January 13, 1995
Our Loving Mother’s Monthly Message for All of Her Children

                “Listen, My little one, I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  My dear child, today I have come earlier than ever because I wanted to observe all My children.  I wanted My children to feel in their hearts the humility and love that is transmitted by the Divine Spirit of My Beloved Jesus.  You, My little ones, must give many thanks to My Loving Son because He has wanted to bless you with My apparitions in this place where there are many who do not believe.  But at the same time I tell you that in this place, tiny in size but great in blessings, all knees will bend and everyone will humble themselves to give Glory to the Lord of Lords, Jesus.

            “Listen, My little ones, remember the messages of the previous months where I announced great misfortunes for all the American continent and some European countries?  You have been able to prove them because they have all happened.  Today, My little ones, I come with great tribulations for all the United States.  Write, My little one.

            “Today, My Beloved Jesus received, and is receiving once again, the lashings, the flagellations on His Body.  Every time a crime is committed against humanity, it is a lashing that is infringed upon Jesus, on My Beloved - an abortion, sexual abuse - My Beloved is crucified.  Stop, My little ones, stop.  I appear in all places where there are many unbelievers, but today I tell you that I will appear in all the homes of the world if it is necessary, so all My children will be convinced that the apparitions are real, and it is Jesus with His power who is the only one that allows them to take place, and He is the only One Who can detain them.

            “Appease yourselves, My lost sheep, around My Loving Heart and I will protect you from the hungry wolf.  Great tribulations await you because you are disobedient.  Without God, no one can walk.

            “Pray, pray, pray for the pope.  Great is the suffering that awaits him and all the Church.  Unite, My little ones.  Only Jesus is the Light and the True Way.

            “A great earthquake will shake a place on this continent.  There will be many lives taken and much harvest lost.

            “I love you and bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen”

            Note:  Our Loving Mother came among Her children at 10:00 a.m.  At 11:00 a.m., when Rosa went into the apparition room to pray, the image of Our Loving Mother became real, and Rosa saw Her as She would present Herself during the prayer of the Rosary.  Our Loving Mother was engulfed in brilliant lights.  She wore a white mantle trimmed with a blue border that was embroidered with pearls.  The dress She wore was a light pink color.  The Blessed Mother also wore a crown with seven precious jewels.  In Her Hands, She carried many pearls.  The Blessed Mother told Rosa She was happy to see Her children gathering in prayer to give Glory and Honor to Her Beloved Son.  However, She was also sad because not all Her children had responded to Her Son’s Call of Love.

February 13, 1995
Our Loving Mother’s Monthly Message for All of Her Children

                “My dear children, I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Listen, My little one, listen.  Today I am very sad.  This morning I have searched the hearts of My little ones, one by one.  Do you know, My little one what I have seen?  Much skepticism toward Our apparitions.

            “I want you to know that many prophets are here today.  With your Loving Mother is My little Jesus when He was three years old.  Do you know why?  Because My Heart is happy to see Andrew here with his parents.  Also, other people who have received miracles.  Remember, my little one, it is the miracles that will bring more people to My visits.  But I am sad because great events await the world because of the disobedience.  My little ones do not want to assume the consequences of their mistakes.  You must bend your knees before the presence of My Beloved Jesus.  You will have to give Him an account of all the things that you do.”

            At this moment, Rosa tried to correct a spelling error and the Virgin told her, “Remember, My child,  if you don’t have spelling errors when you write, it is not you.”  Rosa responded, “I know, thank you for telling me.”  The Blessed Mother continued, “Remember that when the trumpets sound, calling all Our children, We want to see them alert.  Do not sleep as the apostles did.  These are other times.  I want you to pray for the lost humanity that attacks the apparitions at all times.  Pray, My little ones, for all the unbelievers.  Pray for the priests so they may open their hearts to the Miracle of Jesus; pray for their Church, so the true Miracle of the Holy Spirit may enter, so they may bring together all My children in prayer.  It is through prayer how you will reach the Heart of My Beloved Jesus.

            “He suffers, He suffers very much because His Powerful Hand will strike, strike, all those who deny the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Her Loving Son.

            “Great trials await you before the Second Coming of My Beloved, who will come with Glory and Power to the rapture of all My little ones, those who walk in the True Way of the Lord.  I love you and bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Listen to the love of your Mother.  Take shelter under the protection of Jesus and give thanks when I leave.  Padre Pio also blesses you.  Thank you to the visionary from Canada.  I love her.  It is My Mother who speaks through her.  Listen to her.  I love you.”

 March 13, 1995
Our Loving Mother’s Monthly Message for All of Her Children

                Listen, My little one.  Do you know how long I have been in this place, holy because My Beloved Jesus wants it this way, not because any man, dear child, has done anything before the Eyes of My Beloved to be worthy of such a blessing, which through His Loving Mother, He sends to all mortals of this earth, filled with such lack of love and little faith.

            “I will tell you, My little one, that I am here since the early hours of the day because I have wanted to be with the small flock which today has congregated here.  Do you know why the flock is small?  Because mortals, My child, do not believe in anything that is happening in this tiny place.  No one, very few, are the children who with love, are here to receive what I bring you today.  Do not worry My little one, remember how they let My Beloved die on the Cross, suffering all the humiliations that His own brothers made Him go through.

            “You, stay calm, My little one.  This flock, who with sacrifice, love, and humility are here, will receive great blessings and they will bring more and more, because My Heart is with all those who love and Glorify My Beloved.

            “Now I want you to know, My little one, that great tribulations await this country because they do not want to obey the Commandments of My Beloved Jesus, and they do not want to turn back on their wickedness.  They do not want to share their abundance with My little ones the hungry, and they do not want to stop the abortions, the wars, the abuses against the unfortunate, the aberrations against the sick, the abuse against the nature My Beloved left you for the salvation of all illnesses.

            They don’t listen, My little one.  That is why the Wrath of God will strike, strike, strike the entire world, because if My Beloved lived now, He would be crucified once again.  That is why He sends through My hands, the signs, so that I may lead you to Him.

            “Pray, pray, My little ones.  Times are short and the blessings are ending because My children do not listen.  Do not pay attention to the wickedness.  It will never triumph over God.  It will never be more powerful than the true Divine Justice that My Son will bring when He comes with Glory to purify all that is corrupt and all the wickedness.  Repent, repent.  My Beloved is close.

            “Woe to those who place obstacles to stop the apparitions.  That little one who wants to do so much to keep Me from appearing, she has much to be sorry for because as she defies the Wrath of My Son, she defies all the Celestial Court.  She will repent, My little one, do not worry, and remember, this is a chosen people, and will not be abandoned when the tribulations come.

            “I love you, and remember that everything I tell you, is fulfilled and has been fulfilled.  The world is close to its total destruction.  Pray, pray, so the chastisements will not be as severe.

            “I love you and bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.

            “Note:  I am here, My little ones.  Nothing of what is happening at this moment remains unnoticed by Me.  I have wanted to tell you that I am here with you so that you may Glorify and give thanks to My Loving Son for letting Me come to this place where there are so many obstacles to Glorify Him, and so that My children may receive all the blessings I bring with Me in My Hands and in My Heart.”

April 13, 1995
Our Loving Mother’s Monthly Message for All of Her Children

                “My dear children, I am your Loving Mother.  Pray for My little one, the one who has the privilege of receiving My messages.  She cannot write.  Her hands are touched by My Beloved, by My Loving Son.”

            Rosa received the stigmata internally in her hands, and she was feeling much pain.  Susy was writing the message while Rosa was dictating.  The Rosary continued to be prayed outside of the apparition room while Rosa received the message from the Virgin.  The Blessed Mother continued:

            “Tell My little ones to remain silent in respect of Me.  Tell them I love them, but I cannot be distracted by this now.   My message today is very important.  Today is celebrated a very important day for My Beloved Jesus and His Church.”

            The volunteers could not write as fast as Rosa was dictating, and the Virgin said, “I cannot wait.  I will have to take the writing.  My little ones cannot receive My words as fast as I speak them.

            “Listen, My little ones, today was truly when the Sacred Eucharist was instituted.  Today, when My Beloved Jesus sat all the apostles at His table and gave them His wine to drink, which was His Blood, and gave them the bread, which was His Body.  Today, when He instituted the Pascal Supper, the true Church was in gestation, the one My Beloved left you, naming Peter as the angular rock of that Church - Catholic, Apostolic and Roman.

            “Do not be confused.  My Beloved suffered for you all types of abuses and today, together, We suffer the consequences of those who did not know how to observe the true signs of the Redeemer of the world, of the Savior.

            “I love you , My little ones.  Embrace the Cross with Me.  My tears are pearls that I send you and give you as a gift together with My love.  Every time you reject My arrival in an apparition, you crucify My Beloved once more.

            Repent, repent, pray in communion with the Church.  Pray for the Holy Father.  The world will tremble with the events that are approaching.

            “I love you, My little ones,  Remain in prayer and convert.  I love you, I bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.”

            While Rosa prayed in the apparition room before the Rosary was said, she knelt in front of the Crucified Christ in the room.  Together with her, were various volunteers.  As Rosa began to pray before Jesus, He gave her the following message:  Luke, Chapter 17, Verses 1-3:  ‘He said to his disciple, “Causes of falling are sure to come, but alas for the one through whom they occur!  It would be better for such a person to be thrown into the sea with a millstone round the neck than to be the downfall of a single one of these little ones.  Keep watch on yourselves!” ’

            “I am Jesus.  I am with all of you in Spirit, My beloved little ones.  The time has still not come to pass.  I am still alive.  Remember that My Crucifixion is commemorated, but I am here in presence with My Spirit and with My Loving Mother. 

            “Today, the apostles have come here with Me.  They are reading the hearts of each of My children to find the reason that brings them here.  My Loving Mother spoke of this to My little one in a previous message.  She told her that the apostles who walked with Me are here.  Today, My Name is Glorified.  Today, Padre Pio is here.  Today, I am here, big and small, so My children learn to observe the signs I send.

            “Repent and pray, repent and pray, because everything I suffered, you will suffer, because the wickedness of man has not ceased.  I love you, but remember that as My Love is infinite, My Justice too, will be infinite with those who transgress the Law.  Make the Sign of the Cross.”

May 13, 1995
Our Loving Mother’s Monthly Message for All of Her Children

                “My dear children, My little ones, the littlest ones of all, I want you to know that today I am rejoicing because it is a special day, and do you know why?  Because your Loving Mother has descended, held by the Powerful Arm of My Beloved Jesus.  To Him, all Honor and all Glory.  I have surprised you because I have come earlier than usual, but the heat My little ones feel is immense, as is immense the love of My Beloved Jesus for all of you.

            “I chose the Mystery of the Birth because it is in this mystery where My Beloved took on a body and became Flesh.  God, with His Immense Mercy, gave Me the privilege of creating in My Womb, the Beloved, the Savior of the world, and it is you, My children, who sometimes forget the miracle of conception.

            “God gave women the privilege to be mothers.  Glorify My Beloved by loving your children, keeping them from the malignant who dwells in darkness.  Come closer to your children.  Lead them through the road of love toward Jesus.  Take them to the love that your Universal Mother gives you.  Do not deny Mary the privilege to save you.  Take shelter in My Lap, My little ones.  If you don’t come to Me, I will not be able to save you.  Remember that soon, very soon, nears the Second Coming of Jesus.

            “I appear to save you because He sends Me to unite you in My love so that when the trumpets sound, you will not fear, but rejoice.  I love you and bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.

            “Note:  The Church will be united in the end, because My Beloved Jesus will send you Elijah.  He will be the one to unite the Church in the true love of Jesus and His flock.  Amen.”

June 13, 1995
Our Loving Mother’s Monthly Message for All of Her Children

             “My dear child, My little one, I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Listen My child, today I am here since the early hours of the day.

            “Do not think that it is easy.  I know that it is not easy for you to wait for Me to receive the loving permission of My Beloved Jesus to speak.  Remember that I am held by His Immense Love, and it is He who makes Me come.  To Him, all Honor and all Glory.

            “Even if you don’t believe it, I am joyful, My little one, I am joyful. Those in whom I always trust, always come, they don’t fail.  I am speaking in the same manner in which you speak.  Do you like it?  Nothing in you can change.  Remember, you must remain the same as My Beloved has known you to be.

            “Remember, My little one, that the road is hard and tempestuous because those who do not believe are many; I would say the most.  Of that race of vipers who do not believe in My apparitions and in My Beloved, there will be few left, you will see.

            “Justice for all the nations is nearing.  They do not believe that it will come but it will come, and it will be a true justice filled with understanding, because when it comes, all will receive a Divine Sign.  They will see themselves as they truly are, in all their impurity, in all their egoism, in all their wickedness.  Then they will want to see the Beloved’s Face and they will seek Him, but then, He would have given each what each has sowed.

            “Do not doubt, My little one.  The world will suffer the consequences of all its wickedness because the Lord will come with love and justice to give each of you your worth.

            “Pray, pray, pray, My little one.  The tribulations will not cease for the world and this Florida, where My apparitions are denied, will also receive its pay.

            “Rest at the doorstep of your home and let your enemy’s cadaver cross in front of you.

             “I bless you, I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.  Everything that you bring with you is blessed.

            “Convert, all of you, because these are the times.  Convert.  Later will be too late.” 

July 13, 1995
Our Loving Mother’s Monthly Message for All of Her Children

              “My dear child, My little one, I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  My little one, listen.  I want you to know that I am not very happy today.  Do you know why?  Because many children have died in many places in different countries.  And here, many people are being judged for crimes against My little ones.  My Beloved Son suffers and it is in these Sorrowful Mysteries where I have manifested My apparition, because every time the laws of love are transgressed, those laws you do not remember, the Thorns on the Crown hurt My Beloved.

            “I want to tell you another thing.  In this place, a Divine Miracle is occurring.  Every month I wait for all of you.  Day after day, I want to communicate to you My Love, the love My Beloved Jesus gives Me to give to you.  But, My children, the majority of you do not come, and do you know why?  Because no one speaks of the miracles that are received through My servant.  If you stay quiet, no one will know what is happening here, because manifested here is the humility of love.  There are no riches here, which is the only thing man is after.  Here, there is only love, the love of My Beloved, the love of Mary, your Loving Mother.  Remember it, My little ones, remember it.

            “Only the love between all of you will make My Face, and that of My Beloved Jesus, transfigure into happiness, and I can hold back the Powerful Hand of God, the One Who gives it all, so He does not let It fall like devastating thunder over the disbelieving world in which you live.

            “Pray, pray, pray, My little ones.  I want you filled with love.  Pray for the world.  Great disasters are forthcoming and you do not want to believe in Jesus’ warning when He makes Me appear to unite His flock.  Unite in love for Jesus, for His Church, for forgiveness, for prayer, because I want you united and not separated.  Remember that everything I have announced will happen without remedy.

            “I love you and bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.”

            Jesus spoke to the volunteers before the Rosary was prayed:  “I am very happy with the work you have done; you have worked like little ants.  But I also know that you are struggling.  How many things you have done to resolve the problems of this month, how many things.  You have collected money to make the payments and to carry out the Work of Jesus.  You have asked for the efforts of the volunteer workers to sustain this Work.  But now, I will tell you that I will provide for all of this.  You must always trust in Me.  I will provide, but I also test you to see what you are capable of doing.  So, My little one multiplies the bread, and you multiply the money.

            “For each child who is making this Work possible, for each of them, I send blessings to all of you, to your children and your families.  All who walk with Me will receive blessings.  I also send you an angel who is the one who blows in your ears to keep you alert.  You will also feel a breeze when you are praying, and it is My Divine Spirit who is with all of you to alert you to the obligation of preaching My Word.  Do not keep it; you must say it because it is through this testimony that other pilgrims will come.

            “These apparitions are very important.  The United States knows that here, is being registered a very important apparition.  My bishops know it, My priests, the entire Church knows that it is a very important apparition for Me because truly, I speak through the Bible, since My servant [Rosa] is illiterate, illiterate pertaining to the Bible.  Through My servant, I speak through the Bible about the great prophets to fill your hearts, your souls and intellects with the great mysteries of the prophets.  She does not know anything.  I tell her, ‘Open on such a page,’ and every time she opens the Bible, she is surprised, and so she will be surprised with all the things that will happen.

            “These apparitions are important in the United States because great world events are being registered.  There will be many changes.  Nothing of what I have told you through her will cease to happen.  Everything will happen.  In space, there is no time, no hour, but I do assure you that it will happen.  You must be attentive to the great signs you will see.  This means that the signs of the times are nearing and we have to be ready to wait for that time.

            “This, what I am about to tell you, you must engrave in your minds and your hearts:  there are no more secrets to be experienced by any visionary.  All the secrets have been opened because mankind defies danger, and since they defy it, they will have to abide by what they see.  The bishops know that these apparitions are important because they are true revelations of what will happen.  There are many who are interested in closing down these apparitions; they will make the effort so that it will not be known, but nothing will keep from happening what must happen.  Nothing will stop it.  No one will keep the congregation of thousands of people from here when they see the miracles that take place.

            “You, My children, are enjoying probably one of the last and greatest Marian apparitions, and it is here, in the United States.  The other important ones were Garabandal, Fatima, Guadalupe, Lourdes.  Because your country is in crisis, My Loving Mother is at the side of the needy.

            “In Medjugorje, many things will happen, probably everything will begin there.  One day I told you that in Medjugorje, there, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the United States would become involved with other nations and it would be a total catastrophe, and that is why we should pray, pray, pray, pray.  Only prayer will hold back the Arm I will let fall if you do not obey.”

            After the apparition, the Blessed Mother spoke again:  “I told you that if it be necessary, I would appear in every home and that every human being would see Me so he would convert.  You must bend your knees, you must pray, you must go to Church with your children.  I am calling your children.  Their parents are guilty because today they [the children] walk through the world united in the obscurity of drugs.  The youth is promiscuous.  I assure you that the seven plagues of the old times are already here.  Each of your young children, when they go to those places where infernal music is heard [discotheques], when they are trapped in those cars at infernal speeds, when they go to the beaches and are promiscuous without having the protection of life in each of them, they can bring home the plague, one of the plagues.

            “Please, My little ones, I know that none of you wants any of this for yourselves.  I know that I announce many misfortunes, but we are reaching the end of time.  When Mary’s apparitions are finished will be when you see the Face of My Beloved Jesus, and He will come with the angels sounding the trumpets so that you may hear Him.  And do you know what it means to come with the trumpets?  It means to awaken your ears, resurrect the dead and raise the humanity that truly walks with Him.  Rapture it!  That is the word.  But I know that none of you in your hearts believes that this could happen.  I appear in all places and I scream as John screamed, ‘Convert!  Convert!’  And do not think that the tribulations have ended.  Everything that has been announced here has happened and will continue to happen because look, I can count all who have come to today’s apparition.  And do you want Me to tell you something?  Not even the Church believes in these apparitions.  They need to drown this apparition.  Why?  Because it is not convenient for anyone; because it is not convenient for the children to have their eyes open.  Because the interest of the world is power and money and not the Glory of Jesus.  This is not the true life.  Rejoice when the end comes because it is there, where Jesus will show you the True Glory.

            “Today I want, My little ones, because I am hurt, for you to know that each disbelief of My children is a nail that is driven in Jesus.  It is a thorn in His forehead, it is a drop of blood that runs through His Body.  5,800 wounds Jesus has in His Body from His brothers, who in those times, did not believe Him - they crucified Him.  Today, if they could crucify Me, and if they could crucify all the visionaries of the world, they would do so, My little ones, they would do so.” 

August  13, 1995
Our Loving Mother’s Monthly Message for All of Her Children

“My Dear children, My little ones, My beloved little ones,  forgive your Loving Mother who today has wanted to rejoice in your presence. Today, My little ones, the heavens feast because My Beloved Jesus Glorifies Himself in this small place where His love makes possible what many do not want to believe.  The love of My Beloved makes Me visit you to give you a little of that love He left for you for the rejoicing of all His brothers and all My children.  Today, the Divine Spirit will warm you with His rays of light and love for the salvation of all who open their hearts when He knocks.

            My Beloved, the day is hot, but when My little one comes out, she will be in the company of one of Jesus’ servants, John Paul, loved by all the Heavenly Court because of his humility and his love for his brothers.  Jesus, My Beloved  Jesus,  bestows His breeze so that all may be refreshed.  Rejoice, My little ones, because the times are forthcoming and I want all My little ones to be prepared so that obscurity does not surprise you, but so you will be in the Light, where I will lead you to the encounter of the True Way, which is Jesus.  Whoever trusts in Him will never fear what is to come because He is love, My little ones.  Love as He has loved you because many things will happen that will change the course of humanity.

            “Pray, pray, pray.  Remain in forgiveness and prayer.  Prayer will unite you with Him and with His love.

            “I love you and bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.  Everything you bring with you will be blessed.  I love you.” 

September 13, 1995
Our Loving Mother’s Monthly Message for All of Her Children

                “My dear child, My little one,  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Listen, My little one, today I am very sad because of all the things that happen throughout the world, that world in which My Beloved is crucified every day, every time a crime is committed with My little innocent ones - those who do not ask to come to this world, who are conceived through dishonest means in a moment of  pleasure, which is not love, and afterward are murdered without any remorse.  That is why every time the Law of God is transgressed, My Beloved is scourged time and time again.

            “My eyes do not stop crying because the Well Beloved suffers, suffers because He has to let His Powerful Hand strike the world that offends His Heart so much.

            “At the same time, I am happy because I see how the will of those who truly believe, makes it possible for this place to grow.  For them, all My blessings and for those who walk on love, which is the only road that leads to Jesus and His Commandments.

            “The blood in the Cross is proof of His immense love because in His Scourging and on the Cross, the Cross of Love, He shed His Blood and Water from His agar for the blessing of man.

            “I love you and bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Everything you bring with you will be blessed.  Amen.”

            While  Rosa was in prayer in the apparition room before starting the Rosary, Our Loving Mother gave her the following message:  “My dear child, I want you to know something.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Today I come dressed in pink with an aqua mantle.  My Head is crowned with flowers.  With Me, are all the angels of the Celestial Court.  I also bring one of the most beloved apostles, St. Paul.  Remember, My Beloved is always with Me because He is the One Who makes Me come.  Amen.” 

October 13, 1995
Our Loving Mother’s Monthly Message for All of Her Children

“My dear children,  My little ones, I bless you, I congratulate you for the sacrifices that all of you make to come to this Call, this call of love to which I have obligated you.  I say obligated because, My little ones, every time one of you takes precious time to come to this place of apparition, I know it is a sacrifice for all of you, but it is that sacrifice that you make, that truly brings you close to the Well Beloved.

            “My dear children, today is a very important day for Me and it is important because today is the day of Fatima and it is the month of the Rosary.  Pray, My little ones, pray.  Your prayers are very important for My Heart and the Heart of the Well Beloved Jesus.  I tell you, My little ones, that today I suffer and My Heart shivers from the pain that My Beloved Jesus suffers when He observes how they continue to sacrifice My children, killing them and abusing them.  The world will tremble from the chastisement it will suffer for all the crimes that are committed daily, with the children and the elderly.  There will be no place where those who transgress the law will hide.  I assure you that all will pay for their wickedness.

            “I want you to know that the world will continue to shake.  The earth will continue to open, the volcanoes will once again go into eruption.  The gangs will continue to gain territory, while the world continues to be indifferent.  Awaken, My little ones.  I call you.  Come, come, I wait for you.

            “Bend your knees before Jesus.  Bend your knees so the Divine Spirit today may enter into your hearts and convert you.

            “I have spoken.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.  I love you.” 

November 13, 1995
Our Loving Mother’s Monthly Message for All of Her Children

                 “My dear little child, write.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Dear child, today I come with much pain in My Immaculate Heart.  Today I suffer the same suffering as when My Beloved Jesus was led to Calvary to be crucified.  They are the same pains, the same tears.  Today I am still sad.  My tears do not cease from filling My Eyes. 

            “How great is the abandonment of My children to My Call.  I ask you, little ones who are and have been in this place, do you think, dear child, that I truly find myself among you, or do you only follow an impulse from your hearts to come to a place where it is said I appear?

            “I, dear child, search your hearts and tell you  that as long as the world is not convinced that My Loving Son truly makes Me appear in all places to appease His flock to His love, to teach, says the Well Beloved, teach those unbelievers who want the Manna to fall in their homes as it fell 2,000 years ago for the Jews in the desert.  No, My little ones, I, your Loving Mother, am the Manna whom My Beloved Jesus sends to satiate all your curiosities, all your appetites of knowing, knowing, knowing which is what is most important to you. 

            “I tell you today, that he who investigates much will receive little.  Rejoice with what the Well Beloved gives you each day.  Do not think about tomorrow because tomorrow is to convert, convert.  Love one another as He loves you.  There is still time, I am still appearing.  When I no longer appear, you will no longer be able to search for My Face because it will not be there.

            “Go to the sanctuary, confess, receive the Eucharist, received the Well Beloved in the mouth.  Do not hurt His Body anymore by receiving Him in the hands.

            “Pray, My little ones, pray.  It is in prayer where My Beloved hears you.” 

December 13, 1995
Our Loving Mother’s Monthly Message for All of Her Children

                Rosa said, “Forgive me, Mother.  I was not attentive to your arrival.  The Holy Spirit put me to sleep to give me strength.”

            Mary:  “Write now, My little one.  My dear child, I always forgive you because I am always here at your side so you may feel My presence.

            “Dear child, listen.  I wanted to come in the Mystery of the Disappearance and Finding of My Beloved Jesus so that all My children could feel in their hearts all the suffering I felt when My Beloved Jesus left My Side and was lost.  How My Motherly Heart suffered when I did not see My Beloved at My Side.  But I had the Divine Blessing of finding Him because that is how it had to be.  It was written that it be so because He was the Savior of the World.  But imagine what is felt by those Mothers who lose their children because of carelessness, because of distraction, and they are not found anymore, or are found dead at the end of the search.  I always tell you that mothers have to behave like the hen with her chicks, but they do not do it.  Every day, the suffering of mothers will be greater and the world will tremble with all the pain that is forthcoming to the insensible world which does not think about anything else than their own interests.  They forget the miracle of  the manger, the miracle of love, the miracle of the birth of the Child God who came to the world to save you; but man, with his wickedness, condemns Him to the Cross and to a vile death, every time they do something against the Law of God.

            “I bless you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.

            “Note:  The pain for the world has not yet ended, it has barely begun.  Amen.”