January 13, 1997
The Monthly Message of Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            My little ones, the Heart of your loving Mother suffers because of everything that My Beloved Jesus suffered for all of you.  My little ones, repent with all of your heart, for all of your sins, now, while there is still time.  Your Loving Mother cries for all of you because what is to happen has not yet occurred.

            “Pray for the Church, for your children, for the community and for peace.  Peace will be broken in Israel and a great tribulation awaits the world.  Man has to change his conduct toward God because the Cross is calling you to a total conversion.

            “I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

February 13, 1997
Monthly Message From Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My little ones, My Heart suffers and cries for all of you.  My dear children, you do not understand what an apparition is in the world.  Your Loving Mother appears in all places to take you with love towards the Arms and Salvation of My Beloved Son, Jesus.  Today, My Heart suffers because it sees what little credibility man gives to My apparitions.  Man will suffer the consequences of his lack of faith in his own life, in his family.  In society, corruption destroys all homes because God does not govern, the malignant one governs.  You must open your hearts to the Love of Loves who is Jesus, so you may find peace and find the Light. 

            “Today, I will speak to you in person, through My little one, about the Church and the Third Secret of Fatima.

            “I love you, I bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

            Note:  Our Blessed Mother did not speak about the Third Secret of Fatima because Rosa was beginning to lose her voice, since she was sick with bronchitis.

March  13, 1997
Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My little ones, your Loving Mother has surprised you!  What a surprise for all of you!  It is a beautiful surprise, even though My Heart suffers for the times you are living in.  I assure you that My Heart is happy, and do you know why?  Because one of the sweet flowers from the garden of Jesus and Mary is here today. 

            “One of My little ones asked why all the flowers are red and yellow today.  I responded, ‘Because the red ones are the Blood of the Well Beloved and the yellow ones represent the intrinsic Spirit of Jesus and Mary - peace, healing and miracles.  They are the preferred flowers of St. Theresa of the Infant Jesus.’ 

            “I also come ahead of time, and I will tell you why.  In these times of Lent, the Well Beloved retired into the desert and suffered the temptation of the malignant one.  But he could not tempt Him because He is the Well Beloved.  That is how I want you to resist the temptations of the world in this place because he is also here waiting to snatch one of My little ones.  Jesus, the Beloved, also cried blood at the mount for all of you  and He sweated when He found Himself alone and abandoned by the ones that one day saw Him do great miracles.  That is how you, My little one, feel in these times.  But I assure you that great surprises will accompany you and My little ones who walk on the path of Jesus. 

            “I love you, convert.  Great miracles will occur in this place and [there will be] great moments for the world.  Everything that you have brought [with you] is blessed.  Amen.”

 April 13, 1997
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My little ones, your Loving Mother has chosen to appear in this mystery [the Resurrection] because My Beloved Jesus is still among you.  Remember that He was among the apostles and your Loving Mother for forty days, instructing them for when He would ascend to the Father.

            “Rejoice, My little ones, and peace to all those who resurrected in His Love and in His Light.  I bless all of you and I tell you that all those who fulfill His Law will be saved in the moments of tribulation which are forthcoming for the world because of mans’ disobedience.

            “Remember that your Loving Mother will lead you to His Love and Light if you pray the Rosary every day with your families. 

            “You all, and everything you have brought with you, are blessed.

            “I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen..”

 May 13, 1997
Monthly Message From Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My dear children, My little ones, I have appeared during this Mystery (the Visitation), because it is very important to My Heart.  Today, I want to enter into the hearts of all of My little ones who are mothers, because I want to rejoice with all of you. 

            “I say to you, My little ones, that your Loving Mother accepted what the Archangel Gabriel announced to Me about the Coming of the Well Beloved, with love and humility.  From that moment, I loved the Well Beloved and accepted the cross that I would carry with Him at the Sacrifice that He consented to with Love.  My Beloved Jesus carried all of your miseries and all of your sins with the Cross.   Today I ask you, My little ones, to carry your crosses with love, joy, sacrifice and humility. 

            “Today, even with the sin of man, which is great, I am happy, because a servant of the Lord [a priest] is with all of you.

            “I love you; I bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary. 

            “Remember, great disasters are forthcoming for the world.  Pray, pray, pray, especially for the Church, the pope and the family.”

 June 13, 1997
Monthly Message From Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My little ones, My beloved little creatures, My Heart is filled with emotion and tenderness, because My Beloved Son rejoices in the people who are in this place.  Today, My little ones, I come during the [Mystery of the] Birth of My Beloved Jesus, because I want to show you the Immense Love of the Well Beloved and that He rejoices in each creature that comes into the world. 

            “Man does not know how immense it is to be a father or a mother.  Soon, man will celebrate a day for the fathers of the world, a day created by man.  But you have renounced the True Love that your Heavenly Father gives to you through His Beloved Son.  Man does not know that their little ones are the result of their examples.  The parents are the guides, from which each child receives strength.  Today, the children are used for all [kinds of] sexual aberrations, by drug addicts, alcoholics and the human filth that surround you.  Take care of your little ones under the Shelter and the Eyes of the Father of the Earth and the Heavens.  Accept, My little ones, the signs that I send you through the soldiers that I place beside you.  Accept that the family is separated by the ambition of man.  Accept that the malignant one is loose.  He is not alone; there are many.  They are in each mental aberration, in each murder, in each human being who feels hate.  The malignant one is in the Church, taking possession of the Place of the Lord.

            “I love you, My little ones.  Tell My little servants who brought the flowers that they are wonderful in the Joy of My Heart.  Each rose will turn into a Blessing for them and their families.

            “Great Blessings await each person who has sacrificed himself today despite the weather, without knowing that the rain is the Hand of God, pouring Himself upon him.      “Pray for the pope, for the conversion of the Church, for the conversion of priests, for the conversion of this community and of this state, where you will see great disasters, great floods and homes being destroyed.  [At this moment, Rosa received a vision of a big plane somewhere in the United States that had been shielded from something that could have happened to it.  The Hand of God was resting upon it.]  In the state of Florida, along the length of it, there will be great disasters, what man calls natural disasters, but it is God, Who is calling you to a total conversion.

            “My little one is not feeling well.  Today, the malignant one has been attacking her, but she is stubborn.  She will touch all of My little ones, even though the Holy Spirit has already touched you.

            “I love you, I bless you.  I am your Heavenly Mother, the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace, Our Lady of Mercy, Our Lady of Charity, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Sorrows, the Immaculate Conception.  We are in this place under many titles, which are denied in the temples that My Little and Beloved Jesus left you.  Amen.”

 July 13, 1997
Monthly Message From Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            [The Blessed Mother cried throughout the entire Message.]  

            “My little ones, My little ones, My Heart suffers because of all of the events that are happening in that mixed up world in which you live.  You ask Me to forgive My little ones.  My Heart is with them, with each one of My children.  That is why I tell you that I will continue to appear in all places where I am denied and where the Commandments of My Well Beloved are denied. 

            “I assure you that My Hands can no longer detain the Powerful Arm of Jesus.  I assure you, My little ones, that what has happened throughout the world, in Colombia, Venezuela, China, Israel and the United States, is still nothing compared to what is to come.  I told you in My previous apparitions that the world would be shaken before the great tribulations that are coming.  The worst are still to come.  I assure you that I will hold the Chalice of the Well Beloved so that His Divine Mercy is poured upon every one of My little ones.

            “I suffer very much.  Many people who come to this place and to the apparitions throughout the world, come without truly knowing what they are there for.  But I assure you that I will try to save as many as I can.  Pray.  Pray for yourselves, for your children  and your families.  Pray for the Church and the conversion of priests.  Pray for the pope, who will not be with you for very long.

            “In your country [Cuba], My little one, blood will be shed.  No one will be able to detain what is coming to your little island.  But the blood will wash away the sins of that unconverted country.

            “I love you, I bless all of you.  As long as you walk in the Light, the darkness will not attach itself to you.  Bless Jesus and His Most Holy Name.  In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

            Note:  “In Colombia, there will be a civil war with incalculable consequences.  In Venezuela and in other countries, there will be many disturbances in the jails.  In Israel, there will be total destruction of all negotiations. 

            “Tell My little ones who bring Me the flowers that I love them and am very happy with them.”

            [Rosa received a vision of an airplane exploding in the air.]

 August  13, 1997
 Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My dear child, I have chosen  to appear in the Mystery of the Agony in the Garden.  It is necessary for My little ones to understand how sorrowful it was for your Loving Mother to see the pain of Jesus in Gethsemane, the pain of the Well Beloved. 

            “Today, mankind does not know what the Well Beloved suffered.  He perspired and cried Blood for all of you, My little ones, for your sins, for your denial of the Truth.  Today, mankind has dared to remove the Cross, the Crucified One, from the temples, without remembering that without the Crucified One, there would not have been a Resurrection, there would not have existed the Holy Spirit, that Divine Spirit that today roams the earth calling man to peace, love, conversion, prayer, to the conversion of all My little ones, so that you may be able to one day have the privilege of looking upon the Face of the Well Beloved.  Remember this prophecy that I am saying through My Beloved Jesus.  Embrace the Cross, embrace the Cross. 

            “Pray for the peace that will be broken in Israel, the chosen land.  Have fear if a pact is signed, because that man who today is at war with the promised land is a beast who will not rest until he unleashes a universal war.  Pray. 

            “I have come today embraced with the guardian angels and the Dove of Peace in My Heart so you may renounce idolatry and contempt and embrace the Cross of the Redeemer of the World which is the only Path and the only Truth. 

            “Do not forget to pray the Rosary in family with your children, with your grandchildren and your husbands.  Renounce the war in your homes and think about the little ones who suffer at the separation of their parents.  The end of the disgraces of the world has not come because man does not want to listen.  Devastation will continue to take lives.  The waters will continue to reclaim what they have lost.  The airline disasters will continue.  The fires will continue to eat away at nature that God created.  Pray, pray, pray, pray for the priests and the Holy Father.  This is long, little one, because it is a prophecy.  Countries will go into war.  In Venezuela, the people will rebel.  In Colombia, there will be a civil war. There already is, [but] man does not see it.  The Dominican Republic and Cuba will erupt like a volcano; great dictators will fall. [Jesus speaks]:  But I want you awake, vigilant, because I will surprise you in My Second Coming as a thief in the night.

            “I love you, I bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

 September 13, 1997
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “I love you, My little creatures.  This is a Divine Grace.  I do not want you to flash any light with that object that you have in your hands [a camera].  Remember that I am spirit.  The material weakens and then I have to leave, when you flash that light. 

            “Remember that Mary, your Loving Mother, is Light; Jesus is Light.  Today is a special day for this place, although many servants of Jesus and Mary have come to the Little Garden of Eden to enjoy the wonders that My Beloved Son brings through My Hands and Immense Love.  Today, one of the smallest servants, but great in love for My Immaculate Heart, is here.  Today I am only going to prophesy.  All of these prophecies will come out of the mouth of this creature who speaks [Rosa] and of whom I take advantage - of her breath, her mouth, her tongue - to speak to all of you.

            “The times are crucial for humanity.  Record it in your minds.  Run, run, run!  Take refuge in the Sacred Eucharist, which is the body of My Well Beloved.  The Blessed Blood of Jesus will cover all those who take refuge under the Sacred Mantle of your Loving Mother, who today, has surprised not only you, but My little creature [Rosa], who never thought that today I was going to manifest Myself in spirit in front of all of you. 

            “I want, My dear children, for you to open your eyes to the truth.  Do not let yourselves be confused.  The malignant is loose upon humanity.  The Holy Spirit, who is present at this moment in this place, is giving witness of what is being said.  Mary, your Loving Mother, does not come alone.  I come with My Beloved Jesus and He brings Me to shelter each one of your hearts in My Arms.  I know all of your sufferings.  I know where all your tears come from.  I know where each one of you has your hurts.  Believe, My little ones!  When your Loving Mother is no longer with you, it will be too late!  It will be the end.  I want to save you.  Take refuge in My Mantle.  Pray the Rosary in family.  Confess!  Go to the temples!  Confess before My little servants [the priests], oblates of Mary.  Receive Communion in perfect union with My Beloved Jesus. 

            “Today, there is another creature with us [another visionary].  Let us bless the Lord today, because He has had compassion on all of you.  He has looked upon your miseries, your sins, your idolatries, your apostasies.  Remember, My children, everything that I will tell you here, will be fulfilled.  The End of Times - do not be confused - it is not the end of the world.  All those who take refuge under the Mantle of your Loving Mother, will be saved.  Remember that when the trumpets blow, the angels of heaven, the apostles and the great prophets of the antiquity, it will be the moment of rescue for those who have sheltered themselves so as to not see the wickedness that will come upon the world. 

            “Pray for all of the apparitions of your Loving Mother, for all of the volunteer workers, for every priest so they may be converted, so that the malignant ones, dressed as priests in Rome and in all of My churches, may come out with their heads crushed by your Loving Mother. 

            “Today, I will say something.  Great tribulations are forthcoming for the world and this city, Hollywood, Florida will be witness to many idolatries and much denial of God.  I want to say this to you because you are here.  What is forthcoming for Colombia is great, what is forthcoming for Peru is great.  What is forthcoming for the Dominican Republic is great.  But greater still, is what is forthcoming for the little island in the middle of the ocean.  [For] that animal who surrounds the great islands that surround this great nation, it will be immense, and greater still will the exodus when they flee from the tyranny.  But remember this - your Loving Mother is prophesying about what is happening in Cuba.  You do not know it, but I do.  Something very great is going to be discovered and when the world finds out, all will be surprised. 

            “Join hands, the Holy Spirit is here.  Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.  The sun is dancing.  The sun covers you with its fire.  The Holy Spirit pours Himself upon all of you.  In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, you are blessed by My servant on earth, by your Loving Mother, Jesus, the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega.  Amen.”

October 13, 1997
Monthly Message From Our Loving Mother to all of Her Children

            “My little ones, My little creatures, give thanks to God that He gives you the opportunity for your Loving Mother to visit you.  I awaited this moment with much anxiety.  My Immaculate Heart has been with you for awhile.  I bring you a message of peace, a message of love toward the Well Beloved, who allows your Loving Mother to come and bring you all of the blessings that He holds in His heart for all of you.  In this message of peace that I bring you, My little ones, I assure you, you will receive great blessings on this day. 

            “Your Loving Mother is here under the title of Our Lady of Fatima.  Her head is not crowned with pearls or diamonds, but a crown of flowers entangled in an immense Rosary.  It is the one that I want you, My little ones, to pray.  Always pray in the name of My Beloved Jesus.  The Holy Spirit will bless you and fill you with everything that the Well Beloved wants to give you on this day.  For every one of you that is here in this place, there will be blessings that I bring from My Hands.  I want to thank you for the patience that you hold at the moment that your Loving Mother arrives. 

            “I want to say something to all of those who are here.  Today, many years of the apparition of Fatima is celebrated under the title of Fatima.  Today, I want to invite you, all those who brings their Rosaries, to place them in the fountain that is outside or inside.  I also want My little ones, in this Message of peace and love that I bring to each of you, to drink of the water from the fountain before you leave this place.  Today, that water is doubly blessed.  Today, the symbol of love is on the door of this territory of the Well Beloved, the First and the Last. 

            “Today, I will not announce disgraces to come because they have already been foretold and will happen.  Do not worry because this place does not get filled with great multitudes.  As I always tell you, My little ones, the last will be first in the Heart of Jesus.  Today, My Hands and the Hands of Jesus are filled with love and blessings, which you will share with each person that you find. 

            “I love you, My little ones.  Today, the blessings will be told by each one and I assure you they will be healed, healed in body and spirit, because today, the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, are in this place.  Amen.”

November 13, 1997
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My little ones, the sufferings you have today are My sufferings.  You do not want to come the Light that shines for you since Jesus came to the world.  He says to you, ‘He who walks in the Light will never be reached by wickedness of darkness, but he who hides from the Light after having seen it and accepted it, is an apostate because he walked in the Light and today, denies it.’  Remember what My Beloved Jesus said in Jerusalem in St. John, Chapter 1, Verse 5:  “The light shineth in darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it.”  All believed because they saw so many miracles.  I say to you, ‘I know all of you.  You cannot deceive me.’

            “Great tragedies are forthcoming.  Pray, pray, pray in family, in the Churches.  Go to your Churches in masses.  Prayer will save the world.  Receive Communion and do not take the Body of Jesus in your hands.

            “I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

            Note:  Mary welcomed one of her priests.  She came during the Resurrection because God gave the world His only Beloved Son for the salvation of all of your sins.  He died on the Cross for all of you, but on the third day the Cross became victory and the Light was made again, for the world.  He who has ears, may he listen.

 December 13, 1997
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children.

            “My dear children, My little ones, today I have wanted to surprise you in My apparition as I have come during the Annunciation of the Angel Gabriel to your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  I have come as Our Lady of Guadalupe as when I appeared to Juan Diego.  I come in the state of pregnancy.  I come today in this mystery, asking for a place to stay from My little ones.  Open your hearts to the love of your Mother.  Open the doors to your homes to My Beloved Jesus, who is about to be born.  Today, My Son wants to be born into the homes throughout the whole world because He wants to reconcile man to Him.  Do not leave Him again in the manger, outside of your homes.  Let Him come in wherever you are, so you may glorify Him, praise Him and bless Him as the shepherds did.  Amen.  Alleluia.  The Child Jesus comes to visit this month.  It  is the month of the children.  Open  your hearts and love one another.”