Men and women consecrate themselves in matrimony because in that act of love that is blessed by God, are born the creatures who will form the people on the earth who are chosen by God.

            “Today, men procreate without preserving the virginity of even those whom they have chosen as their wives so that they could [honestly] wear white at the altar and present that purity and virginity that is symbolized by the wearing of white before Him, Whose total Honor and Glory He gives to us in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

            “Those who today are still not part of homes that are blessed by God, can’t have peace in their homes or in their families if they are not being called to the Road of Love, the Road of Light, which is following in all the Footsteps of My Well Beloved Jesus, Who Died Crucified on the Cross, so He could save you from your sins.

            “Today on this day, you are blessed to be united with your children.  But you have to ask yourselves in your hearts if those children are baptized and confirmed and if you are united in love through matrimony.

            “Your Loving Mother, with the Holy Spirit, Who is found in this place that is small in size, but great in blessings, says that you have to reconcile yourselves with My Well Beloved Jesus by blessing each one of your homes by asking your Celestial Father to send you a priest to bless your houses.

            “Make a chapel in each of your homes where you will meet with your families to pray the Holy Rosary, so that your Celestial Father will be present in Spirit in your homes.  Your Mother doesn’t tell you to make prayer cults with neighbors or friends in your homes.  Your Mother persecutes everyone who is an idolater and all those who meet together as if they were at a great party.  No, your Mother asks each one of you to meet with your families to pray the Rosary in a small chapel in your homes where you have put My Image [a statue of the Virgin Mary] and a Crucifix, because there is no Cross without My Beloved Jesus on It.

            “Always remember, My little ones, that those who have forgotten the mothers who have been abandoned by their children in the rest homes shouldn’t celebrate Mother’s Day and that those who kill their children to continue to be with a man, those who throw their children in the water and those who violate and abuse others, can’t be called mothers, because they won’t enter the Reign that God has prepared for each one of His small creatures.

            “Today I have spoken very extensively, especially to commemorate the day of the Virgin of Fatima.  Your Mother appears in all parts of the world under every Image, but your Mother is only One, My little ones.  There is only One Mother for all men, for all the Church.

            “Remember: Pray for the priests so they will think about this, because afterwards, My little one will give you an explanation of the Truth of Revelations, since the priests don’t tell you that Truth.

            “All of you who are together here are My little creatures, those whom the Lord has chosen so that each one of you could form part of that redeemed people whom God comes to save, to try to form.  Forget your quarrels and consecrate yourselves to Jesus in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  Come to the temples; go to the Churches to confess and purge your sins before the priests so they can intercede for you.  Don’t look at the man, but at the shepherd whom Jesus gave to all of you to bind and loosen [sins] on the earth.

            “Your Mother blesses you through Her Beloved Son, Whom She protected with Her Blood in Her Virginal Womb.

            “Today in this place, I come in the Image of the Miraculous Medal, the Image in which I am speaking to you, My little ones, the Image Who is with you in all the moments that the faithful will see great miracles realized through those small hands that receive blessings and charismas [the hands of Rosa].  Notice that I say ‘charismas’, not ‘charismatics’.  Charismas are gifts that God put in the Hands of your Mother to share in the places where He wants Her to appear, so that She can bring blessings and reconciliation to all men.

            “Pray for peace in the world, because great events are awaiting you.  Pray for the Holy Father, who is frail, and for your Catholic Curia, so that it will be turned towards the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

“I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
June 13, 2001

             “My dear child, your Loving Mother and My Beloved Jesus are very happy, because one of the little Oblates of your Loving Mother [a priest] is here today in this small place.

            “I have been here since very early this morning, observing the hearts of My little creatures.  Your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, has been patient and has been listening to the servant of the Lord.  [The priest said Mass in the apparition room.]

            “Before the priest leaves, read the Message that My Beloved Jesus gives you through the Sacred Scriptures, in Hosea, Chapter 4, Verses 4-10:  ‘But let no one protest, let no one complain; with you is my grievance, O priests!  You shall stumble in the day, and the prophets shall stumble with you at night; I will destroy your mother.  My people perish for want of knowledge!  Since you have rejected knowledge, I will reject you from my priesthood;  Since you have ignored the law of your God, I will also ignore your sons.  One and all they sin against me, exchanging their glory for shame.  They feed on the sin of my people, and are greedy for their guilt.  The priests shall fare no better than the people:  I will punish them for their ways, and repay them for their deeds.  They shall eat but not be satisfied, they shall play the harlot but not increase,…’

            “Great events will come to the world during the months that are left before the end of this year.  Soon, the moment will come when you will want to listen to the Message of the Lord in an apparition, but it will be too late for those who have not repented before God, through His Church.

            “Pray for the Church and for what’s left of the Old Rite.  My Oblate, My true Oblates at the apparitions, will be chosen as the Good Shepherd who has guided the flock of Jesus.  Amen.” 

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
July 13, 2001

             “My little child, today I come dressed in white and blue.   Remember that I come to this place under the Image of the Miraculous Medal.  Always remember that I make miracles through My Hands for all who invoke Me, and in the Name of My Son.

            “My little children, My Heart suffers so much.  My Heart suffers so much because of the lack of faith in the Church and because there is no faith in My Beautiful Son at the altar of the Church.

            “Why do you continue to offend My Beloved Son, Jesus in the Eucharist?   My little children don’t understand that when the priests offers the Eucharist on the altar, the Holy Spirit comes and converts the bread into the Body and Blood of My Beloved Son, Jesus.

“The Body of Jesus should be put into the mouth so that it doesn’t lose the Essence of Jesus.  In the Bread, Jesus is Complete.  He is truly Present there.

            “My Heart suffers because women forget that they have been given the privilege of conceiving beautiful children.  Too many children are dying due to abortion, abuse and hunger.  Jesus takes them into His Arms.  When the people stop offending My Son, many will receive peace in their hearts.

            “Reconcile, My little children, reconcile with My Son in the Church.   Confess and don’t take Holy Communion in your hands.  Talk to the priests who don’t believe in the consecration of the Eucharist, in the conversion of the Body and Blood of My Beloved Son, Jesus at the altar.

            “Great things will happen in the world during these times.  Many people will die.  There will be many convulsions in all places because men want to make only one government, and that is not good.

            “Pray for peace in the world and in the Church, because there are many wars in the world.

            “They are contaminating the air and many people are getting sick.

            “Remember what I have told you about Cuba:  a great darkness is coming to this country.

            “Pray, pray for the children who are being aborted.  My Beloved Son is receiving thousands and thousands of them in His Arms.

            “Remember that a great tribulation is coming for the people.

“Remember:  when your Mother cries, Jesus cries.  Jesus crises because much destruction is coming to the world.

            “Pray for Colombia and Venezuela, because the malignant one will govern there for a short time.

            “I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
August 13, 2001

                 “My little ones, today I want My child to give the Message in her own voice.  I don’t want anyone to be confused.  I want everyone to understand perfectly what she says in her own voice.   She is receiving a locution.

                “You still don’t understand the significance of a Marian apparition.  It’s a great and marvelous thing that you don’t deserve.  No one deserves to have your Loving Mother appear through Her Loving Son, Jesus.

                “Today I want to explain to you that I appear around the entire world and that I will multiply the apparitions everywhere, because men still don’t want to understand that the time to give God what He deserves, needs and expects is coming closer, in big steps.

                “Man is playing at being god.  They don’t renounce anything, not their pride, their vanity or their idolatry.  They don’t realize that the time for giving an account to God is coming closer.

                “You are already manufacturing human beings.  Those great scientists who have been given the wisdom from God to heal the bodies of the sick are now using that wisdom to deceive humanity and to make them suffer with catastrophic illnesses from which they will inevitably die.

                “My dear children, do you remember that when Noah was preaching in the antiquity about the end of the apostasy of those times, that no one wanted to believe him and that the universal flood came as a surprise, when they were drinking all day and celebrating at weddings?  Do you also remember that Pompeii was destroyed by the volcano that erupted there and that it even mummified pregnant women?

                “But no one wants to believe and carry their own cross to follow the Light that came into the world to save them.  Your disobedience is the same as the disobedience of Adam and Eve and that is why they were condemned to death and banished from Paradise.  They disobeyed God.  God tested their faith and their obedience and they failed.  Men are failing God in the same ways today.  This is why you will receive the same today as yesterday; the same punishments for your disobedience.

                “Repent, My little ones, because the time will come when your Loving Mother will no longer appear and that will be the time when you will implore God to have apparitions in the world again.

                “No one sacrifices anything to go to an apparition.  You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of people who sacrifice their work or their homes to come to this small place of apparition.   Very few do so.  But I tell you that those who sacrifice the things of the world will receive twice as much as what they have given up and that those who don’t, will receive twice as much pain for infringing upon the Law.

                “They will continue to make men who will become monsters that will turn against them.  The Work of God is perfect, it has no contraindications.  It is man who ruins His Work and crucifies Him, destroys it and makes Him carry everyone’s crosses, because no one is able to carry his own cross.

                “Great events are coming for humanity.  In America, Colombia will continue to bleed.  Men there will continue to walk among the dead.

 “The malignant one penetrated Venezuela through the man that the people chose to govern them.

                “Everyone will receive what they have harvested.  You will be judged with the same measure that you judge others.

“Don’t think that the hunger that exists in Central America won’t reach the major cities.

                “The gentiles don’t know how to plant.  They want to destroy the blockage so they can manufacture food in laboratories.  They rejoice in evil, but those who truly believe will rejoice in redemption.

                “I bless you, I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, through the Message of Her Loving Son.  Amen.”

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
September 13, 2001

       Today, Rosa received locutions from the Virgin Mary and explained to us what She said.

        "Many people do not believe in apparitions, but they should, and do you know why? Because Jesus Christ was the first Apparition. Jesus appeared to each one of His apostles and to Mary Magdalene to give her the glory of the Promise that was fulfilled by His Resurrection. You have to remember that if the seed does not die, it does not give fruit. Jesus had to Die and Resurrect so that man could see His Glory.

        "When He was Born, the Light was Born and the Light was in Him, but no one saw that Light until one day John the Baptist appeared screaming, ‘Convert, because the Kingdom of God is at hand!’ John was not the Light, but in that moment, the Light was manifested in him.

        "God was calling each one of us through His Loving Son, who is the same God. No one understands that that Divine Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are One, and that He is calling us to conversion. He is calling us to return again to believing in that Light that came to the world when Jesus was Born.

        "The world was living in darkness and today it continues living in that same darkness. How many have separated themselves from that Light that they received through the Holy Spirit, that God gave to us in Baptism! How many of us today strongly deny the wisdom that is in the hands of the priests that God left to us, as Mary says? God will call each of us by our own names, with the names with which we were Baptized.

        "We continue to live in darkness and we don’t believe in apparitions. Mary says that we cannot obligate the children to love us through force or proof, because Mary says that Jesus does not give proof. You have to come to Him, says Mary, in faith, in hope of believing in that which you can’t see and can’t touch.

        "You live with your backs to the Light that Jesus brought to us at His Birth, that Light from which we separate ourselves to walk in darkness.

        "The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, says Mary, is Crucified today. It is Bleeding today. All of those who pray to the Sacred Blood of Her Well Beloved by asking Him, ‘Cover us, Lord, with Your Sacred Blood and protect us with Your Sacred Wounds,’ will receive blessings.

        "The world is convulsing. Pay attention to what your Mother, through this small creature [Rosa], will tell you. What happened [the terrorist attack of September 11th] is to awaken the conscience of the people of America, the people of France, the people of England, the people of Germany, the people of Russia. All those who don’t receive blessings through the Holy Sacrament of the Altar will not receive the Light of the Well Beloved at the End of Times.

        "This moment in which we are living is so that the American people will not continue to live blind, mute and deaf to all the suffering that has occurred in all the countries that have been convulsed by the anti-Christian guerrillas and the antichrist, who are killing children, pregnant women and the elderly.

        "The Virgin Mary says that each of you should ask yourselves, ‘Where is the attention of the world when the criminal guerrillas in Colombia assassinate all they encounter on their way with bombs and when they destroy and trespass on the line that separates man from the animals?’

        " ‘How long will man permit all those criminals to remain unpunished?’ says Jesus through His Mother. Each country has to wage their own just war. Jesus waged His own Just War. The Celestial Father waged His own Just War. All of us have to raise ourselves up and resurrect, like Jesus Resurrected.

        "What’s happening in Jerusalem? Everyone wants that piece of land for themselves, the Palestinians, the Libyans, the Muslims, the Emirates, everyone wants to seize that piece of land. The pride of man is so great, that they are capable of killing in the Name of God.

        "Today, North America knows what it is to have a terrorist attack their own interior. Today, the United States knows how the heart of a mother bleeds when a terrorist kills her children.

        "Today, the people of North America will wake up to see that in a small country, 90 miles away, honor is being given to all those anti-Christians, the enemies of God and the enemies of love.

        "Let us ask God today, and his Beloved Son through the Blessed Virgin Mary, that He forgive us for what we have not done and should have done, that He forgive us for our blindness, our stubbornness, our egoism, our ambition, and that the Holy Spirit will take away the mask and the human worldliness that prevents us from seeing the Light that God sent to the world through His Beloved Son. Lord, let us see that Light, let us feel the suffering of those who are near us.

        "We pray universally for all those unfortunate ones who have died, for those for whom the Virgin Mary Cries and for whom Jesus Bleeds on the Cross each time He is offended.

        "We pray so that the youth will not continue in promiscuity, will not continue to bear children just to abort them, in order to kill them. We pray for each soul in Purgatory, for those whom no one remembers and who are there, burning and waiting for a prayer.

        "Let us give thanks to God for each time that He gives us the opportunity of being in this small place where He manifests His Glory and converts people who walked in darkness, not seeing that Light, and that through the Loving Mother He makes them turn their eyes to Him.

        "Lord, we ask You through our Loving Mother, that the Light that envelops Her in each Image makes us see the true Light that is Jesus, Her Beloved Son. We pray so that this country will overcome this pain and also understand the pain of others.

        "I bless you on this wonderful day because one of the servants of Mary is here [a priest was with us]. There are very few priests who come to an apparition, but we can. As Mary said, ‘Jesus was the first apparition.’ That is why we have to be attentive.

        "This is the beginning of many things. Remember that your Loving Mother told you that this month of September would be very important for humanity and would be remembered for the suffering that you would see. Ask God to cover us with His Sacred Blood and His Sacred Wounds so you could return your eyes to the churches, but to the true Church, where He wants to find you. Bend your knees and go to Confession so you can take Communion. Baptize your children, and may God pardon us. Amen."

        Virgin Mary: "My little one, I want you to know that great events are approaching for humanity. You are on the way to a great, worldwide conflagration, because if the United States responds to the terrorism, which is necessary, many of the Arab countries will take revenge and a wave of terror will occur in all the countries that participate with the United States of America. [On September 15, 2001, the ruling Taliban of Afghanistan threatened its neighboring Islamic countries with war if they granted the use of their airspace or military bases to the United States for its war on terrorism.]

        "Pray, My little ones, because the moment of giving to God what is God’s is approaching. What belongs to God are your acts in this life that He gave you to Honor and Glorify Him forever. Amen."

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
October 13, 2001  

            Our Lady is dressed in a white Mantle and a blue Gown. 

            “My little creatures, you don’t know how much your Loving Mother loves you.  You don’t want to understand what an apparition is here in this place that is small and insignificant for everyone, but great in the Eyes of My Well Beloved.

            “Today, I will speak about the events that are happening in the world.  Today, I come with a broken Heart for all the people who have died.  The evil of terrorism consumes this country.

            “Today, I will speak about the terrible attack of evil in this country that opens its arms to give shelter to all the people who flee from hunger, from abuse and from the crimes in the cities of their countries.  

            “My little ones, many things will happen in the world.  This is the beginning of the end.  These are the warnings of the beginning of the end.  Not the end of the world, but My little ones, the end of evil, because I gave you the Light and you don’t want to follow It.  When My Son was Born, the Light was Born.  This is why Jesus says to take your cross and follow Me, because now everyone is crying because of the panic of the crimes that the terrorist attacks caused.  These are the consequences of not seeing the Signs in the sky.

            “Protect your children, who are the ones who will be the most attacked in order to make you suffer.  Protect them, because this is the beginning of the pain and the weeping, because you are going to suffer from the panic of what you can’t see.  At this time, the evil one doesn’t have a face and you don’t know when an attack will occur. 

“Protect your homes.  Put the Cross on the doors of your houses to protect your homes.  Pray the Rosary with your families in each of your homes. Remember that your Loving Mother has the power through the Rosary to kill the malignant one and that Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph in all the world.  When all the darkness passes from the world, your Loving Mother will Glorify Her Son.

            “Remember that many people come to this place out of curiosity and that there are many people of the New Age among you, who don’t believe.  Your own priests don’t believe, those who are the shepherds that I gave to you to guide My flock.  They don’t believe in what’s written.  I am going to end by saying that each one of you will suffer either the price of the evil or the reward of the charity that you have in your hearts.  No one is free of sin.  All of you, even those who are chosen, fall and have to rise and carry the cross that I give you. 

“Open your eyes and carry the cross that I give to the world.  Open your eyes to the events that are coming to the world.  Open them and don’t be blind to the Love of My Well Beloved.  Go to the churches and pray with true repentance.  Go to Confession and to Communion.  This is the moment to come closer to all your loved ones.  This is the time to tell your children how much you love them, because you don’t know if they will return after they leave your homes.  This is the moment to love one another, because you don’t know if it will be the last time that you will see your husband or wife after you say goodbye to them when they leave for work. 

“Jesus says to pray.  It is the time to pray and to repent of all your sins.  Pray for your families, for all those who don’t believe, ,for all those who are not able to say, ‘Forgive me, Jesus, for having offended you all my life, forgive me, my Lord, for not believing in the Word that you give through the Church and for not believing in Marian apparitions.  Look at my face and my eyes and consign to me Your Will, O Lord.’

“Please, My dear children, this is the moment to ask others what they need and if you need anything, to call Me.  Pray, because when you ask through faith you will receive. 

“Do not persecute your Loving Mother.  If you do not believe in Her apparitions, you will not believe in the apparition of Jesus at His Parousia.  When He Resurrected, Jesus was the first apparition in the world.  This is why, if you do not believe in the apparitions of your Loving Mother, you do not believe in Jesus.

“May God Bless you.  Pray and do not persecute your Loving Mother.  Open your hearts.  Jesus does not knock at the doors of your homes, but at the doors of your hearts so you can let Him in and He can sit with you at your table.

“Remember today’s Message so that later on you don’t say, ‘Jesus, why are you making me suffer?’  So remember this. 

“I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

During the Rosary, Rosa received a vision in which she saw that someone will try to knock down the Statue of Liberty into the sea.   She also had a vision of a nun among the people at the apparition site.  The nun was full of light and stars.  Rosa later told us that it was St. Theresa of the Child Jesus.

Special Message
November 11, 2001

            Jesus says the following through His servant [Rosa]: 

1.  “During these times, the temples should be open at all times.

2.  “The only part of the temples that should be luxurious is the altars, because that is where the priests offer the daily sacrifice [the Mass]. 

3.  “Under no circumstances, and with no excuses, can the Eucharist ever be given to the people in their hands, and they need to be prepared to receive It.  How do they prepare themselves?  By confessing their sins [Confession] and by being in a state of grace. 

4.  “Under no circumstances can a woman under 60 years of age [other than a nun] give Communion while she still has her menstrual cycle.  Remember that in the antiquity, only the nuns, who were consecrated to God and who no longer menstruated, could take the Eucharist to the sick.  Men need to know, says Jesus, that His Body and Blood are Truly Present in the Sacred Eucharist.  The shepherds that I left to guide My flock are the only ones whose hands are consecrated to give the Eucharist.  If they disobey, they will have to give an account seventy times more than others who ignore the Truth. 

5.  “The true priests in the service of God cannot be moved away from their parishes.  True priests are like doctors who know the bodies of their patients.  The priests know their souls.  When priests are moved from their parishes, the parishioners must come to know the new priests and the new priests must come to know each of the faithful.  The Bishops know that moving the priests is against God’s Law.  Jesus says that He did not come to change the Law, but to put It in order.  The Old Testament and the New Testament can’t be separated from each other.

6.  “When the churches that are built for the Lord are made large and luxurious, when the collections are not dedicated to helping the poor, they monopolize their interests.  Jesús says, ‘I will judge and hold accountable all those who are in charge of the collections.  I will hold them accountable, because you will not find Me in the large places where the charity that I want is not being practiced.  I want to find My shepherds with My little ones, asking them what they need and how they can be helped.  Where are the priests when there are great disasters, like earthquakes?  They can be found in their offices, counting the money that has been collected.  If everything that has been collected in the Name of God is given to help the poor of the earth, there wouldn’t be as many homeless and destitute beggars. 

            “I will ask for an account of all of this, and that is why I am sending Signs everywhere.  My little ones, you don’t want to open your hearts, your eyes or your ears.  You don’t want to see or hear anything

            “The moment is coming when I will surprise you.  You are asleep in your faith and you are without protection.  Aren’t you tired of all orgies where the people spend a great part of their time without thinking about what will come?  I will surprise you.  That will be the moment that each one of you will repent for what you’ve done, but it will be too late. 

            “Look at the Signs that are given everywhere, so you can see how many other things will happen that no one can imagine. 

            “My little one [Rosa] doesn’t obey man.  That is why she can talk about everything that I tell her.  She only obeys God.  The priests obey their superiors.  This is why they don’t speak the truth about what is coming to the world.

             “Pray, because many difficult moments are coming.  Men will inevitably witness those events, and they won’t be able to escape. 

            “Don’t think that what’s happening now will end quickly.  No.  Nature will convulse and will hurt and suffer the same as men.  This is why your Loving Mother appears everywhere.  She tells you what men are afraid to say, because it is not convenient for them to speak the Truth.

            “I love you.  I am your Celestial Father.  Amen.

            “Note:  Each one of you should carry the cross that I gave to you.  Whoever is not capable of doing this, is not a true son of Mine. 

            “The small places will become big and the big places will become small.  What will make them great will be the humanity that will be there, not the luxury. 

             “Don’t worry about your trip, you will be fine, otherwise, you won’t go.  Don’t worry about the money.  [Rosa is going to Ecuador after November 13th.] 

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
November 13, 2001  

            “My dear children, My little ones, today I want you to know that I come dressed in pink, green and blue, with a Crown of stars on My Head.  They are the twelve stars that represent the twelve tribes of Israel. 

“You cry because I cry and you suffer because that is how the Hearts of My Well Beloved and your Loving Mother suffer because of everything that has to happen due to the disobedience of the world.

            “May the Divine Spirit of God rest in the hearts of every human being that is found in this place.  The patience that everyone can realize, was awarded to your Loving Mother for her humility at being the smallest of the servants of the Well Beloved. 

“You have to prepare each one of your hearts.  You have to open those hardened hearts that each one of you has and through which each one of you consciously or unconsciously offends the Eucharistic Heart of My Well Beloved and the Immaculate Heart of your Loving Mother. 

“Your Loving Mother is crying today.  She is crying and suffering for each one of Her children.  For how long, My little ones, have you been called to convert to the True Faith, which is believing in what you don’t see?  You are not capable of renouncing the vices of the world, the orgies, the apostasies.  Those who, after knowing the Light, renounce It and embrace the road of darkness, infringe upon the Law.  It is for that Law that you have infringed that you will have to receive the consequences of each one of your acts.

“You are in the times when the Well Beloved is ready to return.  In each one of the apparitions, your Loving Mother offers the Message of Love to each one of Her children, so you will embrace the Cross of Jesus and leave the road of ignorance that tries to get you to divert yourselves to other paths where the Living Water doesn’t flow as a Spring that God opens for us in Baptism and at the Consecration of the Body of the Well Beloved.  Allow that Water flow like a Divine Spring, so that each one of you will be purified in your hearts and in your homes.

“Your Loving Mother is going to be brief, but the events that are coming for the world are great and so the warning for the small creatures has to be great to draw them close to the temple of the Lord. 

“He is always in the Sacred Eucharist.  When you don’t take Communion and don’t confess with true devotion and true repentance for each one of your sins, you can’t be saved.  The Lord is Present there in the Eucharist, that small bread that you receive in your hands from those who are the only ones who are prepared and consecrated to give It to you in your mouths and not in your hands.  Every time you take It in your hands that are soiled by the world, you offend and crucify Jesus anew. 

“You have to be capable of renouncing all the hypocrisies, all the ambitions that contaminate your souls through each of your hearts and minds.  Take the Cross of the Well Beloved and carry It, as He has carried yours.  If you don’t renounce your sins and take the Cross, you won’t be saved.

“There is only one Path, one Baptism and one Faith in the Love of God.  That is the one I left to you.  At this moment, I want to ask if anyone has ever seen God.  Who has seen God?  No one, only Moses, who saw the flame that didn’t go out on Mount Horeb.  The fire that was embraced by the Holy Spirit comes to try to heal the world to purify it, but you are blind, deaf and dumb.  You only look for the proof that your Celestial Father won’t give you.

“Remember each one of you, that in the Old Testament, the Celestial Father spoke to us through His great prophets.  He used men and the great signs and symbols that they spoke about, like water, thunder and earthquakes, like those events that occurred when Jesus was Crucified and everything trembled.  That is how the earth will tremble again, because God comes promoting peace and salvation for everyone, but you close your hearts and don’t go en masse to the temples to pray there, before the Holy Sacrament, so God can pardon you. 

“All of you are sinners.  Don’t believe that any of you are saints; neither is that small creature [Rosa] whom your Father uses to manifest His Glory.  She is one of the biggest sinners.

“God comes rejoicing and converting those who never, ever were true believers but who say, ‘We are practicing Roman and Apostolic Catholics.’  You don’t know how to truly practice charity between each other, that charity that was sown by My Well Beloved Jesus at making himself so humble as to be born in a manger so He could demonstrate to each one of you that it is in the humility of each one of your hearts and in your acts where you will find Him.

“I don’t want you to become tired.  I know that there are people who want to leave; I already read this in your hearts.  Don’t come to the places of apparition looking for proofs, because Jesus doesn’t give proofs, only Signs.  When He walked among you and they asked Him for proof of His being the Son of God, He told them, ‘I will never give proof to those whitened tombs, those who say with their mouths what they don’t feel in their hearts.’

“I want to end by telling you to repent and pray.  He is at the point of coming again and each one of you has to say, ‘Jesus, come soon.’ 

“At the end of this Message, I also want to reach My good Pastor [Father Heredia], who can be found at this place and who is an Oblate of Mary.  He is always ready to be of service without asking for proof, and he gives you blessings at each one of the Masses that he offers in this small and insignificant place, where you are not worthy of delighting in the Divine Spirit of God, Who converts you and takes you to the Path of Light. 

“Open the Sacred Scriptures and read from St. John, Chapter 1, Verses 1-18:  ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God.  All things came to be through him, and without him nothing came to be.  What came to be through him was life, and this life was the light of the human race; the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.  A man named John was sent from God.  He came for testimony, to testify to the light, so that all might believe through him.  He was not the light, but came to testify to the light.  The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world.  He was in the world, and the world came to be through him, but the world did not know him.  He came to what was his own, but his own people did not accept him.  But to those who did accept him he gave power to become children of God, to those who believe in his name, who were born not by natural generation nor by human choice nor by a man’s decision but of God.  And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us, and we saw his glory, the glory as of the Father’s only Son, full of grace and truth.  John testified to him and cried out, saying, “This was he of whom I said, ‘The one who is coming after me ranks ahead of me because he existed before me.’ ”  From his fullness we have all received, grace in place of grace, because while the law was given through Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.  No one has ever seen God.  The only Son, God, who is at the Father’s side, has revealed him.’

“Study well what is written so you will know what God wants from you on this day and so you will see how God takes advantage of small creatures to manifest His Glory. 

“I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.  Amen.  Amen.”

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
December 13, 2001

            Rosa:  “The Virgin Mary has been giving me locutions since last night.  She is saying that we need to change many things here in this place.  She says, ‘My little creature has been doing many things far away from this place, but not because she wants to.  It is because Jesus opens the way so she can have Jesus Glorified here.’  [This refers to the trips Rosa has been making to Ecuador.]”

            Virgin Mary:  “All of you know what Jesus wants from His children.  Jesus makes Himself known through this small creature [Rosa] and Our Lady. 

            “As you know, My little creature has the stigmata of Jesus.  She [Rosa] is not able to meditate or rest her feet because of everything she has to do here.  My Loving Jesus and your Celestial Father beg you to make this place into a place of prayer and healing, as it is now.  From now on, My little one will only touch the people who have serious illnesses or who are in danger of dying.  The volunteers are the ones who must anoint the rest of the people so that this place can continue.  You don’t want My little creature to become ill so this place will end, do you?  [Everyone present answered ‘No.’]  I check the hearts of My little creatures and I know that things change.  That must happen because they are Signs of the End Times.  Other Signs of the End Times are when the priests will leave the churches to preach outside of them.  (I am not referring to the missionaries.)

            “I will be with you all day, until everyone understands.  My little one opened her heart and the doors of her home and converted it into a temple.  She even went against the decision of her husband on earth and the Church and the highest hierarchies (city officials) so this place could exist.  Everyone wanted her to be silent, but they’re not able to silence her, because she is in the service of God.  She suffers because We suffer in her. 

            “My little one won’t be able to tell you when the stigmata will become visible, so don’t ask her.  They are there and they are visible to many people.  When she walks, it is Jesus who walks in her. 

            “Many great things will happen in the small country that she visited [Ecuador].  She was able to accomplish many charitable works there with the donations that My children gave her.  I know the donations they gave were not for building homes for the poor, but that was the decision she made.

            “I want you all to know that My Heart and the Heart of My Beloved Jesus remain with the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador.  The hierarchy of that place is also contaminated, but not the people.  They still have faith.  They believe in God and the Church.  They also know that many bad things are happening because some of the pastors that I left to guide My flock are leading the people away from the True Path.  But not all of them are contaminated.

            “The apparitions will continue with love.  They won’t stop.  They will continue, even if the Church prohibits them.

            “Your Celestial Father and your Loving Mother want you to be united, because it is very likely that a disaster will occur before the month ends.  This disaster will occur not only in this country, but in others that are far away from here.  However, if something occurs in the United States, it will affect many cities, causing terror.  I assure you that bin Laden’s hands are very long.  He has many tentacles in many places of the world that will exact revenge for everyone who has fallen in Afghanistan.  The United States will try to stop what they want to do, but they won’t be able to control the hands of all those who are all over the world, not even

“One day, I told you that when man touches Jerusalem from every side, that the end will be near.  That is what is happening now.  Since the beginning, Jerusalem has been a land of nomads and conquerors.   The nomads are people who look to conquer other lands for themselves. 

“During the time when Jesus walked on the earth, it was the Jews, although not all of them, who participated in His Crucifixion.  But this does not give others the right to take away the land that God gave to the Israelites.  God gave that land back to the Jews, because they were dispersed throughout the world.

            “I also told you that the ‘man in the cave’ would be able to destroy half of all humanity with the chemical weapons that he has.  This will be one of the attacks that he will make on the United States.  Another attack will be when he will try to blow up entire peoples here and in many of the countries that are helping the United States in this just war.  Remember that there are many wars that are necessary and that have to be fought. 

“Since the beginning, it has been written in the Sacred Scriptures that in trying to stamp out the bad weed, the good will also be stamped out and that many of the good will be plucked.  Even though because of this you try to say that your Celestial Father is not Just, because the good are mixed with the bad, it has occurred this way since the beginning of time in this world.

            “You have to be prepared in your homes with food, water and some medicine, because when the moment of evil comes, you will be surprised and many will be asleep or doing what they are accustomed to do.  But those who serve God on the True Path will not be forgotten by your Celestial Father.

            “I know this Message is long, but it is very important for these times.  Difficult moments are coming for humanity. 

“The Church has been tried for a long time and it has been contaminated by evil from the inside.  They are denying everything.  They persecute those who speak in the Name of God in the same way that they persecuted Saint Stephen and the martyrs of the antiquity.  Don’t worry, because this is normal. 

“Apostasy has infiltrated throughout my temples to divide those who believe that at the End of Times, God will reveal things through His small creatures.  God can manifest Himself through whomever he wants and no one can stop Him. 

“No one can perturb the souls of My little ones.  It would be better for those who try that a rock was tied around their necks and that they were thrown into the sea. 

“My little creature [Rosa] was chosen because she knew nothing.  She didn’t believe in the Sacred Scriptures and she never took the Bible in her hands. 

“The Church that Jesus, My Well Beloved, left to you denies that at the End of Times, the days will become much shorter and the nights much longer, that the families will be destroyed, the children will have dreams, the youth will prophesy and the elderly will have visions.  If the Church denies what Jesus can do, he can save it, as He saved Mary Magdalene when He converted her into a lover of the Love of God. 

“Jesus does not come for the good ones, but for those who don’t know Him.  How will men identify Jesus in His Second Coming if they can’t distinguish the truth from the lie? 

“Everyone wants proof of when these things will occur.  I told you that I will find you sleeping.  Everyone is at fault.  I say that each one of you is to blame for permitting the Church to be dispersed. 

“Everyone attacks the ones who bring the Truth in the Name of God, the Truth for which they were chosen.

“If you don’t believe in the apparitions of Mary, then you don’t believe in the apparitions of Jesus, because He was the first to appear.  He appeared to the apostles, to the Virgin Mary and to the rest of those who walked with Him towards Emmaus. 

“Many events will occur, in many places at the same time.  You won’t have time to think.

“This is the moment of true reconciliation and not hypocrisy, but true Communion.  Do you know why?  The times that are coming are the times of waiting for the Light to illuminate us once again.  The festivities that you are now celebrating [Christmas] have been converted into excesses of food, alcohol and drugs.  This is not what Jesus left you.  These times are meant to wait for the Birth of the Well Beloved, for a renewal of love and truth in your hearts.  Embrace the Manger and forget the weaknesses of the world and of idolatry.  Don’t live with your backs to the Truth that God left you. 

“Remember that the Christmas tree also celebrates the Birth of the Well Beloved.  It is like Manna and the Eucharist, because it is a symbol of the tree that bears fruits for your food.  Remember in Genesis when your Celestial Father prohibited Adam and Eve from eating the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Life?  They disobeyed and were punished.  The tree is like the family.  The trunk is the head and the branches are the children. 

“The meaning of Christmas is that it is a celebration of the Birth of Jesus.  You will not please God by commercializing it and shopping like crazy to celebrate the holiday.  How can you truly please God?  By being in your homes, with your families.  Don’t allow one branch to be cut from that tree, because when you cut a branch or a leaf from that tree, you destroy the family.  Think about that for a moment.  Think of the children.

“Return to the Church that I left.  When the priests deny you Confession and don’t give you the Eucharist, which is the Manna of these times, they will have to give more of an account to your Celestial Father at the time of justice than you [the laity] will.  All of them will give an account to God the same as you, because in this world, no one is good.  It is like the times of Lot, when he tried to find fifty good people, but couldn’t find any. 

“Run to the refuges that the Celestial Father has shown you through the great apparitions of the world.   

“To finish, I want to tell you that great disasters provoked by men await you towards the end of this month or the beginning of the next.  There are no dates above [in heaven] or below [on the earth]. 

“Pray for the pope, pray for the priests.  Men are submerged in the mud of their lives and they continue to make the Heart of the Crucified Christ Bleed.

“I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”