January 13, 1996
Monthly Message of Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            Today we received a great blessing, because it was Jesus, Who gave the Message.

            “My dear child, My little one, I wanted to come in the Sorrowful Mystery where I am praying in the Garden, where My Body bled for the pain of the world.

            “My dear child, I took you by surprise, because you were not expecting Me.  My Mother gave you signs that She would appear as usual, but I, your Heavenly Father, wanted to give you this Message. 

            “My Cross is trembling and bleeding at the same time, because My little ones do not want to see the signs I give.  It surprises Me that those who have walked at My Side for such a long time have not realized that among you is the malignant, trying to separate the souls that I save.  But in order to snatch them, he will have to cross over the Holy Rosary that My Mother has around all of you. 

            “Dear children, My Mother wants to lead you to Me.  Listen to Her; do not reject Her Call.  Listen to Her, dear children.  I love you.  I wait for you always.  Repent!  There is still time to listen to My Gospel.  Follow it.  Do not let yourselves be deceived by the false prophets who populate this world of arrogance, where men do not know how to forgive, nor repent.  Come to the Call of Love that I send with My Mother, Who tells you, ‘Learn to love as I love.’

            “Listen, great snowstorms await.  Your pain has not ended.  The punishments of the world have barely begun.  Yes, punishments.  I reward and punish.  I give to you and I take away.  Repent!  If you do not want to come to Me out of love, you will come out of fear. 

            “I love you, I bless you.  I am your Heavenly Father, the One Who loves you most.

            “Remember what I told you:  ‘I will place veils before your eyes like Solomon so you will not see, and on your mouths, [I will place] anathema, so you cannot preach.

            “I am your Heavenly Father.  Amen.”

            Note:  Our Loving Mother came dressed in a blue Mantle and a white dress.  The veil over Her Head was white.  The dress that our Loving Mother came in is as simple as She is.  She said to Rosa, “From My Hands, My little one, rays of Light come forth.  They are the rays of Mercy from My Beloved Jesus.”  Later, She said, “My dear child, Padre Pio is always with Me.  Sometimes you do not see him, but he is here, because there are no other priests here from the flock of Jesus.”

            Before the apparition, when Rosa entered the apparition room to pray, she knelt in front of the Image of Christ Crucified.  While she was praying, Jesus said the following to her: 

            “My child, the world does not want to listen.  Today, My Name is Glorified in this place.  Today, those who truly believe and those who have faith will receive miracles.  It will be a day of Glory for My Loving Mother and Me.  All those who have faith will receive, but I will seal the lips of all those who come with hypocrisy.  I will seal them.  I will place anathema upon their lips so they cannot prophesy.  I will cover their eyes with a veil so they may not see.  Those who have not seen My Glory up until today, will see it and the eyes and lips of those who have seen and have not wanted to obey, will be sealed. 

            “I am your Heavenly Father, your Divine Mercy.  Make the Sign of the Cross.”

            Later, Rosa knelt in front of the Image of our Loving Mother with a couple of the volunteers.  Our Mother told Rosa that those who wanted to receive blessings had to kneel and bow their heads, with their foreheads touching the carpet.  A Hail Mary was prayed.  Afterwards, Rosa said to our Loving Mother, “Beautiful Lady, Glorify Yourself today.  Make your children come to Your Call.  Move the hearts of each one of them.  Move the hearts of each and every one of them so that they may feel the Honor and Glory of Your Beloved Son.  Lord, do Your Will.  Send Your Loving Son to this place.”

            While the Rosary was being prayed outside, Rosa was inside, telling the sick pilgrims what our Loving Mother had said to her.  Rosa said, “She wanted to surprise me because She appeared, but it was Jesus, Who spoke.  Jesus has spoken because He has many important things to say, but He will say them outside [after the Rosary].  She [our Loving Mother] comes today as His servant.  She says She comes to serve Him and that She will walk among you and listen to every sigh, every petition, because they are all important to Her.  [She said that] at this moment, Jesus is giving me the power to touch you and that through my hands, but with Their intercession, you are going to receive blessings. 

            “Mary wants you all to believe, to believe that She is here.  Believe that you will be touched by Her.  She is going to touch you!  It will be Mary, Who anoints you.  Mary is the servant of the Lord at this moment!  Please, do not take notice of the child who is touching you [Rosa]; it is Mary, Mary, Who, through my hands, will touch you.  Receive with true patience, with true love, because the hands of Jesus are in the hands of Mary and She will be the One to bless you - each and every one of you.  Please believe.  Mary is here, Mary is going to bless you.”

            After praying the Rosary and reading the Message, Rosa went outside to talk to the pilgrims.  She said, “Today, I see more people than I am used to seeing.  It seems that the hearts, the hearts of each of one of you are realizing that we are truly in the End Times, even though none of you believe it.  This is not a scatological message.  I do not want to imply that it is.  It is not a destructive message; these are the Words of Jesus.  The Words are from His Suffering Heart, as He sees that His children do not obey the signs that He gives. 

            “I want to ask all of you if you are watching the things that are happening in the world.  Do you understand perfectly what they are?  I honestly wish that every human being who is present here can say, ‘We understand what is happening in the world.’  Have you watched television lately?  Have you watched television in the past couple of days, how the marriage of homosexuals was being celebrated on television?  Did you see it or not?  [The pilgrims responded, ‘Yes.’]  On both American and Hispanic television, male couples were married!  The media made no apology for publicizing these aberrations of Sodom and Gomorrah.  The media does not come here to see this [apparition]!  They do not come to see all of you here, the faithful who pray to Mary for the salvation of Her children and for the salvation of all of you.  When they do come, it is just to say that there were 50 or 60 people around the Image of Mary.  Two hundred people are accommodated inside the Home of Mary and Jesus.  But as in the End Times of Sodom and Gomorrah, no one wants to listen, no one wants to listen. 

            “No one wants to believe that we are truly at the end of the millennium.  All the signs have been given.  This week, [there were also signs] in the sky and in the moon.  Jesus is tired of giving so many miracles:  the Cross in gold, the Cross in light, and around the moon there was a rainbow of immense colors - gigantic.  Those are the signs the Bible speaks about.  If you all would search in the Apocalypse of St. John, you would see that all the signs that are being presented today are the same ones that God spoke about in the Old Testament and [that] Jesus [spoke about] in the New Testament.  You believe that those are the signs?  Please, someone answer.  [The pilgrims answered, ‘Yes.’]  They are the signs - how parents kill their children, how children, a child of thirteen years of age, killed his father for money for drugs.  How a father killed his daughter by burning her with oil, frying her.  That is what the Bible speaks about, even though My little one is not saying the complete Message in English, because I speak more than she can [Suzy was not translating everything that Rosa was saying into English].  Please, I am going to have to tell the Holy Spirit to give me the [gift of] language, so I can give the whole Message.  Now, she forgets.  Well, let Jesus speak, let Him place anathema on me.

            “In today’s Message, Jesus explained that He would place a veil on the eyes of men.  When He says ‘men’, He means the whole world.  [He said] that He would place anathema on the lips of His people so they may not testify.  I am going to try to explain in a few words what ‘anathema’ means. 

            “I suppose that today, you are not in a hurry.  Today is Saturday.  I believe this little one [Suzy] is boycotting Jesus.  I am going to try to speak in English and Spanish.

            “Jesus says that anathema means...  For example, He spoke in parables and I am going to try to teach you.  A parable means giving an example.  Parables are what He used in those times, that word.  Anathema means that when there is a person around a visionary or on the path of an apparition like this one, which is of Jesus and Mary, it means when the greater priest excommunicates.  In the Catholic religion, that is what anathema means.  They excommunicate a person who, after witnessing miracles and after being converted, allows themselves to be deceived and led by the malignant to other things that are truly not what Jesus proclaims.  That is what it means in the Catholic religion, as when Paul explained what anathema meant.  In the Old Testament, anathema meant that when a priest followed the Laws of Moses or everything that represented the Laws of Moses, they made offerings, for example, an animal would be killed and placed in front of the door of the temple as a trophy, as an offering.  This means that those who receive blessings in this place and do not testify, but do the opposite when they leave this holy place, speak of things that are not true.

            “Jesus says that those people who have been here for a year and a half, testifying here and receiving miracles, will have their eyes closed.  He will place veils upon their eyes and seal their lips with anathema so they may not testify.  He says that it is not possible to walk in the Light and serve Mammon.  Do you know what Mammon is?  Mammon is the king of money, the king of aberrations and the king of darkness.

            “Jesus and Mary appear in all places of the world trying to save their children, but if none of you pray and want to receive the blessings of Mary then when Jesus comes, sounding the Trumpets of Glory and Triumph, you will not be counted among Their children.  You probably think that we won’t hear the Trumpets.  Yes, we are going to hear them in our hearts.  We will feel them in our minds because they will be Trumpets of Glory that will sound off to give the world understanding of the Coming of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. That will be the moment when those who do not do the will of God will regret having been born.  You will see yourselves as you were, in the wombs of your mothers; we all will.  When I say you all, I mean all of us.  I do not defend myself with what I think and do, and believe that I am going to go to glory.  I am a sinner, just as any of you.”

            Mary:  “Please, dear children, close your eyes at this moment and hold hands.  I will invoke the Holy Spirit so that He may blow the Spirit of Truth upon you, the Spirit of Love, so that you may all go to Church, so you may receive Communion, confess and not take Jesus in your hands.  Pray, relax, dearest children.  I bless you.  Maranatha, Maranatha, Maranatha!  One, complete voice...Jesus, come soon, Jesus, come soon!  Dearest children, I bless you.  The Holy Spirit will softly blow upon your eyes, over your faces.  Receive Him, He is here.  Receive Him, receive, receive...”

            Rosa:  “He is here, receive Him.  In the Name of the Father, in the Name of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Everything that you have brought with you has been blessed.  Our Loving Mother and Jesus are leaving.  Look at the sun, it is performing miracles.  It is turning at this moment.  It is dancing for all of you.  Remember not to look directly at this time; just a second is all you need.

            “I want you to know that a while ago, I told you that the places of apparition sustained themselves by the small donations that they receive.  I want you all to know that this place goes forward, thanks to all of you, because here, the Rosaries are given out for free, the Messages are free, which are books, scapulars and medals are given out and everything is shared, thanks to the Will of God.  Today, I want to tell you that I am very grateful, because up until now, we have been able to move forward and have been able to share the Messages for free.  I hope Jesus continues to give us this opportunity of continuing to spread His Gospel for free throughout the world. 

            “Back there, where the little tents are, there is a new video of two hours of the miracles of Mary and Jesus in this place.  In those miracles, you will see the different forms of Mary and the sky covered in precious diamonds.  You will see the Cross and the Eucharist in the sky and in the moon and you will see the Blessed Sacrament in this video.  I can assure you that you will not regret obtaining this video.  I can assure you that the money that we receive for the video helps me to carry out everything that is in this place.  You may go into my house; it is humble, as Mary and Jesus are [humble].  I am not becoming rich with what is here, as the newspapers say. 

            [A pilgrim had just taken a Polaroid picture of the sun and the Host clearly appeared in the photo.  Another Polaroid picture was taken as the Blessed Mother was ascending and She appears to be going up into the sky on this photo.  These pictures were shown to the pilgrims.]

            “I appreciate everything; the same faces that come [every month].  I assure you that truly, truly, truly, we will have an encounter with Jesus very soon.  We, who truly believe in Them, in Their Path, in Their Love, have the assurance that we are going to be counted.  Spread the Word of Jesus.  Brethren, love as He loved us.  Confess, receive Communion, return to Church.  Jesus wants us united in the Church, He does not want us separated.  I am going to receive the blessings of Jesus at this moment to anoint those who are ill...”

 February 13, 1996
Monthly Message of Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My dear children, I wanted to come during the Mystery of the Scourging so that My little ones could feel the pain of the Well Beloved that I felt when He was scourged, spit upon, hit and hurt, to save the entire world.

            “You, My little ones, celebrate a day of love tomorrow [Valentines’ Day]; it is very beautiful.  I love you for remembering to share that love here, today, with those who are beside you.  But I ask you, My little ones, do you believe that love is for one day?  No, My dear children, love is for every day, every instant of every moment of your existence.

            “Love, My little ones, must be shared with those who do not receive a caress or a kiss.  Who remembers the sick in the hospitals, who remembers the elderly in the nursing homes, who remembers the abandoned children in the orphanages?  No one, My little ones, only those who work to take care of them, but hardly ever the ones who should be by their side, the beings who live in this world.

            “My little one, the hearts of humans love for a little while, for a day.  The next day, they are full of ambitions and love of how to make more money to compete in this world that surrounds them. 

            “I call you to a congregation of love.  Love one another.  Love one another as My Son loved you.  Love one another, My little ones, because My Cross is Light and of Love.  Love of the family is very important to Jesus. 

            “He gave His Life for all of you.  May you respond the same way as He, among all of you, because when Justice arrives, there will no longer be time to find love.

            “I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

                Prior to the apparition, Rosa was in prayer in her private room, when she was directed by Our Lord to write from the following prophet:  Zacharias, Chapter 3, Verses 8-10:  “Hear, O Jesus thou high priest, thou and thy friends that dwell before thee, for they are portending men: for behold I WILL BRING MY SERVANT THE ORIENT.  For behold the stone that I have laid before Jesus: upon one stone there are seven eyes: behold I will grave the graving thereof, saith the Lord of hosts: and I will take away the iniquity of that land in one day.  In that day, saith the Lord of hosts, every man shall call his friend under the vine and under the fig tree.”  This is the Word of God.

                On the morning of the apparition, a couple of the volunteers attempted to sign onto the Internet on the computer to see the Image of our Loving Mother.  When the Image finally appeared on the computer screen, our Loving Mother spoke to the volunteers through Rosa, and gave the following message:

            “I love you, My little ones, I love you.  This is a wonderful day for your Loving Mother and for the whole world because through this machine [the computer], where so many aberrations are committed, the Word of My Beloved Son will also be received through you all - My little ones, My little army, the little army that I have placed in this place so that the Love of Jesus may be poured down through all of you. 

            “You, My little ones, celebrate a day of love, but today is the day of Love of Mary.  It is the day of Love for Jesus.  I congratulate you, all of you who have made possible that this Miracle of Love reaches everyone through this little child through whom I speak [Rosa], and through that machine where man rejoices in the advances of technology, but where your Loving Mother and Jesus will speak and will take the Messages to the whole world.”

                Our Loving Mother then blessed everyone in the office, along with the computer!

            After the apparition, Rosa spoke outside.  She said, “Thank you for being here today, a day of love with Mary.  Remember that Mary is the Manna that Jesus sends us to nourish us with His Word, the spiritual nourishment that Jesus offers us with Mary.  It is the only one that should nourish us.   Then, Mary spoke:  “I am the Manna - your Loving Mother!  Not My little child who is speaking, but I, in the Spirit of Jesus, to give thanks to all those who truly believe in the Word of Jesus. 

            “Please, dearest children, remember the Love of Jesus in church at the Blessed Sacrament, where Jesus can be truly found.  Go, all of you, to pray.  Keep Jesus company at the Blessed Sacrament.  There, you will receive all the miracles that He has for all of you, all the love that He holds for those who follow Him. 

            “Breathe, the Holy Spirit is here with us!  He is here, breathing on you, in each ear, in each heart, and warming those hearts that are cold and softening those hearts who truly do not believe in Marian apparitions.  Believe in them!  Mary is wherever one of Her children call upon Her.  Mary is multiplying in each home.  Each human being will have visions, they will have dreams, they will see!  I assure you they will see.  Remember, there is a time for everything.  There will be a moment when each one of you will try to find the faces of Jesus and Mary and they will no longer be found.  Then, we will have to bend our knees and cry and ask for forgiveness, because when They walked among us, we did not know how to recognize it.  We did not know how to recognize the signs, the signs Her Loving Jesus sends you at each place of an apparition.  Reconcile yourselves with the Heart of Mary.

            “Before I leave today, I want to plead with you to remember what I am going to say to you:  Wherever there is a man - I speak of both men and women - wherever there is a man teaching separation, where there is a man who says, ‘Do not return to the Church of Jesus, do not love the pope, the pope is no one who can forgive you,’ wherever there is someone denying the Church that Jesus formed, he is not speaking in the Name of Jesus.  When you see in a place of apparition that the sun dances, that the miracles are multiplied, that Rosaries change colors, that images appear on photos, where you see that love for the pope is predominant because he is the servant that Jesus left behind to forgive the world, it is he, who truly has the Holy Spirit with him.              

            “You are receiving the Holy Spirit now!  Close your eyes, My little ones and pray.  Pray for the pope; pray for the priests, that their hearts may be softened.  When you, the pilgrims, go back to the Church at all times of the day, you will make the priests open the doors of the Temples for prayer, so you can be prepared for the Coming of Jesus.  Remember what He says:  ‘When I come, I will come sounding the trumpets of the Triumph of the Cross, because that Cross is Love, it is Love!’ 

                “Receive the Holy Spirit, all of you.  The Holy Spirit is with you!  Jesus loves you!  The Cross is Triumph and Love.  He who does not know how to carry the Cross of Jesus is not a true child of Jesus.  He says to us, ‘If you cannot carry the little cross that you have beside you, I will give you a heavier one, so that you may truly come closer to Me!’

            “Please, dearest children, pray.  It is in prayer, in the Rosary of Mary, where the salvation of souls is.  Forgiveness of sins is found there.  Mary loves you.   Mary comes to save you.  Mary wants to protect you under Her Mantle, under the Cross of Jesus, [which will] identify His people, His tribe, His lost flock.  Do not ignore Mary’s messages, not just the ones from here, but wherever Mary appears.  What She brings is Love, love between all of you.  Love between brothers, love in the world, peace.

            “Pray for the children.  The malignant is punishing the world through the children.  Mothers, protect My little ones, they are innocent.  To the mothers:  Remember that I, your Loving Mother, was also a Mother - to the Word Made Flesh.  You have an obligation to watch, with six eyes, every child that My Beloved Son gives you. 

            “Do not be promiscuous, My little ones.  The seven plagues are in the world.  Protect yourselves while there is still time.  The world is not going to end; God does not destroy what He made with Love.  When you hear prophets tell you, ‘On this date the world will end!’, do not follow them!  Only God knows the day.  He cannot tell you the day so no one can be prepared.  The sinner, the iniquitous one, will continue to be an iniquitous sinner because ‘I will come,’ says Jesus, ‘when no one is waiting for Me, when no one is alert.  I will surprise you.’  Jesus says, ‘I will come with My sharpened spade to cut the root of wickedness from the world. 

            “I want you to listen to the words that your Loving Mother has brought for you today.  You will receive a general anointing later and Jesus will bless everything that you bring with you, then He will tell you how much He loves you, how the Love of Jesus and the Love of Mary are Infinite.  She is here with an immense Mantle covering Hollywood, trying to completely cover all of Florida, because She is here.  There are not as many children as we expected, but remember, those who do not come to the call on time, will not be recognized later.”

                Rosa:  “I want you to know that Padre Pio is always with us in this place.  Wherever there is a Marian apparition, you will find Padre Pio as the priest, representing Mary on earth, because you know that the priests do not yet acknowledge any apparition; they need fifty years.  I may not be alive then.  We have to wait now [and pray] that they will be the ones who will truly see the signs of Jesus and Mary. 

            “St. Rita is also with us.  Do you know who St. Rita is?  Are there any of you who know of St. Rita?  The public is truly away from the Church; they do not know the true saints.  Today, there aren’t any saints (statues) in the churches...or do you see the saints [statues] in the churches?  Only in Rome.  In Rome, we have all the saints and those who go there have an encounter with the true images that the saints represent, those who walked throughout the world when Jesus walked with us in the world.  However, today, so as not to offend the Protestant church (in truth, we should not mention it, but it exists, they keep spreading), we have to remember that it is because of the Protestants, that in today’s Catholic churches, the images that Jesus and Mary left us as reminders of them so we could paint them in apparitions and throughout the world, are not placed in the churches.  Do you understand what I am saying?  I see that there are children who, even though there are few here, are leaving, because they are tired of listening to the words of Jesus and Mary."

                Mary:  “Those, I assure you, will not be counted.”

                Rosa:  “I want you to know that St. Rita, before dying, or as the Bible says, went to eternal sleep, before dying, she appeared in hospitals, healing those people who were in her care.  When she couldn’t physically be found, she would bi-locate, as Padre Pio did.  After she went to her eternal sleep, she continued to care for her sick in the hospitals.  She is very miraculous.  You can obtain her prayer card and pray her Rosary, so you may receive great blessings.

            “I want all the Hispanics who are here to know that in these moments, later, when the invocation of the Holy Spirit is made, we want everyone united in one prayer to ask Jesus and Mary...because today, there will be a consecration.  Today, on the altar, She appeared as the Patroness of my country, which is Cuba.  I have been in this country for 29 years and it is the first time that She appeared out of the statue of Mary [in the apparition room] as Our Lady of Charity, the Patroness of my country.  Here, today, She wants to consecrate my country, Cuba, to Her Heart.  All of you, united with me, repeat with me to the Immaculate Heart of Mary: 

            “Holy Mother, we know we are not worthy of asking You for the salvation of a country that, before the eyes of the world and the ignorance of others, is being crushed by the beast, by one of the heads of the beast.  Today, Holy Mother, we want Your Immaculate Heart to sanctify the people of Cuba and we place them in Your Hands to remove the malignant, the communist, the one who does not believe in God, the ones who do not believe in what Jesus created for all of mankind - loving one another in Jesus, love for one another in the Church - all flesh, all men. 

            “Today, we ask You, Holy Mother, for Cuba, so that the men of Cuba will open their hearts, and instead of embracing the communist flag, they may embrace the flag of Love, which is the flag of Mary, of Her Immaculate Heart and that they will embrace the Cross and return the Heart of Jesus to their homes and put the face of the malignant away in a closet, where they can never see it! 

            “In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


                “Lift everything that you brought with you.  The Holy Spirit will bless everything you have brought.  He is here.  Receive, receive, receive Him...In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit... The sun is doing miracles, it is dancing.  You can take pictures.  Many pictures will come out with yellow on them because today, gold is being poured out upon this place...”

March 13, 1996
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My little children, My little children, My little ones, how My Heart loves you; how much love I whisper into your ears; how many signs I give through your [Rosa’s] voice.  I want you to know, dear children, that when you listen to My Voice which speaks to you, you will feel in your hearts, the immense Love My Beloved Jesus feels towards all of you.

            “I want to teach you something, dearest children.  I want to teach you that the Cross of the Well Beloved is a Cross of Love.  I want to show you that you come here with the lofty interest of being healed from the first instant. 

            “I can assure you that today, there will be many singing ‘Alleluia!’ to God, because today, My little ones, the Spirit of Love will be poured out upon each one of you - the Spirit of the redemption of all of your sins - to warm up your hearts, to fill them with warmth towards the Love of Mary.

            “I have always told you about the many things that will happen in this world.  Today, I can assure you, My little ones, that your hearts have not understood the ‘why’ of My apparitions in all parts of the world.  The world does not rejoice in the Love of Jesus.  The world does not rejoice in the Love of Mary.  The world, dearest children, does not want to face reality so it will not feel the fear of what is inevitable and will happen.  Today, I can assure you, that all those who do not rejoice and bless the Name of Beloved Jesus and the Eternal Blessings given to all those who walk with Him, will not have time to repent for not having come to the call of Jesus.  I appear by way of His Love.  I appear because HE, with His infinite Love, sends Me to save you so you, too, can justify Him in the world; so you may not be afraid when the Hour of Truth approaches.

            “The Hour of Truth is approaching for all.  The Hour of Truth will arrive without you being able to forewarn it.  The chosen ones will receive signs.  They will take them to their children at the same time.  In each place of apparition, there will be an immense sign because that is how the Well Beloved has desired it.

            “Today, Mary comes with the angels.  Do you know why She comes with the angels today?  To pick up the souls of those little ones who have been killed in a place in the world.  Horrible crimes have been committed against innocent creatures who have nothing to do with the wickedness in the world.

            “I tell you that he who has no faith will not know how to recognize the signs.  Today, I can tell you, that he who does not follow the footsteps of Jesus will not be counted.  It is in faith in what you cannot see, [but] in what you feel, where you all, each man, will find the True Way and Peace.

            “Peace does not come from man; it will never come from man.  Peace comes from God; only HE can give it.  Peace will not reign in the world until man bends his knees and returns to prayer - prayer in the homes, prayer in the schools, prayer in judgments that celebrate men who have truly committed crimes but are absolved, since the Holy Spirit at those moments, was not with them.

            “Today, you are few [here], but those few will be witnesses of the Good Blessings that Jesus gives to all those who, with love, come near to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

            “Be very careful.  Do not have faith in all those who come near you and speak words in your ears that distort the truth.  The malignant has been loose for many years.  You do not see him, because you do not want to.  In each disaster that happens, he is there, too.  History will never be twisted, nor what is written in the Bible.  Man will never be able to change, or place obstacles to, the Light.  That Light is Jesus.  Close your hearts and ears to anyone who tells you that Jesus is not going to return and did not resurrect, because My Beloved Jesus will come to restore everything that He created with love.

            “I have spoken.  I love you, I bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Make the Sign of the Cross.”

            Inside the apparition room, Jesus said to Rosa:  "Remember, My little one, that I will move the hearts of My children so they may come to this place more often.  Do not worry because there are few [here].  I know how your heart suffers when you see how few come to the Encounter of Love, but I can assure you that at any time, everyone will come to this little place.  People cannot leave one day of work for man and leave one day for God.  Man does not understand that he has to learn to renounce the many things that bind him to the world.  They cannot seem to understand an apparition.

            “I can assure you that this day will be great for the Glory of God and His Loving Mother.”

                Note:  Mary came dressed in aqua and pink and Her veil was pink.  Mary was sad because of the death of Her little innocents.  Padre Pio and St. Rita were with Her and Jesus came with the Holy Spirit.  The Celestial Court was also there.  The angels were heard to be singing during the apparition inside the apparition room.

            Outside, Rosa said:  “Welcome, I see new faces, but few people.  I want you to know that today there has been a great tragedy somewhere in the world.  Last night at 1:30 in the morning, I received a vision of angels, who appeared to be crying.  I asked them why they were crying and they said that they were coming to pick up the children who were killed.  I was surprised, because it was 1:30 in the morning and I was left with that worry.  I though that it was abuses being committed against the children again, but Mary came and told me that it had been an insane person who had decided to remove them [the children].  In the morning, someone came and gave me the news and then I understood the crying of the angels who had come to advise me of what had happened.  [In the news that morning, it was reported that a man had shot several school children to death that day in England.  Because of the time difference, the tragedy had occurred in the early hours of our morning.]

                “I also saw an immense explosion.  After that vision, I saw many natural accidents throughout the entire world.  Natural accidents that are directed by the Powerful Hand of our Heavenly Father, because even if you do not believe it, God punishes and rewards, as I have always told you.

            “Forgive me, because I am a little ill.  I cannot speak much.  I have been ill for a week with bronchitis.  I am not exempt from getting sick like you, too.  Remember that Jesus did not elevate me to Him so that I would grow, but He came down to me so that I would remain little.  The only Great One is He.  To Him, all Glory.  To Him, we should give thanks, because Mary comes every month, even if Her children do not want to come to the Encounter of Love Mary has with us.

            “Remember that I have spoken to you a lot about the prophecies that are fulfilled, even if all of you, not even one, believes that the prophecies that are announced here, in this place, are the same ones that Mary has been spreading in all parts of the world.  Man cannot turn his back on the reality of what is occurring.  The world is moved every day with the news that appears on those little things that you have [televisions] to amuse yourselves with.  Many of you who are here and others who have left, rejoice in watching many pornographic movies and programs on CNN and C-SPAN.  On all of those [televisions] you see the news that is occurring daily, but no one wants to believe.  [They say], ‘That isn’t going to happen here.  That happened 2,000 years ago.’ 

            “Jesus is not dead, Jesus is alive.  It is true!  Jesus is alive!  We know that Jesus is alive but we also know that there was a crucifixion and that is what we remember during Holy Week - the Crucifixion of our Beloved, when He was sacrificed for our sins.  We could not forget that.  Even though He is alive in our hearts, even though He is alive in the Holy Eucharist, even though He comes daily to our hearts when we go to the Tabernacle and we pray face to face with Him, we cannot forget that there was a Crucifixion, because that Crucifixion reminds us men that He died for our sins to save us so that we could rejoice in His Love. 

            “Jesus calls us, My little one.  He calls us every day.  We leave Him alone at the Blessed Sacrament, [when] we can go every day to adore Him.  Let us adore Jesus.  The more we pray and ask, the more He loves us.  Remember, Jesus, Who is God, Who is the Holy Spirit, did not create death.  Jesus did not make punishment.  All of that - the fall of man - came, because of the Universal Sin.  We cannot forget that He saved us and that He redeemed us and wants us by His Side, praying, praying, because even if you do not believe it, the signs have been given. 

            “Let us follow the signs, let us get close to the Church.  Let us teach our children how to pray.  Let us say our prayers with our families; let us invite them to Church.  Let us invite them to the Blessed Sacrament.  Let us ask Him there [at the Blessed Sacrament] to have mercy on the world, because the world does not have mercy on Him.

            “Man only invents [things] to destroy himself.   Don’t you see what is in China?  All of this was foretold by Mary.  Read the messages.  Everything is in the messages, in the messages that Mary has given in this little place, insignificant in its size, but great in its mercy. 

            “Look inside yourselves, inside your hearts, and read the messages.  Accept the fact that everything was foretold before it happened.  Do you remember last month, when our Loving Mother consecrated Her Immaculate Heart to Cuba?  Do you all remember?  (The pilgrims answered, ‘Yes.’)  What happened yesterday?  The law was signed that condemns Castro and they have unmasked his true face before the world.  Remember that it was on the 13th and on the 24th that all those things happened.  [On February 13, 1996, Rosa and the pilgrims consecrated Cuba to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and February 24, 1996, two planes from Brothers to the Rescue were shot down over international waters outside of Cuba].

                “We must pray for our president; we must pray for the United States.  This country is greatly blessed, but it is also greatly hated and do you know why?  Because it has its arms open and its hands open to the entire world.  We must take care of it [the United States].  We must pray for them [our country’s leaders] so that the Holy Spirit can truly direct them and illuminate them so they can take their people to the truth, to charity , to honor, to love.

            “The group [here] is small, see, it is small.  You can count them [the people].  The newspapers rejoice when the great writers say that there were only 50 or 100 people [there].  Let us hope that next month [on the 13th], which falls on a Saturday, each one of you brings a soul to this place.  The more you testify of Jesus and the apparitions, the more that Jesus will testify of you in His Presence.  We cannot ignore the apparitions. 

            “Don’t you, in your hearts, ask yourselves why?  Why was there a landslide in Colombia that destroyed a little town?  Look at the messages with the dates and search the newspapers.  The civil wars that are occurring in Central and South America - have you seen them on the news?  Yes, we come here and nourish ourselves for a moment with the Word of God through His Loving Mother, but we do nothing, if we do not know how to open our hearts to those words that are written, which are from God, and if we do not share them with others.  We only ask [for things from God], but we do not give thanks or testify.

            “There have been many miracles given today by Jesus and Mary inside the [apparition] room.  There are many miracles that have been written down in a book in that little room and the world does not know it.  No one tells their priests; no one shouts it:  ‘Mary is in Hollywood!’  She’s not just any neighbor who comes here, She is the Mother of God.  She is the Mother of all of you, of Heaven and of Earth.  Those who justify Mary in Her apparitions will receive the signs in the heavens when the trumpets blow and Jesus comes in His Glory.  Remember, run from anyone who tells you that Jesus will not come again to the earth in Body and Soul.  They are lying, because Jesus will come.  Jesus will come, and then, it will be the crying and the gnashing of teeth, because then, each one of them who did not come close, who did not testify, will not have a chance to cry enough [tears] for not having listened. 

            “Listen very well to this:  Starting today, many events will occur in the world and you will be witnesses to this.  You will see how Israel covers itself in its own mud for allowing the Palestinians to penetrate into Israel.  They kill in the name of a God they do not know.  You will continue to see the great crimes that are being committed in Bosnia before the world, and how the world closes its eyes because it is afraid to open them to the truth.  You will also see volcanoes wake up and swallow towns.  You will see the earth open up in great earthquakes and then you will say that you remember this little creature, insignificant before you, who receives the visions to let you know [the truth].

            “Today, My little ones, there is nothing hidden in the Secret of Fatima.  Do you know which one was the most important?  The third.  Do you know what the third secret of Fatima means?  The third secret of Fatima, you already know it, is a secret of voices, that it will rain sulfur upon the world, that the columns of heaven that sustain the firmament, will fall.  Do you know what the columns of the heavens are?  The stars and the moon, [they] will not shine.  Woe to him who opens his door before the 72 hours [of darkness] are over, because he will get lost in the darkness and will not be able to see the Light. 

            “You do not believe it?  I read what you say in many of your hearts:  ‘Oh, Mother Mary, she speaks a lot of trash!’  Many, many of you say this in your hearts:  ‘We are not going to see that, it’s just to scare humanity.’  It is to open the eyes of humanity.  Do you know why?  So that you may look for the Love of Mary, so that you may learn to pray the Rosary, so that each one of you may carry the cross that God gave you, as He carried ours.  He carried it by Himself.  And do you know who helps you to carry each one of your crosses?  Jesus!  HIM, in capital letters, helps each one of His children to carry the cross that they can raise.  He never gives you more pain than you can handle.  If you reject that cross that He gives you with His Love today, the cross that is a symbol of Triumph and a symbol of Life, He will give you a heavier one and then He will not help you.  You are the ones who choose to carry the cross full of Love that Jesus gives us today, or you will not be able to carry the one of tomorrow, because then, He will not be able to help you.

            “Pray, pray, pray, pray.  We do not pray enough.  Millions of people do not pray.  Millions do not ask forgiveness from God.  Millions of people do not say, ‘Forgive me, Lord, for all the errors that I commit daily.  Teach us and make us an instrument of Your Love.’  Let us return to church, to confess before our priests and to then go to the Supper of the Lord full of love.  [It is] the sacrifice that He gives to all of us.  Do not go to church if you do not confess before receiving Him, because it is the same as going to a restaurant and not eating.

            “I bless you, all of you.  Receive the Love of Jesus.  Receive the Love of Mary.  Remember, we are few at these moments, but at any moment, we will be more.  This place will be known through time and will be recognized through a little machine [a computer] so it can take the messages to where man does not want to listen.  From there, I will continue drilling and continue giving you the Word of God. 

            “Wake up to the events that are occurring and receive, My children, the Love of Jesus in this blessing for all of you.  The Holy  Spirit will blow in each ear with the wind; you will feel it.  Open your hearts and receive Him.  In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Receive...receive...receive.  He is here, moving...”

 April 13, 1996
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

                “My dear children, I have come to visit you in the Mystery of Charity [The second Joyful Mystery].  This mystery is very important because it is where the Well Beloved rejoices in the charity of My little creatures.  It is there, where the Heart of My Beloved rejoices.  Man is lacking in that charity.  Charity, My little ones, is something that you should all be rejoicing in.  The way to perform true charity is not by giving what you have left over or what gets in your way.  Remember, My little ones, the humbleness and charity, full of love, of your Loving Mother, when My Son walked in the world among you.  I was always His servant.  Do you see how your Loving Mother identifies His Divine Mercy?  My Beloved Jesus walked with you, even though you did not recognize Him.  He performed charitable acts wherever He went and your Loving Mother followed His sandals, the footsteps that He left behind Him.

            “Remember always, My dear children, what I told you:  ‘You do not perform true charitable acts by giving what is left over.  Detach yourselves from the things you most like.’  [True charity is] when man learns to detach himself from what he most wants to have for himself, and when he does it with love, not just to please the Well Beloved.  We cannot do the charitable works that Jesus asks of us if we do them only to please Him.  Charity has to be given with detachment and love, if you truly feel the need to do charitable works.  Therein is enclosed the mystery of love that your Heavenly Father wants you to feel.

            “Pray in humility and in charity.  Pray always, My little ones.  Do not forget that it is in prayer, where your Loving Mother rejoices. 

            “Difficult moments are approaching, My little children of the world.  Really, isn’t My Message long?  But today, I am only going to speak of the Message.  There is a lot to be done in this little place.  I have always told you that many tribulations are approaching for the world.  The journey that leads man towards his own destruction is coming to its end.

            “You believe that the Well Beloved is only Love and Forgiveness, which is true.  If you repent with a true heart, the Well Beloved will give you that forgiveness; and you, also, have to forgive those who truly repent.  My Beloved Jesus is only Love and Forgiveness, but He also knows how to give each one of you what each one of you sows.  ‘Remember always, the same way that I give, I take,’ says the Well Beloved.

            “To end, I will be with all of you until My little servant has blessed all the creatures who have come to this place.  The Celestial Court rejoices in this little place, never forget it.  Great blessings will be poured out here, because it will be the blessings that will attract the dispersed servants and lost sheep. 

            “Never will man give approval for what is occurring in the world.  When that happens, dearest children, then you can say that the end is near.

            “Man will never accept [that he commits] aberrations or apostasy.  It is not convenient for man to recognize My apparitions through My Beloved Jesus.  To Him, all Glory, because He sends your Loving Mother to gather all of you under My Mantle.  In this way, [you can] walk with Glory when He comes to the rescue of His Church.

            “Make the Sign of the Cross, because your Loving Mother has finished.  Amen.”

                Our Loving Mother came in the company of the Celestial Court.  Padre Pio was also beside Her.  Our Loving Mother was dressed in a beige dress and aqua mantle and upon Her Head was a crown of pearls.  Jesus was dressed in Divine Mercy.  Our Loving Mother also appeared as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and had the Baby Jesus in Her Arms, holding the Scapular.  She was representing one of Her children in the apparition room.  St. Catherine was also present, and moved from pilgrim to pilgrim.

                Outside:  Rosa greeted the pilgrims and was surprised that there weren’t as many as expected, as it was a Saturday.  Rosa said to the pilgrims, “Don’t you ask yourselves what is wrong, why there is such a small crowd in a place of apparition?  I’m going to answer you.  Like Mary, your Loving Mother said, man will never recognize an apparition.  It is not convenient for them.  When this happens, it will be the End of Times, not the end of the world.  Jesus sends us His Loving Mother so that we may rejoice in His Love and so that we can once again believe in His Love and that He will give us what we ask for through His Love, through forgiveness and through faith.  

                Mary: “Today, the apparition was a challenge for your Loving Mother.  Today was very important because tomorrow is the day of Divine Mercy.  Today, Mary wanted to offer you all of the blessings that Jesus has placed upon My Hands and My Mantle for each one of you.              

            “The crowd is small.  The children are few.  If I were to go to the beach, it would be full.  Wherever I go today, in places of human distractions, everything is full.  The malignant is there, attacking My children so that they do not go to a place of apparition.  This little place will be great among you, as much as man wants to close it down by not giving it publicity so that the pilgrims do not come.  It will be the miracles that will bring My children.  That is why your Loving Mother tells you that the state of Florida will suffer, I assure it, for being irreverent, for not believing, for the apostates, because you do not believe that your Loving Mother is appearing here. 

            “The Holy Spirit is passing by all of you.  All of you will receive blessings and everything that you bring with you will also be blessed.  But I want to tell you something.  My little ones, do you remember the prophecies of last month?  Do you honestly read the Messages that I give you through My little servant in this little place?  Search those prophecies.  You will see in them everything that has occurred during this month.  Mark the dates and notice well how I told you beforehand what would happen.  It is not what already happened, but what will happen! 

            “Do you feel the Holy Spirit?  He is among you.  That little breeze that goes by is Him, touching the hearts of each of you so that you may come closer.

            “I tell you, great tribulations are forthcoming, not just in the state of Florida, but for the whole world, because the children of Jesus, My little creatures, do not want to believe!  They do not want to open their eyes to the signs.  The signs are being given.  He who does not want to believe is deaf and blind.  But remember, this little place is Holy.  Many things will happen in the state of Florida but you will see this little place shining like gold.  Mark this date.  The Divine Mercy will pour itself out here.  [To] all those who have denied [My apparitions here] and deny other true apparitions, I will find you wherever you hide, because the evil ones must continue to be evil, says Jesus, and those who are good, will rejoice in the Holy Spirit!

            “I have spoken.  I am your Loving Mother.  Listen, receive the Power and the Glory of the Well Beloved, because all those who are here today are the ones who have always been here.  They are protected in the Holy Spirit. 

            “Receive, My little ones, receive.....in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the blessings of your Heavenly Father through your Loving Mother.  Close your eyes and receive.....”

 May 13, 1996
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

                “My little ones, receive peace; glory and peace for all of My children.  May the Love of the Well Beloved be with all of you.

            “My dear children, today is a great day for your Loving Mother.  It is a day of Love.  It is a day in which all of My little creatures will receive the blessing of the Well Beloved and the Immaculate Heart of your Loving Mother.  You are far away, far from knowing the mysteries which are enclosed in an apparition.

            “My dear children, I bless you, and through this little creature [Rosa], I welcome you, where today I appear on one of the anniversaries. [Our Lady is referring to the anniversary of Her apparition at Fatima].  This is Holy Land and you are enjoying at these moments, the blessing of your Loving Mother, through Whom, Jesus comes. 

            “Do not reject the love of your Loving Mother, dear children.  Those who separate from the Light of the Well Beloved will suffer the consequences of having allowed the other one [the malignant] to drag them down.  The other one is setting traps for each step that your Loving Mother makes to entangle Her Legs and to destroy the apparition sites of your Loving Mother.

            “My dear children, My Mantle covers you.  Why do you allow yourselves to be trapped by the malignant if the blessing of the Well Beloved is with all of you on such a special day?  Today is a day that the world celebrates the month of mothers.  In My Hands, I bring roses for all the mothers of the world.  Those who are already at the Encounter of the Well Beloved are already happy. 

            “Remember always, My little ones, happiness is not in the world.  The world does not give happiness, My little ones.  Man only creates sick people so that with them, he can multiply his safe deposit box, the safe deposit boxes which were used to turn the Well Beloved in to His horrible Death on the Cross.  Do you remember?  Thirty coins, thirty-two, thirty-seven; what does it matter how many coins were given, but the betrayal of the one who turned Him in.

            “Do you think, My little ones, that the world is going to escape the punishment that is approaching?  I say punishment, My children, My dear children, because they are punishments, punishments for the world, punishments for the denial of the Truth, punishments for running in search of a faraway light, when here, where I Am, the Light does not allow you to see.  The world, My little ones, will cover itself with its own mud.  The world will envelope itself in its own sins.  There is no salvation, only prayer will be able to conquer the malignant.  Only you, by praying intensely from the heart, praying from your heart to the Heart of the Well Beloved, will be able to pacify His Anger.  My Hands can no longer pacify the Infinite Anger that Jesus has. 

            “I assure you, dear children, that this state [Florida] will suffer.  Why?  Because they deny the Truth, because they do not want to see the Truth.  Remember, each time your Mother cries Tears of Blood, you make Her cry Blood.

            “Many come to see if what is occurring here is true.  Everyone knows it is true.  All of you receive healings and blessings, however, this place continues to be ignored by many because the power of money is worth more than the power of miracles.

            “I assure you that this generation will not pass without seeing the punishment which is forthcoming for the world.  The same way that My beloved Son suffered on the Way of the Cross, carrying the Cross, is how those little ones suffer, who are chosen to carry the Cross with the Well Beloved.  It is not easy for My children to follow the Path of Redemption because I, My little ones, can no longer do it alone.

            “Your Loving Mother gives blessings to all those who truly love Her.  Receive all of the blessings and I will be with you until the Message is read and until all those who want to be touched are blessed.

            “I bless you and I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, dear children.  Amen.”

            Before the Rosary started,  Rosa knelt in front of the Image of Jesus and began to cry.  Jesus said to her, “Do not suffer.  In you, the Scriptures of two thousand years ago are being fulfilled.  All those who receive My Light are saved, but those who reject It will sink.  You see Our Suffering and you receive the same Wounds of My Cross.  Forgive them as I forgive them.  Let them not come to the Light.  Pray for them.  Let them deny Me at this moment.  Few may come, because when they come and honestly want to see My Face, it will be the moment for them to cry, instead of you.  Do not suffer.  Everything that has been written will be fulfilled without remedy.  I am here, dearest daughter.  I sustain you.  Let the others abandon you.  You just have to prepare your heart for all of these things.  Amen.”

            Our Loving Mother was dressed in an immense white Mantle.  Her dress was very light blue.  Her Eyes were very sad.  Jesus came with His Mother as the Divine Mercy.  In our Mother’s Hands were rays of immense Light and everything was gold.  Many of the pilgrims were to receive the gold today.  Our Loving Mother covered the entire altar inside the apparition room dressed as Our Lady of Charity.  She called to Her children, because so few came to this Encounter with Them.  Our Lady also appeared as Our Lady of Guadalupe, because She wanted all of Her children to understand that She is only One person [even though She appears in different Images].  Padre Pio was also with Her.  He said, “I am always here.”  The prophet Isaias was also here.  He touched the pilgrims.  Rosa asked him why he was here and he responded, “Because like you, I am also a prophet.”

                Rosa Speaks Outside:  “Every now and then, Jesus and Mary give me the privilege of speaking to you in a little English.  Forgive me, because I am sitting down, but I should tell you that I was ill and that is why I am sitting.  I am weak.  The malignant one didn’t want me to give the Message today.  He was trying to become entangled in Mary’s Mantle.  He made me ill in there [inside the apparition room], but I was able to defeat him with the Holy Spirit.  I want to stand up.  I don’t want you to sacrifice yourselves [by standing] while I am sitting.

            “I want all of you to understand one thing:  Do you prefer to honestly believe that the malignant one is not found here?  Yes, he is here.  He is found wherever there is a Marian apparition.  Many things happened here this month to try to keep the apparition from taking place. 

             “This is a very important month for Mary.  It is the birthday of Fatima.  She appeared here as Our Lady of Fatima, as well as Our Loving Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of  Charity.  She wanted to show me Her different Faces so that I would know that She is representing all of Her children who are here today.  Each one of you who takes a picture will see Mary, the One you want to see.

            “Many things are going to happen and have been foretold.  They will happen without remedy.  The plane that crashed two or three days ago [ValuJet flight 592 that crashed in the Everglades] had also been foretold by Mary on the 6th, I think, or the 8th of May.  On the 8th, Mary said that an airplane was going to crash.  The plane was carrying people to Conyers, Georgia, another apparition site. 

            “The Virgin Mary appears in this place and is the same One in all places; different clothes, different Faces, but the same.  Mary says that Her children are searching for a Light, when they [already] have It nearby.

            “These apparitions, My children, do not get any publicity on television, or on the radio or in the newspapers.  Even the children who have received blessings and healings here, go to other places.  No one is a prophet in their own country.  Jesus wasn’t.

            “Mary came today carrying the Cross of Her Beloved Son, because She says that there were many here today who were carrying that Cross.  Today I tell you that not all can be saved.  All those who receive blessings and healing do so because it is written in the Book, so the Scriptures may be fulfilled. 

            “Everyone must know that Jesus was Crucified by His Own brothers.  They denied Him, they didn’t recognize Him, they spit on Him, gave Him lashes, called Him a witch, [said] that He was possessed.  They said the most horrible things, the most horrible epithets; they didn’t know Him.  How can I, a little creature, expect you to recognize me?  You cannot recognize me.  You can’t believe that in this insignificant creature, the Blessed Mother can manifest Her Love through Her Beloved Son.  No one believes in the prophets of today.  Few people believe in those prophecies.  But they have to know that the prophets of the antiquity received messages from God in different ways.  Abraham, Isaac, Joshua, Moses - they all received prophecies in different manners.  It was the same; it was God speaking through them.

            “Today, the children of Mary and Jesus do not want to obey.  They don’t want to see the signs.  Today is a day when all the roofs should be filled with people.  There shouldn’t be room for one more soul.  You know, when the three days of darkness come, you are going to be running in search of this Light, but few will be acknowledged by Jesus.  You will knock on His door and He will say to you, ‘I have never seen you!  I have never known you!’  There, where the prophecies are and where the signs of the last times are, that is where Jesus recognizes His Tribe. 

            “Whenever Mary appears, it is a sign that Jesus is near, that the times are coming.  We do not know how to recognize Him in those apparitions.  He will choose His People.  Haven’t you read in the Bible where it says, ‘I will bring them from all places.  I will bring them and form the new Jerusalem’?  We want to be counted among those people.  We want Jesus to look at us with Eyes of Charity and Mercy.  Why don’t we go the Encounter of Love with Mary?  Wherever Mary appears, She shelters us with Her Mantle, and who knows which one of us will be chosen among those people of Jerusalem?  Today, Mary says to us, ‘Rejoice!  Rejoice, My little ones.  Wherever there is an apparition, it is Holy Land and you can be the chosen ones who will belong to that elect City of Jesus.  Do not reject the Love of Mary.  Each one of you should become journalists.  The newspapers do not announce Us.  Each one of you are children of Jesus.  In each one of your hearts, beats the Love of Mary.  Rejoice! and elevate your eyes to God and say, “We want to be a people chosen by you, Jesus!  We want to return to the True Church that You represent.  We want to bend our knees in Your Church before Your priests, that they may be bathed in the Holy Spirit.”  Let us pray for the priests, let us pray for the pope.  Let us bow before Him [Jesus].  Let us ask for forgiveness for our apostasies.  Let us go to Confession, receive Communion, receive Jesus, His Body, His Blood in us, blessing the day that Jesus sacrificed His Life for all of us.’ 

                Rosa:  “Alleluia, Jesus!  Alleluia, Divine Mercy!  Alleluia, Virgin Mary!  We want to be led by You to the Encounter with Your Son.  Fill the temples, let us show that we are with Them and want to be counted!  Unite your hands and receive through this little servant, the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Who is among you.  Receive Him, My little ones, receive Him, receive Him, receive........”

 June 13, 1996
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “I love you, My little ones, I love you.  My Loving Heart feels your sacrifice at being here today.  My little ones, My little children, do you know that your Mother wanted to test you in your love today?  My Heart, My little ones, feels joy.  All of you, each one of you that is here, is receiving at this moment, a special blessing.  My Beloved Jesus is being crucified in this Mystery, on the Cross, suffering for all of you.  His Heart suffers, My little ones, because of the apostasy of the world, and when My Beloved Jesus suffers, your Loving Mother also suffers.

            “All of you at this moment are placing in My Hands all of your necessities, but you do not know all of the Sufferings of My Heart.  My Heart, My little ones, is full of pain because I know how many things will happen and you, all of you, are not prepared in prayer.

            “I am thankful that you are here on this day, under the rain which is a blessing for all of you.  I can assure you that each one of you will take home all of My Blessings.  All of the infinite love that you have deposited here in My Heart, I will take to the Well Beloved.

            “Rejoice, My little ones, and know that your Loving Jesus sends you your Loving Mother to receive you and save you so you may walk in the Light and not stay nailed to the Cross as He was, alone, in the company of your Loving Mother and John the Little One and [Mary] Magdalen.

            “Remember, each one of you must carry your cross.  Do you know, My little ones, I love you.  Today you have demonstrated that love is stronger than any storm.  For each one of you, the blessings will be multiplied for being in this place.  I want you all to rejoice today, My little ones.  I want you to be joyful and rejoice in this place where I am truly here with all of you since the first hours of the morning where your Loving Mother prepared this place.  Rejoice, rejoice in your crosses.  Rejoice in the love that I give you.  I bless you, dear children.  In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

            “Note:  Pray, pray for the pope.  Always [pray] for the pope.  This pope is My well beloved.  Pray for him because you do not know what awaits you if he were to be missed.”

                Inside the apparition room, Our Loving Mother wanted Rosa to see Her as the Virgin of the Way and as the Patroness of Colombia.  Our Lord Jesus Christ presented His Face to Rosa in gold.  Our Loving Mother also presented Herself as the Queen of Peace.  Rosa could see how Her Eyes were full of love.  As Our Loving Mother appeared in this Holy place, She encountered a wandering spirit.  The spirit fled at Her arrival.

            Outside the apparition room, Rosa said, “...Each time it rains in a place of apparition, it is the Holy Spirit pouring Himself upon each one of you.  Jesus is with all of you.  He is always at your side.  Remember, Jesus lives in our hearts.  The Holy Spirit is in all those who are baptized.  Remember, each time that you knock at the door of Jesus, if you honestly do it with love and with a humble heart before Him, you will receive.  He opens the door to those hearts that love Him and invoke Him.  Always remember that Mary is here.  He sends us His Loving Mother so that we can rejoice in His Heart and under Her Mantle.  Mary pours Her blessings through His Hands, through His Light.

            “Mary was very beautiful today, even though She was sad.  She says that the hearts of Her children have been tested many times in this place and Her children do not respond.  But Mary says it doesn’t matter.  Jesus and Mary choose Their people among you.  Remember that in each apparition, Jesus selects the children that will be redeemed.  Remember that in the Bible it states, ‘I will bring them from all places.  I will form My people, My Holy people.’  Jesus wants Holy men, Holy women.  This doesn’t mean that He wants everyone to be single, but to be Holy.  Jesus says that each one of His children can Glorify Him - as married and single.   The single one - without being promiscuous, without committing any sexual aberrations.  Dedicate, little ones, your bodies to one woman only if you are a man, and one man if you are a woman.

            “Remember that our society is being destroyed in its foundations through drugs, divorce, in the children who are separated from their parents.  Remember that there are many foster homes, substitutes for the real homes.  Do you know how much the children suffer day and night, without having their parents by their sides?  Remember, My children, it is in the children where Jesus wants you all to fulfill the Law.  Love your children, protect them like the mother hen protects her chicks under her wings.  Remember that society is being founded through drugs.

            “Man is blind.  Open your eyes, My little ones, and see where your children are.  Take shelter under Mary’s Mantle.  Mary makes a calling to all of you.  Pray for society, respect the Divine Commandments.  Pray for the pope.  Jesus says that the pope needs prayers.  Remember always that this is one of Mary’s most loved Popes.   Today we [the United States] have been consecrated to the Heart of Mary.  We need much prayer for the country that we live in and for all those who are at war.  Do not close your eyes!  Do not rest!  Pray, pray.  Each time you pray, Jesus is beside you.

            “Please, My little ones, listen to the voice of your Loving Mother in your hearts.  Mary appears in all places.  She says that if it is necessary, She will appear in each home, in each person, in each human being, in each child, because the times are approaching in giant steps.  Follow the signs.  Look around you.  Pick up the Bible, learn and follow the signs that are given throughout the world so that you can open your eyes and return to believing and fearing God.

            “You have to fear God.  If you are not afraid of God then you truly do not love Him.  Those who love Him should also fear Him.  He is a God of love, but He is also a just God that at the chosen time, will make each one receive what he has sowed.  Remember that there is a time to laugh, but there is also a time to cry, and that time is approaching.  Wherever one of His children is when the time comes, those who truly love Him, at the time of the rapture, will be saved.  No one knows when Jesus is coming.  He will come as a surprise, but those who truly fulfill His Laws - all of His Commandments - will receive a sign and that sign will be the salvation of your souls.  We also have to have very clear in our hearts, the promise of salvation.

            “Remember that happiness is not here in the world.  Harvest for when we arrive to where He is.  We must fulfill the Law of Jesus so that we may be saved and I drill upon you as always where you do not want to listen.  Confess, go back to Church.  Always remember:  taking the Host in your hands is a sin and you are crucifying Him again each time that you take Him in your hands.  Always remember that.  Do not offend Jesus by taking His Body in your hands.  Do not profane His body and His Blood.  Love one another as He loved you.

            “We are the temples of Jesus and we have to take care of them [our bodies] so we can present them to Him well and sanctified.  Confess, My little ones.  Return to the Churches again.  Trust your priests.  Imitate Him so that you can truly honor the King of Kings.  Accept the cross that He has given you with the same love that He carried ours.  He loves you, My little ones.  Jesus tells us, ‘I love you, I love you.’  Always remember that you can rest your heads on the Shoulder of the Well Beloved because He is always by your side, waiting for you to turn your eyes to Him.  Open your eyes.  Pray, because... [at this time a pilgrim was signaling to Rosa to finish speaking because she wasn’t feeling well.  Rosa told her that if she felt ill to go inside the Temple and sit down, but that you do not signal Jesus or Mary to finish speaking] ...you have to be on your knees before Him.  Mankind is not worthy of the Glory that He gives us by giving us His Loving Mother in such a little place as this, and we are not worthy of the blessings.  May God bless you all.  Hold hands.........”

 July 13, 1996
Monthly Message From Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My loving Son blesses all of My little children, and I bless all of you.  Remember, my little children, that your Loving Mother appears through the light in this place.  It is at the end of this Mystery [the Third Sorrowful Mystery] when they nailed the Thorns to My Head, where I suffered the pain of the world until I arrived at the Cross.

            “All of that suffering, My little children, My Beloved Son suffered silently, and your Loving Mother felt the same pain as My Loving Son.  You, My little children, do not know up to what point My Loving Son suffers.  He suffers because you, mankind, insists on crucifying Him each day by way of abortion.  My Beloved Jesus awards you with the miracle of love in your womb - there, where they should be the safest until the end, when it can become a reality - a child.  It is man who is capable of ending those lives who do not ask to come into the world.  Pray, My little ones, pray, because the world will pay the consequences of those aberrations in which My Jesus died on the Cross.

            “Think, My little ones, that a child is the culmination of a miracle, and that the Cross of My Beloved is a cross of Victory because it is a cross of Love.  Each one of you has to consecrate your lives to your little ones as I engendered the Word - that Word which became flesh by the power and grace of the Holy Spirit.  That is how they are engendered in each one of you, My daughters, My little ones.  A little child sometimes made with love and other times because of aberrations.

            “Pray.  The calamities that are coming for the world are great.  The world is not going to end, My little ones, but yes, evil will end.  Crimes will end.  They have to end.  They will end - all aberrations.  Today, My little ones, the world drags itself in pain in seeing how the youth promiscuate themselves.  The youth are lost.  The crimes, the drugs, not coming to Church in masses, in not accepting that Jesus is there in the Tabernacle, waiting to forgive your sins; forgiveness, but only if you are truly repentant.  If a true contrition does not exist, if there is no real confession, there can be no forgiveness.  Remember that My Beloved Jesus carried the Cross for all of you.  It is you, now, who have to carry your crosses.

            “Remember, not all eyes can see Me, but I am here, My little ones, to pour My blessing upon all those little ones who come here to take shelter under My mantle, and I, in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, bless all of you, and I thank you all for being here once again.

            “Love one another as My Son has loved you.  Remember always, that in each fall you have, and each time you get up, there is a new resurrection.  It is there, where My Beloved Jesus glorifies Himself - in those who fall and truly know how to get up and repent.

            “Return, return to the path of love.  Return, My little ones - there, where I await you in the Sanctuary where My servants forgive in the Name of My Beloved Jesus.  Return, return.  Today, My Heart is sad because of everything that man is doing to assassinate the little ones in the wombs of their mothers.  Ask for forgiveness.  Know how to ask for forgiveness so that Jesus can forgive you.  You truly have to repent.  Pray for the pope.  Pray for the President of this country so that the law of assassinating the children in their mother’s womb is not signed.

            “I bless you, My little ones.  I am your Loving Mother.  Amen.”

                Outside, Rosa said, “It is probable that none of you can imagine the significance of Mary’s apparitions in all places of the world.  Even if you do not believe it, Mary is rejoicing in each of your hearts and is infinitely grateful that you are here.  The children are few, but the ones that are here, are here with true love, with devotion and with real humility before Jesus and His Loving Mother.  The Holy Spirit moves in all of you.  Remember, all of you receive the Holy Spirit when you are baptized.  Later on you renew it in Communion and everything that comes afterwards, until the marriage of the woman or the man.  The Holy Spirit dwells in each one of you and in each being that truly loves Jesus and those who approach the Blessed Sacrament to confess with true humility.  Do you not know that in the places where you go to adore the Blessed Sacrament, the Body of Jesus and His Blood are present at all times?  All the Churches have a place where we adore the Blessed Sacrament.  We - all of us, mankind - should find a moment to go and communicate with Him; to talk to the Lord.  He listens to us when we truly bow and speak with Him.

            “We, mankind in these times, need to speak to Jesus; He listens to us.  The angels in the Celestial Court are also found there.  Even if we don’t see them, they are there.  Who else but Jesus could save us and protect us from all the things that await us?  You do not know what awaits us!  But do not believe the one who tells you that the world is going to end.  The world is not going to end.  What is going to end is the generation of apostate people who truly do not believe in the Second Coming of Jesus; those who do not repent on time, who do not walk in the Light.  Remember that if there is true repentance, there is real forgiveness.  Jesus says, “Forgive your brother seventy times seven times.”  Do you do it?  I don’t think so.  When someone offends us, we turn our faces when they approach us to ask for forgiveness, and in those moments, Jesus is not with us.  We should forgive.  If we do not forgive our brothers, Jesus will not be able to forgive us.  Please remember - whenever there is a person who offends you, remember how many times Jesus forgives us.  But you also have to remember something else.  He tells us to forgive seventy times seven times - but if there is true repentance.  If there is no repentance, there is no forgiveness.

            “The world must repent from walking in darkness; we should return to the Light; we should pray.  It is in prayer where we truly communicate with Jesus.  Your Heavenly Father sends His Loving Mother so that we, sheltered under Her Mantle, praying Her Rosary, humbled before Him and Her, can be forgiven.

            “We have to pray for the President.  Each one of us can do something important in this life.  We don’t know when Jesus is going to call us and we should be prepared; we should confess, we should receive Communion, we should truly return to the House of God, because even though He is with us all the time - with those who love Him and even those who do not love Him - He is with [all of] us.  Jesus loves us infinitely further that infinity and forgives beyond that, but we should repent.  We should return to the Church; go the servants Jesus left us [the priests]; trust them.  Never can a person, a servant who dresses the habit, tell you something incorrectly.  ‘Ask,’  says Jesus, ‘and I will give it to you.’ ”

            “Jesus says that we should ask that this President not sign the law of abortion that will allow the child to be assassinated one month before it is to be born from the mother’s womb.  Each one of us can become a weapon against abortion.  It is the biggest crime that is committed by humanity.  Each time that we allow one of our daughters to have an abortion after the act has been consummated - to put an end to a child that has not asked to come to the world - they are crucifying Jesus once again.  We, the mothers, have to sit down with our daughters and give them a conscience of real love towards their little ones.  Let us pray so that our children do not promiscuate themselves.  Remember, the seven plagues are in the world.  No one identifies them.  Mankind wraps himself up in all of his aberrations.

            “Parents do not know where their sons or daughters are.  We need to place more attention on them.  The youth is lost.  They are in darkness, and these little children who begin to grow and see all kinds of aberrations in their brothers on television, on the Internet, that little thing [a computer] where all children have the ability to be on it and where all aberrations can be seen, is the perdition of our little ones.

                “Our Loving Mother says at this moment, ‘Please, dear children, pay attention to what your children watch on those little things [computers] that you have at home.  Stop your children from becoming lost.’

                Rosa:  “Each one of you has the freedom to write to your commissioners, to the President.  Flood the White House with letters to detain some of the violence on television and place a zipper on the aberrations of the Internet.

            “Please, I am grateful, thankful that you are here.  The faces here are always the same ones.  Blessed be God, that even if it is a small group, you care to be present for the apparitions of Mary.  Not all see Her, but She is here.  You all receive Her Energy when She arrives.  The Energy from Mary is immense.  She comes by the impulse of the Holy Spirit.  If you pay attention, you will see the lights that are proof that She is found in this place.   She not only appears in pictures but each one of you can have Her by your side, but not the gift of vision to see Her.  We should say to our hearts, ‘We are here, not to receive proof, but to listen to what Our Loving Mother, through Her Beloved Son, tells us.’

            “I am going to finish now; I know you are tired, but you will have time to walk and get together with your friends.  Now we are dedicated to glorifying God and asking Him always for Jesus, Jesus.  Maranatha!  Maranatha!  Come soon!  Jesus is here!  Blessed be God, blessed be His Holy Mother, and blessed be all of you for being here at this moment.  May God bless you.  Amen.”

 August 13, 1996
Monthly Message From Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

            “My little ones, My little ones, My beloved little ones - I bless you, I love you.  My little ones, how much suffering do I see in your hearts.  The suffering of My children is felt in My Heart.  I suffer, My little ones, for everything that you suffer.  You suffer for all of your loved ones.  Your Loving Mother suffers for the entire world.  I assure you that some day soon there will be peace in your hearts and in your souls.  The same way that My Beloved Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to all of His apostles and your Loving Mother in the time of the Resurrection, you, too, will receive the Holy Spirit in all of your hearts, My little ones.

            “The Holy Spirit, My children, will rejoice and shelter Himself in each one of you because your Mother calls you.  Your Loving Mother calls you.  It is a complaint of love.  I ask you to go to the places of apparition.  There, your Loving Mother will recognize you in all of your miseries and there you will find the path of the Well Beloved.

            “Pray, pray, so that the Holy Spirit may shelter Himself in you with the love that Jesus showed you when He walked on the earth among you.  Did you know that in this place, when the Blessed Mother appears and speaks to all of you, the energy of the Holy Spirit is here in this Little Garden of Eden?

            “Today, the Holy Spirit will pour blessings of healings of spirit and of body among you, but I ask you with love, to shelter yourselves under my Mantle and preach the Word of God.  Become voiced of the Word of God.

            “Pray, pray, the end of times of the apostates is near to an end.  Then, when you will want to find My Face, you will not find it.

            “Rejoice!  Rejoice! because your Heavenly Father is with all of you!  In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

            Note:  Our Loving Mother was dressed in a white mantle and blue dress.  Jesus was with Her, holding Her by the Hand.  Padre Pio was also with them.  Mary brought the Divine Child with Her.

 September 13, 1996
Message of Our Lord, Jesus Christ to His Children

            “Listen, My little one, you are so sad because of what is coming in this little place.  When men do not want to see, they become blind, spiritually blind.  Write from St. John, Chapter 9, Verse 39:  ‘Jesus said:  For Judgment I am come into this world; that they who do not see, may see; and they who see, may become blind.  And some of the Pharisees, who were with him, heard, and they said unto him:  Are we also blind?  Jesus said to them:  If you were blind, you should not have sin, but now you say:  We see.  Your sin remaineth.’  End of these verses.

            “Write, My little one, from St. John, Chapter 10, Verses 14-16:  ‘I am the good shepherd; and I know mine, and mine know me.  As the Father knoweth me, and I know the Father: and I lay down my life for my sheep.  And other sheep I have, that are not of my fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one fold and one shepherd.’  

            "Now, My little one, see how men continue walking in blindness and do not want to recognize the signs I give in this little place.  Many are the blind, but those who do not want to see the signs that I give through you, My little one, I will place a veil over their eyes so they cannot see the Light at the End of Times, which is near.

                “From St. John, Chapter 10, Verse 19:  ‘The Jews from those times used to say amongst each other:  “He hath a devil, and he is mad;  Why hear you him?  Others said:  These are not the words of one that hath a devil, can a devil open the eyes of the blind?”  And in Verses 24-30:  ‘The Jews asked Jesus, “How long are you going to keep us in suspense?  If you are the Messiah, tell us plainly.  Jesus answered them, ‘I told you and you do not believe.  The works I do in my Father’s name testify to me.  But you do not believe, because you are not among my sheep.  My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me.  I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish.  No one can take them out of my hand.  My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one can take them out of the Father’s hand.  The Father and I are one.’  He who has ears, may he listen and he who has eyes, may he see.

                “Write, My little one, in Wisdom, Chapter 3, Verse 1:  ‘But the souls of the just are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them.  They seemed, in the view of the foolish, to be dead.’  Go to Verse 3.  But I say, my little one, that they are in peace.  ‘For if before men, indeed, they be punished...’  Go to Verse 5:  Chastised a little, they shall be greatly blessed because God tried them and found them worthy of himself.  As gold in the furnace, he proved them, and as sacrificial offerings, he took them to himself.  In the time of their visitation they shall shine.’  Go to Verse 9:  ‘They that trust in him, shall understand the truth; and they that are faithful in love shall rest in him: for grace and peace is to his elect.’ 

            “I have spoken, My little one.  Woe to the people who do not recognize where the Truth is, because as it happened in the old times when they didn’t recognize My Voice, they were exterminated.  Today, history will repeat itself.  Amen.”

            [Today, Jesus spoke, instead of Mary.]

 October 13, 1996
The Monthly Message of Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

                “My dear children, My little ones, today, I have come to you during the Mystery of the Resurrection of the Well Beloved, because man looks at the Cross of the Well Beloved a symbol of death, and not of Triumph.  Today I tell you that My Beloved Jesus died for all of you and washed away all of your sins on the Cross, and that Cross is Victory, it is Life, it is Light.  Continue in the Light, My little ones.  There is no other path, only Jesus.  Give thanks to the Well Beloved at all times.  Moments of suffering are drawing near for the world.  The only salvation is the Cross of the Path.  Help carry the Cross of the Redeemer.  Do not leave Him alone, as He was left alone almost 2,000 years ago.  He who follows the Cross will receive a light at the time of the Tribulation and will be saved.  He who does not want to carry his cross with Jesus as Light and Life will be embraced by the darkness which will cover the world.

            “Pray, pray, pray, pray for the pope and the Church.  It is entering into crisis in these times.  Many things will happen and you will be witnesses to them.

            “I love you, I bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

                Note:  Our Loving Mother was dressed in a rose-colored gown and an aqua mantle.  Jesus came holding the Hand of His Loving Mother, because today was the commemoration of the Fatima apparitions.  As a reward to Her children, Mary came with Padre Pio.  He anointed Her children with Her in the Name of Her Beloved Son.  Our Loving Mother’s mantle was also covered with angels and Her Hands were full of rose petals.  This meant that many would receive miracles on this day.  Mary said, “Remember, My children, today is a special day.  Amen.”

November 13, 1996
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

                Rosa:  “Thank you, dearest Mother, for bringing that smile, even though you are so sad.”

            Mary:  “My dear child,  this mystery is very important for My Beloved Jesus and for Me.  Take note, My little one, that in this mystery My Beloved Jesus is lost from My Arms and My suffering is unexplainable because I could not find Him.  Imagine what My happiness was at finding Him at the Temple with the great priests of those times, teaching them lessons of wisdom.

            “Today My Heart feels sad for the children who have disappeared and have been taken from their mothers’ arms to be violated and murdered without compassion.

            “Mankind does not know the punishment that waits him for all of the aberrations that are committed against My little ones.  The Chalice of the Well-Beloved is overflowing and I cannot hold back His Arm of Justice from punishing the world.  Man says that I am love.  It is true, My message is of love, but man does not listen to it.  That is why these sufferings of now, throughout the world, are nothing compared  to what awaits you. 

            “Enter into prayer and take shelter under My Mantle; your Loving Mother will lead you to a secure place during the days of tribulation.

            “I love you.  Amen.”

December 13, 1996
Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

                “My little ones, My little ones, My beloved ones, you should all give thanks to the Divine Child, because it was through Him that the world was saved.  You still do not know what the ‘Little Giant’ brings to the world, as you call Him, My little one.  Today, man pays homage to other gods who have nothing to do with the Infant Jesus.  In these days, you celebrate the Advent of the Child, but you give another character the privilege of bringing gifts to your little ones without teaching them what truly happens in the Nativity of the Lord.

            “I assure you that all those who love and praise another god who is not the Real One, will never be able to see or walk in the Light of the World.

            “I love you, I bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”