January 13, 1999
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

Rosa:  “Our Lady of Charity will guide the Rosary today; She will give the Message.  She has on an aqua mantle, filled with gold and precious stones.  Her dress is pink and a half moon is on Her Feet.  Jesus is on Her Head, holding the globe of the world.  Many people will see the Virgin of Guadalupe today.”

Jesus:  “Open the Bible to Revelation, Chapter 16, Verses 1-6:  ‘Then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels, “Go, pour out the seven bowls of God’s wrath on the earth.”  The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly and painful sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshipped his image.  The second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it turned into blood like that of a dead man, and every living thing in the sea died.  The third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood.  Then I heard the angel in charge of the waters say:  “You are just in these judgments, you who are and who were, the Holy One, because you have so judged; for they have shed the blood of your saints and prophets, and you have given them blood to drink as they deserve.”  Go to Chapter 15, Verse 4:  ‘Who will not fear you, O Lord, and bring glory to your name:  For you alone are holy.  All nations will come and worship before you, for your righteous acts have been revealed.’  

The Virgin Mary:  “Today, your doubts will not be satisfied.  Today, you will have to believe without seeing.  You will have to believe through the Message alone.  [The Divine Child appeared.]  My dear children, kiss the ground that you step on this day. 

“Today, My dear children, My Message will be brief.  Today, I will give you a Message of alertness for those who are persecuted for taking the Gospel of My Beloved to the world through My apparitions.  By not believing, men deserve the name of apostate for preaching what they don’t believe.  

“Today, I come in the Image of Our Lady of Charity, because during the End Times that are almost here, men will have to become like beggars, and at the same time, they will have to have charity towards those who have nothing.

“Pray, so that the world will be filled with charity.  Pay careful attention to the prophecies.  I will explain them to you.  [The prophecies were given outside, after the Rosary.  They were about the Second Coming of Jesus and that we have to prepare ourselves in prayer.] 

“I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.  Everyone is blessed by My Beloved Jesus, the angels and the saints on this day.”

February 13, 1999
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

Rosa:  “Today, the Virgin Mary will give us a Message of love, reconciliation, prudence, faith, hope, precaution and alertness.  The world is not going to end.”

The Virgin Mary:  “My little one, today is very important for humanity.  I have appeared in the Mystery of the Coronation because it is important for the Virgin Mary to be Glorified in every place of apparition.  I will be named Coredemptrix of the entire world and Mediatrix between men and My Beloved Jesus.  

“You, mankind, do not believe in anything that you see and it is because of the lack of faith that you have towards the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus that I come, appearing in all places of the world.  I will appear to the most unhappy creatures of the universe, to the people who do not have Divine knowledge or education so that you cannot be confused by their knowledge.  

“After today, I will appear in every place.  During this time, there will be many apparitions in many places, to the most insignificant creatures.  All they need to do is to open their hearts so that your Beloved Mother can take shelter in them.  

“Today, you will receive a special blessing.  This year is the Divine Year of the Father.  The Father Punishes and Rewards.  Those who infringe upon the Law will be punished.  Everyone will receive Divine Justice.  If you behave as true followers of My Beloved Jesus, you will be saved and your families will also be saved.  Remember that for each of you who prays the Rosary, your loved ones will be protected. 

“Go to the places of apparition.  Go to wherever your Loving Mother’s Well Beloved Son gives Her the privilege of appearing.  Open your hearts to the Immense Love that wants to save you and to convert all of you.  My Beloved does not want to punish humanity.  My Beloved sends you His Mother so that you can take shelter under Her Mantle to be guided to the temples where the Holy Spirit is Rejoiced, where the Sacred Eucharist is Present at the Holy Sacrament of the Altar. 

“Do not abandon My Beloved Son in a separate place far from the sight of men, far from the altar where He should be Exposed so that each one of you will bend your knees before Him so He can Listen to you.  These peoples are very stubborn, very cold-hearted.  They don’t want to recognize that your Mother can appear in any given place. 

“Do not be afraid of anything you will hear today.  This is a year of trials for the Church, for our priests, for each one of you.  Always remember that around the good seeds also grow the bad ones and that these will be removed by their roots. 

“There will be a time of purification for men and the world.  The earth that you step on and profane with thoughts different from the Truth – the earth, nature and the animals – will make us pay for each one of our offenses against the Lord.  I appear in many places and I have begged you:  ‘Don’t take the Body of My Beloved in your sinful and profane hands.’  Bend your knees before Him; He gives you an Agape of His Being so that all of you, through Him, will receive salvation.  Each of the messengers of love that My Beloved Jesus sends to you in all places is to tell you, like He says in the Sacred Scriptures, ‘I will bring you from all over the world to gather you together under one mantle.’  

“Expect great events in the first months of this year, which is the End of Times.  The world will not end.  Evil will end; the earth will be purified through fire, great fires that will occur in the entire world, great floods that will torment all humanity, great mudslides, volcanoes which will awaken.  The celestial constellation will unite the seven hills and that will be the moment that your pope will have to visit the Holy Land.  But PRAY, because there’s a prophecy that the Holy Father will have to flee from where he is or they will make him disappear, because they already have the other one, who is the one they want to put in his place.  Remember, there will be panic among the followers of Jesus, but pray for each one of you, for your children.  Remember that I told you that they will be snatched from your hands to be sacrificed to evil.  Pray so that the Holy Father will reach the Millennium.  Pray, because he will be your salvation. 

“There will be a great depression.  The great men that dominate the world’s money will make it fall.  The infernal machines that have been invented to take work from men will prove that God made the brain of each human [not machines] to work for humanity.  Be cautious whenever you go to a hospital; great epidemics will develop in them that will be out of control.  AIDS will kill many people.  Cancer has escaped the doctors’ hands.  Cancer is ending mankind, also drugs, alcohol and sex.  My little ones, this is why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed and burned.  Justice will come today, in the same way as at Sodom and Gomorrah.

“Put the Signs of the Crucified Christ on each of your doors so that they will be signs that you are followers of Christ for when the battle between the darkness and the Light occurs.  You will see a great Sign in the sky that will appear everywhere and in every place and men will see their evil in its magnitude.  It will be a gigantic Cross with the Crucified One on It so that men will know that there cannot be a Cross without the Crucified One.  If there is no death, there is no resurrection.  If there is no death, there is no Holy Spirit.  If the wheat doesn’t dry out, it cannot give fruit. 

“Convert, My little ones, convert and pray.  Pray with your families.  Take your children to the temples and teach them to fear God and to Glorify Him, because great disasters and great Signs will appear in the sky.  Spend more time looking at the sky, the clouds, the stars and the moon.  Spend more time looking at them so you can see the great Signs in them. 

“Remember to pray for your priests because there will be great confusion in the Church, the Church where the pastors that I left to gather the flock have dispersed them.              “Pray.  Prayer will take you to Him.  Remember that any of you who are here today could one day be in the presence of your Loving Mother, Who will ask you, ‘Why do you persecute Me, My little ones, if I come to save you from the darkness?’ 

“I bless you, I bless you.  Today, you will receive a blessing from the Holy Spirit.  In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.  Lord, pour blessings over your servants through Your Loving Mother.  Pour over each one of them the Immense Mercy that You have. 

“You will choose the Path.  Follow the Light that will guide you to the Well Beloved through His Gospels and the pastors that He left to guide you, or you will be lost in the darkness.  Close your eyes and unite your hands in prayer.”

March 13, 1999
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

Rosa:   “Mary is with us at this moment, but it’s not time to talk yet.  She is dressed in white, pink and blue, with an immense Crown on Her Head.”

Virgin Mary:  “The Holy Spirit is with Us, giving Us a breeze and shade so that the sun will not suffocate Us. 

“There will be great fires in the State of Florida that will cause great disasters. 

“The Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph in the world.

“Listen, My little ones.  My Heart, suffers for all the children who are in this place and in all the places of the apparitions of My Immaculate Heart.

“Listen, My little ones.  It is not My little one [Rosa] who is speaking to you, it is your Loving Mother and Jesus.  My Heart and the Heart of My Son Suffer so much, because the people don’t want to believe.  Everyone needs to repent.  Jesus is coming soon; He is giving all the Signs to the world so that you will repent.  Turn your eyes to Him.  No one wants to believe that the Path to Jesus is long and hard.  Anyone who chooses to follow that Path will have to suffer the apostasy of men because of their lack of faith. 

“How many children are missing daily in the world, sacrificed to the demon by men who lack love and justice?  How many children are aborted daily?  The youths are involved in sex because it’s the only thing that reigns in the world:  sex, homosexuality and lesbianism.  Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?  Why did God eliminate those people?  Have you asked yourself why?  Because the married ones and the engaged women and men, celebrated great orgies and exchanged their wives and husbands publicly and in great parties, celebrating what is called a festival of shared sex.  Today, you are seeing the same thing.  Today, you are promiscuous everywhere.  Jesus doesn’t Suffer more than when He sees a youth involved in sex, drugs and alcohol, when He sees little children [dead] in the sand of the ocean, in vehicles, in the bathrooms of the great shopping malls where you go to buy material things that you won’t need when you encounter God.

“To disobedient children who don’t want to believe:  God will pour out His Power over the world.  The Path to My Beloved Jesus is paved with gold for those who walk in the Light.

“Today, during the apparition, you are praying with your hearts for the little girl to appear.  [Pilar Rodriguez disappeared from her home in Hollywood, Florida.]  Pray so that she will see the Light.  Pray, because the man who took her was sent by satan.  She is not the only one who disappeared, millions of creatures are picked up by My Arms and the Arms of My Well Beloved.

“Soon, a great disaster will come to the world.  The United States will be invaded by troops of other countries in order to control the humanity that will have been dispersed in other countries. 

“There will be great floods and mudslides in this State, which doesn’t want to receive the Loving Mother, which doesn’t want to believe, as they didn’t believe Noah when he built the ark.  Only eight were saved because no one else believed. 

“When Moses went up to Mount Horeb and returned to his people, those whom he had freed from slavery in Egypt, he found them adoring a golden calf that they had made as if it were a god.  That is one of the idols that the Sacred Scriptures speak of.  Those idols were images that were made by atheists who believed they were gods.  They made images of themselves in order to adore them.  Remember that they did not believe in Jesus and they took Him to a cruel death.

“Do not be confused; our images are sacred.  They remind us of the saints who lost their lives fighting battles for Christianity.  The Crucified One, My Beloved, reminds us of what He Suffered for us.

“Men do not believe that anything will happen, but it will happen, it will happen.  There will be storms, earthquakes, rains, fires.  The State of Florida will suffer horrible fires that will make you feel as if you were in hell, and then, everyone will want to pray.  [Since the middle of March 1999, wildfires have charred thousands of acres across Florida.]

“Don’t continue to profane the Body of My Well Beloved.”

April 13, 1999
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

The Virgin came in a blue mantle and pink dress.  She brought Light on Her Hands and had a Crown of twelve Stars on Her Head.  Each Star represented one of the twelve tribes of Israel.  The Earth was under Her and had a sign on it with something written in Hebrew.  Jesus wrote on the Earth:  I am the Light, the Way and the Truth.   On each side of Mary, there were angels dressed in white and holding Crosses.  The Light that Mary had on Her Hands became a Cross.  Next to Mary, there appeared an immense nun with something white around her.  It was St. Rita.  St. Rita was a nun who became a nurse to take care of the sick.  [This is the explanation that was given to Rosa.]  There was another nun, St. Eduviges.  [There were many healings during the apparition.]  Mary changed into Jesus and back again.  Rosa asked why this happened and Jesus said, “Because We are one Heart.”  The Cross was always in front of Them.

Mary:  “My little creatures, you don’t know how much I love you.  I come in the Divine Spirit of God so that all My creatures can rejoice in the Fire of the Holy Spirit, because it’s through the Holy Spirit that My Son, My Beautiful Son, is coming today.  The Holy Spirit comes today because He wants to warm the hearts of all My children and make them hot, because many people are only warm and Jesus wants them hot, with hearts to love Him. 

“My small creatures, today I come with the Holy Spirit, Who is burning your hearts so that you will burn in the Fire of His Love, the Love of My Beloved Son, Jesus.  I want you to know that My Beloved Bleeds through His Wounds every time you creatures offend the Heart of your Beloved Mother. 

“You do not understand My Immaculate Heart.  You do not understand that your Beloved Mother couldn’t have been unfaithful to God, because She was married to the Holy Spirit.  If your Beloved Mother had relations with St. Joseph, who was a holy man destined to be the earthly husband to hide the Trinity and the Mystery of His Love, then She would have been unfaithful to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Then, She couldn’t have been the Mother of the Church, the Mother of all men, because She would have been unfaithful to God, to Whom She had been predestined. 

“I don’t come alone, I never come alone, My little ones.  My Beloved Jesus brings your Loving Mother to save His people from apostasy, aberrations, evil, lies, envy and corruption. 

“Today, I bring a Message to those who truly don’t believe in your Loving Mother.  You are living with your Mother in difficult moments, but it’s still nothing.  There are blind eyes that will be opened to the Truth, but it’s not time for the Lord to manifest Himself.  Later, they will see the Manifestation of the Glory of God.  Today, they don’t want to believe, no one believes.  It’s not convenient for anyone to believe, not the creatures or the pastors that My Beloved Son left to guide the flock.  This is why today, as yesterday through His Beloved Son, the Celestial Father sends you a Message of conversion, because difficult moments are near. 

“You who live in this place will burn with the fire that will not be stopped.  [On April 15, 1999, a massive fire destroyed 43 homes and consumed 545 acres west of Port St. Lucie, Florida.  Since January 1999, wildfires have burned over 220,000 acres around the state.]  In other places, people will drown in the mud and waters of the floods for not listening to the prophets that My Beloved Son sends you to tell you to prepare, pray, convert and tell the Church that My Beloved Son left [about His Justice and His Love].

“I tell you, My loved ones, that the Church will tremble.  Many of their foundations will turn into rubble because of how the Words that My Beloved left in the Sacred Scriptures have been changed.  Say to all of them [the priests] what Jesus said:  ‘Feed My sheep.’  Bring them to the Path of Light that is My Beloved Son.

“The world will be convulsed by the Great Power of God.  You don’t know what awaits mankind, this is why I say, as My Beloved said, ‘Do not fall asleep, be vigilant, be vigilant, because Justice will find you asleep, asleep in faith.’

“My apparitions have meant nothing to you.  I call you in many places to conversion, to total disarmament of the world, but man does not listen.  Today, the Balkans are twisting in pain and continue vomiting fire and opening tombs of innocents, who have nothing to do with the ambition of man. 

“Tell the pastors, the Oblate pastors of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to open their eyes and believe, because soon, Justice will be here.  Also tell them that it is true that even though His Love is Great, His Divine Justice will reach you, all of you equally, if you are not prepared.

“I love you, I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  I will continue blessing in this place, through My small servant.  Don’t worry, the faithful will gain the Kingdom of Heaven.  Amen.

“Make the Sign of the Cross, because we’re not worthy of the glory that God gives us.

“Tell the priests that they have changed the altars into discotheques, dancing and singing, which have nothing to do with the Lamb.  We speak to God with the heart, while kneeling and in humility, not jumping or singing or dancing at the altar. 

“I have been calling you since Fatima and you don’t believe.  I call you in Medjugorje and you don’t believe.  I call you in all languages and you don’t understand the Messages. 

“Two countries will be involved in a revolution and others will follow.  At that moment, the world will depend only on God and on His Justice.”

May 13, 1999
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            Our Lady came dressed in white and blue.  She had a Crown of precious stones on Her Forehead and She brought the Light of Jesus in Her Hands, because Her Son is the Light of the world.  Next to the Virgin was a very young nun with flowers on her head and a Rosary in her hands.  Mary’s Hands were united in prayer and from Her Hands, came Rays of different colors.

           “My little creatures, My little ones, My loved ones, My little flock of the Garden of Jesus and Mary, how I love you!  My Love is so great that I come from a dimension that you cannot reach with your eyes.  My Well Beloved has given you the miracle of your Loving Mother’s appearance to you. 

“The group is small that comes to the Call, the Call of Love.  The Holy Spirit is here at this moment.  My little creatures, feel the breeze that comes from deep inside the trees, which are from nature.  Nature wants to save you and My Well Beloved wants to save it from man, who mistreats it and this terrestrial globe, which you don’t love.

“My dear children, when your Loving Mother said ‘Yes’ to the Celestial Father to shield Her Beloved Son in Her Womb, She also brought the Light [Jesus] in the Sacrifice and Love of the Cross.  The Cross carries My Well Beloved, the Cross carries all your sins.  Embrace the Cross with love.  Embrace My Love, little children.  Jesus carries the Cross of all My children who profane His Body and His Blood in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  I love you, My children, but when you offend My Son and offend His Body, My Heart suffers and Cries. 

“My beloved children, your Loving Mother is tired of calling you.  You don’t come and you don’t respond to the Call.  The men of the world don’t believe.  I ask My children:  Why don’t you believe in the apparitions of the Virgin and why don’t you come when I Call you?  Open your hearts to the Love of Jesus in the Holy Sacrament.  Return to Church, go to Confession, take Communion while kneeling down before His Body and receive Him on your tongues. 

“No one wants to believe.  That is why the Punishments are coming to the world.  I ask My servants, the priests:  Why don’t you believe in the [Third] Secret [of Fatima] and in the Prophesies of the Virgin Mary in the world? 

“Pray, pray, because darkness is coming to the world.  Pray, so that I can continue to appear in the world, calling you to prepare and to pay attention, because Jesus is coming soon and no one believes.  Remember Noah?  No one wanted to believe in His Prophecies and that is why they died.  The Power of God is manifested in water, wind, fire and in the sky. 

“The Church closes its doors to the apparitions of your Mother in the world.  Pray for the Church and pray for the priests, because great tribulations are coming to the whole Church. 

“Today, man gives power to the malignant one.  When you let him in, he closes your eyes and your ears so that you can’t receive the Holy Spirit in your hearts.

“Now I will tell you something to finish.  I know that you want to continue to listen to your Mother.  Pray, pray, because the Blood of Jesus will cover the entire world.  Pray, so that the Divine Mercy will bring peace to the whole world.  Pray for the pope, because everyone around him is obligating him to commit errors.  Pray, so that the pope will reveal My Third Secret [of Fatima], which refers to the Church, the entire Church.  Everyone is leaving the Sacred Traditions.  They are confusing My Messages and everything that’s written in the Bible and in the Prophecies. 

“Prepare, prepare.  Remember what I tell you:  There will come a time when God won’t permit Me to appear in the world and when you look for My Face and the Face of Jesus, you will see nothing but darkness; you will only find the Words that I left in your hearts.

“Protect your children.  1999 is the year of the Power of God.  Prepare — Confess and take Communion with love and don’t offend the Body of My Son. 

“I love you, I love you, but I tell you:  Prepare your hearts, because a great earthquake is coming to the world, volcanoes will awaken, there will be fires around the world and much water [floods].  Prepare, because there is not much time left, but the world will not end.  What will end is apostasy, drugs, fornication, adultery and violence against children in the world.  Pray with your hearts so that you won’t suffer the consequences of apostasy in the world. 

            “I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

 June 13, 1999
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

                Rosa:  “Our Lady is very sad and She is Crying Tears of Blood.  She is asking us to kneel.  The Virgin Mary is telling us at this moment that any prophecy can be changed through prayer.  If man prays, the prophecies change.  The Virgin Mary says that She is Crying Blood because there are difficult moments coming to humanity.  Mary says that today’s society doesn’t want to understand that difficult moments are approaching mankind.  If men examine the Sacred Scriptures, they will understand that the Signs of the End Times are here on a daily basis.  She tells us, Her little children, that the world won’t end, but that what will end is evil, aberrations, apostasy, envy.  The angels of Light have been here on the earth for a long time now.”

                Mary:  “I want to tell you that there are many persons here who are suffering from asthmatic bronchitis, the same as My little child [Rosa].  These people are being healed because Rosa has received everything they have brought here.  There are people who have stomach ulcers and My little child has also received this.”

                Rosa:  “The Virgin Mary says that all of you have to pray, to pray a lot for the pope.  You have to pray for the Church to be converted and so the pope will declare Mary’s Dogma [as Mediatrix and Coredemptrix].

                Mary:  “The Wrath of God, says My Beloved, will be shed on all the earth for the disobedience of man and the Church.  Everyone has disobeyed the Law and they will have to give account for everything to My Little One, My Beloved Jesus.  The Blood that I come Crying with is for the Pain of My Well Beloved, for the Persecution that He Suffered on the earth when He walked here with you.  This same persecution will be received by all who walk in the Light.  Those in the Temple who have changed the Law that My Well Beloved left you will also suffer.  This is why I tell you that it is in prayer and in the total conversion of mankind where Jesus will shed His Blessings.  But I also tell you that His Wrath is as Great as His Love. 

                “Repent, all of you, repent.  There will come a moment when none of you will be able to find a place to pray – where you can ask, where you can implore God to turn His Face to you.  This is the time when He says, ‘Turn to Me in the Sacred Eucharist, recognize that My Blood and My Body is there.’ 

            “Each one of you can become a soldier for the Love of Jesus.  Defend the Good War, the War of the Holy Spirit, the War of Mary to fight apostasy and unconversion and to bring each one of Her children back to the Path of Light.

            “Difficult moments are coming because I assure you that there will come a time when there will be a great crash of the stock market in the entire world.  Men will go crazy because of this crash that they did not expect.  [On June 29, 1999, Mark Barton killed nine people at two stock brokerage firms in Atlanta, Georgia after killing his wife and two young children two days earlier.  He had lost $105,000 in the eight weeks that he had been a day trader at one of the brokerages.  The stocks that he had been trading in had been dropping since April.]  [On October 28, 1999, former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich said that over the next eighteen months to two years, the Dow Jones Average could fall below 9,000, an almost fifteen percent drop.  Reich said, “We are going to go through a transition period.  It will be rough.”  He said we should expect a “softening of the economy” and slightly higher unemployment.]

            “There will be many places in America, in the United States and in the entire world, that will be flooded with water and swallowed by immense currents of water, but in other places there will be fires that will not be able to be contained.  In the United States, in Florida, the heat that will come will kill many people.

            “I tell you:  Prepare food, medicine, candles, water and also water and food for the animals because difficult moments are coming.  

                “Do not be amazed by what’s going to happen in the temples.  You can become soldiers, asking the archbishop to let the priests remain in their churches and not to move them, not to take them away from their churches.  The priests are like doctors who know their patients; the priests know their parishioners.

            “The peace in Kosovo is false, it will arise anew, like a volcano.  Colombia will destroy itself because they will eliminate their own brothers as if they were beasts.  Santo Domingo, Haiti, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico will wallow in their own mud. 

            “I am going to leave; My little servant is sick.  Pray for her; the malignant one is attacking her so that she will not complete the Road that God made for her.  But she, I assure you, will finish her work.

           “Protect your families.  Be vigilant and don’t fall asleep because Jesus will find you sleeping in your faith.  Remember this:  all the computers in the world, the brains that were made by man to destroy themselves, are going to fall and man won’t be able to avoid it.”

            Rosa:  “I, Rosa, the servant of the Lord, speak to all of you from my bed.  I want to give you a special blessing from the Virgin Mary and Jesus.  In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  The Virgin Mary blesses you through Her Loving Son, Jesus.  To Him, all Glory and all Honor, because He has made it possible for Her to come.  Amen.

            “Note:  The president of Colombia has to be careful because his life is in danger.”

July 13, 1999
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

Mary came dressed in dark blue [mourning] and She came with the Divine Child and a prophet.  The Child Jesus came with a Crown on His Head like the one that the Pope wears.  He was telling us that He is the Redemption of the World.

“My little children who have disobeyed the Messages of your Loving Mother and the Little Child Jesus [by not doing God’s Will], today, I come with My Little Son.  Today, I come in the Crucifixion of My Son.  Do you know why?  Because all the people of the world crucify My Son every day.  My Son Cries and your Mother Suffers because all Our children go to other things of the world and they don’t come to the apparitions.  Do you know that I am very tired of calling you every day and that I am tired of telling you day after day about everything that is going to happen in the world during these times?

“The Punishment for all the world is in the Hand of My Son and It will fall Powerfully over the whole world.  I can’t restrain His Hands.  There is too much that offends Him.  No one wants to carry their cross, no one wants to embrace the Cross of Jesus and  no one wants to shelter the small children that don’t ask to come into the world.  Every day, a great many children are killed in the world.  I receive these little children that men want to sacrifice to the malignant one on it’s altar.

“My little ones, I want you to search the Sacred Scriptures in Acts of the Apostles in Chapter 2, Verse 17.  You will see how My Beloved Jesus explains to all of you how it will be at the End of Times.  Jesus tells us through John, the beloved one in Acts, that in the Last Times, the youth will give testimonies of My Jesus, the children will have visions, the elderly will prophesy and they will have prophetic dreams.  So why are you amazed when you see God lifting up a small creature, who is without any knowledge, to  teach the wise ones that the Greatness of God is in smallness and the absence of knowledge, because knowledge is given by God and not man? 

“My little ones, in the Acts of the Apostles, what Our Heavenly Father says to you through his first priests, the first ones that he ordained, is very interesting.  How is it that throughout all of time, men don’t want to hear?  Look in this same Chapter and go to Verse 38 where Peter says, ‘Go to all the world and be baptized every one of you in the Name of the Holy Spirit, so all your sins will be forgiven.’ 

“Remember, My little children, that you can be pardoned in the Church, through your priests.  If you don’t bend your knees before My servants, whom My Well Beloved left to you, you cannot receive salvation, because it is through the Body of Jesus that you will be saved.

“During these times there are many who preach and say that all the prophecies of the Sacred Scriptures have already been fulfilled and that God speaks exclusively through the prophets of the Old Testament.  But you cannot separate the Old Testament from the New Testament because everything is intertwined and speaks to Us for all time. 

            “Rejoice, because you still have apparitions in all places.  But your Mother is tired.  What will happen to you when the temples are closed and when the great places of apparition disappear?  That’s when you will realize that you have spent time listening to liturgies that don’t walk with Jesus, because they don’t believe and they kill the faith of men. 

“I assure you that the time of Justice is near.  There are many who say that God doesn’t Punish, but I ask all of you, what did Jesus say to Mary Magdalene when she was going to be stoned?  Do you know what My Beloved Jesus said?  He said, ‘Go, and sin no more.’ 

            “I am going to leave you.  The times are not good.  The Holy Spirit is burning the hearts of human beings because Jesus doesn’t want lukewarm hearts.  My Beloved Jesus wants hearts that are either cold or hot.

                “Many things will happen in these days, during these times.  Reconcile with God through Jesus, through the Cross.  Pray to My Little Child, the Divine Child.   There are many children who are aborted, assassinated, violated and starving in the whole world.  Pray to My Little One so that He will give you many miracles.  Observe the times, control your wrath, because it will be awakened in all hearts.  Pay attention, because difficult moments await the whole world. 

“I want to tell you that every day, My Heart Cries Blood for you.  These people are a disobedient people.  They don’t want to believe in this little creature [Rosa], who has nothing to do with holiness.  God gives proof through the smallest ones, the most humble ones, those who are worth nothing.

                “The time has come for me to leave for today.  Pray for Colombia; there will be many deaths.  What has happened so far is nothing compared to what will come.  Pray for all of Central America, which will be convulsed in mud and water.  Pray for the brother country which is near you, that small island that is Cuba.  You will see how there will be a great exodus that will convulse the State of Florida.  [As of July 1999, 1,481 Cubans had arrived in the United States, compared with only 419 by July of 1998.  In May of 1999, more than 300 Cubans had reached shore in South Florida, while only 90 had made it during the same time the previous year.]

“Remember that nothing is eternal and that the apparitions are not eternal.  The Virgin Mary, your Loving Mother who speaks to you, will always be here, but few of you come close.  She gives you great Revelations, great Signs, but seeing in order to believe, has no value before God.

“I say to you, carry the Cross that My Beloved gives you and shelter your children in your arms.  Fight for them like wild animals because there will come a moment when they will be snatched from you. 

            “Make the Sign of the Cross.  In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

August 13, 1999
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

Mary came today dressed in pink and aqua, with a white veil.  Jesus came with Her and both of them spoke. 

“My little ones, during these times, I have been teaching you everything that My Beloved wants from all of you, but men don’t want to listen to the Teachings that I bring.  Today, I want to speak about the Love of My Well Beloved on the Cross.  He offered Himself as a sublime Agape to save you so that the Seed that He left through His Ministry would ferment when He would no longer be with you on the earth.

“Be obedient.  Be obedient to the Love of Jesus.  Jesus Died on the Cross so all of His children could receive the Holy Spirit in Baptism.  I want all My children to come close to Me.  Jesus wants Me to bring all My children to the Church.  I love you and I want everyone to receive My Heart in your Hearts. 

“Protect all of your family by praying the Rosary, because during these times, there are many dangers for My children.

“The time is now.  I Call you all over the world.  Come to Me and follow My Son.  I Call you with Love, but everyone is disobedient to the Light that is God.  They don’t want to come to My Call.  The disasters in the world are the consequences of this.

“Come close to the Cross of My Son and give testimony of His Sacrifice.  This is a time of emergency.  All of the Signs are given in the sky, the moon, the sun and the air.  Respond to the Call by going to Confession and receiving Communion.  

“The world won’t end, My dear children, what will end is apostasy, promiscuity, fornication and pride.  Many people in the world are dying of hunger because they don’t have any water, any food, any milk; they don’t have anything.  Everyone closes their eyes and ears.  They don’t want to see what is happening and they don’t do anything.

“The time is now.  Pray, come close to the Cross of My Son.  Pray, pray a lot.  Pray for the pope; this is a time of emergency for him.  Pray for the Church and for the children.

“Jesus comes with Me.  I have told you everything that He wants Me to tell you.

“God blesses you and I love you.  Amen.”

Rosa:  “Our Lady is beautiful and Her Mantle is filled with precious flowers.  There are flowers all over it.  Her Mantle is covering everyone who is here today and this is a gift to us for praying the Rosary.  Amen, Amen, Amen.

“The priority of Our Loving Mother today is the children.  There is a Call of Attention to them and to the Church so that the priests will believe what they’ve been preaching for 2,000 years and so they will hear the Call now, while there is still time.

            “My child, open [the Bible] to Ephesians, Chapter 1, Verse 17:  ‘That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation resulting in knowledge of him.’”

September 13, 1999
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

                “My little ones, I have surprised you because this moment is important for all of you.  Today, men revolve around their own indignities.  I have come when one of My little ones was kneeling in front of Me.  My Halo rejoices in her and in all of the people like her, who are in this place.  I surprised My beloved, the one who gives you the Message [Rosa], because today, you have not responded as I expected.  For you, material things are more important than the apparition of your Loving Mother and I tell you that none of those material things will help you.  They are not worth anything if you do not give thanks to God for everything that He gives you.

“The Message of today is very simple.  The world will harvest everything they have planted.  I want to assure you that what’s coming to the world from this day forward, is not pleasant.  As I told you before, it was not on the day of the last solar eclipse of the millennium when you would feel the negative energy, but rather, six months before or six months after.  During this time, you will receive all the aberrations that an eclipse brings.   Today, man is running out of control, trying to defend themselves from the fury of nature.  They will be able to defend the themselves from some of it, but they will not be able to defend themselves from the Just Wrath of God. 

“In this place, your Loving Mother has been denied in every way and She has not been venerated as She should be.  This is why you will receive the reward that your apostasy has planted.  Pray, so that your Loving Mother will stay in this place indefinitely.  Pray, because I assure you that when your Loving Mother does not appear anymore, you will cry in repentance for not having rejoiced in Her Presence. 

“Great events will make the world tremble from today onward.  I assure you that the authorities of this country and of all the great countries of the world are doing everything possible to hide the truth from you, because they are trying to hold back what’s coming, which is unpredictable for humanity.  Men don’t want to understand that the justice of man is different than the Justice of God.  Today, men don’t come to the Call.  They prepare their stomachs, their bags, their properties and all their material goods, but they don’t worry about preparing their souls. 

“I want to tell all of you who are here to prepare in prayer to be humbly close to the Words of Jesus.  Pray for your priests, who are in danger of disappearing.  Pray for the Church to prevail.  As I have told you before, keep a small chapel in your homes and pray, because it will be the only thing that will save you.  Prayers that are said with love are heard by My Well Beloved. 

“Prepare your bodies and your minds for the great catastrophes that will occur in a short period of time with that little brain that man has invented [the computer].  They are not telling you the truth because it’s not convenient for them.  A great depression will  also come, beginning in October, and men will start to feel the great events that will involve you during this time.  Do not travel.  Defend yourselves from what’s coming to you with prayer. 

“Today I surprised you, because the moments that are coming will be difficult.  Nature has turned against man because in the same way that men do not love their children or their wives, they do not love the nature that God made for them and they have decided to destroy it.  This is why your Loving Mother Cries and suffers.  The same way that John the Baptist screamed in the desert, ‘Convert, you race of vipers,’ is the same way that My Beloved Jesus said in Jerusalem, ‘You are like whitened tombs, who show only the outside to the world, but hide your souls, full of crimes and infamy, from the Eyes of God.’

“Pray, My little ones, because the only thing that stops the force of nature is God.  Give thanks for everything that He gives you and ask for forgiveness for everything that you do. 

“This small group had the honor of having My apparition come earlier than ever today, because I know that men need to protect their material things [Hurricane Floyd was approaching Florida].  Everything that you have brought has been blessed. 

“I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

Before the Rosary began, Rosa said that she had a vision of many, many angels over the apparition site.  They were all pink and had their wings wide open, covering the house.  She said the angels were pink because they were angels of love.  Rosa described it as an incredible vision of love.

Rosa said that Our Loving Mother came crying today because She was praying to God the Father to stop His Wrath and also because She’s concerned about the events that are coming towards us.

Our Loving Mother said, “I tell all My little children to pray, especially on September 24, 1999, the feast of Our Lady of Mercy, so I can give you love and peace.”

 October 13, 1999
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

                Rosa:  “Mary came one hour before the Rosary began.  She appeared as the Virgin of Guadalupe in blue and white, but She spoke as Our Miraculous Lady.  She said that when there are two people praying to the Father, that Jesus and Mary are present.  Mary said to all Her children: 

            “My Son doesn’t come to bring peace, but revolution.  I alert all the people to the fact that My little child [Rosa] doesn’t serve humans, only God.

            “Woe to those who plant disturbances in the hearts of My little creatures!  My Beloved Jesus tells them that it would be better for them if they were tied to a rock and thrown into the ocean!

                “There is much happening in these times.  The angels of darkness are obeying orders from the malignant one.  They are struggling with the angels of Light.  They are planting death and devastation in the world.  The power of evil will prevail during these times among all men.  There will be mood changes in women and the youth that will serve to fulfill all that is written in the Sacred Scriptures. 

            “There will be many wars, disturbances and attempts to assassinate the presidents of Colombia and Venezuela.  Augusto Pinochet [the former Chilean dictator], is being judged for stopping the antichrist in his country. 

            “My Beloved Jesus asks, ‘How will we judge all those who, in the Name of God and justice and in the name of human rights, assassinate children in the wombs and deny their rights to be born?  How will we judge those who, in the name of a human ideal, assassinate people with terrorist bombs in all places?’

                “Those who defend humanity from the antichrist have no voice.  Only those who love international communism, which is still awake in Russia, can be heard.  They have not been punished for not giving Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Communism has extended its paws to this country, which is full of an erroneous liberty that is being converted into immorality and which is being put into the hands of Lucifer and his dark angels.

            “I gave My Beloved Son to you as a Gift of Love to save you, but you judged Him and killed Him on the Cross 2,000 years ago and today, you have still not understood His Message. 

                “There will be horrors involving the children and the adults in the temples, which have been penetrated by all the diverse cults.  The brothers who are separated from Rome and from the pope have planted the seed of discord in the Church and today we are reaping the fruit of deviation.

            “Men will continue to be submerged in mud and all their miseries for loving God in their minds, but for having the love of money, power and their own glory in their hearts, instead of the Glory of God.  Towards the end of the millennium, there will be destruction, drownings in water and mud, wars, hunger and destruction of faith in God and in family values. 

             “Be alert!  We will tremble with a great event that awaits us before the end of this month.  [On October 14, 1999, Hurricane Irene hit South Florida.  It had been expected to travel up the west coast of Florida, but changed direction and headed for South Florida with 85-mph winds and more than a foot of rain.  Many neighborhoods were left under 1-3 feet of water.  The storm’s track took forecasters completely by surprise.  The Hurricane had also brought floods and damage to Cuba.]

             “I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.

            “Regarding the encephalitis epidemic in New York, the government doesn’t want to alert the public so they don’t panic, but it is actually a bacteriological epidemic that has been spread in New York.  The world should open their eyes, because many more [attacks] will come.”  [On October 11, 1999, the CIA began an investigation into whether an outbreak of West Nile-like fever in New York was an attempt at bio-terrorism.  The virus killed five people and sickened at least 27 others.]

                Rosa:  “The Virgin Mary will give a special blessing to all those present to cover us with Her Divine Mantle during this month of the Rosary, because there will be many dangers from now until the end of the year.”

November 13, 1999
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

                The Virgin Mary came as the Image of Our Sorrowful Lady.  She was crying because She is suffering. 

            “My little ones, My little ones, today I announce to you great tribulations.  Every day, every day, they Scourge My Well Beloved and make Him Bleed.  Great events will come to the world.  This is why I am suffering today for My Well Beloved and for all those who are suffering the Scourging of My Well Beloved and the Pains of Jesus. 

                “Men have lost their faith and this is why the values of human beings have disappeared from everyone’s hearts.  Men need to return to prayer, to humble prayer before the Crucifix of My Well Beloved.  Today I am calling you so that you can understand that the events that are happening in the world today are the warnings of what is to come.  While men keep saying that nothing is happening and that nothing will happen, everything is being prepared for what will occur. 

            “The Powerful Hand of God is falling over humanity so that you can understand that it is not through violence that you will find peace.  You will find peace only through faith, the faith that each one of you has in your hearts.  Search in your hearts and you will find peace through the Holy Spirit and through your faith.  Remember that it is not by obeying the Law that you will find Jesus, but only through faith; faith in His Love and in the Resurrection. 

            “Remember, My little ones, that this world will be moved from its foundation, because countries will rise up against their governments.  Great events will occur in Colombia because there will be confrontations with other countries that are on its borders.  Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela – all of these countries will continue to roll in their own mud.  Mexico will suffer even more than what they are suffering now, until they are convinced that it is through prayer and faith that they will find peace and the True Road, which is the Light of My Well Beloved. 

            “I call you from every place to a Reconciliation of Love.  You do not believe, because you do not see your Loving Mother as you want to see Her, in Her physical Body, but that is not how you will see Her. 

            “You have to pray so that the prophecies are not fulfilled.  You have to pray for the Holy Father.  Everything has been changed because he is being obligated [to do what he does not want to do] by the people who surround him. 

            “Before Cuba returns to the faith, all who have provoked the Wrath of your Celestial Father will suffer.  They will cry in the same way that Jesus Suffered at the pillar during His Scourging. 

            “In this place, many hearts doubt the truthfulness of the Divine Message, but each one of you will receive the Truth in your hearts and in your consciences.  You will [understand] the Truth of what you have received today in this place.  Jesus, My Beloved, will not give proofs, but He will give certainty to each one of you. 

            “Be careful.  Be careful during the months that precede the end of the Millennium, as you call it.  Prepare, prepare.  Prepare the sick, prepare all those who live in your homes, all those who have small children.  Prepare, because you will be witnesses of what will happen before the end of this year. 

            “Men cannot continue to mock the Sacred Scriptures.  Pray for your priests so that they will return to the Truth and to embracing the Gospel that My Well Beloved left you so that they can rebuild the Church and the Eucharist, which is the Body and Blood of My Well Beloved.  You profane your Celestial Father daily during Mass. 

            “The schools will continue to suffer great problems with your children.  Marriages will continue to dissolve because the malignant one will continue to attack the hearts of each human being.  Remember that the malignant one walks besides the Light; they are two struggling forces. 

            “Volcanoes will continue to awaken and the earth will continue to tremble.  Water will continue to swallow the land that has been taken away from the sea.  Pray, pray, My little ones and return to the faith. 

            “Go to Ephesians, Chapter 1, Verses 15-23:  “Therefore, I, too, hearing of your faith in the Lord Jesus and of your love for all the holy ones, do not cease giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers, that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation resulting in knowledge of him.  May the eyes of [your] hearts be enlightened, that you may know what is the hope that belongs to his call, what are the riches of glory in his inheritance among the holy ones, and what is the surpassing greatness of his power for us who believe, in accord with the exercise of his great might, which he worked in Christ, raising him from the dead and seating him at his right hand in the heavens, far above every principality, authority, power, and dominion, and every name that is named not only in this age but also in the one to come.  And he put all things beneath his feet and gave him as head over all things to the church, which is his body, the fullness of the one who fills all things in every way.”

            “Many people who are here and who do not believe will receive miracles so they can be converted.  Many people will receive miracles.  Each one of you will take away a little gift from your Loving Mother, through the Holy Spirit. 

            “I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

 December 13, 1999
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

                The Virgin Mary says, “I came during the First Mystery of the Annunciation, because this is the month of the children in all places in the world.  This is why I come with Him in My Arms, for the Glory of God in Heaven and on the Earth.  I come dressed in a brilliant blue mantle and My dress is white and full of Light.

            “My little ones, today My Message is important for the whole world.  I came very early and surprised all My children, even My little child [Rosa].  My children don’t understand what happens during an apparition.

            “This month is for all the children of the world.  Men have confused the meaning of the celebration of Christmas.  Parents don’t explain to their children the true meaning of this time.  What is the true celebration?  Today, your Loving Mother is speaking to you.

            “A long time ago, there was a very good man from Antioch.  He dedicated his life to buying gifts for all the poor.  He gave to all the children in the area in which he lived and he enjoyed giving gifts to the children to celebrate the Birth of Jesus.  He was Jewish and converted to Christianity.  He was a very good man and shared everything that he had for the Glory and Honor of the Lord with all the children that he could help.  What’s important is that he converted to Christianity.  When he closed his eyes (died), he became a saint, the same as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who lived a holy life and was also a saint before she died.  This man lived a holy life before he went to heaven, so people started loving this man because of his holiness and his charity towards the children.  His name was Nicholas and now he is called St. Nicholas.  The heretics of the antiquity and also those of that time who did not believe, who lacked faith and did not believe in Jesus or in His Birth, decided to convert. 

            “Now man, in his apostasy, has changed Nicholas into Santa Claus and Papa Noel.  This is not true.  It was St. Nicholas who was the first to give gifts at Christmas.  He gave to all the homeless, to those who did not have anything, and that is the meaning of giving gifts to children.  The meaning of giving gifts is also to celebrate when the Three Wise Men came from the Orient to give the Divine Child frankincense, myrrh and gold. 

            “What parent of these times knows the true meaning of gifts at Christmas?  Today, men have changed the Birth of Jesus into a luxurious party where people give gifts to everyone.  It is not wrong to give presents to loved ones, but you should also teach those who do not know the true meaning that they need to gather around the small Manger where Jesus was born in humility, so that they will learn that it is in humility where Jesus can be truly found.

            “Do you know the meaning of the trees that everyone puts in their homes?  They represent the Tree of Life.  Jesus is the Light that entered the world for all those who live in darkness.  Jesus is the King of the Universe who was born in a Manger, in a cave where shepherds took shelter with their sheep, where the beasts, the horse and the donkey took shelter.

“During these times, we await the coming of that Light so He can illuminate your hearts once more.  Let that Light, that Love, penetrate your hearts so It can illuminate you with Love and the True Meaning of Advent, which is the anticipation of the Child that came to bring the Light to humanity in order to save us and bring us out of the darkness, and to defend us from the aberrations which each human being embraces.

            “Today, your Mother is accompanied by many angels.  These angels will fight with the angels of darkness who will try to separate you from the Light, from that Light that Jesus brought to you with His Birth. 

            “Today, you should rejoice, but in the Love of the True Birth of Jesus Christ in your hearts and in your homes.  Do not give your children abundant gifts.  Listen to the Message from Jesus that your Mother brings to you.  Jesus says to give your children something that will turn their minds to Divine things.  He also wants you to remember that in the world, there are many children who do not have milk or water to drink, or bread to eat.  While some have an abundance, there are children who are dying, who are eaten by flies or by worms because they don’t have anything to eat.  This is why Jesus will come to you to make you see some humility in your hearts, and He will also make you see your pride, your ambition, your selfishness, your hatred, your apostasy and your lack of faith. 

            “Today is a very important Message and I want to notify you that when your Loving Mother ends this Message, She will talk through her [Rosa’s] mouth and tongue while My little creature is conscious, so you will know what will happen during these times in which you live.  This is why I ask you to pray and why I say to you what John the Baptist said when Jesus went to him to be baptized.  John said, ‘Repent, you race of vipers, because behind me comes One Whose Sandals I am not worthy to fasten.’ 

            “The whole world should repent because He will ask for an account of everything you do.  My Beloved Jesus is a God of Love, but also a God of Justice.  This is why He advises that all those who truly repent should go to one of the shepherds that He left in His Church to bind and unbind men’s sins [to go to Confession to a priest]. 

            “Each of your petitions is a petal of roses that I take to My Beloved Son.  He will Listen to all of them.

            “During these times, men will try to cut off the heads of Mary’s statues.  Pray a lot so this doesn’t happen. 

            “I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”