January 13, 1998
Monthly Message From Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “Peace for all, My little one.  Much peace and love for the little ones who fulfill the mission of taking the Word of My Beloved Jesus throughout the world. 

            “My little children, you should all say, “Glory, Glory, Glory, Amen”, because My Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother have brought the Love that We have for all of you.  Do not think that your Loving Mother is not sad, She is, because one of Her creatures left his companion alone [died].  But to her, I say, you have no need to cry, but to praise with hymns, because he is in the presence of the Lord.  He does not want you to suffer. 

            “Each one of you needs to touch the floor with your foreheads.  My little one, My little one, patience is true love and acceptance of Jesus.  All of what you ask for is already in the world.  Man does not utilize it [medicine].  I want to say to you, My little ones, that the Holy Spirit will rejoice in the world and He is in each one of you.  When you receive baptism you receive the Holy Spirit and you need to ask for wisdom – wisdom, love, charity, patience, unity and peace for the entire world. 

            “My Message will be small because I will speak outside, but I want to tell you at this moment that the Holy Father is in grave danger.  The Holy Father, My child, is very weak.  I see him bedridden.  For him, it will be very sad and also happy to visit an atheist and communist country.  Pray, so that when he returns [home] he does not become bedridden.

            “I love you, I bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

February 13, 1998
Monthly Message From Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My little one, My little one, My little ones, today I have surprised My servant.  I surprised all of you.  My Immaculate Heart suffers, even with all the Love that I bring you, even with all the Love that I have for all of you in My Heart. 

            “I come under the title of the Virgin of Guadalupe.  I am the Queen of your hearts.  Today, I bring the Love of the Well Beloved to each one of you.  With love, My Beloved Son triumphed on the Cross for love of the world, but mankind does not want to listen to the Voice of Love.  It is by that very love that My Beloved Jesus allows Me to bring to the world the Message of Salvation, to bring you what He wants to give to each one of you, so that embraced to each cross that I give, that the Well Beloved gives, you may help Him to end evil, to end the dark angels’ [activities] upon the earth.

            My dear child, today I want to bring you a message of reconciliation, a message of love for each one of you.  The dark angels surround the earth, but they will never defeat the Cross of the Well Beloved.  Man has to return his eyes to the Cross.  The Cross is triumph, the Cross is love, the Cross is redemption, the Cross is victory, victory.  That is why the Crucified One, who is My Well Beloved, will return to the earth. 

            “Return.  Make My servants return the Cross to the altar.  [Return to] the Eucharist, which is where the real Love of Jesus is.  He is in that little piece of bread, which is His Body.  Return once again to elevating the Chalice of His Body to My little creatures.

            “Remember that this is the time of the Holy Spirit, this is the time of the Truth.  Mankind will suffer a change in their minds and in their hearts.  The apostasy is already within.  Pray, pray the Rosary in family.  Make My little creatures return to the flock [the Church].  Do not take Communion in the hand.  Make them give It to you in the mouth.              “Remember that this is a time of testing.  The Light has arrived, but man does not want to see it.  That is why My Heart suffers, that is why It will rein, because I come to the earth to bring you the Message of love and reconciliation with the Church.  Remember, My little ones, that I am the Mother of the Church.  I am the Mother of the Word.  I am the Spouse of the Holy Spirit.  My apparitions throughout the world will make man re-examine himself and return his eyes towards My Beloved Jesus.  The moment will come when you will no longer see Me.  The moment will come when you will see yourselves as you are.

            “Remind My servants, the ones who are denying Me, the ones who deny Me, of the virtue of salvation, for they have not wanted to believe in My apparitions. 

            “I bring you a Message of peace, love and reconciliation with your families.  Great disasters will be fulfilled this year throughout the world.  Prepare in prayer with your families, with friends and in the Church with My servants, the ones My Beloved Jesus left behind to forgive you your sins.  But they must remember that God is the Law.  Jesus came to fulfill the Law with Love.  Tell your children in your homes and teach them to love and give thanks that your Loving Mother appears today in every corner.  Tell them that their petitions, all of them, are taken in My Hands and that I take them to My Beloved Son, Jesus.  All of your petitions are heard.  All are blessed.

            “Remember that your Loving Mother comes today under the title of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Queen of the Flowers.  Peace and love for all of My children.  There will be war.  There will be a war.  The ocean and the waters will flood the land, but he who comes near My Immaculate Heart will be protected.  Pray the Rosary.  The Rosary is the prayer that reconciles man with Jesus.  Amen.”

  March  13, 1998
Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My little ones, My Beloved children of the world.  Today is a day of glory for all of you, because My Beloved Jesus has sent the Divine Spirit to sanctify and glorify this place.  I want to tell you that My Beloved Jesus also sends Padre Pio and the Archangel St. Rafael.  This month is a time of prayer throughout the world.  It is a time of penance, observance, fasting, charity and surrender of everything that separates you from the Well Beloved.  During this time, the world will be tempted by the malignant one, but the shadows will never hurt those who persevere in the Light.

            “Remember the Lord in the Sacred Host.  He is alone, abandoned.  Mankind does not pray to the Lord at the Holy Tabernacle.  That is why I appear in all places to call you, but you do not come to that Call of Urgency.  Come.  I need you to help Jesus carry the Cross of the whole world.  Pray for the pope, for yourselves, for your children, for conversion, for peace and for the family.  Pray, pray, pray, pray.  Great natural disasters, which are God, await you, but prayer will help you to conserve the well-being of all of you.  Amen.

“I love you.  I am your Heavenly Father and your Loving Mother and the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

April 13, 1998
Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My dear children, today I wanted to come to My Little Garden of Eden dressed in white, because today, the Light has come to the world again. 

            “My little creatures, everyone in the world has disobeyed the Divine Command.  They don’t want to see the Signs of the End Times.  They don’t want to hear My Messages of Love.  Today, I have surprised you because I don’t want My little servant to be sick; I want her well on the Path of My Beloved, which is full of thorns like the ones they nailed on His Forehead on the Cross, the Cross of My Beloved.  Today is victorious; He overcame death and sufferings.  He gave Himself as an Agape of Love to save the world from its sins and its aberrations.

            “You are surprised because I came without announcement.  This was to prevent My little one from going into a trance in My Presence.  I know it will hurt to know what I want to say to you – that the harvest is plenty but the flock that works it are few.  The forthcoming moments are very hard for humanity.  Today, all the children are against their parents.  They assassinate them for a mere drug that will take them to their deaths.  They get drunk with alcohol and commit all kinds of aberrations.  Today, men run away from My apparitions, because when they walk in them they cannot commit sins against the Laws of God.  This is why I tell you that there are many that are called, but that the chosen ones are few.  They do not know the Scriptures or the Gospels that are full of punishments and rewards.  These people have rejected My apparitions and because of this, they will have to answer to God.  They will see that His Wrath is as immense as His Love.  He who can hear, listen. 

            “Everything will tremble with the tragedies that are forthcoming for the whole world and to Florida.  They will repent for not coming to the Call of Jesus through His Loving Mother.  Amen.”

  May  13, 1998
Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “I come dressed in pink and My Mantle is aqua-green.  The pink symbolizes love and the aqua-green symbolizes hope, faith and  healing.

            “My little children are ready for my apparition, but you need to be patient.  I’ve been here for a long time, but I won’t speak yet.  My little ones, how impatient [you are] to listen to your Loving Mother.  Today is a special day for all My children.  The  message from the Heart of My Loving Jesus is of love and charity for all the people.

            “You don’t come to the Call of your Loving Mother where I appear all over the world.  In all the places I appear, I give you all the blessings of His Loving Heart, but My little children continue with their pride and apostasy, with their arrogance.  They do not want to believe.  They do not want to see the Signs from God all over the world.

            “My little ones will have to bend their knees in all the Churches.   Pray for the priests, My precious priests, those that I left to guide My flock.  My children, return to the Church, return to Communion, but to a sanctified Communion with a true spirit of humility and a true spirit of repentance for what  you’re doing.

            “Today, I come in charity, the charity of the Visitation.  I want to teach you, the mothers, that you have to observe your children.  Today, the children have lost their innocence, have lost the significance of morality and love for the family.  Parents have disintegrated, society is corrupted, men do not worry about the children that they conceive and they send them to the world to suffer.  Today, that little apparatus that each home has [TV], profanes the Word and the Divine Spirit of God.  It corrupts the heart of every creature.  The children suffer the consequences of these aberrations.  They become corrupted and promiscuous in society, the schools and in their homes.  Parents are responsible for the children they bring to this world.  Gangs are the product of the aberrations of the homes. 

            “My children, return.  Return to the love of the Gospel, because the world is plunging toward a total devastation.  Follow the Signs that My Beloved Jesus gives every day.  He gives Signs all over the world, the Signs of these End Times that are worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, where [today] children are sold for sexual acts and are made slaves for satisfaction of the powerful.  The Signs, the Divine Signs of My Immaculate Heart, have even reached the Papacy, but nobody wants to listen, just like no one listened to the prophets in antiquity, nor [did they] listen to My Beloved Jesus.  Today, everyone closes their eyes to the Great Signs that I give to the world.   No one wants to get involved or to renounce the great wonders of modern times in order to return to the Path of Light.

            “I love you, My little ones, I love you.  Follow the Signs all over the world.  Pray, pray, pray.  Pray for yourselves, for your children, for your families, for your communities and pray for the apparitions to continue all over the world so that My Immaculate Heart can bring My little children back to the Path of Love.

            “I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

  June 13, 1998
Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “I come dressed full of Light.  That is the Light of My Beloved.  That Light will take you to the Beloved.

            “My little ones, today I have come dressed in Light because I want to illuminate the world and men with the Light My Beloved brings.  I want to tell you that this Mystery is very important for Your Loving Mother and for the Eucharistic Heart of the Well Beloved. 

            “My dear children, I bring you a Message of Love and Hope so that men won’t be afraid of crossing the abyss that separates you from My Beloved Jesus, that abyss of pain and aberrations that men commit, offending My Immaculate Heart and crucifying Jesus again.  Every time you twist the path that takes you to the Path of Light, you crucify My Beloved on the Cross again. 

            “Each one of you needs to carry the cross that My Beloved gives.  This cross of the End of Times is the cross of trial of faith.  This time, each one of the hearts of My children will be filled with blessings if they have faith.  But if your faith weakens, the malignant will penetrate into each heart.  Pray, pray, always pray.  Be awake to the Signs that will be given all over the world.  Those Signs will open your eyes and your hearts to the Truth. 

            “Today, I bring a Message of Peace and Love, but I also bring a Message of Preparation.  Prepare for what’s coming.  Many countries will fall into violence because of misery, hunger, sickness, and all of the plagues that exist all over the place.  The fires will not end.  The ocean will awaken in many places.  The ash of volcanoes will cover many towns and the pope is in danger of being substituted.  Pray so that won’t happen.  The family is almost totally destroyed.  The little creatures are dispersed from the homes. 

            “Come to the Call of the Well Beloved to the temples, the true temples, where love and veneration is given to your Loving Mother and the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  Prepare your hearts in prayer.  Many painful moments are coming soon to the world.  The state of Florida, where you live, is menaced by great lightning storms and thunderstorms, great tornadoes and floods.

            “I love you, I bless you.  I am your Loving Mother.  Everything you’ve brought with you today is blessed in My Love.  I have come with a purple Mantle full of Light.  Many people will receive healing today.  Amen.  Amen.”

July 13, 1998
Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            Jesus:  “My Will will be accomplished, My little ones.  My Will will be fulfilled, even with all the circumstances that are around an apparition and even though there is deafness among My children at an apparition.  Everything will be fulfilled.  Everything that will occur in this place is from the Holy Spirit and My Beloved Mother, who is here.  She has been here since early morning, but She [the Blessed Mother] won’t talk until I order Her to.”

[The Blessed Mother came dressed in white and blue.  She came in the Image of Our Miraculous Lady and She had a Crown of flowers of different colors on Her Head.  She was immaculately white with a pale blue Mantle.  All around Her were doves of the Holy Spirit with green wings.  Rosa asked Her, “Why green?”  She said, “Because there are going to be many healings.”  Green is a symbol of charity, hope and healing.  Above the Head of the Virgin Mary was Jesus on the Cross, Jesus Crucified.  The purple Mantle of Jesus covered the sun so that its rays did not suffocate His little creatures.  The whole place was covered by His purple Mantle.]

The Virgin Mary:  “My little ones, My beloved little ones, My little creatures, I assure you that I have to wait until My angels write.  I am going to give you the power of quickness. [The women who were writing the Message, were writing slowly.]

“I have come to give all of you the Mystery of the Cross.  The Cross signifies love and giving.  Let go of your own skin so that you may cover yourselves with the skin of Jesus, Who is the Holy Spirit.  The Cross is a symbol of victory over death.  It is a symbol of love over hate.  It’s a symbol of charity, of letting go of all the material things so that we can only be followers of Jesus in His Love.  My Beloved Jesus knows that even the foundations of the temples are mined with arguments, jealousy and doubt among the pastors that My Beloved left to guide His flock to the true Path, which is His Light.  It’s good that there are discrepancies among you, because from them, the Light will come out that will guide you through My Gospel, the Gospel of the Well Beloved, which I bring to each one of you.

“My little ones, God has chosen each one of you, not as wise people, but as ‘nothings’.  Before the eyes of the wise, you might be seen as being stupid, by preaching something that they are tired of studying.

“God, My little ones, gives wisdom through the Holy Spirit to the unhappy, to the ones that are hated, to the humble of heart, because He, He, will take wisdom away from the wise.  He will make the priests renounce and He will give wisdom to the dumb, those who do not know anything, so that each one of them will be amazed before the Mystery of Truth and Love. 

“Today, many hearts and bodies will leave vindicated with love of Jesus and many bodies will leave healed, healed because only He could make you born again and elevated with Him on the Cross. 

“I announce to you that great catastrophes will continue, filling the pride of humanity, until they bend their knees and learn to ask forgiveness of God because of all the damage that they do to nature, which is Him.

            “I am going to say good-bye.  Do not become disturbed.  Storms, tornadoes, mudslides, homes buried under the ground, great floods and earthquakes will hit America.  The world will have to ask for forgiveness.  As long as the mothers do not return to being mothers, the children will continue to suffer their faults.  AMEN, AMEN!”

August 13, 1998
Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

Rosa said, “The Virgin comes dressed in white.  White signifies Her Purity.  She says that today, She will purify the souls of all the people who are here.  [A breeze was felt in the apparition room.]  The Holy Spirit is moving among us.  The Holy Spirit is touching many people at this moment.  [Rosa started crying.]  The Holy Sprit is crying in each one of your hearts, asking for shelter.  Open your hearts to Him.  The Virgin Mary will speak through my voice.  I’m going to tell you in my voice.  I’m going to transmit to you the locutions that I’m receiving from the Virgin Mary.  Mary is coming in the Image of Our Lady of Charity of Cobre.  She brings a special Message.  The Holy Spirit comes rejoicing today because He brings the Virgin in the Image of Charity.  Through charity, for the charity of man, She tells each one of you...”

The Virgin Mary speaks:  “The Image Our Lady of Charity of Cobre is for each one of you to renounce all of your personal ambitions.  The name ‘Charity’ says everything – charity to embrace our children, charity to give consolation to the sick, charity to go where a desperate, elderly person is abandoned by their loved ones, charity to know that the Work of God is a perfect Work, that there is no architect that could produce anything better than what God made in this world, charity for the abandoned children, the war orphans, those who are mutilated by mines in the wars that are caused by men, charity to fill the stomach of a hungry child wherever he is, charity for the immigrants, for the aliens who are looking for a refuge where they can find a better life and food, in order to survive. 

“Men’s hearts are empty of that charity.  Today I said to My children that I wasn’t going to come, that I was only going to talk through the Sacred Scriptures.  I didn’t want to come because the charity of man today does not deserve the preoccupation of My Beloved Son, because men, whom God created in His Image and Form, do not want to look for Him or to get closer to Him.  They don’t want to take Communion, they don’t want to confess their weaknesses, their aberrations. 

“Today I want to tell the world that that little Virgin of Charity, which is the Image under which I’m coming, protects a country forgotten by man and only remembered by evil and avarice [Cuba].  Today I come to tell all those little ones who are from that country that there is a Great Light that is coming to dispel the darkness that surrounds that country.  The world will be surprised to see how the blindness of men prevented them from seeing the crimes and neglect of God that occurred in that country.  Soon, a great destruction will occur in that country by which men’s faces will touch the ground, asking forgiveness of God for having neglected Him for so many years.  They will also ask forgiveness for the world, for being an accomplice to so many crimes and so many aberrations that have been committed by that country.

“Today I come in the Image of Our Lady of Charity to tell the world that there is another country whose bloodshed has been denied, and that is Colombia.  War will continue in Colombia and Cuba, but there will be a time when intervention will be needed.  Mexico will pay for the aberrations of the children and for their prostitution.  Each country will receive what has been written to happen.  Woe to those who make one of the creatures who were chosen by the Lord to fall.  I tell you that charity will depart from those countries that deny what’s happening in the world. 

“The apparitions of your Loving Mother are what’s making you open your eyes so you can discover the Truth for yourselves, since men do not want to reveal it to you.  You have to persevere, persevere in love, because a moment will come when your Loving Mother will not appear anymore and you will only see the Signs that God will send in the sky and through prophetic dreams. 

           “I love you, I bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, in the Image of Our Lady of Charity.  Amen.”

 September 13, 1998
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

[The Virgin came early in the morning.  She had the world under Her Feet.  She came praying for peace in the world.  Padre Pio also came today.  Jesus touched everyone through the hands of Padre Pio.  The Virgin had on a white dress with a blue and pink Mantle.  She had a Crown of twelve stars on Her Head and the room was filled with baby angels.  Mystical flowers were all around the Virgin and on each of the petals was a soul from purgatory and a child that had been abused.  (Rosa was crying.)  The Virgin came crying and suffering because of everything that is going to happen because of the aberrations we commit against Her Beloved Son, Jesus, when we take Communion in our hands.]

The Virgin Mary:  “My little ones, today I come during the Scourging, the Suffering of My Beloved Jesus, because the apostasy of men is enormous.  Everybody wants proof of My Presence in all parts of the world and they come with a prepared heart for that purpose.  But I, the Virgin Mary, tell you that he who asks for proof will not receive it, but he who has faith, will receive.           

“Today, I want to ask you to cover yourselves with the Holy Spirit and to pray for the salvation of the world, because even though the world is not going to end, there are many Signs that we are at the End Times, the end of evil.  How can we identify those signs?  Well, men will talk against each other, others will be very selfish, they will try to destroy each other, and the intimidation of others will be made public.     

“You have to walk in the Light.  Pray for abused and assassinated children; pray for peace and conversion.  The time of evil is coming to an end. 

“I bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

[Note:  Our Blessed Mother came as Our Lady of Charity, Our Lady of Fatima and Our Miraculous Lady.]

 October 13, 1998
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My dear children, My little ones, today I bring a Message of Love and  Harmony for all men.   Today, I come with an Immense Pain in My Immaculate Heart.  Today, I come crying for all of you, for the world, because man doesn’t want to understand why I appear in all places.  You run, looking for the Truth, following a Star and the Light of the World, Who is My Beloved Jesus.  He is with you wherever there is an apparition.  Cry, My little one, because the world envelops itself in its own mud because man does not lean close to the Light.  The Light is the Gospels that My Beloved left through His prophets.  Today, I come filled with Light and you will see Me in colors – green and pink.  Today, I will search the hearts of My little ones to see what their true mission is in this place.

            “I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

            Then Mary said, “Look in the Holy Rosary for peace, for love and for compassion.  All who pray the Rosary will obtain great blessings if they pray it with their hearts, in their families. 

“Each family, each home, needs to embrace the Cross of My Well Beloved.  That Cross is VICTORY for all men.  It is in prayer where you can obtain true healings.

            “At the end of this year, you will see miracles everywhere, even though great tribulations are coming for all humanity, especially for this country.  Each one of you will have to put the Cross of Victory in your homes.  Put that Cross on the doors of your homes and embrace It.  Each of you must embrace the cross that My Beloved Jesus gave you to carry, which is light, in relation to everything that awaits you – great tribulations. 

“Remember, this year is the year of the Holy Spirit.  Great things will happen in the world.  Entire peoples will rise up against their governments.  It will not be just one nation, it will be many nations.  The president of Russia is in danger of leaving. 

“Pray and cry for yourselves, My little ones, like My Beloved said in the Sacred Scriptures.  Pray for each one of you, who will be witnesses of the great, Divine Punishment that awaits the world because of their false idolatry. 

“Always remember that group prayer in your homes can change any prophecy and that the world is not going to end.  What will end is evil, pride, hate and oppression. 

“In heaven, there is no time, no hour or day, and man is not able to stop a Divine Prophecy or a Marian apparition [by himself], only God [can do it], because what’s happening in the world is not man’s doing, but God’s. 

“I bless you.”

           [The Virgin came with two big angels, with their wings open wide.]

 November 13, 1998
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My daughter, the malignancy of men wants to make this place of apparition disappear.  The bad propaganda about this place influences people not to come to receive the Blessings that I bring to all of you.  Few Sanctuaries of My apparitions are left in the world.  Rejoice while I’m still with you, because when I stop appearing, you will look for My Face and you will not find It. 

            “My dear children, I’ve been with you since very early today.  I want you to know that I love you, but I know that I can’t save you with My Love if you don’t have the faith in your hearts that you need to believe in the miracle of My apparitions.  Everyone will be judged through faith.  If you believe and are baptized, you will be saved, but those who do not believe, will not be saved.  Pray, so that the Powerful Hand of God does not make you bend your knees before the end of the millennium. 

“Step on the ground that your Loving Mother doesn’t step on.  I bless you, My little creatures, I bless you.  Few come to the Call.  Few come to the Call, but I am with you, because even though this place is very small, great blessings are given here.  The Holy Spirit is with you; My Message will be short.  I  come dressed in blue, pink and white – purity, love and peace.

            “You will soon know, My little creatures, to what extent My Beloved loves you, because He still tries to save you today.  He tries to save you from all your aberrations.  Pray, so that My Immaculate Heart will be Glorified all over the world before the end comes.  Pray, so that the Holy Father opens his heart and his mouth to the Truth, so that It will be revealed to all your ears.  Pray, so that the peace and love that each Rosary and each petal that you take from this place brings, will come to your hearts. 

            “Great tribulations are coming to the entire world, tribulations that you will receive when you least expect them.  Suddenly, the night will come with darkness, and with the darkness, the birth pains will come, the birth pains will come, because My children do not want to listen to the Message of Love that I bring for each heart through time and space. 

“When the apparitions of your Loving Mother end, you will have to keep everything that I left you in your hearts.  You need to make a chapel for prayer in each of your homes, because many of My temples will be destroyed.  The pastors will be put to sleep, so that they will give account to the Beloved Son of everything that He ordered them to do. 

“Great storms and floods of white cotton are coming to the U.S., which will be involved in a war that will cause many deaths.  You have to pray in your homes so that the True Order and the True Peace comes, which is Jesus.  [In the winter of 1999, the worst snowstorms in many years fell on parts of the northern United States and reached as far south as Georgia.  In March 1999, the United States bombed Serbian troops in Kosovo, Yugoslavia after the Serbians had murdered tens of thousands of  ethnic Albanians in prior months.]

“I am your Loving Mother, in the Image of the Miraculous Lady.  Many of you will see Me in the Image of the Immaculate Conception.  Today, I will present St. Benedict to you, who is with you so that nothing will happen to you.  I bless you.  Amen.”

[Rosa said that three major angels brought St. Benedict.  She said that he’s a very tiny man with a long beard and long hair and that he’s a little bit ugly, but cute and very holy.  Rosa said that we should all wear the St. Benedict Cross to protect us from evil.]

 December 13, 1998
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My dear children, My little ones, today I surprised you with My coming during the early hours of the morning.  I surprised My little one and I’m pleased.  Today I am in the Rosary of the Annunciation and the Birth of My Beloved, because I know that men today do not celebrate the True Mystery of the Nativity, the Nativity of My Beloved Son.  They don’t know that before He was born, they were in darkness, but that the moment He came into the world, the Light was made and with that Light, came the Salvation of men. 

“Men celebrate the Nativity in a different way.  Men distance themselves from the manger and from My little one [Rosa].  It’s with her and around her, where the families should meet to celebrate the coming of the Savior, the King of kings, into the world.  Men – don’t involve yourselves with drunkenness or indulge your gluttony, eating and drinking out of control.  This is a celebration for the children and for love of the Church, for the family and for the Infant Jesus. 

“Remember that you should be prepared for the times that are coming, which will be decisive for humanity.  Pray for yourselves, for the holy family, for conversion, for peace and for the Holy Father, whom they want to remove.  Amen.”

After a long pause, the Virgin Mary continued:  “I have surprised My little ones because I’ve been here since early this morning.  This place is holy, holy through My Beloved Jesus.  Many who are here today came out of curiosity, but others came with true love.   All of those who have come with love to receive the Message, will receive great miracles in this place.  Today, My little ones, there won’t be a human being in this place who will leave without the blessings of My Beloved Jesus. 

“Today, I’ve been here since early this morning, resting on each one of your heads and reading your hearts, to take with Me each one of the petitions that you leave in this place. 

“Do not be confused.  My little servant is the most humble and smallest of all.  If the Celestial Father did not speak through the mouth of your Loving Mother, She wouldn’t be able to tell you anything.

            “Jesus does not give proof to His children, only signs to those with open hearts and humility.”