Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
January 13, 2000

“My dear children, today I bring in My Hands the same Light that I gave you when I brought My Beloved Jesus to the world.  It doesn’t matter that man rejects It.  They reject It now the same way they rejected It when He came the first time.  They rejected It then and they don’t recognize It today.  This is why I send you prophets of this time – to announce to you once again the Good News that the Light is in the world.  Once again, the Virgin Mary is the One Who brings the Light.  Do not ignore It.

“My dear children, so that what was written in Sacred Scriptures could be fulfilled, a false peace has been signed in Jerusalem.  With the complicity of the world and the clergy, many territories have been taken from Jerusalem.  Men will see how God will make them pay for profaning Holy Land and for handing it over to false Christians.

“My children, the same ones who crucified My Beloved Jesus yesterday, crucify Him again today in each heart, in each hospital, in the courts, in the homes, in the programs that you watch on television.  But I assure you that He will ask each one of you to account for this.

“Everything began in Israel and everything will happen there.  Be alert, because the Good Shepherd will come soon.  He will guide you to the True Path of Light.

“Today, I came through the Grace of the Holy Spirit.  My little creatures, it is very important, very important, that you let yourselves become illuminated by the Holy Spirit.  Let the Light of My Well Beloved enter your hearts.

“So few of My creatures come to the Call of your Mother.  This is why the Message is brief and is already written.  I have been with you since very early this morning, observing each one of your hearts.  Do not let the Light that is brought to you by these small sinful hands like yours [Rosa’s hands] escape from you.  These small hands are sinful like each one of your, but in them, My Beloved Son Glorifies Himself every day and every hour.  But man does not want to come to receive the Blessings that these small hands bring.  They reject them the same way they rejected Jesus, Who shared the Message of Love and the Gospel with you.

“The people of Jerusalem took forty years to get to the Promised Land.  They were blind, they couldn’t see it, even though they were very near.  The same thing will happen during these times to all those who look for the Light in other places, not realizing that they have It so near.  Open your hearts and let the Light penetrate them so you could see yourselves just as you are.

“The things I told you here at other times about the pope are being fulfilled now.  If he doesn’t resign, they will make him resign or he will have to go into hiding so that what’s written about him and the world could be fulfilled.  I assure you that none of you, no man, could ridicule the Law.  Woe to those who reject the love that I bring through My Well Beloved!

“Your Loving Mother is the smallest servant of Jesus, but God Glorifies Himself in Her. She brought you the Light and it is through Her how men will come to Jesus.  Recognize Her and do not abandon the Truth.

“It is Jesus Who will take you to the Celestial Father, the Father of all men.  Repent, each one of you.  Recognize the Light that comes from Jesus.  Be baptized.  Baptism is the door that opens the world to eternity and to eternal life.  Be baptized, go to Confession and take Communion from the only ones I left, the priests, so you could be redeemed from your sins.  Even though they deny [many things], they are obedient to the service of God.

            “I love you, I bless you.  Amen.”

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
February 13, 2000

        The Virgin Mary appears with an immense Crown of flowers on Her Head. She is brought by Jesus. She is dressed in white, which is a symbol of purity. The flowers are symbols of love. The Crown that Jesus wears on His Forehead is sprinkled with flowers and with His Precious Blood.

        "My little ones, My little ones, pay attention each one of you, pay attention to this Message. It’s a Message of love and conversion for all men. It’s a Message full of the Grace of the Holy Spirit. It’s a Message that your Beloved Mother brings to you through My Beloved Son so you can rejoice in each petal of roses and in each Mystery of the Rosary.

        "You ignore all the love that your Beloved Jesus grants you in each apparition, in each manifestation of your Beloved Mother in the world that surrounds you. My Beloved Jesus says in this Mystery of His Persecution, His Calvary, that your Beloved Mother also participated in it with Her Heart full of pain, bleeding from the wounds of each whipping, each fall and each slap that He suffered. My Well Beloved presents you with all the Love that He has in His Heart for each one of you in the world.

        "Today, I want to speak through My Well Beloved during the Mystery of His Persecution, His Stations of the Cross, His Crowning of Thorns and His Death at Calvary because of His Love for you, so that each one of you can convert and return to the temple that He left, so you can return to the Holy Sacrament of the Altar, and so that each one of you can offer your sins during Confession with your priest so that they can be forgiven.

        "You have to pray a lot for Jerusalem and for the Holy Father, who governs on the earth and who takes holiness to the whole universe that was created by God.

        "Your Beloved Mother brings a Message of Love, because it is love that moves the hearts of the faithful who truly believe in the Sacred Scriptures and in your Celestial Father. Love was in the ‘Yes’ that your Beloved Mother said when your Celestial Father conceived and did not create His Son in the Womb of your Mother in order to give you the privilege of His Love towards you. You gave Him up on the Cross and Crucified Him. He gave Himself as an agape of love in the Holy Eucharist so that you could nourish your spirits during these times.

        "Each one of you should pray for your families, for your homes and for the temple of the Holy Spirit, which is in each one of your hearts. Consecrate the world to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of your Loving Mother.

        "I assure you that in the same way that they persecuted My Well Beloved Jesus at Calvary and in the Stations of the Cross, you will also be persecuted during these times. You will be persecuted, you will be humiliated and you will be tried in your faith. Remember, each one of you, that in the New Testament, in St. Matthew, Chapter 23, Verse 37, Jesus cried for Jerusalem: ‘Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you persecute the prophets that your Celestial Father sends. You persecute them, crucify them and kill them because you have no faith.’ You also need to look in St. Matthew, Chapter 24, where you will see the manifestations of the Well Beloved and the Signs of the End of Times. You will hear that there are wars everywhere, even though men are talking about peace. There will be no peace. Men will sign declarations of peace, but there will be no peace.

        "You will see how Colombia, a holy place blessed by God, will be taken by the antichrist. You will see that Venezuela will fall. There will be struggles for power in the following countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Ecuador and Peru. They will suffer and tremble again by destruction caused by the antichrist. Nature will turn against man and you will suffer the consequences of this. Pray, pray and consecrate all your works to the Lord.

        "Pray for the small little creature who came from that small country, that island which is dominated by the demon, where the struggle between good and evil is present at every moment. But evil will not defeat the Light. [Our Lady is referring to Elián González, the child who came here from Cuba.]

        "Preach the Gospel and do not be embarrassed or afraid. Each place of apparition is a temple that will be a place of refuge during difficult moments. Each one of you who was chosen to be here this day will receive the blessings of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in your hearts. Amen."

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
March 13, 2000

            “My little ones, thank you for coming to this place.  Today, I visit you one more time, looking for your hearts, those hearts that are separated from the Heart of My Well Beloved Jesus.  Today I come dressed in Glory, glorifying your Savior, Jesus Christ.

“The Virgin, your Loving Mother, needs people to write this Message because your Loving Mother cannot wait to give it to you.  She is dressed in Glory —white like light and purity and blue like the universe, the sea and the sky, in order to reach all the hearts which are on their knees in humility and which take shelter under the mantle of your Loving Mother.

“You still do not understand the True Mystery of My apparitions in all places.  I want to tell you, My little ones, that the mystery of faith is a dogma that each one of you should have in your Hearts.  It is not those who look for My Image in the sky, the clouds and the sun who will be able to see your Loving Mother and My Beloved Jesus.  Only those who look with faith and love towards My Beloved Jesus will see.

“He left you a Promise — the Resurrection.  That Promise is there, written in the Sacred Scriptures:  ‘I will resurrect at the End of Times.  I will be with all of you again on the earth in My Second Coming,’ says My Well Beloved Jesus.  You have to embrace the cross that My Well Beloved has given you.  Each one of you suffers the pains of life that come when you don’t obey the Law, when you don’t go to My temples, where you should go to praise God.  There is only one God, one Jesus, Who was conceived, not created, only one Who was Crucified and only one Who was Resurrected.

“Every time you profane the Mystery that is written in the Sacred Scriptures, you take My Well Beloved to the Cross one more time.  Every time you do something that offends My Well Beloved, you crucify Jesus again.  Every time you ask for proof you profane the Heart of My Well Beloved in your heart.  

“Today’s Message is for all who come looking for the Truth through proofs and by judging the heat of My little servant [Rosa].  My Beloved Jesus never gave proof to the Gentiles or to the Pharisees.  You can find the Truth if you look in the Sacred Scriptures in St. Mark, Chapter 7, Verse 6.  There, you will find part of the Truths that I tell you today.

“Remember, the Marian apparitions happen because of the Love that Jesus has for each one of you every time one of you is baptized in My Church, where I am your Mother.  Search for the Truth in the Sacred Scriptures, because there you will find the Truth of My Beloved Jesus.

“Jesus did not receive the blood of man, he was conceived, not created.  This is why you will find that Jesus had the blood of a woman, His Mother.  Always remember this.

“Always look in the Sacred Scriptures for forgiveness for all of your faults, all of your mistakes, all of your offenses towards God.  Look for reconciliation with Him.  Proclaim Him without being ashamed and testify to the Truth that is Jesus of Nazareth.

“Your Loving Mother appears everywhere because it is He Who wants Her to appear.  It is His Love that makes Her appear, His Love for each one of us.  During an apparition, the Love of Jesus and Mary is poured out for all who attend with open hearts.

“In this small place, the fruits are the conversions and the healings that are given through My little creature [Rosa], who is only a vehicle that takes you to Jesus.

“Go to Church, go to Confession and receive the Eucharist.  Ask them to return the Holy Sacrament to the altars because great torments are coming close to humanity.  But there is hope in Jesus. Forgiveness is in Him, the Path is with Him, the Resurrection is in Him and eternal life is with Him.

“Ask with love and it will be given to you.  Knock on the door by going to Communion and Jesus will open His Arms to forgive all who are truly humble before Him.

            “I love you, I bless you on this day, when I pour out My Love on this small group.  The group is small, but it is a group of people that He chose to come to receive His blessings.  Amen.”

Special Message

April 9, 2000

             “Today,  My children are surrounded by many dangers.  I give everyone in the world the opportunity to believe and to come to Me through the Hands of My Mother.  This is the only way that people can walk in the Light, but no one wants to believe because they don’t want to become involved in the responsibilities of an apparition, even though they can come to the Path of Light through all the visionaries of the world.

            “Always remember that the Virgin Mary is only one person.  She comes through the Hands of your Celestial Father so you can come to the True Path.  The Virgin Mary is one Heart together with the Celestial Father.  Always remember that She never comes alone; My Mother always comes with Me so you can understand the True Path.  Jesus and Mary walk together.  They are one Body and one Heart.  Every time you pray the Rosary, you come close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

            “You think that each one of you has a very heavy cross, but you have to look around and visit the hospitals and the orphanages so you can see how inhumane the world is.

            “Many things will occur that will change humanity.  Do not be afraid.  There will be many revolutions in many countries.  Many people will die before they find the Path of Truth.  There will be great epidemics in the world and many illnesses will return.  The human body will reject the medicines that modern science currently uses. Many of these illnesses will return due to the promiscuity of human beings.

            You must become My messengers and bring everything I say to all human beings.  When God made the world, He made men and women to procreate.  He made the animals to conceive and to bear offspring.  In every age, men become promiscuous, without thinking.  This is why I tell you that great epidemics will return that will not be able to be controlled.

            “Always remember this, My little creatures:  Jesus was Crucified to save men from all their sins.  You need to remember this promise that He gave you in the Sacred Scriptures — if you repent of all your sins, you will be saved.  True repentance will save you.  Repent!

            “Always remember that the Church will be destroyed when Jesus returns to recover the bride that He left, which is the Church.  Difficult moments are coming.  I assure you, My little ones, that anyone who confesses their sins in Confession and receives the Eucharist in their mouth and not in their hands will be saved.

            “I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

            “Mankind, your pride prevents you from knowing when you make mistakes.  Your Celestial Father will ask for an account of your pride.  No one wants to listen and repent before the Lord.  You offend Jesus every day, even in the temples.  You Sacrifice Him every day on the Cross when you take Him in your hands because you don’t believe that He is truly in that little piece of bread.  From the youngest ones to the oldest ones, all of you will give account to Jesus.  His Justice will reach everyone.

            “Each one of you needs to carry the cross that I gave you.  No one wants to help Me carry My Cross; you always Crucify Me.  Everyone who blesses and glorifies the Crucifix is glorifying God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, Who are all One.  

            “Anyone who denies the Virgin Mary and Her Virtue also denies Jesus.  You have to remember that God wasn’t created, He was conceived in a Virginal Womb.  He doesn’t have any blood from man, but only from Mary.  Always remember this.

            “If you don’t open your hearts to your Loving Mother, you deny entrance to Jesus, Who came from Her and the Holy Spirit.  This is why anyone who doesn’t renounce everything, including their own skins, their worthless lives and their families, can’t be called sons of God.  This is what is meant by ‘letting the dead bury the dead.’  Anyone who doesn’t leave their father and their brother can’t say that he is a follower of God.

            “I have spoken.  I am your Celestial Father, your Divine Mercy.  Amen.”

 Special Note for the Cuban People

            “You need to name a leader to represent you.  If you don’t do this, you won’t obtain freedom.  All the animals of the jungle, even the ants, have leaders.  But you don’t want a leader because everyone wants to be a boss, not a follower.  If you keep thinking this way, you will never find the freedom that you are looking for.  Without a leader, you are like animals.

            “Every country has a president; priests have the pope.  Why don’t you look for a leader to lead you?  Is your pride much bigger than your wish for freedom?

            “I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
April 13, 2000

        "My dear child, I am here, even though I cannot make Myself visible because of all the pain that is in My Heart. I will speak to you and they will feel My Presence. I am dressed in pink and white. I love you. What you see is St. Michael the Archangel. The Crucifix is very large because today, man is Crucifying Jesus again.

        "My dear child, My little one, Jesus will bless you on this day, together with the Virgin Mary and St. Michael the Archangel.

        "Men do not want to recognize [Sacred] images because men are always confused. The first images were the staff of Moses, which was changed into a snake, and the cherubim on the Tabernacle. The idols are of other things and the images are Sacred.

        "Today, St. Michael the Archangel comes with the Virgin Mary, protecting Her from the evil that exists today in the world. The Virgin Mary is also accompanied by the Cross. She is carrying the Cross of Jesus. She comes dressed in pink and white. She wears a great Crown on Her Head, which is the Crown of Jesus, the Crown of Thorns, but it is brilliant, as if it was made of gold. The Virgin Mary is very sad, because men do not obey the Divine Commandments. The lack of faith of human beings is great. They do not want to believe in the apparitions all over the world, which bring a Message for each human being. During every apparition, the Virgin touches each human being. Remember that the Virgin Mary could even appear in a piece of bread that you put in your mouth.

        "Today, you are full of tribulations. These tribulations are brought by the lack of faith of men. Men do not have faith in God. Men are out of control and this is why they will fall into the ravine, the same way that the possessed pigs fell when Jesus took the demons out of the unbelievers and sent them into the pigs. The Virgin says that men have to become more involved with the Sacred Scriptures. Everything is written in the Sacred Scriptures. Everything is written there for all times.

        "Today, men Crucify Jesus every day at the Holy Altar by taking the Eucharist in their hands without bending their knees or confessing their sins, which is a sin. God left us the priests to confess our sins to, even though there are some priests who don’t want to hear confessions.

        "The purpose of Marian apparitions is so all of the followers of Christ can lean on Him, because the Church wants to destroy itself by the evil that has penetrated it. Remember that the Church is full of wolves disguised as sheep, as is said in the Sacred Scriptures. Remember that the Vatican is full of great Masonic brains that dominate the world through the Church councils that are all over the world. You should ask your priests where 75% of your donations go. It goes to those Church councils all over the world. Those Church councils feed all of those who are truly separated from God. We have to lean on the Cross, the Cross is our salvation. Through Mary, Jesus tells us that if we are ashamed of wearing a Cross around our necks, Jesus will also be ashamed of us. If you do not justify Him, He will not justify any one of you.

        "The world is full of aberrations, the homes are destroyed, the youth have turned into women full of earrings and holes all over their bodies. They commit perversions with the temple of Jesus, which is their bodies.

        "The Virgin keeps telling us to make chapels in our homes because the Church will be totally destroyed. It will be lifted up again by the pastor Who is Jesus. Jesus will return again to restore His Church. This is why all who truly believe need to lean on what He left us, such as Confession, which is very important. It is also very important to take Communion and to bend your knees before Him.

        "We must remember that Elián [the Cuban boy] is a martyr of these times because his family believes in Jesus and they are with God. They are not ashamed to talk about the Virgin. Remember the Sacred Cross that was made recently in Little Havana [Florida]. Remember that the Image of the Virgin appeared on the window of a bank and on a mirror in the child’s bedroom. Remember that the Church did not allow the Virgin to be mentioned during these events because they did not want to offend the separated brothers. Jesus says that if it offends you to justify your Loving Mother, He will also be ashamed of each one of you. We need to lean on Him. It is in the Love of Jesus, but with true faith, that we will find the Path.

        " From today onward, the world will become entangled in their aberrations, in their hate and in their pride.

        "This is a special Message for all the brothers that are praying today for Elián: There are many Eliáns, but he is the lamb that will be sacrificed. The miracle [of his safe passage of America] was made by the Virgin and now men want to give him back to the malignant one, to the darkness. Today, Elián is a symbol of liberty for a country that has been condemned to Communism by the ignorance of its people and by the complicity of men.

        "On this day today, the day of the Virgin, when a great country of democracy is being dragged down by obeying the threats of one of the seven heads of the malignant one as they try to return Elián to that country [Cuba], the great heads of the enemies of this continent are meeting [the Group of 77 summit in Cuba].

        "Remember that the Virgin has always said that Central and South America will personally suffer for their complicity in having abandoned a country to the claws of Communism. Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Mexico will also be devastated by the hands of Communism. Everyone turned their backs and became deaf, so they are all accomplices of this.

        "The Virgin says to ask the people of this country [the U.S.] if they would like to have the same government in their country for 41 years; if they would like what is happening today on that small island to happen to them. Would you like to have children, the elderly and men to continue fleeing on the ocean and to drown in the sea, without having anyone to help them? The world is an accomplice, the same way that they were accomplices when they Crucified Jesus. Blood poured all over Jerusalem and over their descendants for being accomplices in the Sacrifice of the Lamb of God. Today, Elián is also a lamb and we need to think that there are many rafters like him. There are Colombian, Venezuelan and Ecuadorian "rafters" who come over by air. Their complicity is the sin of omission.

        "Today, there are few people here because many of them are with Elián. The Virgin Mary is crying because they don’t allow Her to be Glorified because they don’t want to offend those who do not believe in Her or in Her Virginity. Those who do not venerate Mary, not to idolize Her, but to venerate Her, are also denying Jesus. Jesus does not have blood from a man, because He was born of the Virgin Mary. He was conceived through the Holy Spirit. This is why He only has blood from a woman. This is why Jesus and Mary are One Heart.

        "Do not close your eyes to what is happening and what will happen in the world. God is punishing the arrogance, the evil and the aberrations of man. There is no peace in Jerusalem. From today onward, people will become involved in wars and governments will be dissolved. Among these are the governments of Ecuador and Peru. Their constitutions will probably be dissolved by the guerrillas that have anti-Christian ideologies, not a political ones. These anti-Christian ideologies have even reached the Church, because even the Holy See has become an accomplice of the evil of human beings.

        "But we cannot turn our backs on her [the Church]. We need to continue to embrace the Cross, the Cross of Jesus, through the Rosary of Mary and through Her Hands. Amen."

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
May 13, 2000

         “My little ones, today I want to present Myself to you dressed in gold, white and blue.  Today is a very special day for your Loving Mother and My Well Beloved Jesus.”  

            The Virgin is dressed all in gold and is surrounded by angels.

“My little creatures, today I come giving Glory and Honor to My Beloved Son, My Beautiful Son.  Today I want to visit you as your Mother, the Mother of each one of you, the Mother of men on earth.

“Today, My Beloved Jesus brings Light for the world, a world full of pain, sadness, aberrations, and offenses towards My Well Beloved.  You have not recognized the Light that I brought to the world through My small creature [Jesus] at the grotto in Jerusalem on that glorious day.

“Jesus brings your Loving Mother.  Jesus has given each one of you your Mother, so that through Her intercession, you could go to the servants [the pastors] that He left to you in the Universal Church, so they can forgive your sins.  Do not renounce that Miracle of Love.  But many of you do renounce that miracle when you go to the temple that shelters you with My mantle, where I am your Mother, that temple where you can participate in the Supper [Holy Communion] that He left you through His Sacrifice on the Cross.

“Remember that the Cross is the Redemption of every man and that each one of you has to carry your own cross, because if you look around you, there are other crosses that weigh more than yours.  Everyone receives what they deserve; they reap what they have planted.

“Today is a special day, a day of love.  Today, your Loving Mother is venerated under the image of Our Lady of Fatima  You need to pray with your hearts, humbly and humiliated before Him, for your Holy Father, who today is at Fatima to beatify Jacinta and Francisco.  Lucia will not leave us until the pope reveals the Third Secret.  Pray so that this will happen soon, with the approval of the Church and the Holy Father.  Pray so that the pope will remain with us because you will not like the one who will come after him.  Pray for all the priests and for priestly vocations, because there aren’t many of them now.  Remember that the wolves that are disguised as sheep are taking the places of the true pastors that I left and who were consecrated in My Name as Oblates of Mary Immaculate. 

“Remember that from this month forward, many things will happen in the world that will change the way you think.  Remember that you will be persecuted for preaching the True Gospel of the Cross in the same way that My chosen ones [the shepherds] are being  persecuted today.

“Do not be ashamed to wear the Cross on your hearts or on your chests, because It will identify you as true followers of My Well Beloved Jesus.

“Remember that the world will wallow in their own mud.  The sins of mankind will destroy them, but then, true vindication will come through My Well Beloved in His Second Coming to the world.

“Remember that many things could happen in Jerusalem during these months, because they have given the land that belongs to the true, chosen ones of Jesus of Nazareth, to the ones who kill in the name of God. 

            “I bless all of you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
June 13, 2000

“My dear children, I am here with you, dressed in pink, white and blue.  I want you to know that today, My Beloved Jesus brings you a Message of Conversion, because He will punish all the arrogant ones in their pride, in their apostasy and in their lack of faith and love towards all the unhappy ones of the earth.

“My dear children, in these Mysteries [of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection] My Beloved Jesus forgives all your sins, but you do not honor the Sacrifice of Love of My Beloved Jesus, because you have not obeyed the Commandments He left you in the Sacred Scriptures.  My little ones, understand that you will be saved through your faith.

“The Archangel St. Michael and your Loving Mother have been with you since early morning.

“The evil of mankind makes the Powerful Hand of My Well Beloved fall on the world to humiliate your arrogance and your pride.

“Pray, My little creatures, pray and ask your Loving Mother to intercede for you as a Lawyer, as a Co-Redemptrix and as a Mediator between men and Jesus.  Today, you deny everything that My Well Beloved left in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  Pray and consecrate yourselves and your children to the Immaculate Heart of your Loving Mother and to the Eucharistic Heart of your Loving Jesus.  Today, men forget about this.  The lack of faith in the hearts of human beings makes My Well Beloved Jesus suffer a new Crucifixion every day.  In the Cross He left you Eternal Life and the promise of the Resurrection, but you have separated yourselves from Him and from the Paschal Supper in His temple in order to adore other gods that have nothing to do with My Well Beloved.

“No one will escape the Divine Justice that you have planted.  This is why your Loving Mother appears all over the place, so that with love and faith, you could come close to His Light.

“I’ve been here in this small Garden of Eden since early morning because the seed that My Beloved Jesus, through your Mother, has planted in this place, has germinated in only a very few creatures.  At this moment on the other side of the ocean in a country that is small, but where their faith is as great as the sun [Ecuador], Jesus of Nazareth and your Loving Mother are being honored with love in another chapel where great, distinguished people who govern bend their knees before the Power of My Well Beloved and your Loving Mother.

“The Holy Spirit rejoices in Guayaquil [Ecuador].  My little creature [Rosa] fell in love with the great faith of My little creatures of that marvelous place.  Great blessings were given there through My Well Beloved, your Loving Mother and the Holy Spirit, Who is Our Lord Himself.  If the same faith that that exists in Guayaquil would exist here, you would receive more blessings than were given there.  But the apostasy here is very great.  That is why the Justice of God, which will be poured out in this place, will also be great for all who have chosen the wrong path or who have made one of My small creatures fall into the emptiness of darkness and apostasy.

“Your Loving Mother says that My Well Beloved Jesus wants you to open the Holy Scriptures to Psalm 37, Verses 32-34:  ‘The wicked keeps a close eye on the upright, looking out for a chance to kill him; the Lord will never abandon him to the clutches of the wicked, nor let him be condemned if he is tried.  Put your hope in the Lord, keep to his path, he will raise you up to make the land your own; you will look on while the wicked are annihilated.’

            “I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

Special Message from Our Loving Mother

June 18, 2000

             Your Loving Mother says:

            “My little creature, your Loving Mother says that I know you are impatient because of everything that is said about the Third Secret through your Loving Mother’s Image of Fatima.  People ask themselves if what’s been revealed is true or not.  Your Mother responds that the Third Secret has not been a secret since 1917, when the crises of the First and Second World Wars came to the world.  Your Loving Mother tried to save men in those times so they could return to the Love of Jesus and so they could all be converted, but they did not listen and those great catastrophes occurred, those wars in which many men died.

            “Today, your Loving Mother is revealing Herself in many places, warning men about what will happen if you don’t convert to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to the Eucharistic Heart of My Well Beloved Jesus.

            “Today, the Secret has been completely revealed to the prophets of this time.  My Well Beloved Jesus shows, through your Loving Mother, that the Secret refers to the apostasy of man and the Church in the End Times during which you are living.  Do not be confused.  It is not the end of the world, but the end of apostasy and the end of the denial of the True Message that Jesus sends through your Loving Mother.

            “The Body of My Well Beloved in the Crucifixion is part of the Third Secret.  Jesus on the Cross signifies that He will bring you from all over the world, from the North, South, East and West, to unite all those who truly believe in His Sacrifice of Love on the Cross.

            “Now I will explain [something].  Imagine the figure of Jesus Crucified and Martyred on the Cross in your minds [look at the illustration of Jesus Crucified].  The Head of Jesus represents the North, His Feet represent the South and His Arms represent the East and the West.  His Arms are open to save the world.  His Feet are united for the union of all men and for their conversion.  His Ribs are the columns of His Temple, which is His Body.  When He died for Love, the columns of the temples cracked and everything trembled in that place of betrayal and death.

            “Today, the Body that He gave up for Love and for the salvation of men is being dishonored and offended in the Church where the pastors that He left to teach you the Truth have become accomplices of the disgrace of yesterday and the disgrace of today, denying the Truth of what is written in the Sacred Scriptures.  Each time one of My shepherds gives the Body of My Well Beloved in the hands of My little creatures, it is not My creatures who sin, but they themselves [the pastors], because by not being aware of what has been written, they cause men to sin.

            “The Temple of My Beloved Jesus crumbles anew every time you accept this Sacred Body [in your hands].  You are making those columns of the Temple collapse again and that will be the time of crying, anguish and destruction.

            “You do not want to listen to your Loving Mother when She asks you to repent and return to the Path of Truth, Light and Love.  Today, because of apostacy, My pastors, who are consecrated as Oblates of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, are denying what has been written.

            “At the End of Times, the children will have dreams, the elderly will have visions and the youth will prophesy.  This is why My Well Beloved tells you that when He returns in His Second Coming to rescue His Loving Bride, the Church, many shepherds will disappear because they are accomplices of the evil one and because they are allowing the smoke of satan to penetrate the sanctuary of the Lord.

            “I, your Loving Mother, tell you that the Third Secret of Fatima is being fulfilled in the denial of the Truth that you, the shepherds of My Well Beloved, who are dispersing the flock with great lies that are not written in the Sacred Scriptures.  You deny the Truth even after you know it.  This is why there will be many pastors called, but few chosen to save the Temple of Jerusalem.

            “I remind you that when peace treaties are signed in many places but My children continue to kill with weapons made by man, that this is a great Sign of the fulfillment of the Third Secret of Fatima.  Another Sign, which is now being fulfilled, is when the true priests leave the temples and the altars to proclaim the Scriptures by going door to door, as has been done until now by the separated brothers.

            “Other Signs are when you do not allow men to receive Confession before Communion and that you yourselves [the priests] do not believe that the True Body and Blood of Christ are present on the altars.

            “You will see how the Balkans will become inflamed with injustice once more and how Jerusalem’s streets will be transformed into horror and death.  Very soon, you will also see how humanity is devastated by great earthquakes, droughts and floods in many different parts of the world.  Great fires will destroy the nature that God left for the salvation of mankind.

            “Do not be amazed by anything, because no one will escape Divine Justice.

            “Remember, My little creatures, that when your Loving Mother appears in any part of the world, She is brought by My Loving Jesus so you can take shelter under Her Mantle and so each one of you can rest your heads on Her Lap, where She will listen to every complaint, every cry, every pain and every injustice.  Your Loving Mother serves as your Lawyer and Intercessor between My Well Beloved and you.

            “The Church will be destroyed and lifted up again by the True Shepherd, Who is My Well Beloved.  He will come to rescue His Bride from the claws of satan.

            “This is the Third Secret of Fatima.  Everything else has already been revealed.

            “Make the Sign of the Cross.  In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

            “I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
July 13, 2000

             “My dear children, today I come as Our Lady of Fatima for the Glory and Honor of My Well Beloved Jesus.  My Well Beloved is coming soon.  Make yourselves like little chicks under the wings of the hen.  My Divine Child Jesus is also here, holding My Hand.

“My little ones, your Loving Mother is crying because every day, all Her children all over the world offend the Heart of My Beloved Son, Jesus.  Repent, repent and bend your knees before My Beloved Son, Jesus.

“Jesus is coming soon, but people don’t have faith and they don’t believe.  I am looking into the hearts of My children who are here today.  Many come with love to receive the experience of the Sacrament of My Son, but many others don’t believe what is happening here.  This is why I tell all My children that if they don’t open their hearts in faith and charity, the Powerful Hand of My Son will fall.

“Your Mother cries because people don’t have love or charity towards others.  I appear all over the world so that everyone will believe in the Sacrifice of the Mystery of the Resurrection, but instead they offend the Holy Spirit in the Church.  The Holy Spirit is the only one Who can save you at the end.  The world will not end, only apostasy will end.

“I come preaching all over the world, but you don’t believe.  I tell My children to come and receive with faith and to repent.

“Pray for the pope, don’t offend him.  Many people think that the pope is to blame for not speaking the truth about the Third Secret of Fatima, but this is not true.  He is being obligated to say what is not true.  This is why I come today in the Image of Fatima and why I want all of you to open your hearts to receive salvation of body and soul.

“Everyone wants to receive, but everyone questions whether the apparitions are true.  I say, that yes, they are true, because Jesus wants to give you the opportunity of receiving the miracle of His Love.  Remember that Jesus loves His children very much but that His Justice is as great as His Love.

“All the prophecies are being fulfilled all over the world.  The people suffer with earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and hunger.  Many countries are under water and much more will happen.  Pray, pray for your families, which are being destroyed when the parents separate and go each to their own corners without thinking about their children.  The children are the ones who suffer when their parents separate.

“Everyone offends the Eucharistic Heart of My Beloved Son in the Church, in their homes and in the streets of the world.

“Today, I want you to remember Abraham, who offered his only son to God because he believed, even though he did not see God, but only heard Him in his ears and in his heart.  Also remember Moses, who brought the Jews out of Egypt to Jerusalem only through faith.  The apostles believed in Jesus only through the promise of the Resurrection and it was only by receiving the Holy Spirit on their heads that they were able to make many miracles.  So why do you now want proof?  Jesus says that He doesn’t give proof to those who want it.

“Repent and pray.  Have faith, love and charity.  This is the reason My Beloved Son is coming again.  Pray, because the Holy Spirit is coming today and will touch your hearts.

            “I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
August 13, 2000

 “My little ones, My little ones, your Loving Mother came today in the Mystery of the Scourging of Jesus.  This Mystery is very important for men because It is important for My Well Beloved Jesus.  Today I will try to speak slowly so My little creatures can perceive the Message exactly as your Loving Mother gives it.

“Today I have appeared to you in this great Mystery of the Persecution that My Well Beloved Jesus suffered 2,000 years ago when they persecuted Him, scourged Him, spit on Him, said He was a drunkard and was possessed and when they called Him a witch because He performed miracles for those people who were accustomed to disobedience, apostasy and denial of the Truth.  My Well Beloved Jesus was unjustly persecuted at that time in order to fulfill what was written in the Sacred Scriptures:  ‘I will give you a man among you Who will bring to the whole world the Light that will save you from all your sins.’ 

“This fulfills what was written in the Sacred Scriptures by the prophets of the antiquity about the persecution of Christianity, which is what they called the people who followed Jesus Christ at that time, not how they refer to all those who are separated from the Church today as Christians.  Do not forget that all are now being called Christians.

“Christians are all those who have been baptized in the Holy Spirit through the Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church.  You have to understand that there is only one baptism and only one God.  There is only one God for all:  bad, good, healthy, sick, imprisoned, free, elderly, children, believers and unbelievers.  My Well Beloved will give to those who are not believers whatever they have planted.  He did not come to persecute ideas or religions that He did not form, because He is a fisher of men and a fisher of hearts.

“I want to remind you about what is written so you can understand that during these times in which you are living that you will also be persecuted, the same as My Well Beloved.  Today, all who practice the True Faith will be humiliated, abandoned, tormented and not allowed to confess their sins in the temples, where the Body of My Well Beloved is present in the Holy Sacrament.

“They will not hear our Confessions; they will deny Confession to all those who want it.  Today, they don’t prepare their hearts to receive the Body of My Well Beloved.

“Pray, pray for them, My little ones, because soon the time will come when you will see yourselves as you truly are in your hearts.  Then, there will be no difference in color or race or beliefs because when you see the Sign in the sky, everyone will see themselves as being naked.  At that moment, you will understand the Mystery of the Salvation of Jesus.  In the Name of Jesus and also because of His Name, you will be persecuted the same way He was.

“Embrace the Cross, the Cross of Christ Crucified, because there is no Christ without the Cross.  For the Resurrection to occur, the seed had to be dried so it could give fruit.  It will be this way in all times:  for the seed to give fruit, you have to plant it and then you can reap the harvest that each one has planted.

“Embrace the Cross and do not be ashamed to carry It in your hearts.  Every time you kiss the Cross in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, it will be as if you had gone to Confession, because now there are no priestly vocations and many of the priests we have don’t want to hear Confessions.

“At this time, the Church is divided the same way that it was in the antiquity.  You have to keep your faith in your hearts.  Don’t extinguish the fire that is burning inside each one of you.  For peace to reach each one of you during Spiritual Confession, you need to kiss the Cross and humbly tell the Lord what the priests do not want to hear, so you can receive Communion.

“Remember, Communion is union, union in the Body and Blood of Christ, but you have to truly repent of all your sins.  You need to look for peace inside each one of your hearts so that this peace can arrive in your homes to prevent so many separated marriages because of the partners’ own wickedness when they look outside [their marriages] for abomination, fornication and vices.  Respect your homes so that your children are not dispersed and don’t become involved in drugs and alcohol.  You need to realize that there has to be peace within each one of you so that this peace can be distributed to all your homes.

“I bless you, My little ones.  Today’s Message is long.  Now, what will follow is what is written in the Sacred Scriptures in the First Letter of St. Paul to Timothy, Chapter 1, Verses 8-12:  ‘But we know that the law is good, if a man use it lawfully:  Knowing this, that the law is not made for the just man, but for the unjust and disobedient, for the ungodly, and for sinners, for the wicked and defiled, for murderers of fathers, and murderers of mothers, for manslayers,  For fornicators, for them who defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and whatever other thing is contrary to sound doctrine,  Which is according to the gospel of the glory of the blessed God, which hath been committed to my trust...for that he hath counted me faithful, putting me in the ministry;’  Go to Chapter 2, Verses 1-5:  ‘I desire therefore, first of all, that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all men:  For kings, and for all that are in high station: that we may lead a quiet and a peaceable life in all piety and chastity.  For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour,  Who will have all men to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth.  For there is one God, and one mediator of God and men...’

            “I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  I bless you in the Name of Jesus.  I am your Loving Mother, the Blessed  Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
September 13, 2000

 Today, Jesus came with Mary.  He was dressed in white with a red Robe.  Mary was dressed in pink with a white Mantle.

“My little ones, My dear little ones, to those of you who come with true humility to search in the shade for that which you cannot see, the Image of your Loving Mother, although many of you cannot see Her, She is here with you.

“My Beloved Jesus asks all of you to elevate your hearts in a prayer of forgiveness for your sins, those for which you have not yet repented.

“My Well Beloved tells you that this Mystery of the Rosary of your Loving Mother [the Incarnation] is very important for humanity.  The Holy Spirit is with you.  [At that moment, we heard a bird singing.]  It is very important for you to pay attention to this Mystery where God chose His servant, the Virgin Mary, your Loving Mother, to conceive His Spirit in Her Womb.  You have to remember that God was Born of the Virgin Mary to give a Face to His Spirit, which doesn’t have a Face.

“This Message is very important because today humanity lacks the love of mothers.  Women in this community and in all places around the world have forgotten the word ‘Mother’.  The Trinity was conceived in the Pure Womb of your Loving Mother, Who said ‘Yes’ to the Incarnation.  Today, women become involved in concupiscence, which has nothing to do with the Church or with God.  They conceive creatures only by desire, not love, and afterwards, in an abominable act of criminality, they assassinate those little creatures by aborting them, [all those little ones] who did not ask to come into this world full of evil and sin.

“All of these Mysteries are full of love, from the Incarnation to the Annunciation and the Visitation of Mary to Her cousin, Saint Elizabeth.  Although she was older, she conceived John the Baptist in her womb, the one who became the voice in the desert who proclaimed the coming of the True Messiah without fear.

“Today, women are not afraid of entangling themselves in abominable beds and conceiving creatures, only to assassinate them later.  They forget about the meaning of the Nativity, this Third Mystery of the Rosary, which is the Birth of Jesus, the Light of the world.  We lived in darkness until He was Born to give us that Light that would come to us through Baptism in the Holy Sacrament of the altar.

“Everything has been forgotten.  The Third Mystery signifies the family and the home which men today destroy when they become involved in illegal adventures that can make them sick with the different plagues that have returned to the world from ancient times.

“The Third Mystery also means the Holy Family — Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  You forget those Mysteries because in reality, today’s humanity does not want to believe in anything that signifies the delight that our Celestial Father had in bringing the Light to the world, because all of you are involved in the darkness of mammon, the sins of envy, apostasy and the denial of the Truth and the Road of Love.   The apostasy is that after knowing God, you still reject Him.

“During these times, your Loving Mother has cried Blood in places around the world.  Do you know why?  Because after their children are born, their own mothers assassinate them in acts of aberration.  This is why the world is trembling, because of the lack of love towards the children and because of the lack of love of men towards their wives, who mistreat them, betray them and humiliate them, forgetting that God gave them the family to be respected, loved and consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of your Loving Mother and your Celestial Father.

“Very soon you will see the Wrath of My Well Beloved.  Great plagues will devastate humanity.  It’s already happening, as your Loving Mother has been telling you in Her apparitions in these times all over the world.  Plagues will crush humanity.  Men have invented diabolical machines that according to them will save you, but in those machines, they have created madness, the epidemics that have escaped from their hands and that now cannot be controlled in the hospitals.  You will see how the waters of the oceans will become poisonous for marine life.  You have to turn to the Divine medicine that God left on the earth to cure you.

“My Well Beloved Jesus left you a Message, the Message for today through the Sacred Scriptures.  It will follow this Message.  He tells you to make good use of this time with good deeds.  Accumulate wealth in the heavens with good deeds on earth so that you could have the good fortune there that you wish you could have on the earth.

“Remember that everything started in Jerusalem and that everything will end there.  Let men continue to proclaim peace while the people are still involved in wars, kidnappings and assassinations.

“Shame on the world for the unhappy people of Colombia who are involved in a war against the organized crime drug merchants and for everything that men do to destroy humanity.  Shame on the world for every time they kidnap a child to ask for ransom.  Shame on the world when they kill in the Name of God or in mistaken idealism.  Shame on humanity because of that small island in the Caribbean ruined by hunger, misery, moral devastation and the denial of human freedoms.  When the world knows the truth about what is happening on that small island, men will have to bow their heads in shame and humiliation before God.  He will ask for an account of each of the acts that have been committed in those cities that are full of violence and denials of the Truth of Christ.

“Since 1835, Masonic tyranny and Communism, which are the same thing, have been trying to destroy the Church that God left us through His Beloved Son.  They have been trying to destroy the true priests who walk in the True Gospel.  This is why they will all have to give an account [to God] of all their weaknesses and for allowing satan to penetrate the temples of God.

“Remember that the Light came to the world from Jerusalem and that the darkness will also come from Jerusalem so that afterwards, the world will be saved.

“I love you, I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  All of you are blessed and all of you should rejoice.

“Embrace the Cross.  Lean your heads with infinite love on the Shoulder of Jesus and invite Him into each one of your homes so that He could sit with each of you at your tables.  Invite Jesus in, but also allow your Loving Mother to come in.  Remember all of you, that if you do not let your Mother come in, Jesus will not come in, either.

“I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

Message from Jesus

Micah, Chapter 4,Verses 1-5:  ‘But in days to come Yahweh’s Temple Mountain will tower above the mountains, rise higher than the hills.  Then the peoples will stream to it, then many nations will come and say, ‘Come, we will go up to Yahweh’s mountain, to the Temple of the God of Jacob, so that he may teach us his ways and we may walk in his paths; for the Law issues from Zion and Yahweh’s word from Jerusalem.’  He will judge between many peoples and arbitrate between mighty nations.  They will hammer their swords into ploughshares and their spears into bill-hooks.  Nation will not lift sword against nation or ever again be trained to make war.  But each man will sit under his vine and fig tree with no one to trouble him.  The mouth of Yahweh Sabaoth has spoken.  For all peoples go forward, each in the name of its god, while we go forward in the name of Yahweh our God for ever and ever.’ ”

Special Message

October 4, 2000


                “Dear daughter, My little and skeptical creature, when the evil one breathed his smoke into your face, you received his rage and it accumulated in your heart, making you doubt everything.  This is when you closed your mind to the Call of your Well Beloved and your Loving Mother and it is why the only thing you keep saying is, ‘I am angry and do not want to listen.  Whatever is happening to me is my imagination.  Who am I to receive locutions from My Lord and His Mother?’

                “Don’t you realize, My little one, that this is the best way for the evil one to take you away from the Road of the Lord?  Little one, all privileged souls who receive the Call of the Lord will be tested.  Abraham, Joel, Moses and all the prophets of the ancient times were tested, also the apostles who walked with Jesus and who received the Teachings that He gave to all creatures to guide them in their earthly lives:  His Law, the Law of His Love and His Charity.

                “Dear daughter, remember that when the date of my apparition in your home approaches, you are attached by the smoke of the evil one.  Fight with the spiritual weapons that My Well Beloved gave you, the Armor of the Holy Spirit, the Rosary of your Loving Mother, charity and obedience.

                “Little one, to be obedient you must write without fear of men because you don’t obey them, but God.  He who obeys God doesn’t fear Him.  He who is fearful can’t be just and charitable.

                “Little one, mankind forgot to obey God and has not practiced charity for a long time.  To avoid problems, men keep close-mouthed about the abuses that are committed in the world and because of their disobedience, they have forgotten what is written in the Sacred Scriptures.

                “You are sad about what the pastors in the temples say about you.  Instead of gathering the flock of My Well Beloved, the pastors are confusing and separating My children from the True Gospels.  Do not be amazed, your eyes and the eyes of the world will be witnesses to more things.

                “Satan is seated at the Throne of the Lord and his smoke intoxicates most of them [the pastors].  Did you know that?  Today, division exists between Cardinals, Bishops and Apostolic Nuncios within the great temples where Jesus should be Glorified, and the great and small priests are confronting each other.  Some bring the Gospels, others neglect to do it.  So little daughter, today, all of them deny the apparitions and dare to persecute those who attend them.  They are washing their hands, as did Pontius Pilate, who was an accomplice of the Sanhedrin who condemned Jesus, following the instruction of the highest priest at that time.  Caiaphas wanted a man to die for the people instead of the people dying for one man and according to his justice, he forgot about charity and the human rights of Jesus.  He forgot that My Well Beloved did nothing wrong and did not deserve that cruel death.

                “My little one, don’t forget how Padre Pio was persecuted during these times by his own brothers in the faith, his own companions.  This kind of persecution still continues and threatens to excommunicate those who believe and who go to the places where apparitions occur.

                “Will they deny Jesus at His Second Coming?  Do not be afraid.  Always tell the Truth because during these times, the prophecies of the End Times that are written in the Sacred Scripture are being fulfilled.

                “I am your Loving Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
October 13, 2000

 [Our Lady gave this Message to Rosa at 3:00 in the morning.  This is the Message that She wants distributed for this month.]

Rosa:  “Dear Lady, for how long will the wars, crimes and abuses continue?  For how long will there be no peace in the world?”

Our Loving Mother:  “Until men stop being disobedient and no longer try to play God.  They lost Eden and suffered the first fall because of their disobedience.  They condemned themselves to death.  Men will continue to harvest what they have planted because they use the free will that God gave them in the wrong ways.  This is why they will suffer the consequences of their own actions.

“My dear daughter, you ask Me in your heart if it will rain on the day that I appear in your humble home.  My little one, I tell you that the rain means cleanliness and purity because It is the Holy Spirit Who is pouring Himself out on that small garden of Jesus and Mary.  I assure you that whoever would get wet from that rain would receive miracles.  It would cleanse the bodies of those who receive It.  Their souls would be cleansed by your Celestial Father.

“Do not worry about anything.  Everything will happen as it is supposed to happen.   Jesus does not let you down, it is man who lets you down.

            “My dear child, write what My Well Beloved says about what is happening in the world at this moment, not only in Jerusalem; there are convulsions everywhere.  All of this is because of the disobedience of men. 

            “Write from Zephaniah (Sophonias), Chapter 3, Verses 1-12:  ‘Ah, soiled, defiled, oppressing city!  It has listened to no voice; it has accepted no correction.  It has not trusted in the Lord; it has not drawn near to its God.  The officials within it are roaring lions; its judges are evening wolves that leave nothing until the morning.  Its prophets reckless, faithless persons; its priests have profaned what is sacred, they have done violence to the law.  The Lord within it is righteous; he does no wrong.  Every morning he renders his judgment, each dawn without fail; but the unjust knows no shame.  I have cut off nations; their battlements are in ruins; I have laid waste their streets so that no one walks in them; their cities have been made desolate, without people, without inhabitants.  I said, “Surely the city will fear me, it will accept correction; it will not lose sight of all that I have brought upon it.”  But they were the more eager to make all their deeds corrupt.  Therefore wait for me, says the Lord, for the day when I arise as a witness.  For my decision is to gather nations, to assemble kingdoms, to pour out upon them my indignation, all the heat of my anger; for in the fire of my passion all the earth shall be consumed.  At that time I will change the speech of the peoples to a pure speech, that all of them may call on the name of the Lord and serve him with one accord.  From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my suppliants, my scattered ones, shall bring my offering.  On that day you shall not be put to shame because of all the deeds by which you have rebelled against me; for then I will remove from your midst your proudly exultant ones, and you shall no longer be haughty in my holy mountain.  For I will leave in the midst of you a people humble and lowly.  They shall seek refuge in the name of the Lord—...’

Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
November 13, 2000

            “My dear child, My little one, I am here today under the Image of Our Lady of Mercy because I am dressed in white.  I want to bring the peace that the world needs so much and that men do not want to look for, because their pride is greater than their love for God and His Commandments.

            “My little ones, I love you and all My little creatures who come to this place to Honor and Glorify My Beloved Jesus.  Each one of you asks yourselves in your hearts if it’s really true that you are on the right Path towards finding the Light.  My little ones, the Light was made to be proclaimed to the world when men were in darkness.  When He came, He opened doors to the Light in Heaven and on earth, but men are not finding the Light.  They are searching for the Truth in a lot of other places.  The Truth is in each one of your hearts and in the Sacred Scriptures.  That’s where the Truth is.

            “Today, I brought you peace, the peace that the world hungers for, the peace that you have lost because of your attitudes and mistakes, the same peace that you lost 2,000 years ago when they Crucified My Well Beloved.  When the council of priests gathered and decided to put My Well Beloved to Death, the leader at that time said that it was better for one man to die for a people than for a people to die for one man.  Look in the Sacred Scriptures, it’s written there.

            “The loneliness in which they left My Well Beloved and your Loving Mother and the Blood that He Shed on the Cross because of His Abandonment is being received by the world today on our backs and on our heads.  It is the Blood of the Innocent One Who came to the world to save you from the Cross.

            “Who of you does not ask yourselves in your hearts for proof and signs?  Who of you does not say, ‘I want to see something that will make me believe?’  Today I tell you, as I have said many times, that Jesus never gave proof to those who were looking for it.  Jesus will say that those who are looking for proof are whitened tombs and hypocrites.

            “You need to come with humble hearts before the Holy Sacrament of the Altar to ask the Lord to forgive your sins.  You have to say, ‘Lord, forgive all our sins and lead us to eternal life.  Shelter us with Your Faith and with Your Love.’

            “St. Thomas said, ‘If I do not see the Nail Wounds in His Hands and if I do not put my hand in Them and in His Side, I will not believe.’  When Jesus appeared and he saw His Wounds he said, ‘Master!’  Then Jesus said to him, ‘Now you believe, because you have seen My Wounds?’

            “I assure all of you that you will never find proof, but only Signs.  Look for the Signs in the world.  You are part of an immense division of humanity.  God is taking people to death because of the wars among brothers in the battles of drugs, alcohol and every type of vice.

            “You still don’t know what will happen in Central and South America, because what’s happening there is in the hands of the antichrist.  You really don’t know the meaning of the events that are occurring in this country, which is called the greatest democracy in the world.  [The results of the U.S. Presidential election of 2000 are being disputed by both the Republican and Democratic parties.]  These things are happening because of the petty interests of the one who is seated at the Throne of the Lord without anyone knowing it.  Those who have ears, listen.

            “Look for the Signs in your homes that are seen in the destruction of marriages, in the ferociousness of how the parents are killing their own children and in the sexual violation of creatures all over the world to satisfy the bestial instincts that exist in men.  The evil one is in every human being who does these things.

            “Look for the Signs of God.  Look at yourselves in the mirror in those countries that are at war because they are defending their pride and their love of money, for not loving as My Well Beloved said that you should in the Sacred Scriptures.  He said, ‘Love each other as I have loved you.’

            “I want each one of you to look in the Sacred Scriptures in St. Mark, Chapter 13, Verses 7-10:  ‘When you hear of wars and rumours of wars, do not be alarmed; this is something that must happen, but the end will not be yet.  For nation will fight against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.  There will be earthquakes in various places; there will be famines.  This is the beginning of the birth-pangs.  Be on your guard: you will be handed over to sanhedrins; you will be beaten in synagogues; and you will be brought before governors and kings for my sake, as evidence to them, since the gospel must first be proclaimed to all nations.’  Go to Verses 12-16:  ‘Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will come forward against their parents and have them put to death.  You will be universally hated on account of my name; but anyone who stands firm to the end will be saved.  When you see the appalling abomination set up where it ought not to be (let the reader understand), then those in Judaea must escape to the mountains; if a man is on the housetop, he must not come down or go inside to collect anything from his house; if a man is in the fields, he must not turn back to fetch his cloak.'  Those are the Signs that you should look for.

            “Pray for the pope, for the apparitions all over the world and for their volunteers.  Remember always that you shouldn’t take the Body of My Well Beloved in your hands or from anyone who is not a priest.  I will ask for an account from everyone who does not obey the Lord.  Remember that priests are Oblates of Mary.  That means that they have come to the Son though your Loving Mother.

            “I love you, My little ones.  I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

 Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
December 13, 2000

            “Your Loving Mother will speak at this time through this little creature [Rosa].  She [Rosa] will speak to you with her own voice.  Do not ask questions in your hearts, because today, the Virgin Mary will give only a locution through Her Divine Spirit, using what little strength My little creature has today.

            “You men do not know the true meaning of Advent.  You do not know what it truly means.  Your Loving Mother will explain what Advent means.

            “Advent means, ‘to be in a state of waiting’.  We are waiting for the great event of the Coming of the Light.  We are waiting for the Birth of the Light that flooded the world when My Well Beloved arrived.  Men were living in darkness, but the Light was created when My Small Creature [Jesus] came into the world.  The Light was created when Your Loving Mother, without Original Sin [on Her soul], conceived the Small One, Who was Born to bring conversion, love, charity and detachment of all material things, to the world.  This is what Advent means.

            “Imagine what it really meant in those times when the Archangel St. Gabriel announced to your Loving Mother, ‘Blessed are You Who will conceive, because God is merciful.  You will conceive the Son of God, Whom You will name 'Emmanuel,' which means, 'God with you.” ’ 

            “Imagine how Your Loving Mother felt, because during those times, you had to be pure in order to go to the altar to be wed to the man whom the great priests had chosen for you.  The man who was chosen to be the earthly father [of Jesus] was one who would not profane the Virginity of your Loving Mother, not even with the petal of a rose.  That’s why the Virgin Mary says to everyone  that every petal signifies your Loving Mother.

            “My little ones, St. Joseph, a holy man, accepted your Loving Mother with Her Womb that was Illuminated by that Great Light that would come to the world to save you from so much misery and from so many wars war that existed in those times and that continue to torment men today.  Your Loving Mother said, ‘Yes.’  Your Mother said, ‘Yes,’ because the man who had been chosen as Her husband to hide the Coming of the Divine Child, was a Saint.  This is why he was chosen to be Her husband.  Among four men who had been selected, it was St. Joseph’s stick that flowered.  He did not know any woman, before or after Mary.

            “You celebrate the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  [The previous day was the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.]  When Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego, She was pregnant.  Remember that your Loving Mother had to hide Her Divinity under distinct Images.  This is why there are so many Images [of Mary], but remember that there is only one Virgin Mary.

            “Your celebration of the Coming of My Little and Well Beloved Jesus during these days means peace, peace to all men on earth.  It means embracing the Manger, kneeling before the Little One Who brings you the Light.  The Nativity of the Lord means the birth of Love.

            “Today, the family has totally disintegrated.  Only a few homes truly celebrate the Coming of My Well Beloved.  Men entangle themselves with liquor and in accidents caused by liquor, in celebrations that are totally opposite of the true meaning of the Birth of the Divine Child.

            “Celebrate His Birth around the Manger with love and with your families.  You must pray to become a holy family.  You must be in prayer always.  The Holy Family signifies unity and respect in the society in which you live.

            “Your Loving Mother cries with sadness at seeing how men attach such little importance to Her apparitions in this country, which is full of Protestants who do not believe in Her apparitions.  You are like sheep who are led by a pastor who is sometimes false, sometimes true, who chases a faraway star, even when you have the Light nearby.   This small Garden of Eden where you are today, will one day be a sacred place where many people will be able to take shelter and rejoice during critical moments.

            “Learn to love Jesus through His being an Infant by praying for the orphaned children of war, the wars that men sow.  Pray for the aborted children, those who are assassinated in the wombs of their mothers with the consent of the very ones who should defend them as the lion defends her cubs.

            “Women today rent their wombs to bring children into the world.  Today, women indiscriminately procreate children who do not ask to come into the world.  Then they assassinate them, abandon them, rape them, kidnap them and mistreat them without remembering that My Well Beloved Jesus is represented in each one of them.

            “Men have to learn how to ask for forgiveness, because they don’t know how to do that.  Men have to learn to respect life, because they don’t know how to do that.  If you don’t respect life, then why do you conceive it in your wombs, only to kill it?

            “Please, My little ones, remember that Jesus is in the heart of each child.  Remember always that a child is the hope of humanity; it is a human being who did not ask to come into this world.  This is why you must remember the children on these Christmases that mankind celebrates with alcohol, with drunkenness and with food that your bodies don’t always need.  It is the Child of the Manger, Whom you must Glorify; it is the Child of the Manger in Whom you must see your own children.  You must forgo giving presents indiscriminately to adults and other persons who have nothing to do with that Small Creature.

            “Remember that there are many children in the world who are hungry, who do not have even one piece of bread to eat.  The children of this country don’t know what hunger is.  Even though there are many poor people here, they really don’t know what misery is.  They don’t know how it is to sleep outside without having a roof to cover them, having only some plastic to cover newborn children with so they don’t get wet.

            “My small creature is telling you this with the Words that she is receiving through a locution of your Loving Mother.  If you truly believe in your Loving Mother and in Jesus, look to the Manger.  Rejoice in It, which is the true meaning of the Birth of the Lord.  Embrace the Small One of the Manger and in each child, you will see Jesus.

            “What I am about to tell you is very important and you should keep it in your hearts.  Great events will come to the world.  It is very probable that we are entering an era in which Central and South America will become involved in great civil wars.

            Colombia will continue to sink in the mud until the children of Colombia, obeying feelings of peace and love towards their people, obtain freedom for their beautiful country.  They must be the ones who will take in their hands the freedom that they have been losing little by little because they are being dominated by the malignant one and the anti-Christianity with which those distressful guerrillas are bleeding dry that beautiful country and that humble and good people.  (We can’t say that the whole country of Colombia is bad.)

            “Ecuador will suffer the consequences of the war in Colombia, because the guerrillas will take parts of cities and they will have to struggle tooth and nail against them to defend the freedom that they did not know how to preserve.

            “There are more antichrists in Ecuador than there are in the country of My small creature [Cuba].  Bolivia, Peru, Mexico and Venezuela will suffer the consequences of having embraced the antichrist, who propagates the venom of anti-Christianity in their countries.

            “Everything that is coming [to the world] in these times is written in the Sacred Scriptures.           

            “There will be great convulsions in Cuba.  They will enter into a definite era when they will liberate themselves from that leader who keeps them subjugated.  There will also be many events in Cuba that will be good for humanity and that will amaze mankind.  The United States, Spain, England and Canada will be hosts to everything that will happen in Cuba.

            “The hand of Communism, My dear children, has penetrated this country through the government that is now ending [the Clinton administration], as the Virgin Mary has said many times before.  You can search the Messages of 1999, where the Virgin Mary said that the United States would suffer convulsions, which is what has happened in this country.  [Our Lady is referring to the controversies surrounding the presidential election of 2000.]  All of these events will make this country suffer.

            “In North America, there will be great snowstorms that will claim many lives.  There will be many tornadoes and floods in Florida that will destroy the crops and this will make prices increase, which will affect the poor and even the rich.

            “Many epidemics have been unleashed.  Even though the doctors do not want to admit it, there have already been many epidemics that have been produced by man, which have been spread throughout America.

            “Remember prayer during these days; prayer is what will save you.  Pray humbly, with humility in your hearts.

            “Pray for the Church, which will also be touched by the malignant one.  There will be much discontent within It.  Pray for the holy pope.  Pray for the families that are divided, for the young drug addicts, for the alcoholics and those who have become schizophrenics because of drugs.  Pray for this community, which is mostly Protestant, so that in love and prayer, they will unite themselves to Jesus and your Loving Mother.

            “I want to tell you that much work was performed in Ecuador, where My little creature [Rosa] glorified My Well Beloved and your Loving Mother.  [Rosa and two volunteers recently spent one week in Guayaquil, Ecuador].  There were great healings there; a very important person was healed and for this, you must give thanks to God.  It is incredible to see how much faith there is in that place.  Even though there are so many anti-Christians there, the faith has not died.  In Guayaquil, the faith is very great and this is why, My little ones, that God could Glorify Himself so much there.  This is why I send My little one there, because she is not a prophet here.  No one is a prophet in their own land, as Jesus was not [a prophet] in Jerusalem.

            “Pray for Jerusalem, Jesus’ beloved land.  Remember that everything began there and that the End will also begin there.

            “May God bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Lord, may your creatures open their hearts to the True Love that is My Divine Child, My Small Jesus, so that instead of laughing with hypocrisy, they will laugh with truth when they see in His Small Eyes, the Love that He brings to the world, and so that instead of getting drunk on the highways and sowing death, pain and weeping in the hearts of the mothers, they will learn to respect that Small Creature, Who, later on the Cross, gave them everything in the precious Gifts of Life and Love.

            “May God bless all of you.  Amen.”

            “I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”  

Special Message

December 31, 2000

            "My dear daughter, My little one, I want to talk to you about this time that is beginning, that is so full of confusion.

            "The year 2001 is very important for the history of mankind, because exactly 2,000 years have passed since the Birth of Jesus, but man has not adjusted to facing this perspective as reality and as a warning of the things that will occur in this millennium.

            "Men are the protagonists of the end of an era and the beginning of a new millennium and they don't understand its significance for mankind, primarily the era which has just begun.

            "The great Sign that appeared in the sky with the solar eclipse is a sign that God gave us, since it fell on the date of the Birth of Jesus [December 25, 2000]. Great events are approaching, always eight months after and eight months before an eclipse. God says that when the sky gives signs, that all the earth will shudder and that everything will change in many ways.

            "Events are approaching for Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and the United States.

            "In the United States, there will be great disturbances, and the President-elect will have to be careful because on more than one occasion, they will attempt to eliminate him.

            "Cuba will try in many ways to provoke reactions in the government that is beginning [in the United States]. There will be much discontent in that small country and the tyrant [Fidel Castro] will try to provoke a confrontation.

            "Peace in the Middle East will not be real, because they will never manage to fully sign [a peace treaty].

            "In Colombia, the president of that country will have to demonstrate that he is truly not in agreement with the Communist guerrillas. He took advantage of the confidence of his country to enter into a conspiracy with the criminals who are bleeding his people dry. It is very probable that the government of the United States will ask for an account of that situation of complicity and weakness that he demonstrated during all of that time.

            "They will continue to observe Venezuela very closely. The situation there is very dangerous for the rest of the countries on its borders.

            "Panama, Nicaragua and also Ecuador are under the gaze of Communism.

            "China represents a very eminent danger for the United States, because it has signed an agreement with Castro for exchange of intelligence and defense.

            "Peace in all of the countries that have been mentioned will not be definite until the fall of Castro.

            "There will be revolutions between people and their governments. Central and South America will suffer great floods, as immense as the snowstorms in this country [the United States].

            "The United States will have to be vigilant, because when Castro can't use conventional weapons, he will use biological weapons against this country. His objectives will be New York and Florida.

            "John Paul II celebrated the New Year ceremonies outside [in St. Peter's Square] because he senses that because of his very weak health, this will be his last year as pope.

            "I love you. I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary. Amen."